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    17 minutes


Starring: Belle Fatale as: Detective Martin and Freya as Spider Woman

A long list of missing persons from this area has detective Erica Martin coming the specific region where the disappearances have all occurred. She is alone, only her service weapon, a radio, and dressed in heels and skirt, with a button down top, not really the best attire for traipsing through the woods looking for a killer, who leaves no trace of the victims. As she moves tactically through the woods, down an old service road, Erica encounters all kinds of bugs and webs, one thing she really does not like is spiders, and spider webs. Ironically enough, moving behind her without a trace, A Spider Woman, moving quickly like a shadow through the woods from tree to tree without a noise. Erica is freaked out by all the bugs but keeps her composure. The spider playfully grabs a stick from the ground, snapping it loudly so it startles the Detective, and she spins around pointing her gun. The spider loves to have fun with her prey before ever feasting on her. There is a process, and to feed on this woman's juices and fluids, she must get her ripe and ready. Part of that process is the chase and the on set of fear and adrenaline pumping through her veins increasing the blood flow. The spider moves again, and Erica makes a call on the radio, sounding confident, but also mentioning there are a shit ton of bugs and it is creeping her out. After she tells HQ she needs NO Backup, the spider licks her chops and spills copious amounts of saliva readying her mouth for the feats of blood, cum, and plasma. She breaks another stick startling Erica who spins around and sees something out the corner of her eye. She is freaked out but keeps her stance, the Spider advances and breakneck speed and is upon her, shredding the detective's top with one swipe of her sharp claws, and disappearing into the brush, only to reappear and do the same thing to her bottoms skirt, and biting her on the ass twice, sinking her fangs and getting the first dose of venom in the detective's body, then vanishing into thin air. Erica trips staggers and falls face first in the dirt, writhing in pain from the bites. She moves around in agony, then quickly jumps up with blurred vision from the toxic venom that renders the victims helpless, but still fully aware, awake, and with enhanced physical feelings. As Eric spins around firing of her pistol at thin air, the spider makes herself seen and the Detective starts to back up pointing the gun but not being able to fire for some reason, the toxins are in full effect. She keeps backing up and the spider taunts as Erica backs straight into the web, immediately being entangled in the web and flailing freaking out as the spider laughs and taunts Erica. As she gets caught even more into the web trying furiously to escape but just making it worse every time she tries to break free. The spider knows this is part of the process and it is time to stimulate the body to bring forth the juices. She moves around to her back behind the web, reaching through and twisting and pulling on the detective's nipples to get the blood flowing. The spider moves around and takes a big bite into Erica's breasts, immediately the detective moans in pain and pleasure, sounding like she is having sex, slowly getting more and more into it as the spider sucks her breast, then massaging the nipples with her bloody tongue, almost vampire in nature. Erica moans in pleasure and pain as the venom takes effect more so in her sexual organs. She starts to buck and heave, moving around and breathing heavily as the spider has her way with her. She bites her breasts again and sucks them hard, leaving bite marks and tons of blood and plasma leaking out. After she sucks the breasts and the Detective is in full swing of her first assignment as a feast for a spider, and definitely her last. She asks the Spider, "what are you and what do you want from me?" "You are my food, and I am preparing you for my feast." the spider relied with a chuckle, then returned to her, but this time she was focusing on her panties, then removing them with a shred of her sharp claws. She starts to touch and massage her clit, stimulating the pussy to make the blood and juices taste best. She flicks her tong, biting the detective's pussy, blood and cum start to leak out as she is going full bore on her pussy. Erica is in convulsions orgasming and going into shock at the same time, her eyes rolling back in her head as the spider drains her body of its juices. She is relentlessly sucking and getting as much as she can, Erica is fading quickly and starts to buck and shake hard, then dies, but the spider keeps going and revives her for one last orgasm and final spurt of blood and juices to take in for her feast. As Erica's body revives, her eyes stay wide, but her body shakes and orgasms hard as the spider drains her of everything she desires, the cream of the crop. The Spider pulls back checking her work and laughing maniacally, removing the shell of a woman left on the web. The detective is limp and drained, and falls to the ground as she is released from the web. The Spider will continue to take what it needs over the next few hours and days, so she rolls the body over and drags her off into the woods to her pile of bones and hair.  A SHOCKING BREAKUP
    15 minutes

