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    Most Recent TABOO CINEMA Videos! more
    14 minutes

      FALL OF THE GUARDS 8 - Missing Link
Starring: Ashley Lane and Lexxi

Another sexy Shado Guard is posted up at the house with her Mac-11 handy and ready to pop off. She needs to be more comfortable so she starts to strip, tossing her clothes, bra, and panties aside. Agent Lexxi and her partner are waiting on the other side of the door, Lexxi grabs the guards bra and sneaks up behind her with it. With one swift and calculated move the Agent pulls the leggy guard to the floor with the bra as a garrote, and spoon strangles her. They guard fights and kicks, trying to get free of the professional clutches, but she is too weak for this seasoned pro. Lexxi chokes her out until she passes out, then she drags the sexy long guard to the sofa. She lays her across the sofa, then sits down and has her laying over her lap. She moves her arms above her head and starts to kiss and caress the guard. She enjoys the beautiful and sexy guard, kissing and fondling her breasts, lips, and tummy. The Agent talks to her partner for a second about what they are doing then she goes even more on to the guard, rubbing her pussy and kissing her breasts as she is knocked out. The guard responds only with moans of pleasure as she is still passed out from the strangle. The more the Agent moves her around, the more she responds to the touches, fondling, and kissing. After moving the guard around in many positions and kissing and fondling her, she sits her on the floor and gets her head in her hands, lolling it back and forth until she grabs the chin and the back of the head and with one quick move, snap, she breaks her neck(shown 2 x angle) After she breaks the guards neck she rolls her head around in her hands for a sec, checking her to make sure she is dead and confers with her partner about heading to the next assignment. The sexy agent takes off and the Guards body is panned and viewed from many angles.

Only the true fans of the series will get why I made this one number This is really well done these gals are awesome. Another custom in the books. Thanks! CB  FOUR TITS EIGHT HITS
    7 minutes

Starring: Samantha & Belle Fatale
w/ Chris B.

Two sexy roommates share a shower, washing each others bits and pieces and discussing their plans for the evening. After a nice wash, they dry each other off, sharing a towel, drying their perfect tits and ass. A random psycho comes in and surprises them, and with no time to get away, they each take 4 shots to their breasts. They slam up against the shower wall and the blood starts to flow. They grunt and moan in pain, sliding down into the tub and convulsing, bleeding and dying from the shots to their boobs. First Samantha dies, then Belle follows suit after the shock of seeing her besty and roommate dead. They both twitch a bit then lie still in the tub, bleeding from the hot lead to the titties. They are panned and viewed from many angles, and their beautiful, and shocking death stares are showcased.

    28 minutes

      FWG AGENCY CUTBACKS - Starring: Coco and Scarlet

Coco and Scarlet play Government Agents that are in certain situations, where cutbacks are needed, and unfortunately one out of them is cut every time. Different attire, different guns, different type death scenes with so many fantastic death scenes, not just short little skits, but real death scenes, just no blood. Belly shots, head shots, shot in the back, shot with machine guns, and from many different angles.

Enjoy Coco and Scarlet as they do the best  death scenes, and and kill scenes. Their acting ability is above and beyond, and they look so sexy in the skirts and heels! Whoa!!

There is also a nice Gag Reel of outtakes...CB  COCOS MONSTER RAPE
    25 minutes

      COCOS MONSTER RAPE - Starring: Coco w/ Monster Rex

Coco is terrorized as she hangs in the Monster's dungeon by her hands. The monster comes in and rapes her repeatedly over and over again. She is very shocked,and shows: fear, pain, anger, and disgust, among other things. He screws her from front and back, then throws her on the mattress to rape her more. After he finishes the last time he comes back and finishes her off by choking her to death and then crushing her windpipe. Brutal and sexy. This is simulated but seems very real. More to come! Enjoy!
    11 minutes

Starring: SaraLiz
w/ Doc Chavez &
Rex Hardcastle as: "Eliminator"

