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     Lovers Vengeance
    9 minutes

      Lovers Vengeance - Featuring: Tracy C. Lixx, and Jasmine

Tracy is in a cage unconscious.  Jasmine enters the cages and wakes Tracy up.  Tracy is confused, but Jasmine stops her and accuses Tracy of sleeping with her boyfriend.  Tracy denies it and tries to leave, but Jasmine attacks her.  After a brief struggle Jasmine manages to get a rope around Tracy's neck and begins to strangle her.  Tracy struggles and kicks but she is soon choked out by Jasmine.

Jasmine has Tracy in her homemade Spanish garrote machine.  Jasmine wakes Tracy up who soon finds she tied to the machine with a rope around her neck.  Tracy tries to free herself,  but Jasmine begins to turn the crank and the rope slowly tightens around Tracy's neck.  Tracy tries to free herself and her tongue pops out as she begins to slowly strangle.  Jasmine takes some time to mock Tracy before she tightens the rope further.  Tracy eventually dies with her tongue hanging out and her eyes wide open.  Jasmine checks Tracy's body and then moves off to leave her boyfriends lover for him to find.

Later Tracy is topless on a table.  Jasmine's boyfriend is there to play with her body pone last time.  He poses her a little bit, and takes off her sandals.  He pulls down her shirt to expose her orange underwear.  He leaves when he gets bored hoping to make up with Jasmine and get a little makeup sex.

Features:  Garroting, cat fighting, strangling, death stare, posing, post-mortem, sandals, bare feet, undressing.  Naked Neck Stretch
    10 minutes

      Naked Neck Stretch - Featuring: Queen Gia Love

Gia is on the gallows naked with a tight noose around her neck.  She has no idea how she got there, and soon begins to beg for help.  A masked man which is not uncommon during the pandemic, enters, and she thinks that she is saved.  However it is the Hangman, and the first thing he does is play with her huge breasts and check the noose.  Gia begs for her life but the Hangman opens the trap drop and Gia slowly hangs.  She struggles and fights hard but the noose only continues to tighten,  The Hangman pulls on her feet to finally finish her off.  Once Gia stops kicking she hangs there with her tongue out and her eyes slightly open in a death stare.  The hangman plays with her tits and then moves off, he\'ll dump the body later.

A day later Gia is on a slab in the coroner\'s office.  The Coroner examines her naked body unable to resist fondling her breasts.  He eventually moves to her feet where he removes her sandals.  After checking Gia\'s body on last time, he walks off leaving her naked body on the table.

Features: Hanging, full nudity, sandals, bare feet, soles, Latina, post-mortem, begging, breast fondling, huge tits, big ass, posing, death stare.
     Amazon Thief Part 9
    27 minutes

      Amazon Thief Part 9 - Featuring Queen Gia Love

Amazon Gia has hit the jackpot, a stockpile of old weapons from before the war.  She puts her sword down to examine her find.  When she touches the first weapon a trap is sprung and she is electrocuted.  She tried to pull away but the current holds her fast.  Finally the electricity is cut off and she drops unconscious.

When Gia awakens in a cell her magic armor is off exposing her pussy and her breasts.  She looks outside the cell and sees her captor.  Knowing that she has only one chance for escape she offers her body in exchange for freedom.  Her captor enters and she begins to play with his dick.  She notices he likes her feet so first she gives him a sandal job.  She lets him take off her sandals and then gives him a foot job until he cum all over them.

The next thing Gia knows she is tied to a Spanish garrote machine with the rope around her throat.  The captor enters and as she struggles he begins to turn the crank slowly strangling her.  Gia's tongue pops out and her eyes bulge as the rope gets tighter.  She struggles and kicks as her captor plays with her huge tits.  With one last turn she finally strangles to death.

