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    15 minutes


Starring: Coco

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Coco is in full orgasmic mode as she continues her "SHARP OBJECTS" fantasy but breaks out some real props, including a dagger that she stabs herself with in the belly and gets off as she is feeling the most from her fantasy. She then takes an ice pick, starts to play then slowly gets naked and plays more with the ice pick. "Enough play" she says as she takes a real ice pick to stab herself in the navel, the belly between the navel and mons pubis, then finishing herself off to the throat and dying, cumming with her back arched and belly high in the air as she goes from upright to on her knees, to bent back arched, and then eventually legs out and flat on her back, completely naked. Great ORGASMIC DEATH scene.  COLDEST AGENT Ryanne
    16 minutes


Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy

Two federal agents who have been partners for 9 years are on a stake out, but today the director really wants some action, she is tired of all the surveillance with no busts, Agent Ryanne Red is a 26 year old, "by the book" agent who irons her shirt everyday and make sure her badge is perfectly lined up on her skirt, which is a bit shorter and more fashionable than most of the other agents. Agent Jay Jameson is a salty crooked cop who always plays the undercover role, infiltrating the gangs or the drug houses by playing the role, and his partner does the paperwork and makes them look damn good. Their last attempt to bust some of the drug criminals, she was assaulted and nearly killed. She blames her partner, who she barely trusts anymore. As they sit in their rig and discuss plans to take out the dopers, the extra time digs up some old habits. Agent Jay has always wanted to fuck his partner, I mean who wouldn't? She is sexy, long legs, perfect d cups and a fine ass. He notices how she takes her time in the morning to look sharp for the world, and he thinks for him. She on the other hand is utterly disgusted by his advances, to the point of them getting in a heated argument about it. As he makes his way to try and cop a feel as he explains how he can't trust her unless they have sex, and what better time while waiting on a stake out. As they argue the phone rings and it is the director, sending a strong message that they need to take down the house now, even though Agent Jay thinks they need to wait for the next shipment to come in. He gets upset at being put on the spot and tells her he will go in and start the bust, then she follow up through the back door to back him up. He exits the SUV and heads to the door unholstering his glock and going to the door. As she waits for him to do the initial bust she pulls the rig up closer to the door, exiting slowly, her sexy feet in her strappy high heels are focus as she gets ready and checks her service weapon. She moves slowly around the building, checking for any signs of foul play along the way. As she creeps up the back stairs, and looks into the back window of the door, she sees or hears nothing so pops through the door gun raised yelling, "DEA Freeze!" She is surprised and bewildered that her partner is standing at the counter in the kitchen, typing on his phone and distracted. She asks him what is going on and he says, "holster your weapon Agent Redd, they aren't even here." He is distracted and when she comes up she leaves the back door open so they can clear the rest of the house. She talks smack to him asking how he screwed this one up and didn't even make the bust. He goes to call the director but she has a better idea. She says, "hold up a minute I have a better idea, I have the number of their burner I will just call one of them and we can locate the signal. He seems distracted and says he is going to shut the back door, because she is letting all the heat out. At this point she is looking around noticing the house is lived in and not by dopers, as the burner line rings, she hears the phone ring in the same room, with the same ring tone as her partner, she puts it all together in her mind as she turns to her partner. "It's you!" "It's been you the whole time!" Since she was dialing and trying to get the signal, she set her gun down and it was on the counter a couple feet away. He closed the door and walks towards her pulling the tab back on his holster quickly so he is ready just in case. She sees this is not going to end well and lunges for her gun, doing a spin move to possibly outmaneuver him. He draws fast and the two square up. She is bitter and still in disbelief over this issue, she tells him he would never shoot her and that he is just being an asshole. He surprises her when he fires and hits her in the left shoulder, knocking her back into the counter. His .40 S&W service weapon really does damage and she is in pain and is having a hard time even raising her gun with the other arm, but she tries and he shoots her in her right arm, obviously shattering the bone and breaking the arm and knocking the gun on the counter. She is in pain but is very tough and as he tries to feel her up and run his gun up her skirt, she tells him off and tells him the director is going to have fun taking him out and putting him away. He laughs and shoots her in the right breast, popping the hollow point through the bra and through her tit, popping a nice hole through the shirt and bra. He gets a phone call and is obviously stressed and mad, he tells the person on the other line he is "doing it now and will need an hour". She is in awe when she finds out it is the director who is as corrupt as her partner, giving in to the thousands of dollars and keys of heroin that she has been getting for years due to this racket. He hangs up and tells her who it was, she is flabbergasted and in major pain. He wants to have fun with her and as she insults him he pops her in the left breast, above the heart so he doesn't spoil his fun right away. The bullet packs a punch at close range and knocks her up on to the counter top. He plays with her legs and grabs at her tits roughly as she struggles and moans grunting in pain and anguish. He pops her shirt open and blood leaks from the exposed wounds. He feels roughly on her tits and pulls out her nipples. He pulls her struggling to the edge of the counter and ready to fuck her while she is still moving around. She fights him still in severe pain and he pops her in the belly above the button and below the breasts. The blood leaks from her body. Her shaved pussy bucks up and slams on the counter. She says her last words of disgust of her partner and the director. She is really in pain and weaving in and out. He gets her ready to fuck and then as he looks down to her face, he shoots her right under the rib cage at the heart, pooing a hole right through the middle and forcing a bunch of blood to splatter out of her mouth. She jerks and spasms as the she spits up blood and her eyes go wide as he starts to fuck her. Her tits bleeding, bounce back in forth as he takes this tight pussy for the first time since he started working with the clod bitch after she came out of the academy. As he pumps her hard on the counter, her heels clacking together and her sexy legs up high after letting them dangle low off the counter. He is getting close to climax as she expires and right as she dies it sends him into a frenzy and he pumps more, excited that he is fucking her finally and he doesn't have to duck and dodge or listen to her complain about his trust. As he finishes inside her, her body is dead and tongue out, eyes wide open, blood leaking from her wounds. After he is done he dismounts her leaving her on the counter, her legs dangling off the counter and her pretty shaved mound out in the open from her skirt riding up. He calls the director and tells her it is done, then goes to grab her pistol. He handles it safely and then pops himself in the shoulder, screaming from the pain and setting the gun back in her hand. He grunts and grimaces as he calls the shooting into the dispatch channel so everyone would think she went nuts and shot him, then he had to finish her off. Between him and the director, they both know they will get this pushed through as a cop gone mad, and continue their bad business and taking advantage of the drug war to line their own pockets. Body pans of the sexy dead agent follow, what a waste, but man she was a cold ass bitch.
    23 minutes

