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    Most Recent TABOO CINEMA Videos! more
    27 minutes

Starring: Willow & Lilith
w/ Chris B.

Two gals are hanging out by the river and a creepy dude just keeps staring, not even talking, just staring at the girls. They head home and when they arrive it's time to put things away and get cleaned up. They forget to close the door all the way and as they are attending to things the Creepy dude shows up, sneaks in and waits for Lilith to come around the corner. he grabs her quickly from behind and breaks her neck after jerking on it a few times, she drops like a stone to the floor. He leaves the corpse there while he heads up the steps to get the blonde. He sees her tending to her stuff so he hits her hard with an elbow to the back of the head and neck. She hits the bed face first and stays there, alive but motionless. The creep heads down steps and starts in with the short haired gal with the perfect bare feet. He molests her body playing with her feet, checking out her up-skirt and tits, then he scoops her up and carries her to the bed with the other chick. He tosses her down, rag-dolling them both for a bit. He is very interested in getting them mostly naked, and then fucking their feet. He sees that the blonde is wearing pantyhose, WOW, VARIETY!! He is excited so he undresses himself and starts to fondle, sniff, suck, and then fuck their feet ending up slapping them with his cock and fucking them hard until he unloads himself all over both feet, making sure he gets every bit there. After he cums he gets dressed and heads to make a sandwich, while the cum soaked feet are viewed and panned, then he comes upstairs and faces them up, he sees that the blonde is still showing vital signs, so he snaps her neck to make sure. He then starts removing his evidence before he exits, posing the bodies, opening the eyes and mouths.. Creepy Foot Fetish Dude strikes again!

Run Time: 28:00 minutes
File Size: 520 MB 	Format: .WMV
    44 minutes

Starring: Treasure w/ Chris B. and Johnny Wood

Chris has been friends with Johnny for all his life, when Chris goes offshore to work on an Oil Rig in the Gulf, Johnny has missed him dearly. Chris is coming home on leave for a week and Johnny told him to pop over to catch up. They start talking about life and the question of dating arises. Johnny says he has been dating this new girl for many months, and he really likes her. The only issue is that she wont put out, and says she wants to wait until she is married, as a Virgin. Johnny mentions her name and Chris gets a look on his face, then when he shows Chris the picture, Chris bursts into laughter. "Beth Montgomery"? "She is the whole reason me and my fiance' broke up, she blackmailed me for money and told my girl, she broke me of my money and ruined my life." "Man, Beth used to beg me to fuck her ass everyday, saying she wanted more and more". This makes Johnny angry at his Girl, and come to find out she even slept with Chris on his leave a few months back when Johnny was out of town on work detail. Johnny says, "I have a plan, go up to my bedroom and wait for me, she will not know what hit her when I confront her with you"!

Chris goes upstairs and Beth comes over, she is so sweet and innocent looking in her curls and bows in her hair, but Johnny says hey meet my friend, he came in from out of town, he may go to dinner with us. When Beth gets to his room and sees Chris smiling on the edge of the bed, her jaw drops and she looks at Johnny with puppy eyes. He punches her in the gut and says, "I know all about you whore, and your anal love, and sucking cocks! Whore". He beats her more and Chris joins in getting a rush from seeing the punches. Chris grabs Beth and throws her on the bed like she was a doll. He immediately snatches her and they get her held down. Then they force themselves on her by fucking her pussy and mouth at the same time, then switching, as well as slapping her several times, shutting her up and making her be quiet. "Hey Johnny, I think you need to give it to her in the ass, she does love it more than in the pussy"! Chris fucks her face while Johnny puts it to her from behind, then they change it up. After a bunch of abuse and forced sex Chris says you messed with the wrong guys and now you will take this..He blasts a huge load on her face, neck, and ear, then slaps the bitch. After that he lets Johnny fuck her face again, then he goes and grabs Johnny's belt from the floor, showing it and wrapping it around Beth's neck and the strangle begins! Chris strangles her while Johnny forces oral and sex for a bit, then pulls her upright hard and continues as she grabs for the belt, trying to live, punching and fighting back. Then Johnny takes his turn finishing her off in the super long strangle, she fights hard and long, keeping her upright, then she dies with a great death stare, eyes wide open, then he lets her drop to the bed, checking out her body while he grabs his belt and leaves her on the bed. He and Chris get her spread Eagle then heads to grab a brew...