Features: Garroting, Spanish Garrote, strangling, electrocution, armor, amazon woman, sandals, bare feet, cum shot, foot job, jail cell.  A Tale Of Two Hangings
    20 minutes

      A Tale Of Two Hangings - Featuring: Tracy C. Lixx, and Jasmine

Tracy has been sentenced to hang by the neck until dead for the murder of her husband.  As she waits in her cell in her prison uniform, a priest jasmine enters and begins to read a passage from the bible.  The Hangman enters soon after and prepare Tracy for the gallows.  He strips her of her prison uniform reveling her black underwear and puts on the black dress she asked to be hanged in.  He ties Tracy's hair back and then cuffs her hands behind her back.  Tracy is lead to the gallows with the priest behind her.  On the gallows Tracy's shoulders, waist and ankles are tightly bound with belts and the noose is placed around her neck.  She cries and says her last words before the Hangman reads out her sentence and places a black hood over her head.  The trapdoor opens and Tracy hangs.  Her neck doesn't break and she begins to slowly strangle.  She struggles in her bare feet and the rope gets tighter around her neck.  She struggles for a long time but finally goes limp.

The Hangman and Jasmine proceed to the bottom on the gallows to check her body.  The Hangman removes her handcuffs, then all the belts and her dress leaving her to hang in her underwear.  He re-cuffs Tracy's hands behind her back to make taking her body down easier.  The hangman removes the hood and suddenly Tracy begins to struggle again.  The priest demands she be taken down immediately.  Jasmine holds up Tracy's body as the Hangman  unhooks the the rope from the gallows.

Tracy is back in her cell with Jasmine with her hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles tightly bound with a belt.  She is lying on her stomach in her underwear still confused from her ordeal.  The Hangman enters with a paper in his hands.  Priest Jasmine quickly tells the Hangman it was a miracle Tracy survived and she should be let free.  The Hangman interrupts Jasmine to tell Tracy that there will be a second attempt at hanging her and this time it will be on  a short drop gallows they just made.  With Tracy begging for her life, and Jasmine protesting Tracy is dragged from the cell.  Tracy is forced to stand on a stool and the noose is placed around her neck.  The death warrant is read again and the Hangman places the hood over her head.  The Hangman pulls out the stool letting her slowly hang.  Tracy struggles even longer this time, but finally stops moving.  The Hangman removes the hood.  Tracy's yes open wide and she struggles for a few more moments before finally dying with her eyes wide open.

Features: Hanging, prison cells, prison uniform, undressing, black underwear, flip flops, bare feet, begging, dragging, execution, short drop hanging, long drop hanging, bound with belts, bound feet and death stare.
     Hard To Kill
    18 minutes

      Hard To Kill - Featuring: Rachel Adams

Rachel has been kidnapped by the hangman and placed in a cell.  The Hangman enters and pulls down her shirt so he can play with her breasts.  Suddenly Rachel wakes up and the Hangman pounces on her.  After a long struggle he chokes her until she passes out.  The Hangman throws her over his shoulder and carries her out of the cell.

Next Rachel is on a stool with her hands bound behind her back with leather cuffs, and noose around her neck.  She struggles to free herself as the Hangman approaches.  He pulls the stool out and the rope tightens around her neck.  She tries to bring her hands around to grab the rope but only succeeds in making the noose tighter.  As she struggles the Hangman pulls down her shirt and plays with her breasts.  Finally the Hangman grabs Rachel's feet and pulls down hard.  Rachel begins to slow her struggling.  The Hangman takes off one of her sandals to fondle her bare foot as Rachel stops moving.  The Hangman sees that Rachel is still alive and takes her down from the gallows.

The Hangman has stripped Rachel naked and placed her on the seat of a Spanish Garrote machine.  He puts the rope around her neck while she is unconscious and puts a pair of flip flops on her feet.  The Hangman moves behind the machine and grabs the crank.  Rachel wakes up just as the Hangman begins to turn the crank and tighten the rope around her neck.  Rachel struggles as the rope gets tighter but it does no good.  Finally her windpipe is cut off and she finally strangles to death.  The Hangman moves around the front and plays with her breasts and touches her bare feet.