Starring: Ana Molly w/ J.D.


***1920x1080 FULL HD***

Detective Ana Molly has been on an undercover assignment for almost nine months. In that time she took on the role of an accountant with her own private firm specializing in underground clients. This of course attracted one of the crime captains of Metro City J.D. He has always mixed business and pleasure so this was the perfect fit for him. He took the time to make sure she wasn't a cop, taking her to parties, forcing drugs and witnessing crime, but she never cracked. The plus for J.D. and his minions was that this little bean counter was also sexy and willing to go to all lengths to do her job. Being a detective was an important part of her life and she took it seriously.

Today is the day that she will finally get all the information she needs to take him; his family and all the other scumbags, drug dealers, bookies, and prostitution rings affiliated with him  when he comes over to deliver the ledgers for her to begin working on. When she walks through the door into her modest apartment, dressed like a numbers nerd, she smiles knowing this will be the day. She sets down her keys and brief case, then goes straight to her bedroom where her .45 service weapon, 2 magazines, and a pair of cuffs lay on the dresser in her closet. She calls her boss Chief Tracy and tells her she is about to take him down and deliver the information back to headquarters. She laments to her about the long journey and stuff she had to endure for this day. She slips a loaded magazine into her glock and puts it and all other items in the drawer to execute her plan. She tells Chief Tracy that she will definitely miss J.D. and especially his sex. He is the only man to truly satisfy her and got her into anal sex which she now craves everyday. As she gets undressed into just panties and her button down work shirt, she hangs up the phone knowing he will be there soon with the envelope full of all the dirt on the major crime in the city. She also has a plan because he is very predictable when it comes to pleasure first, then business. It helps him to relax. She also knows he is like a rabbit and falls asleep after a good nice sexual encounter with her. She has her steps all planned out and will take him down. This plan is foolproof.

When he arrives she whisks away to the door in her panties and shirt, greeting him at the door warm and lovely. She is grinning from ear to ear seeing the envelope and him dressed in a nice shirt. He greets her with a loving kiss and as she says, "shall we do business?", he says first things first as he kisses her forehead. She leads him by his belt to the bedroom and pushes him to the bed. She takes the envelope and puts it on top of the dresser right above the drawer with her weapon so as soon as he goes to sleep, she can confirm the information is detailed, and arrest him thereafter. She starts undressing him and then herself. He is definitely ready to go, and doesn't mind letting her ride him for a change. She goes right into sucking his dick and balls, slathering his rock hard dick with spit to lube it up and get it stone hard for her ass. She sucks him like a pro, giving it her all taking it all the way down through her throat. He tells her she knows what he really wants so she climbs on handling his cock with one hand and holding herself in place with the other. She first slides him into her pussy, lubing it up more with a few strokes, watching him disappear into her pussy a few times then grabbing his hard dick and putting it into her ass slowly, working it in, little by little until she is all the way down riding him faster and faster. She gets her feet up and crosses them, grasping and clawing his chest leaving marks from the deep plunges into her tight little ass. She rides him faster and faster slamming down on his pelvis as he grits his teeth. She is going wild leaning back grabbing his balls while he takes it. She knows this is the last time she will have him and wants him really tired for her plan. She turns on the afterburners and goes fast slapping his lap with her ass and cumming extraordinarily hard with her orgasm. She takes her time to milk him with her ass and take it all in. She takes her time before removing him, seeing that he is already falling asleep. She climbs off using her hand to remove him. She gets up and tells him, I need to use the ladies room, I am sure you will be asleep when I get back, jokingly. His eyes close as he heads to the bathroom to clean up. As she does her thing, his eyes open wide and he moves towards the dresser, and as she looks in the mirror at herself, prepping for a possible fight, she breathes and says in a soft voice, "you got this detective."