Excellent job! If you like the Rape and strangles we have been doing than this will be right up your alley!!!! Lots of great things in this one! CB

Run Time: 43:00 minutes
File Size: 720 MB 	Format: .WMV
    17 minutes

Starring: Freya and Mercy West

Two roommates are making dinner plans and find a steak in the freezer which brings up a conversation about their upbringing, and animal slaughter. Mercy knowing the most about it in her experiences takes the lead on explaining what it is about and how it is done. She feels a demonstration is in order and Freya is skeptical but follows through anyway. Freya is turned on by the idea so Mercy grabs the long, sharp knife, some rope, and undresses Freya. She removes her own clothes and Mercy grabs a stool for Freya to sit on while she caresses her neck and runs the knife over her body making Freya go wild with sensitive reactions to the blade, and Mercys sexy voice. She grabs the rope and ties Freyas arms behind her, then her feet, each to a stool leg. Freya is getting hot as Mercy arches her neck and plays some more with the knife on her breasts. After lots of foreplay and buildup, Mercy slices Freyas throat and lets her bleed out on to the kitchen floor. Freya dies instantly and her death stare is wide eyed and still. The blood drips from her wound as Mercy unties her slaughter and lays her on the floor to admire, kissing her breasts and neck, caressing the sexy slaughters body until she knows its time to hit the showers. She leaves Freyas corpse on the floor as she goes to clean her self up. Body pans and views of the sexy dead slaughter, and her beautiful eyes.

Great match up. Love these two, Freya is amazing, one of my favs! CB

Run Time: 16;00 minutes
File Size: 350 MB 	Format: .MP4
    8 minutes

Starring: Ryanne, Lexxi, Ashley Lane

Rex comes home to his apartment to find 3 dead chicks on his couch, they are all so hot that he calls his friend and tells him to come over with beer. In the mean time he strips, fondles, sucks breasts, then removes panties and fondles them, then removes  their boots, except for Lexxi who is already bare foot. He checks out their lovely feet  as he moves around playing with each one. He poses them and waits for his friend and we see body pans and views of the naked, hot, spies.

This was after we finished a custom request that had no nudity, s we made some nudity..Fun cool story and the gals are all so top notch ad sexy.

Run Time: 8:00 minutes
File Size: 140 MB 	Format: .MP4
    13 minutes

Starring: SaraLiz w/ Chris B.

FULL 1920X1080HD

A super sexy model is at home in the kitchen waiting or her man to come home. She plays with and caresses her belly button as she hangs out in her panties and a button down shirt, tie up so it exposes her entire midsection. She teases the camera with her sexy looks and the belly button play. When her man finally comes into the kitchen he is curious about a few things and asks her a question, "Why did you cheat on me?" Her reply, with a flippant laugh, "because I can...hahahaha". He already has plans to kill her, he just wanted to know the reason. The deed is done. He lets her get her jolly for a minute, thinking she has the upper hand but when the knife comes out from behind his back, she is stunned, she looks at him like what? She thinks he is joking for a moment until she realizes he is serious. He puts the knife inside of her belly button, barely piercing her skin so she can feel what is about to happen. After a second he does not wait, he stabs her deep inside her belly. She stands on her tippy toes as he plunges it deeper. She looks at him in pain and terror, saying, "why?" He explains why as he tells her to hold the handle as he backs away. She is shocked and scared, obviously in pain. She looks down and sees the blood pouring out around the knife and she starts to panic. She is in shock and pain as she slides down the fridge, slowly, holding the handle of the blade. Blood leaks from the wound and she finally hits the floor on her butt against the fridge. He explains why, and why he is doing it the slowest way. Because she took away her love, and he wanted her to feel the same pain. He also wanted to make sure she would never do this to anyone else. As she slides all the way to the floor, on her back he tells her it is time to remove it so she can bleed out. She cries out to him not to, but he helps the knife out and the blood pours from her button hole. She rolls on her side for a bit grasping and clutching, then looking at the blood and becoming more frantic. She is mortally wounded and her guts are done. She slowly dies, her eyes widen, then go limp with the rest of her body. She is dead and still and her man exits the scene. Body views and pans of the sexy dead cheater follow.

Wow, SaraLiz is so sexy and gorgeous, she is almost unreal. Her acting is so spot on too. Love SaraLiz! CB

Run Time: 13:00 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4
    6 minutes

Introducing: Genetica V. w/ Puck

Full 1920x1080 HD

A professional woman, in the privacy of her backyard cools off after a long day, drinking a frosty pint of ale, dressed in bra and panties and her button down dress shirt open. As she relaxes and contemplates, a crazy lunatic has escaped from the mental institute, and sneaks up on her in her lounge chair, and with a quick strike he wraps a very thin garrote around her neck and pulls tight. She fights hard but he enjoys pulling it tight and seeing the cord dig into her neck. He strangles her as she bucks, kicks and spreads her sexy toes in the grass. She fights for a while but eventually he wins the battle and she is dead, mouth open and a bit of tongue showing. He is in a hurry so he quickly takes off her top and he is mesmerized by her sexiness and beauty. He sucks her perfect breasts, he removes her panties and fucks her hard and fast, slamming her in the chair as she lays there dead, eyes wide open. after he cums inside her, he gathers himself and runs away, taking the panties with him. After he is gone her sexy dead body, strangled and fucked, is panned and viewed.