Starring: Savannah Costello w/ Adrian
(Foot Fetish Custom)

Adrian is Savannah's boy toy, he is a great looking guy who does it all in the bedroom, but outside, he is a couch potato that just wants to watch the game and throw back a couple beers. He also has an issue with turning his head to look at other hot chicks. What a douche. Well, Savannah and he are returning from eating dinner and get into a spat about certain stuff fore-mentioned. Savannah tells him to kick rocks, and so he leaves, after a few words about what he has done around the house. Savannah needs a bath, so she goes to the bathroom, gets undressed, then into the tub, soaping up and shaving her legs, and her feet, which she spends lots of time lathering and spreading her toes, then rinsing them off. As she relaxes in the warm tub, playing with her feet, Adrian comes in telling her this is bullshit and he is not going to have it, so he throws her hair straightener into the tub. She shakes and shutters violently sloshing around in the tub, as her feet stick straight out and her toes point. As she starts to die, and the power surges, so do the lights, till it flips the breaker. Adrian goes to the breaker box, which he installed himself, and turns the lights back on so he can go play with Savannah's dead feet, and suck on her lovely toes, as now she is much more willing, as she is dead. He caresses her feet, legs, fondling her tits and crotch before exiting. Lot's of pans and views of her dead feet!

Lot's of foot fetish!!!

Great stuff from Savannah! CB

Run Time: 14:33 minutes
File Size: 241 MB 	Format: .WMV
    10 minutes

Starring: Lexxi w/ Monster X

***FULL 1920X1080 HD***  **LOTS OF POV**

The monster is at it again, attacking Lexxi in her room as she is about to get dressed. He over powers her and pushes her limits as he ravages her, groping and pumping her with his monster love. She absolutely hates it and fights him off a bit. He is relentless and pulls her close to him pounding her and raping her against her will. She uses her arms to try and push him away but he is too powerful and hisses at her in disapproval. He continues to pound her, pulling her around the bed to get better leverage and penetration. He is on a mission to rape, ravage, menace, and molest Lexxi much to her dismay and disgust. After pounding her and breasts shaking and her absolute disgust he cums inside of her with vigor and enthusiasm. After he is finished with her he exits still letting her know she is going to get again soon one of these days. The Monster loves Lexxi!

More great monster rape. You think this monster has a thing for Lexxi? I know you do too! I know I do. CB