She quietly moves back into the bedroom and just as she planned he is sleeping like a log and she checks him over, then moves to the dresser and grabs the envelope. She slowly peels back the sticky flap and looks back at him sleeping to make sure. She looks back down into the envelope and it is old wanted ads and newspaper. She says "what the....?" and goes for her weapon in the drawer, but it is gone and when she turns around he has it drawn on her. She quickly backpedals along the wall towards the door pleading with hi that he can still make this right and she will get him a plea deal. He is silent and not too happy, and she knows that her boss Chief Tracy is a crooked career cop that is obviously tied to the mafia. She makes it to the door and as she tries to plead for her life, he pops her in the right breast, knocking her back(viewed from a couple angles)through the doorway and to the wall of the hall. As she starts to moan and wail from the burning of the .45 and the shock, she looks down at the blood leaking from the huge JHP slug that ripped through her tit. She gathers herself quickly remembering her training and tries to convince him he can still call her an ambulance, then he could get a deal with the feds or something. He tells her "The only person i am calling is a cleaner."  He aims for her dome standing over her and pops her in the forehead, blowing her head back to the wall and blood pouring out of the hole as she slides down the wall to the floor, eyes wide open. As she lays on the floor and bleeds out he puts away the gun on the nightstand and drags her body into the room. He takes some wipes and cleans the blood around the wounds so he doesn't get too bloody as he fucks her again. He goes to the bathroom and her body is panned and viewed, then he returns to fuck her corpse. He screws her nice and slow remembering the good times and moves her body to the side, her legs up so he can see himself going in and out of her body. He admires his work as he pumps harder and harder, then as he is just about to cum, he pulls out and shoots his load all over her stomach and pussy. He knows his cleaners do a great job taking care of everything so he enjoys his time. After he gets it all out, he stands up and puts on his clothing. When he finishes dressing and her body is panned and viewed, he takes her phone and calls Chief Tracy, telling her she is done and never had a chance. He tosses the phone onto her body and heads for the door. Last views of the sexy dead detective follow.  A SECRETARYS OBSESSION
    30 minutes

Starring: Steevie as: Heidi The Paralegal
w/ Jake Evans as: Jake Barnes Esquire


Jake Barnes is a high powered defense attorney with a private practice, home after a long week at the office. He sits on his sofa sipping a very expensive bourbon about to switch on the tube and relax when there is a knock at the door. He is a bit hacked and is about to get into some solicitor's ass because there are two signs on the way up the path to the door. When he opens the door it is one of his new paralegals Heidi, she is fresh from work and says she has a valuable message he needs to hear right away that could break this case wide open and get his guy Mr. Bronson a mistrial. He invites her in after scolding her for using personal information to find his private bungalow nobody knows about, she comes in excited and wearing a sexy skirt, white blouse, high heels and sheer, nude, pantyhose. She sits on the sofa and he says, "What is the message?" After she explains the whole situation, and he asks why it couldn't have waited till tomorrow. She put her sexy painted fingernails fingers on his leg and starts to caress him in his jeans. he looks down surprised and tells her he has a girlfriend and is not interested in what she is trying to offer. He explains how his business and personal life have ethics and he can not do it. She reminds him how she sends the cards, the flowers, and gifts to his girlfriend and it would be a shame if she got a bouquet with another woman's name accidentally delivered with some dirty panties, "Thanks for last night.". She also lets him know again that she is better at signing his name than he is. She tells him her lips are sealed except for putting on his cock. He asks her if she is blackmailing him and she says, "Well that is how lawyers work don't they?" He nods his head in a "touche'" defeat, and says, "okay let's do it, get started now" in hopes she would get cold feet and leave. She leans into him and kisses him and it begins. She kneels down and grabs his cock and sucks his cock so good he almost is questioning why he hasn't fucked her yet, but he lays back and takes it like a man, thinking he can escape with just a nice BJ.. He strokes her hair and feels her up as she kneels before him, her ass in the air and open strap heels moving around with the pantyhose, visible, which she knows turns him on. After she blows him for a long time he says sorry he has no protection, but she is on top of it and whips some condoms out of her clutch, also a pair of pantyhose falls out and it gives him an idea. He decides to fuck her telling her to suck him some more to get really hard and he will go in. She does just that. he then picks her up and throws her on the sofa, ripping the crotch of her pantyhose to have a way into her sweet pussy.  he is really turned on and goes into her. She bucks and heaves as he fills her up. She moans and meets him half way as he slams her hard. he lifts her legs up one at a time, removing the heel slowly to hear and see it slide off of the foot, then he grabs her hosed feet with red painted and manicured toes, sniffing them and she pushes them in his face making him so turned on he pumps her harder and she screams in pleasure, telling him the words he loves to hear, fuck me, fuck me! He flips her over and starts to fuck her doggy style over the couch cushion. He pulls her hair to see her sexy face and neck as he rams her from behind. He is so turned on he grabs the spare hose from off the floor, grabbing one side, one leg, and thinning it out with a wrap over his fists. His eyes go wide in disgust, knowing she just tried to blackmail him for no reason but to have a lawyer for a husband, power, money and fame. He knows you have to earn that with respect, not fuckery. A she moans and screams Fuck Me Fuck Me he makes a loop crossing his arms and loops it, quickly snaring her neck and getting a good bite with the pantyhose on her neck.He pulls back like the reins of a carriage, the long hose stretching way out above her neck leaving it to be seen. He strangles her so hard so fast she almost passes out from the lack of any air, and her neck is white on bottom and beet red on top from the blood being trapped in her head. Her eyes are wide and bloodshot and she is a fighter. She goes so hard trying to ree herself but he is still inside her fucking her hard from behind and pulling on the hoes very tight. She claws at her neck and fights to get away but he fucks her harder as he strangles her. The hosiery digging so hard into her elongated neck, the muscles and tendons showing off. He whips her around, freeing himself from her since he blew his load as he was strangling her in the first minute in his rage and passion, and the smell of the pantyhose in the room. He has her head at the armrest of the couch and pulls back from the end of the couch so he can see her panty hosed feet and neck as he kills her with the strangle. She kicks and rolls bucking and heaving trying to get away, turning red, the blue eyes wide and the whites bloodshot from the bursting capillaries. As he pulls harder she bucks showing her pussy used by his cock, spread, pink, and wet from his sex. Her hose ripped in the crotch but intact on her sexy legs and feet. He  finishes her off with a groan, pulling so hard she shudders and then goes still, bouncing back with a third wind, then slowly dying, eyes wide, toes and feet out to see the hose. He checks her out, pulling off the hose from her neck leaving a red welt and line from the thin hosiery. He throws her around to face him on the couch and plays with her, using her hand to stimulate himself again, making her dead hand fondle his balls and cock. He goes to face her and fucks her dead body slamming her so hard and fast he cums after a minute, so turned on by her panty hosed feet which he is taking time to love. After he finishes he straightens up the room, grabbing her heels clothing and the murder weapon in a pile to dispose of. He straightens out the rug and let's her know he thought she would be a keeper but it is so hard to find good help these days. he leaves after posing her on the couch so he can see the sunlight in her blue, dead, eyes. Her sexy death stare and body in pantyhose are panned and viewed from many angles. What a sexy obsessed secretary!
    33 minutes