Lord have mercy!!!! This young lady is so gorgeous. NO TATTOOS NO PIERCINGS ABSOLUTELY NATURAL!! SHE ALSO DOES HARDCORE!!! Wow! Thank the heavens for this new and willing angel. She is ready to work! CB

Run Time: 7:00 minutes
File Size: 300 MB 	Format: .MP4
     AIR P P Pow and Pop
    10 minutes

      AIR P  P Pow and Pop - AIR P & P (Pow and Pop)
Starring: Belle Fatale, Ryanne, and Lexxi
w/ Chris B.


This is a bit different, similar pacing and action, just seen from different angles and points of view for the shots and kills, as well as the aftermath. We also left deleted scenes and some outtakes to show our skills and attention to making the fans happy with their product. We do love feedback. Nothing fancy as far as sfx goes, gun sounds, bullet hits and muzzle flash with small wounds and a tiny bit of blood. Enjoy!

Three webcam porn stars sit around after a shoot, still in socks, panties, and nothing else, discussing the place they rented for the shoot and their plans for the evening. Things are juicy like the gossip and details of their ideas for a party, but the guy who is renting the place out on Air P & P, isn't too happy about it and comes in to take care of these bitches trying to throw a socks only sausage fest at the rental house. The guy comes in gun blazing with marksman's precision and accuracy. He checks the bodies over to make sure the are dead afterwards and leaves. The bodies are also viewed and panned after the action and the absence of thew killer.

I hope everyone likes it, I know I did. And do! Thanks to these hot actress/stunt ladies for their dedication to making it look good on the first take..enjoy the outtakes! CB

Run Time: 9:30 minutes
File Size: 440 MB 	Format: .MP4
    10 minutes


Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Ryanne is a sexy bikini babe looking to work on her tan for the day. When she goes to the kitchen she looks at the weather report, sees it will be warm and sunny so she starts to apply oil to her body for the tan. As she rubs oil all over her breast, legs, and arms, as well as her backside, she takes her time to make sure it is rubbed in. She takes off her slippers and goes to wash her hands of the oil. When she looks out the window she sees it is cloudy and raining. She starts to talk to herself about how the weather man is always wrong and she needs to work on her tan for the summer. As she washes her hands she doesn't hear the man entering the back door quietly and sneaking in.

As she finishes up and turns around he has his laser sight pointed at her belly. She is startled but listens to him as he calmly tells her to, "drop the bikini, slowly". He makes her slowly remove the bikini, and as she tries top cover herself tells her to move her hands away from her belly and keep the bottoms in her hands. When she doesn't follow instructions and is pleading for him not to shoot, he puts a slug from the Glock into her belly between the button and the pussy. It strikes clean and hard with the .40 caliber to her belly and she clutches and doubles over. When she looks down she sees the blood in her hand and feels the burn of the hot slug in her gut. She starts to bleed and pleads with him not to shoot her again, but he asks if she remembers Steve, and she starts to moan and plead her case, he was no good and she dumped him. He aims the laser right into her belly button and as she pleads he puts another slug into the belly button which causes her to double over again, this time knowing that it will eventually be fatal. She bucks her body and starts to go down to her knees, clutching her belly that is leaking blood profusely. She jerks and grunts, moaning with pain and agony as her belly is pierced with hot lead. She goes to her back and her legs kick and she bucks her ass and hips up, blood leaking down to her shaven pussy. The man goes to finish her off, but says, "nah, I will let you suffer as you did to Steve." He leaves out the back door as the sexy bikini babe suffers dying on the floor in her own blood. Her death throws are amplified as the final point is at hand. She rattles and shivers and then goes absolutely still. The naked, barefoot, and so absolutely gorgeous bikini babe is panned and viewed from many angles. Sexy beast.