A busy video game developer is trying to finish his final level so he can get paid for his mods. He asks his hot girlfriend to make him a sandwich, and she is too busy hanging around in her panties and half shirt, texting her friend Jenny. She brushes him off but she has no idea about his new mod he will unlock, code name: Eliminator, who is a real like life form that generates when you unlock the level, and does the dirty work for you. After getting no sandwich and a bunch of lip, he unlocks the shooter and controls him to the target. When he appears without any sound she is startled and just says, "Honey one of your weird gaming friends is here". The drone announces himself as Eliminator and steps to square up with her. He pulls out his long silenced .40 s&w, and raises it at belly level. From the other room, on his monitor the controller cocks the hammer, and pulls the trigger. She is stunned with a shot half way between the navel and the mons pubis. She clutches as the blood begins to trickle out, she looks up at the expressionless lifeform who is getting into position for the next shot, as she slides down the fridge to the floor. Eliminator bends down and points the silenced gun pointblank to her right breast, then the controller pulls back and pops her, the slug going through her tit out the other side leaving an exit wound. She is in much pain as she flounders on the floor, clutching her breast and her belly, bleeding good from all 3 holes. She squirms, bucks, and kicks getting her legs in the other direction. The Eliminator is controlled to get square for the next shot, which is right in the clitoris. He bends down, aims and shoots her point blank right in the snatch as she cries out in pain, grabbing her pussy as the blood comes leaking out through her panties. He steps up and says, "target eliminated" and disappears off screen. She bucks and heaves, clawing at her wounds until she spits and coughs up a bunch of blood, and then dies. Having finished his game with success, he heads into the kitchen to see his handy work. He grabs some scissors to cut her tshirt and panties off to see the marks. He adds that the shots and aim are right on, so now he can get paid for his game. Successful, he says that it's too bloody to make a sandwich so it's burgers again tonight and exits for more body pans.
Lot's of fun, and awesome fetish! What a great talent SaraLiz is, not to mention my great actors, who really enjoy the fun! CB  DIAMOND DAY OFF
    13 minutes

      DIAMOND DAY OFF - Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Hitman Rex

Belle is a thief, a very good one in fact who has been stealing everything from cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals, cigarettes to illicit drugs, and sold them on the black market. In the last few years she has upgraded her spoils to jewels, usually uncut diamonds, ruby's and or sapphires. When she made the jump to higher end booty, she had to have a boss to sell them. She started working with Chris a couple years ago and they have done well, heisting jewels and selling them to the mafia for a huge profit. She had agreed to meet Chris on Monday per usual and turn over her latest grab, over 50 uncut, Antwerp diamonds anywhere from .5 to 3 carats, possibly yielding several million in revenue for her and the boss to split. Unfortunately the buyer wanted a rush on the product so Chris sent a courier to pick up the loot a couple days early. Belle doesn't like things to change so when Chris calls her as she is heading out to the beach, she starts to get nervous, because of the change of plans. She pleads with him to wait till Monday and stick to the plan, but he likes to unload the stolen goods as soon as possible and today the mob wants the diamonds. Chris trusts his mafia comrades to send their own courier, who when he arrives is cool and calm, seeing that belle is nervous and shaky he sees the perfect opportunity to get some extra. She tells him to wait by the door as she goes to her secret stash, and heads to the kitchen, and he waits by the door, immediately assembling his silenced pistol. After screwing the suppressor to his 9mm pistol he slowly moves towards the kitchen where he clears his throat to let her know he is there watching. He keeps the gun hidden behind his back and when she turns to him she starts in on how he is invading her privacy. When he shows the gun she starts to back peddle and act nervous, so he seizes the opportunity telling her it is nothing personal and starts to hint that maybe she is fencing a few stones from the lot. She keeps pleading and begging him not to shoot her, and after growing tired of her yapping, puts the silencer in her mouth. She freezes and quiets down but as he lowers the gun he cocks and lets one fly right in her belly button, knocking her to the floor. She is in agony, clutching her belly as blood comes out through the material of her shirt. She backpedals a bit more pleading with him to count the stones and call her an ambulance. He knows he can come up in a big way if he just finishes her off. She begs trying to avert the gun from her body but he just fires into her heart, knocking her back even further against the door. Her shirt soaks with blood as it trickles out from the heart wound. She gasps and dies almost immediately, with a few twitches and jerks her eyes go wide, then still as she dies from the heart shot. He sets his gun down and opens the black pouch containing the diamonds. He counts them as he calls Chris, telling him how she tried to double cross them by fencing a dozen stones or more. As he tells this to Chris, he is putting that many in his pocket, then replaces the others in the cloth, and into the pouch. He agrees he will look around on her person, and in the house for the ones she stole from the lot, but instead he kneels down and cuts off her shirt, revealing the wounds to her belly button and breast. He then cuts her panties open and spreads her pussy to make it appear he checked her for the missing stones. He then exits asking for a cleaning crew and the sexy diamond thief on her day off, lays on the floor dead, wide eyed and a couple of bullet holes in her. Her beautiful body is panned and viewed from all angles showing the wounds close up, and full body shots. What a waste of a great thief, who was one of the only honest, trusted, jewel thieves in the US, only to be double crossed by a mafia hit man. She should have noticed one thing. A courier never wears expensive shoes. Only a hit man wears expensive shoes to work in this line of business.