      ASHLEYS PERFECT DATE - Ashley Lane is a sexy Graduate student finishing up her degree in Philosophy before joining the workforce and a new exciting career. She is always so busy, and has no time to date, but she yearns for companionship and definitely someone to man handle her. Ashley is five foot nine, and slender, a fashion models body, and a one in a million smile. In a silk blouse, tight skirt, and open toed heels, her painted toes show off her sexy feet. Her azure blue eyes and genuine sweet smile make her irresistible to Rex as they chat on the couch after brunch. Rex asks her to check out his indoor garden, and she is very interested. As he explains and she is looking at the flora, he grabs his bottle of chloroform, and a small rag from the drawer as he lulls her with his voice. He walks up behind her explaining the plant names as she asks what they are, and just like a doe, sipping water in a cool stream, she is unaware of the poacher right behind her. Rex swiftly covers her nose and mouth with the chloroform drenched rag and pulls her close to him, her eyes go wide with panic and fear as she tries to free herself. He is very strong and as she kicks her long legs and tries to escape, it just makes him more into it. As she slowly falls unconscious, he lets her down with him to the chase lounger, so he can check her out as he messes with her sexy, long body. He fondles her getting her just the right position, her long, sexy, arms and slender hands, with long fingers are so limp and floppy as he moves her around to smell her hair, kiss her neck, face and inspect her mouth and tongue. He takes his time, going over her perfect body, unbuttoning her blouse just enough to reveal her perfect, natural, C cups. He grabs them roughly, pinching the nipples hard and groping her roughly. He moves around checking her out, playing with her legs and feet in the sexy heels, unbuckling the buckles on the shoes so he can watch them come off during the struggle. He hikes the skirt, revealing the freakishness, she has her clitoris pierced with a sexy little silver stud. he goes wild as he gropes and sniffs, licks and sucks her body, breasts and shaved, little pussy. After getting very aroused he starts to be a bit more rough with her, biting her nipples and pinching and groping her hard. It has been a while since he put her down with the chloroform and she starts to react a bit to the advances, bites, grabs, and pinches. When he grabs her pussy and uses her own hand with his to stimulate her clit she starts to slightly moan and get more into it, subconsciously, she flexes and bucks her hips against his hand trying to get into it. Deep down she is trying to wake up, but the chloroform is still affecting her. As she finally flutters her eyes and starts to come to, it is too late, he has removed a long, silk stocking from his pocket and is wrapping it around her neck and getting into position as she realizes what is happening. She starts to come to a bit more as he bears down on her pulling the stocking wide away from her neck so he can see her sexy neck as she struggles. She finally opens her baby blue eyes wide and mouth open with a loud gasp as he pulls tight cutting off the air. He toys with her as she tries to grab him and the stocking digs into her long sexy neck. He pulls very hard and her back arches, feet kick and she goes wild, in such a sensual way, as if he just found a girl that likes it. She bucks and kicks hard, trying to get free, her movements are long and sexy, and she tries to move around the floor but he just moves with her, then he gets her in a position so he can see her better, she is still draped over him and then he is behind her letting her move about on the floor as she thrashes, her size nine perfect feet flex, toes spreading as she flexes her long, leg muscles. As it goes on she slows down, dying so erotically, face red, stocking digging deep into her neck, so right at the line is two tone from the blood trapped in her head. Face beet red, torso milky white and tits pink and sexy. As she is being finished off, she tries to roll, but it just gets him to go harder, seeing her perfect ass, legs, and soles, that are a bit soiled from walking on the boardwalk after brunch. He goes absolutely nuts and finishes her, rolling her back over and pulling tighter than ever. Her eyes go wide and her tongue protrudes a bit and she rattles, twitching as she dies, blue eyes wide open, mouth slightly agape. He is so turned on he flops her around on the floor, then pulls her sexy body to his as he kneels on the floor, so she is in his lap, laying back head on the floor, he raises her up and screws her as she sits in his lap, her head on his shoulder. He them moves her to the chase lounger and drops her down, she thumps on the sofa and he puts it in her, pumping her hard, her head and tits bobbing as he pummels her with his sex. He flips her over like a rag doll, and pumps her from behind, so hard that he lifts her whole body up and them buries her head in the arm of the chase. As he cums very hard he collapses on her for a few seconds, then puts himself away before grabbing her up in a carry. he carries her to the bed, tossing her like a rag doll onto his King sized bed. He checks her out kissing her and playing with, checking out and kissing her feet. He looks in her eyes and kisses her face and neck, then arranges her on the bed for later. He tells her if she liked brunch, wait till you see what he brings home for dinner... He exits to go find his next victim, or dinner date, as we take a look at this sexy, over the top hot gal, dead on the bed, with the sexiest soles you have seen. Beautiful.

