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Kinky Clothes
Kerri Gets The Chair
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Gallows Games - Kerri Gets The Chair

Clip Description

Featuring: Sapphire, and Kerri Taylor

Kerri is waiting in her cell to be hanged at midnight for a robbery gone bad. Officer Sapphire approaches the cell to let Kerri know there is no more appeals. Kerri asks if she can wear something more feminine when she is hanged, but Sapphire tells her that she might kick to much and make her execution obscene. Kerri sits down depressed. Officer Sapphire pretends she is hanging to make fun of Kerri before leaving. later the warden approaches and tells Kerri she can test the new electric chair if she wants, and wear any clothing she would like. Kerri is told it would be quicker than hanging and less painful. Kerri agrees and later she is given a dress. At midnight Kerri is handcuffed and taken to the electric chair. She is made to sit down and officer sapphire straps her in. The warden reads off the charges and then Kerri apologizes to the families of everyone she killed. Sapphire connects the electrodes and Kerri is electrocuted. She struggles in the chair until her breasts are exposed. The warden lied about it being quicker, and Kerri is shocked for times before she finally foams at the mouth and dies.

Features: Electrocution, prison uniforms, prison cell, sexy cop, begging, body pans, bare feet, topless nudity.

Clip Duration:      15 minutes
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mp4895.4 MB

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Additional Thumbnails

Gallows Games - Kerri Gets The Chair

Gallows Games - Kerri Gets The Chair

Gallows Games - Kerri Gets The Chair

Gallows Games - Kerri Gets The Chair

Gallows Games - Kerri Gets The Chair

Gallows Games - Kerri Gets The Chair

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