Great dialogue and reaction from Belle, who you already know is one of the best all time actors in this genre. Silenced Belly and breast shots, great dying, and death stare. This is one to add to the collection. CB
    9 minutes

      LILITHS DREAM SLAUGHTER - Lilith is dreaming of some role play with her hot girlfriend Willow. As she squirms around getting hotter and hotter, even touching herself as the pictures of the dream pop into her head. When she wakes up, she is wet and hot, needing a shower. Her girl is already there and so is the props for the slaughter role play. They make out, and lilith takes over and slaughters Willow, slicing her throat deep and letting her bleed out. After she is dead, Lilith checks her body while Willow is being viewed.  HER LIFE BETWEEN HER TEETH
    14 minutes

      HER LIFE BETWEEN HER TEETH - Written and produced by Mick, a small pearl full of tension and desperation!

Spy Cindy has been captured and is going to be executed by guillotine. For some reasons, she finds the idea of losing her head very humiliating, as she has always been a killer smart badass. She tries to persuade the headsman in order to get a bullet in the head instead, but apparently there is no way that can happen... Until she tries to corrupt him but offering him money, straight from her cuffed hands. the headsman ends up taking the money and says he can do something for her, but unexpectedly he chloroforms agent Cindy from behind, who rolls her heyes in a spectacular way and the scene fades out.

When Cindy wakes up, she finds herself on her knees, strapped to the guillotine, her neck in the lunette ready to be sliced. She is furious, she had a deal with the headsman and she can't believe that! He laughs as she keeps ordering him to let her out... Instead, he unlocks the blade and puts the rope which holds it up between her teeth: now, it's just a battle with time. He sits apart and enjoys the show: sooner or later Cindy will be unable to keep holding the weight, she will have to open her mouth and at that point she will behead herself!
While biting the rope, Cindy seems really confident, she says that she can hold the blade up all the time... But, as minutes pass, she starts to feel fatigue and her mood changes, from bossy badass to panic and desperation. Now she is begging for him to take the rope out of her mouth, but he just wants to enjoy the show. She is almost crying, she feels her mouth is getting weaker and she will have to let go at some point... She can't believe she's going to end up beheaded in the most humiliating way, but in the end her mouth opens exhausted and the blade falls merciless on her neck, slicing her head off.

It's suddenly silence, her headless body remains cuffed on the guillotine, her ass up and exposed. The bossy confident agent is now headless and annihilated. As if the money and the show were not enough, the headsman uncuffs the headless body, inspects the hands and takes her rings off just because she can't protest anymore...

Pans of Cindy's severed head on the pillow follow.