    18 minutes


Starring: Savannah Costello  w/ Rex

A beautiful woman and her boyfriend are on vacation. The boyfriend has to step out for a while but promises to come back with ice and drinks. She stays in her hotel room, reading a book and enjoying the quiet. As she sits on the sofa in her suite she hears a door creaking. She looks towards the sound but there is nothing there. She hears it again and this time goes to investigate. She tip toes and looks around the room, checking the bathroom for anything that could have caused the noise. She shrugs it off and heads back to the sofa. She is starting to feel a bit tired and so she dozes off for a few minutes while she waits for her man to come back. As soon as she is out, a masked prowler slinks out from under the bed. He is dressed in black and is wearing a mask. He creeps over to her on the sofa. He caresses her face and legs, thighs, and buttocks. He fondles her breasts lightly as she starts to stir. He removes a length of rope from his pocket and slowly secures it around his hands in loops to get a good grip, then looping it around her neck so he will be ready for her to wake up and feel him pulling tighter and tighter, watching her jerk, spasm, and buck her pussy high in the air. He is obsessed with the movements of a woman being strangled, especially a nice, leggy, blonde he has had his eye on for a while at the hotel. When she wakes up he is blessed with all of that and more. He yards on the small diameter rope to choke her out, she responds with bucks and kicks of the feet, her toes point out straight as she fights for her life, but he takes her all the way and as she is finally gone, her death rattle and stare are perfect for him, and her after death twitching and spasming for a minute is the best to him. He is into the strangle and the fresh corpse. As soon as she stops twitching and is dead, he moves her to the other end of the sofa, and plays with her body, slowly and methodically working his way from head to toes, very slowly. He spends a minute with her sexy feet and licks her soles before he leaves after hearing a noise. Her sexy, dead body is panned and viewed from many angles, the bruise on her neck from the rope and her sexy open mouth give her the best death stare.
    17 minutes

      MONSTER ASSAULT LEXXI NECK SNAP - Starring: Lexxi w/ Monster J


Lexxi is laying on the bed resting her eyes after a relaxing bath. She is completely naked and her hair dried and brushed. She loves to lay around before she gets dressed to go out. Tonight she has plans but they are changing, without her consent. As she dreams of a knight in shining armor coming to sweep her up onto a white horse, she is awaken by a hideous monster who immediately starts to attack her and grope her breasts, mouth her body and menace her in every way. The monster pulls Lexxi close and penetrates her giving her quite a shagging. She screams in pain and moans with pleasure as the monster does his bidding, no hope for him to stop until he is finished. The monster continues to have his way, tossing her around on the bed and ramming her with his sex. She doesn't fight too much or contest she lets him take it from her. The excited monster gets really energetic as he starts to climax the first time. She can sense his toxic blend about to blast inside her so she holds on tight and grimaces, grasping the bed sheets with her perfectly manicured fingers and spreading her sexily painted toes in her club favorite red. The monster climaxes and moves off of the bed as she curls up broken and trying to get through the ordeal. As she lays there she shows her soles of her perfect feet, waiting for what she knows will be another round of monster raping and assault before he let's her go. She thinks it is like the usual where he will do as he pleases and leave, but this time he has a different plan. The monster comes in and immediately starts to fuck the sexy woman again and again. He forces himself all over her and continues to screw her silly as she doesn't really fight it but instead grasps at the bed covers and averts her eyes to him. She hates the monster but accepts his rage and sex drive. The monster rams her over and over in different positions and when he is done, he picks her up with both clawed hands and chokes her for a second before crushing her windpipe and breaking her neck. He drops her like a sack of potatoes on to the bed and she goes still, barely a twitch and eyes wide open. The monster exits and the body lays there. The dead body is of no use to the monster so he exits and her body, feet, ass, legs and eyes are panned and viewed. 