Features: Hanging, Spanish Garrote, choking, sandals, bare feet, prison cell, struggling, lift and carry, posing, undressing, breast fondling, full nudity.  The Cosplay Kidnapper
    33 minutes

      The Cosplay Kidnapper - Featuring: Delirious Hunter

Del was kidnapped outside a scifi convention where she was cosplaying as slave Leia.  Her kidnapper brought her back to his lair and placed a noose around her neck and forced Del onto a stool.  With her hands tied behind her back, Del begs for her life.  The Kidnapper approaches and replies by fingering her pussy and fondling her breasts.  Before Del can orgasm, the Kidnapper pulls out the stool and hangs Del.  She struggles and kicks and the noose slowly strangles her to death.  The Kidnapper fingers her pussy again as she kicks and then moves away to watch her slowly hang.  Eventually the Kidnapper pulls on Del's legs and she dies with her eyes wide open and her tongue hanging out.

Later the Kidnapper carries Del's body into his cell where he plays with her feet and tits a bit.  Suddenly Del opens her eyes and the Kidnapper grabs her by the throat.  Del offers the fuck the Kidnapper if doesn't string her up again.  The Kidnapper agrees and Del blows him.  Next she fucks him in every way imaginable, and finally finishes with a sandal job.  The Kidnapper lifts her legs up a starts to fuck Del again.  The Kidnapper grabs Del by the throat as he fucks her and begins to choke her.  Del tries to fight as her tongue protrudes but it is useless.  Finally Del stops struggling and dies.

The Kidnapper fingers Del's body and then fucks her one last time.  Next the Kidnapper grabs Del's feet and removes one of her sandals.  He gives himself a footjob and then cums on her feet.

Features: Hanging, choking, strangling, finger fucking, necro-sex, missionary, cowgirl, blowjob, sandal job, footjob, lift and carry, posing, cosplay, sandal, and foot shots
     Strangle The Foot Model
    22 minutes

      Strangle The Foot Model - Featuring: Chelsea

Chelsea loves to show off her feet when she masturbates for her fans.  She slips off her flip flops to show her beautiful long toes.  She slowly undresses and sticks her fingers in her pussy as she finger fucks herself while playing with her tits.  She switches sandals several times before she finally cums.

Once Chelsea is done she stays naked and rolls on her side to check her phone.  Her Cameraman suddenly attacks from behind and wraps a rope around her neck.  She tries to fight as the rope tightens around her neck.  After what seems like an eternity, Chelsea's tongue pops out and she finally goes limp.  Her Cameraman takes some time to pose her body and feel her up before moving off.

Features: Strangling, solo female, masturbation, posing, undressing, flip flops, foot play, breast fondling, sandals, bare feet, soles.  The Perils of Slave Debbie Part 2
    12 minutes

      The Perils of Slave Debbie Part 2 - Featuring: Debbie D

A simple conclusion.  With Debbie on her tip toes the crate is pulled out and Debbie begins to hang.  She struggles and fights for a long time, but this time there will be no reprieve.  A she struggles Debbie kicks off her sandals and struggles in her bare feet.  The hangman tires of her struggle and finally pulls on Debbie's feet.  Debbie foams at the mouth and tongue sticks out as as the rope tightens around her neck.  After a few moments Debbie stops struggling.  After letting Debbie's body hang for a bit the Hangman takes Debbie down from the gallows.

The Hangman carries Debbie into her cell with her sandals back on her feet.  He lays her on the bed and begins to pose her body.  Next the Hangman plays with Debbie's feet by taking off her sandals.  Satisfied, the Hangman leaves her there and looks for another victim.

Features: Hanging, posing, foaming at the mouth, sandals, bare feet, sandals kicking off, carrying, slave girl outfit, and jail cell.
     The Perils of Slave Debbie Part 1
    11 minutes

      The Perils of Slave Debbie Part 1 - Featuring: Debbie D

Debbie is a naughty slave girl who has been knocked out and thrown in a cell by her Master.  He enters the cell to play with her unconscious body by posing Debbie and playing with her feet.  Suddenly Debbie wakes up and tries to escape, but her Master gets his hands around her throat and begins to choke her on the bed.  She struggles and kicks and his hands tighten around her throat.  Debbie's tongue sticks out as she gasps for air but his hands are too strong.  Finally Debbie goes limp.  Debbie's Master realizes that she is still alive, which is good because he has decided to hang her.  The Master rolls Debbie onto her back and ties her hands.  Next he takes Debbie's sandals off and plays with the soles of her feet.  Done with that, Debbie's Master picks Debbie up and carries her to the gallows.