Run Time: 10:00 minutes
File Size: 390 MB 	Format: .MP4
    19 minutes

Starring: Lexxi and Freya

Lexxi is the champion after Coco and Kiki disappeared from the club, but the new kid in town, known for her glass jaw, but tough and resilient stance, and always able to come back for the win. Lexxi is so confident that she will win, she schedules a meeting at a hotel suite. She stretches and then gets a call from Freya who is downstairs in the lobby. Freya arrives and Lexxi locks the door behind them then shows Freya to the room where they will fight. As Lexxi explains the rules she tells Freya she has to take off her shoes, and after much jawing and resistance, she removes her shoes, and right after she's about to remove the second shoe, Lexxi knees her right in the cunt, dropping her, but Freya is tough and gets back up to square up with Lexxi. She gets Lexxi with a couple shots then a shot to the body, doubling her over and Freya knocks her to the floor. Lexxi tries to hold her own but Freya is getting the best of her, making better connections with her punches, and after getting knocked to the floor and couch a couple times, Lexxi seems stunned. Frey turns to walk away but Lexxi catches her leg and pulls her to the floor. She gets her up and punches her more, kicking her too, after landing a few rights, she has Frey on the floor by her hair and knocks her out cold. Frey's eyes flutter back into her head before she goes out. Lexxi climbs on the unconscious fighter and starts to undress her, removing the sports bra, then playing roughly with her tits, slapping and squeezing them, roughing them up a bit. She rolls the limp fighter over ragdolling her and removing her yoga shorts, then slapping and kneading her ass like bread dough. She stands up and takes off her attire too, leaving them both in only a thong. She gets back on top of her and slaps her awake. Freya pretends to be stunned and attacks Lexxi getting her to the floor quickly, then picking her up by her hair, punching her down then again, then kicking her in her ribs a few times. Lexxi trips her up again and they are on the floor but Lexxi springs up into action, knocking Freya down again with a right hook. Freya gets up slow but then comes with a combo knocking Lexxi back to the small love seat, then pounding on her over and over, wailing on her. She snatches her up off the sofa by her hair to the floor then straddling her punching her face with right, then left, then a final punch to knock Lexxi out cold. As she is out Freya smacks Lexxi's tits around a bit, grabbing and squeezing them too. She ragdolls her rolling her over smacking her ass and playing with her limp body. After playing with her a bit, she slaps her awake and lest her know its round three. Lexxi is visibly stunned but a veteran so she bounces back throwing a couple big punches and landing them. She trades blows with the new gal, getting her on the floor and on top of her straddling her punching in the face back and forth, slamming her head to the floor a few times until Freya gets a second wind and flips Lexxi over punching her down then snatching her up by her pony tail, leading her to her demise. She stands her up and tees off on her with a right, knocking her out cold to the floor(shown two different times, different takes and angles). After knocking Lexxi out cold again, she knows it is time for death so she drags her by her arms to the sofa, sitting with Lexxi in a choke hold and as soon as Lexxi wakes up, she breaks her neck, making her go immediately limp. Lexxi is dead, butt on the floor neck back, and Freya wants to make sure, so she stands over her, grabbing her chin and head from the front and breaking her neck again, with a loud crunch. She quickly takes off, seeing her sexy ass as she leaves Lexxi there to be body panned.

It has been a while so i apologize for any issues with the fight. I have not been at my best lately but promise to do better when my health improves. Great KOs, hot gals, great fight! Thanks CB

Run Time: 18:28 minutes
File Size: 413 MB 	Format: .MP4
     IN THE PUSSY Out The Belly
    16 minutes

      IN THE PUSSY Out The Belly - IN THE PUSSY Out The Belly
Starring: Dani and her favorite toy

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**


Dani is alone again and wants to set up her camera and play with her favorite toy. As she streams for the fans that love to watch her do a strip tease on the bed with her M190 pistol, fully loaded with nothing in the chamber. She tells her fans she is loving her favorite toy tonight and rubs her hard nipples with the barrel of the pistol, then her belly and her pussy. She licks the barrel of the gun in her sexy bed dance getting more comfortable, removing her button down shirt with the pistol. She is in just lingerie now, and a sexy silver necklace. The lingerie is very revealing, showing her breasts and just a sliver of lace in the crotch. She rubs her breasts and pussy moaning lightly and smiling into the camera as she does a daring slide back, chambering a round in gun with a smile and a wink. She gets into a different position laying back and moaning more and more as the gun rubs over her clit getting her wet. She is so hot knowing there is a bullet in the chamber and using the gun to stimulate herself getting close to losing it and climaxing, as she turns the gun towards her and into her pussy she goes insane jolting and accidentally pulling the trigger and positioning the gun just right enough to shoot through her pussy and out her belly, above her mound and below her navel leaving a huge bleeding hole. She is in shock at first still letting out grunts moans and cries of pain from being shot through the pussy and out the belly. She writes and grasps clutching the belly wound as it pours blood through her fingers, spilling all over her hands and into her sexy lacy underwear. She is in shock but writhes around in great pain moaning and moving around the bed crying and moaning from the pain of the burning wound. She gets to her knees and it starts to pour out of her belly, she grunts and moans more as she realizes she is leaking heavily in that position but it feels better, if it could at all. She tries to stay hunching and convulsing as she tries to maintain with some hope, but she knows she is going to die a long, slow, painful suffering death. She looks toward the camera extending her bloody hand out as if to ask a fan for help but they have nothing to offer, she is slowly dying on her bed she made, and is lying in writhing slower and slower, her responses and breaths become weaker and less frequent. She tries to stop the bleeding but it is too late, and the blood continues to leak out, every time she tries to look at the wound it boils up blood. She tries to keep it sealed but she is getting weaker and weaker until she eventually dies with only a twitch of anything left, expelling all of her final breath slowly eyes wide and then relaxed. Dead after an agonizing, long, and bloody gut shot wound. As her body is viewed by her camera, and other views and pans, the blood is still seeping out, but the body is still. Her face stays the same with the death stare and eyes that went from tragedy, to nothingness.