I never get tired of editing Lexxi videos. She is just out of control hot, even after so many monster videos she still looks just as good each time. She has some really great videos throughout our history. Check them out. CB

Run Time: 17:15 minutes
File Size: 460 MB	Format: .MP4
    14 minutes

Starring: Caroline Pierce & Savannah Costello

Two roomies have dreams of shooting other over and over, in different outfits, and in different stages of dress, or undress. Both lovely ladies enjoy the killing and the death, and do the best I have seen in a while, it just goes to show when the pros get together, so much can be done in a short period of time. 

Enjoy these tow in Socks, Bare Footed, and in Boots!! Bare chested, clothed, and in G strings, it has it all! Enjoy!

Run Time: 13:36 minutes
File Size: 400 MB	Format: .WMV
Category: Shooting/Postmortem
    21 minutes

Starring: Zamira w/ H.R. Wood

Another great employee! Smart, cute, dresses nice, and very flirty with the guys, only problem is she spends her spare time on "People Place", the social networking site, and on the phone talking to her friends. When the HR manager gives her a review, he says he must let her go because of the issue. She begs for her job and he gives her an option. She can fuck her way to erase some of the strikes against her. The manager tells her to get busy. She comes over, with her sexy short dress and starts to rub his lap, then she loosens his belt and pulls out his cock, she strokes him and he is hard quick, then she sucks him hard and fast, trying to get it finished. He forces her to suck his cock, and then when he mumbles, "I can't wait to fuck that tight pussy", when she hears this, she pulls up off his throbbing dick and says, "What, I am not going to fuck you". She starts to the door and says, "I am going to turn you in". He catches her and breaks her neck. He snaps her neck and she falls to the floor, dead. He scoops her up and carries her to the table where he takes off her clothing and licks, sucks, and caresses her body. Then he gets her in position, sticking his dick in her dead mouth, then using her hand to give him a dead hand job. After some play he puts on a condom and sticks his cock inside of her, fucking her hard and slamming the tables together, he fucks her on the chair and from behind, then leaves a big load on her stomach and pussy. After he cums he says that she should have worked harder, then exits...

Great Necro elements with all kinds of great limb play and Postmortem sex!!!

Run Time: 17:23 minutes
File Size: 250 MB	Format: .WMV
    19 minutes

Starring: Coco w/ Sphen Wood

Coco is a model and personality. She answers interview questions about what she likes, what she wants to do and so forth. Very candid interview where she tells all. Then as she is coming home from the laundry room a man is waiting for her behind the wall outside her front door on the busy street. As she opens and walks inside he thumps her in the back of the head with a BlackJack. She goes down face first into the stairs and he locks the door, slowly picks her up to see her limbs flop, then he carries up up two flights of stairs to the bedroom where he tosses her onto the bed. He starts to ragdoll her throwing her, picking her up, tossing her, flopping and flailing her on the bed. He loves her wrists, and lets them drop to the bed as he watches and admires her limp arms, wrists, and hands. He moves the hair from her face, then kisses her lips, several times, touching her face, dropping her arms to the bed. He pulls her across the bed, then picks her up and moves her head to the corner. He plays with her face and mouth then flops her arms some more. he plays with her over and over, lots of limp arms, and body, ragdolling, carrying, and face play. 

Run Time: 19:00 minutes
File Size: 295 MB	Format: .WMV

    Random TABOO CINEMA Clips more
    20 minutes
Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy


**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

A photographer, obsessed with a sexy newcomer fashion model, has knocked out and molested her, then suspending her while he takes pics. When she comes to she is drugged with a New Age Drug that freezes the victims after 20 minutes, so they are pose able like dolls. Then he will have no problem getting the nude poses he really wants. He is absolutely obsessed with her and we pick up where we left off and he is posing his frozen model. He starts by posing her on the floor with an ottoman showing off her muscular, sexy frame and perfect ass. He places her on the black backdrop like she is a gem or jewelry. He sets her up all over the room including on the sofa and chase lounger, as well as the counter in the hot lights, and by the window for different color and light. So many poses, so little time, always showing and showcasing her sexy body and beautiful breasts. His obsession is super passionate and he puts his emotion and stamp all over his work in expression and posing. As he poses he cops a feel all over her body, even spreading her pussy for a shot to keep for himself. He continues to pose her and snap pics of the dead frozen model that is his own personal posing doll. His final pose is the opus for this project and now he will be satisfied by his work.