Thanks Chris for writing this, I know you are tired and going through it. I got your back and can post for you any time you need a break. Love, your biggest fan. Irma
     A SPIES BATTLE Ryanne Lexxi Ashley
    19 minutes

      A SPIES BATTLE Ryanne Lexxi Ashley - A SPIES BATTLE Ryanne Lexxi Ashley
Starring: Lexxi as "Agent Fox"
Ryanne as "Agent Alba"
Ashley Lane as "Agent Gentry"

Agent Jaimie Fox is a ruthless secret agent that loves to take her time disposing of her kills so after a nice long bout with a poor, young, agent across town, she heads back to the hideout to post up and relax. She calls HQ and talks to the boss, finding out where to drop the disk she confiscated from her last mark. As she takes not of the time and place, she hears some boots trying to sneak up on her. She is calm and cool and doesn't even stop her conversation, in fact she extends it, to the point of pissing off Agent Alba who is standing pointing her 9mm at her face. "Agent Fox, put down the phone, I am the one with the gun here!" Agent Fox lowly lowers her phone, hitting a few keystrokes before setting it down on the counter. Agent Alba is annoyed but is caught off guard when the phone rings and she looks at it for a split second, letting Agent Fox take the gun and toss it to the floor in one move. Agent Alba is perturbed and runs at Fox with her fists up ready to brawl, but Agent fox lets her get close then gives her an open palm to the nose. This stuns her and she staggers back long enough for Lexxi to take her heels off and get ready to kick ass, she does just that. She grabs Alba after she swings and misses, kneeing her in the gut three times to get her hurting a bit, then she head butts Alba knocking her on her back. Alba is stunned and on the ground grabbing her head. Fox heads to grab the para cord on the counter but decides she is feeling playful today and wants to show the opposition she can't be messed with at all. She picks Alba up by her hair to her knees, but Alba surprises her with a gut punch and a big "It ain't over bitch!", leaving Fox stunned momentarily, enough for Alba to come at her and grab her two handed by the throat to choke her out. Fox returns the favor and the two are locked in a strangle me I will strangle you bitch kinda position, standing up and throttling each other hard. Alba tries to break free but when she does Fox takes advantage of the situation and Starts to throttle Alba hard, so hard she let's go and is being choked out. Fox takes her to the sofa, standing over her and her skirt hiked up as she chokes out Alba. After a long hard strangle Alba weakens and her arms and head go limp. Fox relaxes a bit thinking she has this one in the bag, but Alba has a boot knife and was bluffing, she stabs Fox in the gut with the tip of the knife making her jump and back away stunned. She looks up at Alba who is regaining her strength and breath, holding the knife ready to stab her. She pokes the knife at her slashing at Fox but Agent Fox is too much of a pro and after a couple misses she timesd and targets her arm, in one motion she disarms the knife and breaks Alba's right arm and wrist. Alba screams out in pain, she stumbles around in shock and pain. Agent Fox is not messing around anymore and goes behind Alba with a choke hold. She chokes her out hard taking out all of her aggression on Alba. After she chokes her out for a while, the Agent Alba weakens and goes down, limp and almost unconscious, Fox puts the squeeze on her some more to make sure and she is out. Agent Fox heads to the phone, straightening her skirt, and calling her boss to say she is running a bit late but not to worry she' about to dispose of the body. She comes back to the unconscious sexy Agent Alba, who's skin tight leggings and tight top, black boots, and sits on her knees by her head. She caresses and kisses her face, telling her that unfortunately for her, she likes to take her time disposing of her victims. She is about to have some real fun. She gets behind Alba and puts her arms locked under her breasts around her body. She lifts her up, dead weight from being out cold, but she quickly awakens screaming when Fox crushes a couple of her ribs with a jolt, she repeats, breaking most of her ribs, one or a couple at a time(ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL), then repeating and ending with a knee to the back breaking her ribs in the back, and her back in a couple places. She still has use of her legs, but her right arm is broken and she is screaming in pain begging and crying not to die. Tears roll down her face as she is in great agony from the pain. She begs Fox not to kill her but Fox is a cold blooded agent that has no problem making them suffer before they die. Fox stands up after she drops Alba to the floor and grabs the para cord. She fashions it around her hands to make sure she has a nice grip. She gets in position as the moaning Alba is on the floor, twitching a bit and trying to plead, but to no avail. She gets the cord around her neck and starts to pull Agent Alba immediately forgets that her ribs are broken in her fight for life, the tears and make up smears do not matter anymore it is life or death. She kicks her legs, bucks and tries with the one good arm to claw at the cord but she can't do much with a pro who has leverage and hundreds of kills under her belt, or skirt... Agent fox takes her time and kills her good, Alba's eyes bug out and her tongue lols to the side, her smeared eyeliner show the scars of battle. She finishes her off and lets her down to the floor. She sits her upright, dead, but always makes sure, plus she loves the sound of bones snapping, especially vertebrae. She rolls her head to and fro the snap, twisting Alba's body one eighty degrees and face down on the floor. She admires her kill and stands up dragging the fresh hot corpse to the corner of the sofa sections so she can keep an eye on her, even though she is dead, while she gets ready to leave. Just as she is finishing up positioning the body, she hears another boot heel on the floor. It is another Agent from the Black Force, Gentry this time a leggy blonde. She tells Fox to freeze as she has the gun near her back. Agent Fox just chuckles and smirks,  "No way, three times today?" She spins and knocks Agent Gentry to the ground in one left cross punch to the crown. She is on her like white on rice, knowing she is running out of energy today from all the agents coming at her, plus her own mission to grab the information on the disk. She chokes her out in a hard choke hold, behind her on her knees getting good leverage. After a battle for a minute she starts to think she is tired and this is enough. She lets up the choke hold and grabs her head rolling it back and forth as the Agent tries to catch her breath. She snaps her neck so quickly it twists the leggy blonde's entire body twisting it hard(.NECK SNAP SHOWED FROM 2 ANGLES) She gets up and straightens herself up, fixing her hair with her fingers and putting on her sexy high heels. What a hot Agent fox is, working in high heels all day, as a killer....