Once at the gallows the Master sits Debbie down on the crate while she is unconscious and places the noose around her neck.  Once its nice and tight, he wakes Debbie up and begins to pull on the rope as Debbie cries out.  She is forced to stand on her tip toes as her Master ties off the rope and prepares to kick out the crate.

Watch Debbie D hang in part 2 coming soon.

Features: Choking, posing, prison cells, slave girl, foot play, thong sandals, bare feet, women in peril, soles, lift and carry, noosing, pulled to tip toes on gallows.  Hang The Foot Model Part 2
    28 minutes

      Hang The Foot Model Part 2 - Featuring: Chelsea

Foot model Chelsea loves to play with her pussy as she tries on new sandals for her fans.  She opens her bra and begins to finger herself for the camera.  However her fans aren't the only ones who are getting excited.  Chelsea's camera man puts the camera on a tripod, and when Chelsea isn't looking he gets a rope around her neck from behind and begins to strangle her.  She struggles and fights, but in a few moments she passes out.

Next Chelsea is naked except for her gladiator sandals, with a noose around her neck as she lies on the floor.  The camera man takes a minute to play with her breasts before climbing the stairs.  The camera man pulls on the rope which wakes up Chelsea.  She struggles to stand as the rope pulls her to her tip toes and begins to strangle her.  The Hangman pulls tighter and Chelsea is hanged on her tip toes.  She struggles and fights as her tongue sticks out as she gasps for air.  With one more tug Chelsea takes her last breath and just hangs there on her tip toes.  The camera man ties off the rope and plays with Chelsea's naked body.

The camera man carries Chelsea back to the couch to play with her some more.  He poses her body and takes off her sandals to play with her feet.

Features: Tip toe hanging, full nudity, solo female, bare feet, soles, sandals, undressing, posing, strangling, breast fondling.

    Random Gallows Games Clips more
     The Long Drop
    11 minutes
      The Long Drop - Featuring: Jasmine

The prisoner is dragged to the gallows.  The noose is placed around her neck and with a crack the trap door opens.  Unfortunately her neck doesn\'t break and she\'s left to strangle slowly.  

Features Hanging, choking, sandal and foot shots.  Not Ready
    17 minutes
      Not Ready - Feraturing: Caroline Pierce, and Pandora

Caroline and Pandora are bored.  They decide to go out on the town, and Pandora moves off to get ready first.  Pandora undresses, and then slips on her black fishnet stockings, and revealing tight dress.  She opens her bedroom door to reveal the hangman.  He quickly gets a rope around her neck and drags her to the bed.  He forces her down and begins to strangle her.  Meanwhile, Caroline is getting impatient downstairs waiting for her turn to get ready.  She calls up to Pandora, but Pandora's only response is her last gasp for air.  The hangman exposes her breasts and poses her body as she looks at him with a death stare.  Deciding that she has waited long enough Caroline enters Pandora's room.  At first, she thinks that she has been drinking but then she notices her lifeless body on the bed.  Caroline screams for help, but the hangman gets his arm around her neck and he quickly knocks her out.   When Caroline wakes up, she is already on the gallows.  Caroline begs for her life, but the hangman pulls the stole out from under her, and she begins to hang.  Caroline's tongue protrudes as she kicks and struggles.  Caroline tries to prop herself up on the side of the gallows but the hangman pulls hard on her feet and she finally strangles.  The hangman takes off her sandals to play with her bare feet and then takes her down.  He places Caroline on the flood to play with her soles and pose her body one last time.

Features: Hanging, strangling, posing, topless nudity, fishnet stockings, bare feet, undressing, body pans, knockout, sandal and foot shots.
    6 minutes
      Hangwoman - Our hit woman is back, and this time she decides to finish her mark on the gallows.  Features Kerri Taylor, and Jasmine.  