Freya is a natural at the Freeze Pose, really great stuff. Enjoy! All Freeze Pose Video from start to finish..CB

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 750 MB 	Format: .MP4
    15 minutes
Starring: Coco w/ Monster R

**FULL 1920x1080 HD**

Coco is laying outside on a blanket in the grass. She lives in a rural area so she doesn't worry about too many visitors or anyone bothering her. All that changes as soon as the monster emerges from the tree line surprising her as she relaxes. He gets up on her hissing and making a fuss, his pre rape ritual as he has done so many times before. He grabs on to her hips, playing with her tits and grabbing her. She gives in to him and he enters her as she writhes in pain and disgust. The monster constantly rapes her and menaces her much to her chagrin. Coco is so disgusted and turned off but she dare not try to fight or escape, only her face and movements show the torment she is going through at the time. Th monster is relentless banging her non stop the whole time as she goes through a gambit of emotions that show she is taking it, but not happily. The monster fucks her hard raising her leg to get deeper and fuck her with his monster cock. After he releases his venom and cums, he rund away back into the tree line disappearing. She lays there sobbing and eventually crawls away in pain finally getting to her feet as she leaves.

Coco is so hot and such a fine actress! Great job Monster R out in that heat, that costume is no joke! Thanks! Chris

Run Time: 14:52 minutes
File Size: 1000 MB 	Format: .MP4
    15 minutes
Starring: Ashley Lane and Genetica

Two sexy young counselors at a summer camp hang out after hours together. They talk about what they like and what they are each into. Genetica breaks the news that for years the gals have done role playing and mimic sacrifice and slaughter. They discuss it and eventually get comfortable with each other, Genetica working as the dominant, getting Ashley undressed and tied up, playing with her sexy body and caressing her all over. Genetica plays and kisses with Ashley and runs the knife all over her body, teasing her until she is about to explode. After a lot of role play Ashley slices Ashley\'s throat, and blood pours from her throat, her tongue out and mouth open. She dies and Genetica wants to play with her dead body. Genetica takes her time, unties her, and lowers her to the floor. She kisses and checks her body before she exits for body pans and views.

Absolutely the hottest pair wow do they look good together.  CB

Run Time: 15:20 minutes
File Size: 275 MB 	Format: .MP4
    6 minutes
Introducing: Genetica V. w/ Puck

Full 1920x1080 HD

A professional woman, in the privacy of her backyard cools off after a long day, drinking a frosty pint of ale, dressed in bra and panties and her button down dress shirt open. As she relaxes and contemplates, a crazy lunatic has escaped from the mental institute, and sneaks up on her in her lounge chair, and with a quick strike he wraps a very thin garrote around her neck and pulls tight. She fights hard but he enjoys pulling it tight and seeing the cord dig into her neck. He strangles her as she bucks, kicks and spreads her sexy toes in the grass. She fights for a while but eventually he wins the battle and she is dead, mouth open and a bit of tongue showing. He is in a hurry so he quickly takes off her top and he is mesmerized by her sexiness and beauty. He sucks her perfect breasts, he removes her panties and fucks her hard and fast, slamming her in the chair as she lays there dead, eyes wide open. after he cums inside her, he gathers himself and runs away, taking the panties with him. After he is gone her sexy dead body, strangled and fucked, is panned and viewed.

Lord have mercy!!!! This young lady is so gorgeous. NO TATTOOS NO PIERCINGS ABSOLUTELY NATURAL!! SHE ALSO DOES HARDCORE!!! Wow! Thank the heavens for this new and willing angel. She is ready to work! CB

Run Time: 7:00 minutes
File Size: 300 MB 	Format: .MP4
    20 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Genetica, Ryanne, Kiki w/ Jigsy

A sexy house full of coeds is sitting in the living room discussing their plans for the evening. They each talk about what they are going to do, even joking with each other and poking fun at their characteristics. Each young sexy woman goes to get ready in their own spaces, while Belle goes to the kitchen to eat ice cream. Kiki goes out to her smoking room to smoke weed and rub one out, Ryanne heads to the bathroom to shower and wash her tits and pussy, shave her legs. Genetica and Hannah get ready in their room listening to music. As they all do their thing a drugged out, tweaking, dirty vice cop comes through the door and heads to Belle in the kitchen who thinks it is Kiki until he yells at her, "Where is Tony?" He is obviously drugged out and jonesing for a fix and thinks he is at a location where a drug lord resides. He thinks these are his girls and that they will lie to him. He asks Belle again as he gets close choking her and waving his gun at her, when she says she doesn't know he pops her in the belly button with his pistol. She hits the floor and writhes in pain and shock. He goes nuts and heads to the bathroom where Ryanne has been showering but is now toweling off. When he busts in the door waving his gun talking gibberish, she raises her hands and the towel drops. He yells in her face and asks where is Tony again and she acts dumb, so he thinks so he pops her twice, once in each breast the second being a heart shot. She clutches her wounds and slides down the wall of the shower and into the tub. She tries to climb out but is losing blood and spitting it up. She twitches and bucks then goes limp and wide eyed. Belle is still writhing on the kitchen floor in excruciating pain, the dirty vice cop comes out of the bathroom scratching his head and talking nonsense. Hannah comes out of her room to ask Ryanne a question and sees her shot and dead in the tub, she screams and tries to run but the cop is right there and busts her twice, once in the breast and one through her tummy and through the black pantyhose she is wearing. She hits the door and slides to the floor hard, going nuts as her body reacts to the hydro static shock of the 40s&w rounds. She flops and her pantyhosed feet kick the door, and she bleeds from the mouth, eventually going still. The cop is so angry nobody is telling him what he wants to hear and emerging from a good orgasm and a bong hit, Kiki comes through the door and he grabs her tossing her on the floor and asking the same question that nobody knows the answer to. "Wheres Tony, or is it Tommy", grabbing his head in his hands from the voices inside. He pops Kiki as he tosses her to the floor, once in the tit and the other one in the throat, she gurgles and coughs going hard as her eyes go wide and she twitches to death. Belle is still writhing but the pain and the deaths of her friends cause her to pass out from shock. It is complete chaos and Genetica storms out of the room surveying the damage in total shock. As she tries to escape the dirty cop pops her in the head and the breast, she falls to the floor bashing her dead and twitching head against the front door. She twitches her feet but goes limp instantly from the head shot. The cop is frazzled and still looking around for Tony or his stash. He drags all the victims into the kitchen. As he carries and drags the bodies to a pile in the kitchen, he also fondles them, checking out their tits especially the ones oozing blood from them, lusting for the dead broads as he thinks about his next move. Just as he arranges the last one Belle wakes up and starts to scream but he immediately pops her in between the yes and she dies instantly, right next to kiki who is wide eyed and dead. They are all dead in a pile now so he checks out their tits again squeezing them. His phone then rings and he stands up to answer it. It is his partner who is wondering where he is and why he didn't follow the plan. The dirt cop is so frustrated and asks if the drug dealer is there and storms out, obviously needing his fix. Meanwhile the hot dead, sexy gals are laying in a body pile, bleeding from their wounds, eyes wide open and still. Many angles and body pans, views follow.