She exits and makes way for sexy pans of the dead agents Gentry and Alba.

Wow, holy cow this fight scene is better than many I have done, the disarmament of the guns and knives are magnificent work! Lexxi and Ryanne are both at the tip top of their game right now and it shows in this. Thanks to Rex the awesome Stunt and martial arts coordinator! That's why he gets paid the big bucks folks!!! Thanks! CB  DOUBLE DEADLY INVITE
    18 minutes

Starring: Paige Turner & Belle Fatale w/ Adrian

Two sexy young gals are coming home after a gallery showing in the summer, when they get to Paige's place Belle is helping a drunk Paige through the front door. Still smoking and holding a wine glass, Paige click clacks her Italian heels on the hardwood floor, in her sexy cocktail dress, as she makes it to her chair for another drag and a drink. Belle is obviously a non drinker, conservative type that is very concerned that her friend is too wasted and was just staring at boys, not the art, and it was very noticeable. Paige replies that some of the boys there were "works of art", and that, "Oh by the way, I invited a guy from the internet over to have some wine and hang out." Belle freaks, and explains the dangers and the rate of hot gals getting murdered. Paige scoffs, then smiles big as the knock at the door comes. She staggers to the door, her black Pradas clicking on the floor as she opens for him to enter. He is very clean cut, good looking and polite. Belle gets a little more comfy but is still reluctant to join the fun. The young man has his hands all over Paige and they hug and grope each other. Her sexy long, bare legs, in her cocktail dress and high heels makes the young man crazy. Belle in her conservative dress, and Mary Jane style black heels, hair neatly in a bun, acts very shy, but she is sexy and her body is perfect. She tries to have fun and relax, but when the man suggests they all go have some fun in bed, she tries to get up and leave. He pulls a gun, a pistol, and Belle flips out, starting to get scared. Paige acts excited, smiling, because she played with this guy online with a gun. Paige is super turned on as the guy stokes her with the gun, and then points at her friend, threatening her that she better take off the dress. Belle is shocked, but Paige still plays along. He then dry fires the gun at Belle, she loses it and starts to cry. Paige is sobering a bit, trying to figure it out. Is this a game, or a sick dude trying to kill some hotties? When he cocks the gun and fires again, with nothing, Belle is frazzled, but still gets her friend over to her. The guy is having fun, but since the girls aren't he orders Paige to strip her sexy dress off. She complies, realizing what is going on she tells her friend sorry. Just as he spins Paige around and checks out her long legs, and ass in heels and a G-string, he wants more. he points at Belle shooting her in the BELLY BUTTON, she is shocked and immediately hits the floor sliding back. She clutches and looks down to see the blood trickling from her buttonhole. The guy has Paige in his arms, her hells click clack as she is backed into the front door. The guy kisses her on the lips, she returns the kiss, thinking she is in the clear when, POP, he shoots Paige point blank in the BUTTON HOLE, still holding her up so he can see her belly leak a little blood, and her long legs quiver from the pain and agony. He holds her up for a while, and as Belle shrieks in pain, the man lays Paige down on the floor beside her. He stands up and empties a cartridge into Belle's BREAST through her heart, which makes her jolt off the ground, and then twitch, jerk, and die from the wound. A small bit of blood comes from her mouth, her friend is upset that she is dead, and also that herself, being belly shot is about to be, POW!! He shoots Paige in the breast, through the heart, she bucks, twitches, rolss a bit, and fades to nothing but dead, wide eyed stare, one buttet in each belly, and one in each gal's left breast, and through the heart. Belle with mouth blood, and Paige without. The man holsters his gun and heads out the back door after a comment about how the internet rules for this. The two, sexy gals in high heels are left there dead, beautiful, and fully panned and viewed..