Starring: Cindy
Keywords: execution, guillotine, torture, surreal
    14 minutes

Introducing: Eve Lynn w/ Ted Michaels

A couple sits while the husband surfs to find a movie for them to both enjoy. She keeps playing with her hand held video console, and he is highly annoyed. Not a word is spoken as she goes to get some water, and her beautiful ass and thin waist look hot with her pantyhose clad sexy feet. She comes back and says nothing, but pays full attention to her game. He tries to touch her hair, and get closer, but she brushes him off like a flea. He finally gets the look and takes the game, she looks and gets in his face, he snaps her neck and she falls limp on the couch. Now he will have some fun playing with her limp body, and massaging her sexy ass in pantyhose. He fondles her body, moving the clothing around to see her sexy breasts, and suck and pinch the nipples while she is wide eyed and limp in her sexy suntan sheer hose. He rolls her on the floor exposing her ass and feet in hosiery. He plays with her body passionately and roughly before he places her on the sofa and positions her to play with her sexy tits again, then he sets her up in the corner of the couch. He positions her so he can see her as he sits and plays her game.. He gets bored so he leaves, positioning her again.

What a sexy woman, oh my gosh! She is very hot in her Pantyhose and Skirt. Such a big beautiful ass with a small sexy waist..!!  BOX CUTTER LOVERS COCO
    15 minutes

Starring: Coco w/ Karma

This is part of the slaughter series, and we are just trying to mix it up with some different locations and different cutting tools. This pair is with a small box cutter with a razor blade.

Two cute lovers get a hotel room and do some role play with a box cutter, playing into the slaughter roles, with lots of caressing and neck play. Great foot play and slow sandal removal that adds so much from both gals(OVER THE TOP SEXY). Both of these gals have great feet and toes, and flat sandals that show everything. After undressing each other Karma slices Coco's neck open with the box cutter, and bleed her over the table. After she dies, Karma poses her and plays with her. Checking out Coco's sexy, perfect, body. Then she leaves for the body to be viewed and panned.

    Random TABOO CINEMA Clips more
    8 minutes
Starring: Savannah Costello w/ Belle

This time Belle is taking out Savannah in the Den as she patrols in her men's night shirt, and guards the upstairs. Belle sneaks up behind her and reverse choke holds her from behind. Savannah fights hard but Belle is a sly sentry, with all the moves necessary to knock her out cold. As Savannah weakens, she goes limp, mostly, and Belle lays her on the sofa, then hoists her up on to the arm of the sofa, so that her head extends over the arm, and her arms are sticking out. She is wearing gloves and long black boots, with a G-String, and the long, oxford type men's shirt, in light blue. Belle extends her neck, lifting her head for a kiss, then undressing, then some loving on her breasts, belly, and lots of kisses where the guard responds in a shy at first, but fully kissing by a couple minutes. After playing with the guard, she kisses more, then she wakes up a bit, so the sentry grabs her throat and chokes her out till she is passed out again. She kisses her a bit more, checking her body one last time, then she grabs Savannah's head, and snaps her neck in the same position, Savannah is now dead, eyes closed, still hanging over the sofa arm, but limp. As Belle leaves she grabs both guns, and then exits down the hall, down the stairs. Savannah's body is panned and displayed, and viewed.
Run Time: 8:00 minutes
File Size: 175 MB 	Format: .WMV
    27 minutes
Starring: Willow & Lilith
w/ Chris B.

Two gals are hanging out by the river and a creepy dude just keeps staring, not even talking, just staring at the girls. They head home and when they arrive it's time to put things away and get cleaned up. They forget to close the door all the way and as they are attending to things the Creepy dude shows up, sneaks in and waits for Lilith to come around the corner. he grabs her quickly from behind and breaks her neck after jerking on it a few times, she drops like a stone to the floor. He leaves the corpse there while he heads up the steps to get the blonde. He sees her tending to her stuff so he hits her hard with an elbow to the back of the head and neck. She hits the bed face first and stays there, alive but motionless. The creep heads down steps and starts in with the short haired gal with the perfect bare feet. He molests her body playing with her feet, checking out her up-skirt and tits, then he scoops her up and carries her to the bed with the other chick. He tosses her down, rag-dolling them both for a bit. He is very interested in getting them mostly naked, and then fucking their feet. He sees that the blonde is wearing pantyhose, WOW, VARIETY!! He is excited so he undresses himself and starts to fondle, sniff, suck, and then fuck their feet ending up slapping them with his cock and fucking them hard until he unloads himself all over both feet, making sure he gets every bit there. After he cums he gets dressed and heads to make a sandwich, while the cum soaked feet are viewed and panned, then he comes upstairs and faces them up, he sees that the blonde is still showing vital signs, so he snaps her neck to make sure. He then starts removing his evidence before he exits, posing the bodies, opening the eyes and mouths.. Creepy Foot Fetish Dude strikes again!