Clip contains hanging, undressing, posing, topless nudity, sandal, and foot shots.  Hitwoman Strangle
    11 minutes
      Hitwoman Strangle - First she smothers her victim then she places a rope around her neck and begins to twist.  

Features Kerri Taylor and Jasmine, topless nudity, smothering, strangling, undressing, posing, cat fighting, sandal and foot shots.
     Slave Leia fucked Hanged
    24 minutes
      Slave Leia fucked  Hanged - Featuring Nadia White

Nadia is an escort hired to dress as slave Leia for her latest client.  She enters his room and helps him to undress as she teases him a little.  Once his clothes are off she uses her slave chain tease his balls before she begins her blow job.  After sucking his dick for a few minutes Nadia climbs in his dick and begins to ride him like a cowgirl.  When thatís over she gives him a nice footjob with her pretty long toes.   Since he still hasnít cum, Nadia lets him mount her in the missionary position.  He fucks her hard, but just as he cums, the client grabs hold of her throat and begins to choke Nadia.  She is unable to free herself and slowly goes unconscious.  Nadia wakes up on the gallows with a noose around her neck, and then she realizes her client was the hangman.  The Hangman plays with Nadia's breasts one last time before he opens the trap door and hangs her.  Nadiaís tongue pops out and she kicks hard as she begins to slowly strangle.  The Hangman takes off her top while she hangs and begins to fondle her large breasts.  Finally, he pulls on Nadia pretty feet causing the foam to drip from her mouth as she expires.  Next, the hangman lowers her body and proceeds to fuck her one last time on the Gallows.

Features: Hanging, hand choking, boy/girl sex, blowjob, footjob, undressing, posing, necro sex, costumes, sandal, and foot shots.  Humiliation Strangle
    14 minutes
      Humiliation Strangle - Featuring: Kim Chi & Mia Annabella

Kim Chi has made her own Red Sonja costume for the comic book convention, but Mia thinks it sucks.  She humiliates and mocks Kim pointing out everything wrong with her costume and making fun of her work.  Mia leaves and Kim sits down to cry.  The Hangman comes up behind Kim and puts a rope around her neck.  Kim wrestles and fights the Hangman forcing him to choke her with his bare hands.  Finally she expires and he poses Kim.  He opens her bra to expose Kim's breasts, before the Hangman moves off to hide.  Mia enters eager to make fun of Kim again, and finds her lying on the couch.  Before she can realize what happened to Kim the Hangman gets a rope around her neck and forces Mia onto the couch.  Mia struggles and fights but she so expires just like Kim.  The Hangman, poses their bodies and plays with their feet before leaving them in a pile on the couch.

Features: Strangling, costumes, humiliation, wrestling, manual choking, posing, body pile, sandals, and bare feet.

    Welcome to Gallows Games
    We bring you fantasy hanging, Amazon, sandal, strangulation, and catfighting clips for your pleasure. If you like to see Amazons, witches, slaves, or modern women dangle and strangle in all kinds of sandals or in bare feet this is the place for you. We even have some full suspension, and real air dancer clips.

    Featuring 167 Clips / 2566 minutes of video!

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      Lovers Vengeance

    Lovers Vengeance

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      Naked Neck Stretch

    Naked Neck Stretch

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      Amazon Thief Part 9

    Amazon Thief Part 9

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      A Tale Of Two Hangings

    A Tale Of Two Hangings

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      Hard To Kill

    Hard To Kill

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      The Cosplay Kidnapper

    The Cosplay Kidnapper

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      Strangle The Foot Model

    Strangle The Foot Model

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      The Perils of Slave Debbie Part 2

    The Perils of Slave Debbie Part 2

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      The Perils of Slave Debbie Part 1

    The Perils of Slave Debbie Part 1

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      Hang The Foot Model Part 2

    Hang The Foot Model Part 2

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      Too far

    Too far

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      Amazon Thief Part 7

    Amazon Thief Part 7

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      Amazon Thief Part 6

    Amazon Thief Part 6

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      Hanged For Murder

    Hanged For Murder

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      Amazon Thief Part 5

    Amazon Thief Part 5

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