Also enjoy some rare bonus footage. Thanks and enjoy the best in Fetish films! CB

    Random TABOO CINEMA Clips more
    15 minutes
Starring: Coco w/ Monster R

**FULL 1920x1080 HD**

Coco is laying outside on a blanket in the grass. She lives in a rural area so she doesn't worry about too many visitors or anyone bothering her. All that changes as soon as the monster emerges from the tree line surprising her as she relaxes. He gets up on her hissing and making a fuss, his pre rape ritual as he has done so many times before. He grabs on to her hips, playing with her tits and grabbing her. She gives in to him and he enters her as she writhes in pain and disgust. The monster constantly rapes her and menaces her much to her chagrin. Coco is so disgusted and turned off but she dare not try to fight or escape, only her face and movements show the torment she is going through at the time. Th monster is relentless banging her non stop the whole time as she goes through a gambit of emotions that show she is taking it, but not happily. The monster fucks her hard raising her leg to get deeper and fuck her with his monster cock. After he releases his venom and cums, he rund away back into the tree line disappearing. She lays there sobbing and eventually crawls away in pain finally getting to her feet as she leaves.

Coco is so hot and such a fine actress! Great job Monster R out in that heat, that costume is no joke! Thanks! Chris

Run Time: 14:52 minutes
File Size: 1000 MB 	Format: .MP4
    11 minutes
Starring: SaraLiz
w/ Doc Chavez &
Rex Hardcastle as: "Eliminator"

A busy video game developer is trying to finish his final level so he can get paid for his mods. He asks his hot girlfriend to make him a sandwich, and she is too busy hanging around in her panties and half shirt, texting her friend Jenny. She brushes him off but she has no idea about his new mod he will unlock, code name: Eliminator, who is a real like life form that generates when you unlock the level, and does the dirty work for you. After getting no sandwich and a bunch of lip, he unlocks the shooter and controls him to the target. When he appears without any sound she is startled and just says, "Honey one of your weird gaming friends is here". The drone announces himself as Eliminator and steps to square up with her. He pulls out his long silenced .40 s&w, and raises it at belly level. From the other room, on his monitor the controller cocks the hammer, and pulls the trigger. She is stunned with a shot half way between the navel and the mons pubis. She clutches as the blood begins to trickle out, she looks up at the expressionless lifeform who is getting into position for the next shot, as she slides down the fridge to the floor. Eliminator bends down and points the silenced gun pointblank to her right breast, then the controller pulls back and pops her, the slug going through her tit out the other side leaving an exit wound. She is in much pain as she flounders on the floor, clutching her breast and her belly, bleeding good from all 3 holes. She squirms, bucks, and kicks getting her legs in the other direction. The Eliminator is controlled to get square for the next shot, which is right in the clitoris. He bends down, aims and shoots her point blank right in the snatch as she cries out in pain, grabbing her pussy as the blood comes leaking out through her panties. He steps up and says, "target eliminated" and disappears off screen. She bucks and heaves, clawing at her wounds until she spits and coughs up a bunch of blood, and then dies. Having finished his game with success, he heads into the kitchen to see his handy work. He grabs some scissors to cut her tshirt and panties off to see the marks. He adds that the shots and aim are right on, so now he can get paid for his game. Successful, he says that it's too bloody to make a sandwich so it's burgers again tonight and exits for more body pans.
Lot's of fun, and awesome fetish! What a great talent SaraLiz is, not to mention my great actors, who really enjoy the fun! CB
    8 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale and Ana Molly

**FULL 1920X1080 HD** **BLOOD AND GORE**

Belle is taking a shower before heading off to an appointment to look at an apartment. Her roommate is super psycho and keeps going through her things and when she wakes up the girl is peering through the crack of the door at her with only a flannel shirt on. She is tired of her awkwardness and wants out. As she takes off her clothes and gets in the warm shower, she has no clue that her psycho roommate is going to be on a whole another level. Belle doesn't see that her psychotic roommate is tiptoeing across the floor towards the bathroom holding a sharp chefs knife, poised to stab her. She washes herself as the creepy roomie tiptoes barefoot on the wood floor. Belle is oblivious that she is in the bathroom now, Belle is so lost in the trance of her shower, and how it feels nice. When psycho bitch gets close enough and the knife is raised, she pulls back the curtain and starts to stab over and over again as the girl screams and tries to defend herself but the psycho bitch is completely lost her mind and is enjoying as she stabs the knife in her over and over, about 8 times until Belle looks at her in shock and she drops the knife. Belle is in awe and just breathes heavy and watches as the crazy bitch drops the flannel shirt on the floor and climbs in the tub with her, getting behind her and letting the bloody dying roommate Belle lay in her lap, floundering in the tub as she writhes from the pain and shock of multiple bleeding wounds. She twitches hard and her feet flex in the tub as she starts to die. Blood oozes from the black slits in her chest. She flexes and kicks her legs as she fights to stay alive, all the while being held by the psycho female that is obsessed with her to the point of killing her to have her way. As she dies her eyes go wide and her body limp. She is very limp as the roommate plays with her and then exits the tub. She washes the knife off in the sink as the dead bleeding Belle lays in the tub, still eyes wide. Never thought she was going to have to deal with a roommate like this, now she won't have to worry any longer.