Run Time: 28:00 minutes
File Size: 520 MB 	Format: .WMV
     FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane
    28 minutes
      FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane - FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane
"The Rope"
Starring: Ashley Lane as herself
 w/ Chris B.

Chris offers a service to film, direct, and safely supervise ladies who have particular death fetishes and want to watch themselves in the act, carrying out different things on video. They don't know that sometimes it turns him on to watch them go all the way, and since they have signed the waiver, he is not responsible. These are the Fetish Diaries and each girl is different. Ashley lane is the first to have her own video made, and she is turned on by the rope, around her neck, tight in a noose, while she masturbates with different vibrators, mainly her wand. She loves to be bound, cuffed, and choked until overflowing with orgasms. She also loves to smoke, which she does with an elegant holder while she explains what she loves and why. More females, all different in many ways will document themselves, and some will not ever be able to watch, it will be for his private viewing pleasure, and yours...

A young, attractive supermodel gives her candid explanation, as she elegantly smokes with a fancy holder, of what turns her on, and how she gets off by a; thick, coarse, rope around her neck, hanging and dangling, while handcuffed and using her magic wand. Many variations are done until she keeps asking for more and more after each orgasm. Chris works the wand and the rope, also cuffing her from behind and in front. She is so sexy in her long opera gloves and stockings, as well as purple bustier lingerie and black high heels. She wants "more, harder, more, tighter" more and more often, until Chris decides to give her more than she bargained for and let her go all the way. He puts her up on a riser, ties off the rope to a nice cleat, and cuffs her in the front so she can use her wand until she loses functions. She cums and almost passes out a few times, kicking her shoes off revealing the white stockings on her soles and toes. She kicks and tries to flail, but Oslo enjoys the tightness of the rope on her neck, as her body dances. She gets her final big O, then drops the wand as her hands become useless, then she slowly dies, twitching and then eyes wide, tongue barely lolled. He lets her down and carries her off to his studio.........

This is so great and realism, done with great acting and well, a bit of realism, showing the true side of models and their particular likes and loves in the fetish world. Some of them are us too! CB

Run Time: 29:00 minutes
File Size: 480 MB	Format: .MP4
    21 minutes
Starring: Steevie & Ryanne

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

A Sentry in charge of protecting a hideout that is controlled by Ninjas is pacing around, looking for any signs of intrusion. Agent Ryanne, who is put on task to go in and eradicate the sentry to secure the location and take out the Ninja cells. As the Sentry moves around the place she keeps her eyes out for anything that might jeopardize or breech the lines. The agent waits for the Sentry to move past her as she crouches down, then springs up like a predator cat and gets the taller Sentry in a choke hold from behind. The Sentry fights and scratches, even throwing an elbow into the ribs of the Agent, but she is prepared and very used to the same moves the ninja and Sentry use in their arsenal. She takes the Sentry down to the sofa where she continues to choke her out. The Sentry fights, kicking her long legs, bucking her hips and sticking her tongue way out, and her wide eyed expressions. The Agent continues to choke her out until she is out cold. The Agent then rolls her on to the floor and starts to undress her slowly, feeling her up and groping her body as she undresses the Sentry. She rolls her back and forth, kissing, and sucking on her neck breasts and tummy. She flops and rag dolls the unconscious Sentry and after a while of undressing, kissing, and rag dolling the Sentry, she starts to respond to her killer's sensual kisses and licking. The Agent knows that soon she will be waking up and so she gets the Sentry sitting up so she can finish her off. She stands over the sitting sentry and grasps her chin and head, moving it back and forth a few times to test the neck and it's range. After a few times she puts her whole body into the break and a loud crack is heard as she folds to the floor, dead. The Agent checks for a pulse and there is none. She opens the sentry's eyelids and checks her pupils. She is dead but she likes to make sure, so she straddles the body of the sentry to check her, then goes to above her head and crouches down. She does a quick neck break to make sure, then checks her again before she leaves, taking a souvenir bra, and saying it with a grin. On to the next Ninja Cell to take out some more.