I am so fortunate to have the best luck getting quality acting, making it way easier to make action and great film pacing happen. I take pride in the way these shoots turn out, even though they may not be for everyone. Thanks so much for checking this out. Putting it on Taboo Cinema to give that store a boost, it is just as good as any of Chris' Corner shootings. Thanks for your support. Chris

Run Time: 19:30 minutes
File Size: 420 MB 	Format: .MP4
    29 minutes
Starring: Shy Toker w/ Chris B.

Chris is a laid back, quiet physical therapist who works at a clinic in town, and sometimes in his own place in the woods. He has been doing therapy on a young female client who tore her ACL and needs to rehab to get back to work. It is a long process and this session will be the last in a few months he has been working on her weekly. The sweet nineteen year old has really grown on him and he has no clue that she is now obsessed with him, even though he is an older man, and she has no clue weather he is even straight, never seeing him with a girl or talking about a girlfriend. After doing some massage and stretching her bad knee, he tells her to get more comfortable, usually she has shorts and a tshirt for easy access to the linking muscles and bones to be worked. She tells him that she would like to make this session extra long, and would like to continue to see him, even off the books. He still doesn't pick up the vibe and when she disrobes, she is in a sexy nighty, no panties, shaved bare, and looking really sexy. He asks if she just came from her boyfriends and she tells him she doesn't have a boyfriend and wore the sexy lingerie just for him. He is flattered and doesn't seem to push the idea away. He tells her first he must explain something, in fact the only thing that gets him off is doing role playing with the few gals he has met in his life that would even participate. He explains the situation and tells her that he loves to role play animal slaughter, using rope, binding his lovers and playing with them while they are bound, then running a sharp knife around there bodies and their necks. She is getting wet just thinking about it as he caresses her, kissing her neck and rubbing her arms and shoulders. He plays with her more, rubbing her breasts and then her tummy and ass. He grabs the rope and knife then starts to play with her more, removing her nighty and rubbing her ass and pussy which puts her into a frenzy. He whispers in her ears and she is putty in his hands. He ties her hands behind her back and grabs the sharp knife, running it to and fro on her soft sexy neck, not too hard so it cuts, but so she feels it. He continues to play with her and asks her if she wants him inside her while he plays and she begs him yes. He puts it in and starts fucking her from behind as he drags the knife across her neck over and over, grabbing her hips with the off hand and ramming himself into her. She moans in pleasure getting so close to climax and as soon as they both are orgasming, he drags the knife deep through her throat, even sawing back and forth(SHOWN A COUPLE TIMES FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES) until she gags and blood gushes from her neck. He pulls her head back and drops her to the floor. He rolls her dead body over so he ca see her face, which is covered in a bit of blood. He unties her hands and then rolls her onto her back. He goes to get some wipes to clean her pretty face up, and her body is panned and viewed from every angle showing her sexy toned figure, bare feet, and white teeth. When he comes back he wipes the little bits of blood from her face so he can see her better, then a bit on her hair. After he finishes cleaning her up he caresses her face and breasts one last time before he goes to get cleaned up and her body is viewed again.

Wow Shy is very sexy and so cute. When she moans or makes any sexy sounds I know I rise to attention. What a great find. Thanks for the support. Chris

Run Time: 29:29 minutes
File Size: 700 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Welcome to TABOO CINEMA
    Hello and welcome to Candee and Chris B.’s new collaboration of strange, off the wall, and intriguing fantasy erotica, including Taboo, Death fetish, Necro fantasy, Bondage and Domination, Romantic Death erotica, GG and BG fantasy death scenarios, and lot’s more, with no limits to where the reaches of the mind will travel, and all for a great value... If you love Fantasy Erotica, and are on a budget. This is where you get real quality.

    Featuring 91 Clips / 1719 minutes of video!

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