Very hot stabbing, great acting and of course two hot ladies! Chris

Run Time: 7:30 minutes
File Size: 200 MB 	Format: .MP4
    34 minutes
Sylvia w/ Chris B.

Chris is out of town on business and wants a call girl for some pleasure time. He phones his favorite service and asks for his usual. He is pleased that the call goes well and that his new escort will be there shortly to his hotel room. When she arrives the door is ajar, and he is still in the bathroom. She sits and waits for him to come out of the bathroom. They introduce, and he asks her a few questions, she answers and quickly wants to see the money. She seems aloof, and not too much of a pleasing type. He asks her to put on his favorite type of thigh high stockings. She gets undressed and puts on the black, lace top thigh highs. He helps her finish, getting them high and tight, then checks out her sexy feet. He tells her what he likes, and she looks at the clock and says, "well you have 43 minutes left in your hour." He is stunned, but tries to get her to listen and be what he wants. He wants control, but she is also trying to control the situation. She is wasting his time arguing about time, so he gets infuriated and knocks her out cold with an elbow to the top of the head. She goes down like a ragdoll, and he starts to do as he pleases, treating her like trash and flopping her around. He is still a bit upset, but starting to calm down and come to his senses. He knows what he must do, and when she is dead, strangled to death, then he can be in control with no back talk. He drags her around the bed a bit, then carries her to the head of the bead. He grabs some pantyhose under the pillow. He takes off her necklace and places it on the nightstand, then moves her long hair so he can tie the pantyhose around her neck. He gets her in position and the hosiery wrapped around his hands. He gives her a pinch of smelling salts from his pocket and slaps her awake. She comes to slowly, but as he pulls hard on the hosiery, she springs to life, choking and gasping, slapping his face, and clawing at the pantyhose digging in her neck. She bucks and tries to crawl and weave away but he pins her hard with the pantyhose. He is choking her hard, pulling with all his might as she fights to stay alive. She kicks out and twitches her black thigh high clad feet and legs. He mound bucking up digging her panties into her pussy, and she has no chance. He is dug in and she can only wind down with each grunt and pull. After a long hard bout, she sticks her tongue out and bugs her eyes, they flutter, then go still, dead, empty. She is dead. He pushes her off of him like a bag of trash. he flops her on the bed and rolls her over, he checks her out some before he decides to move aside her panties and fuck her warm, dead, body. He pulls her thin frame towards him, thrusting quickly, slamming her tiny body hard and fast. He cums inside her, and then discards her on the bed like she is nothing to him. He goes to get cleaned up after positioning her on the bed. He still has his cash, and no more bitchy, cold, call girl to run her mouth. 

Sylvia did a great job for her first strangle and acting ever. Thanks for checking it out, and enjoy the classic Chris Corner set up. Only on Chris' Corner and Taboo Cinema.

Run Time: 33:20 minutes
File Size: 330 MB	Format: .WMV
    14 minutes
      LESBO SLAUGHTER SARALIZ - Starring: SaraLiz and Lexxi

**FULL 1920X180 HD**

Two super sexy, fit lesbians are meeting on their business trip in a hotel room. They love to role play, kiss, caress each other, and discuss how they have been, and what is on their mind. This trip Lexxi is really into ritual slaughter of animals and has some props to role play, including a straight razor, some cord, a stocking, and a brand new plastic tarp for the bed. As they undress each other, and remove shoes, they check each other out. Lexxi as the dominate ties up her animal on the bed for slaughter. She plays with her neck after putting her hair up in a bun. She plays with her neck and body, tempting the beautiful blonde before she slits her throat, sawing through a bit to to get some extra blood. She lets her animal die, then lays her on the bed, keeping her on the plastic so she doesn't bleed all over. She goes to set her stuff down and unties her animals feet and hands, then seals the deal with a nice kiss and caress of her face before going to get cleaned up.  SCHOOL GIRLS FAILED ATTEMPT
    24 minutes
Starring: Genetica w/ Chris B.