Steevie is very sexy, I love her body so tall and full of form. Ryanne is just the ultimate fetish performer. I have yet to see her not give it her all. I mean if I was a Sentry, I would want those sweet breasts in my face too as I was being K.O.'d CB

Run Time: 20:25 minutes
File Size: 600 MB 	Format: .MP4
    12 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale and Ryanne
w/ Jackson

**FULL 1920x1080 HD**

Two conservation core workers are supplying water to soldiers in a remote area and are holed up in a house that has a supply pond, they have to change the filters every 8 hours and it is time for their shift. As they gather the filters and supplies they talk about a sniper that has taken out some core members at another base to cut off the water supply. They grab a sidearm and first aid kit just in case and head out to the pond, one tending the filter and the other covering her. As she is getting close to having it done, the gal who is covering takes a bullet from long range in the right breast close to the nipple, it knocks her back and to the deck, pistol flying. The other core member hurries to her rescue, pulling her into a doorway for cover. As she gets her set in the doorway and goes for the first aid and the radio, there is no first aid kit. She applies pressure to the wound and Ryanne is in agony bucking in her camouflage shorts, tall boots and drab tee, bloody hole leaking from her breast. Her eyes are rolling back in her head as Belle calls for a core man medic to come assist, but no reply. She tries to keep pressure on the wound trying to pinch it closed and at the same time stroke her head and face. When she goes to stop bleeding with both hands she hears the crack of a rifle and Ryanne's body flails as she takes a shot between the eyes in her forehead. She dies instantly with a couple of twitches, blood starts to leak from her head as Belle lifts her head to look at her, seeing her dead stare. Belle starts to freak out trying to move back and get into the house before she takes fire, but as soon as she reaches for the door, she takes a shot to the left breast just missing the heart, but she falls to her butt and her tall boots flail as she writhes in pain from the hot lead. As she is focusing on the dead friend and coworker and her own pain and near death a shot takes her in the head, almost exactly where her partner got one. Here head flails and she is wide eyed and blood trickles from her head down her nose and face. After a few moments a young core worker arrives, he is not a medic but heard the call and raced to the scene. He looks around and checks their pulse before dragging them inside for cover. He gets their boots moved through the door and closes it, setting them up to examine and see if there is anymore damage than just the two shots. Knowing he has time he takes out his knife and cuts Ryanne's tee, then removes the shirt, checking out her wound and feeling up her tits. As he squeezes the wound breast, blood trickles out and he loves the look of it, always wanting to be a medic. He goes to Belle and does the same cutting and ripping her shirt off then checking out her perfect tits with a hole, he squeezes and blood trickles out. He wants to check for more trauma for his report so he pulls their shorts down to their knees, and comments on the fact that standard issue cotton panties finally have a bit of lace on the top. He straightens their panties so he doesn't get in trouble even though he is having his jollies justified by trying to be a good core man. He is too honest to defile them any more than he already has so he straightens them up and leaves to get help, and avoid the sniper. Body pans and long views of the sexy dead core women in their tall black boots and bullet wounds, with sexy beautiful death stares.

What phenomenal actors and models I get the pleasure of working with on a regular basis, I never get tired of great performances, perfect bodies, and spectacular looks. Full HD and sound blood fx for the fans. CB

Run Time: 12:00 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4
    24 minutes
Starring: Genetica w/ Chris B.