The company calls different agents to assassinate high level officials and operatives that have marked many hits. Genetica is a school girl assassin, dressed in pig tails, plaid skirt, white button down shirt, tall black socks and Mary Jane's. She is called by the company and given a name of a retired killer she is to eliminate. She tells the director, "it will be easy, boys are always easy." She doesn't know that the retired spy she is after is very wise and has friend's in high places. They call him and alert him that there might be a disguised assassin sent to eliminate him. He gets cleaned up and dressed so he is sharp and ready for whatever happens. As there is a knock at the door he answers, it is a very sexy school girl taking a survey for her class and would love to ask some questions of him. He invites her in and she sits across from him on the sofa, crossing her legs and asking him some questions, her backpack with her knife and gun next to her. She asks him some questions then starts to flirt a bit, unbuttoning her blouse a button or two saying it is stuffy and hot. He offers her water and heads to grab a glass. He notices out of the corner of his eye that she reaches into her backpack and hides something in her skirt. He sets his special watch to a certain time and heads back to the living room with the water and she gulps it down. She stands and sits closer to him putting her hand on his knee telling him she knows he wants her, which he doesn't disagree with. She stands and pulls up her shirt to reveal her navel asking if he wants to kiss it. "absolutely" he does and starts to kiss on her belly. She reacts with pleasure, licking her lips and caressing his shoulder, while reaching for the sharp knife in the other hand. As she goes up with the knife about to stab him in the neck, he taps his watch and freezes time. She is stuck there arm up and extended with the sharp blade in hand. He sets her up and makes so she is leaning over the sofa and the knife is sticking in her navel so when he taps his watch, she falls on the knife and guts her belly button. She is in pain and shock as she looks up at him, sliding off the sofa but climbing back up writhing in pain and screaming, "what the fuck?" She can't believe she is the one stuck like a pig bleeding out of her belly button. She rolls around holding the knife in her belly as it bleeds, but pulls it out knowing she needs to figure out her plan B. She tosses the knife and reaches into her pack to grab a shiny revolver, she pulls it out and tries to lift it but the pain makes it slow. The man moves back towards the wall getting some distance between them. She lifts and fires two quick rounds but he freezes time and stops the bullets from hitting him. He goes to her and removes the gun from her hand and grabs her up standing and moving her to where the bullets will land. He opens her shirt, ripping the buttons off, then uses her hands to hold open the shirt, and moving her pig tails to the back so they don't get messed up. He gets her lined up then moves out of the way, tapping his watch and her bra popping off and springing to the floor as two breast shots appear knocking her back into the wall instantly. As she slides down the wall she grunts and groans. She is in pain and can't believe she is hurting like this. She thought it would be a routine fuck and kill. Not this time honey. She writhes around groaning in pain, he drags her to the sofa and throws her on the lounger. He pulls down her skirt and rips her panties off. He bends her up and forces his cock inside her. She fights and screams pleading he is a virgin but that seems to excite him more and he goes in harder. He fucks her hard for a while pounding her and smelling her socks. He screws her hard and after he gets close to cumming he stops and grabs her throwing her on top of him so she is riding him on the sofa. As he fucks her he tells her she will be having her first and last orgasm soon, but not from his cock. He uses his powers to summon the knife to his hand and it lands in his palm like it was a magnet and his hand steel. As she rides him and enjoys herself while in pain from her demise, he freezes her on her upstroke. He gets the knife in place of his dick and then taps on the watch again. She goes down and lands right on the blade in her pussy and as she goes harder and harder she orgasms and then collapses dead on top of him. He scoops her up and climbs out from under her. She slides to the floor but he scoops her on to the chase lounger. He knows it is time to fuck her more as she bleeds from her pussy. He pounds her hard and feels her up as he fucks her hard. He cums all over her belly and bloody wounds and he leaves her there as he goes to clean up the mess. He comes back and poses her on the chase with her pussy lips spread and bleeding out. He tells her he had fun and now it is time to go. Body pans follow with many different angles and views of the beautiful dead recently devirginized school girl. Don't ever mess with a retired operative, unless you want to be humiliated and dead.

Gosh Genetica is hot. So damn sexy! What shall we do to her next? Thanks everyone! CB

Run Time: 24:20 minutes
File Size: 450 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Welcome to TABOO CINEMA
    Hello and welcome to Candee and Chris B.’s new collaboration of strange, off the wall, and intriguing fantasy erotica, including Taboo, Death fetish, Necro fantasy, Bondage and Domination, Romantic Death erotica, GG and BG fantasy death scenarios, and lot’s more, with no limits to where the reaches of the mind will travel, and all for a great value... If you love Fantasy Erotica, and are on a budget. This is where you get real quality.

    Featuring 116 Clips / 2149 minutes of video!

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