The company calls different agents to assassinate high level officials and operatives that have marked many hits. Genetica is a school girl assassin, dressed in pig tails, plaid skirt, white button down shirt, tall black socks and Mary Jane's. She is called by the company and given a name of a retired killer she is to eliminate. She tells the director, "it will be easy, boys are always easy." She doesn't know that the retired spy she is after is very wise and has friend's in high places. They call him and alert him that there might be a disguised assassin sent to eliminate him. He gets cleaned up and dressed so he is sharp and ready for whatever happens. As there is a knock at the door he answers, it is a very sexy school girl taking a survey for her class and would love to ask some questions of him. He invites her in and she sits across from him on the sofa, crossing her legs and asking him some questions, her backpack with her knife and gun next to her. She asks him some questions then starts to flirt a bit, unbuttoning her blouse a button or two saying it is stuffy and hot. He offers her water and heads to grab a glass. He notices out of the corner of his eye that she reaches into her backpack and hides something in her skirt. He sets his special watch to a certain time and heads back to the living room with the water and she gulps it down. She stands and sits closer to him putting her hand on his knee telling him she knows he wants her, which he doesn't disagree with. She stands and pulls up her shirt to reveal her navel asking if he wants to kiss it. "absolutely" he does and starts to kiss on her belly. She reacts with pleasure, licking her lips and caressing his shoulder, while reaching for the sharp knife in the other hand. As she goes up with the knife about to stab him in the neck, he taps his watch and freezes time. She is stuck there arm up and extended with the sharp blade in hand. He sets her up and makes so she is leaning over the sofa and the knife is sticking in her navel so when he taps his watch, she falls on the knife and guts her belly button. She is in pain and shock as she looks up at him, sliding off the sofa but climbing back up writhing in pain and screaming, "what the fuck?" She can't believe she is the one stuck like a pig bleeding out of her belly button. She rolls around holding the knife in her belly as it bleeds, but pulls it out knowing she needs to figure out her plan B. She tosses the knife and reaches into her pack to grab a shiny revolver, she pulls it out and tries to lift it but the pain makes it slow. The man moves back towards the wall getting some distance between them. She lifts and fires two quick rounds but he freezes time and stops the bullets from hitting him. He goes to her and removes the gun from her hand and grabs her up standing and moving her to where the bullets will land. He opens her shirt, ripping the buttons off, then uses her hands to hold open the shirt, and moving her pig tails to the back so they don't get messed up. He gets her lined up then moves out of the way, tapping his watch and her bra popping off and springing to the floor as two breast shots appear knocking her back into the wall instantly. As she slides down the wall she grunts and groans. She is in pain and can't believe she is hurting like this. She thought it would be a routine fuck and kill. Not this time honey. She writhes around groaning in pain, he drags her to the sofa and throws her on the lounger. He pulls down her skirt and rips her panties off. He bends her up and forces his cock inside her. She fights and screams pleading he is a virgin but that seems to excite him more and he goes in harder. He fucks her hard for a while pounding her and smelling her socks. He screws her hard and after he gets close to cumming he stops and grabs her throwing her on top of him so she is riding him on the sofa. As he fucks her he tells her she will be having her first and last orgasm soon, but not from his cock. He uses his powers to summon the knife to his hand and it lands in his palm like it was a magnet and his hand steel. As she rides him and enjoys herself while in pain from her demise, he freezes her on her upstroke. He gets the knife in place of his dick and then taps on the watch again. She goes down and lands right on the blade in her pussy and as she goes harder and harder she orgasms and then collapses dead on top of him. He scoops her up and climbs out from under her. She slides to the floor but he scoops her on to the chase lounger. He knows it is time to fuck her more as she bleeds from her pussy. He pounds her hard and feels her up as he fucks her hard. He cums all over her belly and bloody wounds and he leaves her there as he goes to clean up the mess. He comes back and poses her on the chase with her pussy lips spread and bleeding out. He tells her he had fun and now it is time to go. Body pans follow with many different angles and views of the beautiful dead recently devirginized school girl. Don't ever mess with a retired operative, unless you want to be humiliated and dead.

Gosh Genetica is hot. So damn sexy! What shall we do to her next? Thanks everyone! CB

Run Time: 24:20 minutes
File Size: 450 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Welcome to TABOO CINEMA
    Hello and welcome to Candee and Chris B.’s new collaboration of strange, off the wall, and intriguing fantasy erotica, including Taboo, Death fetish, Necro fantasy, Bondage and Domination, Romantic Death erotica, GG and BG fantasy death scenarios, and lot’s more, with no limits to where the reaches of the mind will travel, and all for a great value... If you love Fantasy Erotica, and are on a budget. This is where you get real quality.

    Featuring 119 Clips / 2214 minutes of video!

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