This was a special request that I think turned out well. The acting is absolutely believable and the blood and production work is top notch. Long death scene with a bunch of blood focused on the belly and pussy. Enjoy!! CB

Run Time: 16:20 minutes
File Size: 480 MB 	Format: .MP4
    34 minutes

Starring: Lexxi w/ Chris B.


After meeting at a fetish event, Chris and Lexxi decide to take it to a whole another level and hang out together in the real world to have some fun. Lexxi shows up to his place in daisy duke's, flip flops, and a top, looking so sexy. he invites her in and they hit it off talking about the fun they have had and will have. Lexxi is obviously as horny as Chris so they start to make out and get pretty heavy, fast. Before long, after some major groping and handling, Chris puts his cock inside her and she rides him, it is a wild one too. They fuck hard and fast and lots of moans when they both climax for a long time, and then holding each other as they finish. They make out some more and Chris sends her to get cleaned up before they Role Play. When she comes back he is in the kitchen with his ropes, knife and a pad for her to kneel on. he talks to her and explains, she is hot and horny and wants more. He plays with her and ties her up, hands together, feet together, then connected with a third rope to hog tie her. He toys with her kissing her neck and extending it as he pulls her hair. He caresses her and then grabs the knife, she is so turned on by him and his slaughter fantasy. He plays with her more teasing her over and over with her neck extended playing with the sharp knife. After much teasing he goes through with it, slicing her throat deep, over and over to make sure he is all the way through the windpipe. She bleeds out as he extends her to the floor, then to her side. He removes the ropes after she is completely dead, then kisses and caresses her body before positioning her and then exiting for body views and pans of the sexy, beautiful, dead Lexxi.

Wow i had fun, lets just say that! This is a really great, and sexually explicit clip, enjoy! CB

Run Time: 33:58 minutes
File Size: 600 MB 	Format: .MP4
    11 minutes

Starring: Genetica w/ Gun Hand

**FULL 1920X1080 HD** **FULL BLOOD AND F/X**

A very sexy young lady is hanging out in her bed, about to get up and go out on the town. She stretches her legs, still in her long socks, boy shorts, and sexy top, then slowly walks to the bathroom so she can get ready. She brushes her long, beautiful hair as she looks in the mirror, checking herself out as she does so. She puts on some lipstick and looks at herself in the mirror seeing what she wants to fix. She pulls off her blouse up over her head, then her boyshorts, and her bra. She keeps her socks on intact.She looks in the mirror noticing how perfect she is from head to toe. Perfect belly, perfect tits, and everything else in place. She cleans the mirror and is about to toss the towel when she sees something in the reflection. She drops her towel and her jaw as she sees a man in the background holding a pistol on her. She spins around and pleads with the man holding the gun. "What do you want with me, why are you holding a gun?" The man says, "That is none of your concern, please raise your arms above your head." He is calm and she is starting to be hysterical. He makes sure her hands are not in the way and tells her, "Let me just put one in your belly" Pop and then also shoots a second shot to her left breast but missing the heart. She flies back against the vanity and looks down in shock to see the wounds leaking blood fairly rapidly. As she starts to leak blood the man asks her to move over towards the tub and move her hair out of the way so he can see her bloody wounds. He gets her to writhe her way up to the tub edge, and as she sits on the edge of the tub, he pops one in her heart and she flies back into the tub with a jolt and a thud, slamming her ass in the tub. She starts to moan and grunt, crying a bit from the pain and anguish of her wounds. She lays in the tub, flopping and floundering losing blood and energy from the gunshots. Blood continues to leak out of her breast and belly. She is in so much pain she moves herself around the tub finally laying flat inside the bottom of the tub where she twitches and jolts from the pain and shock. She shutters and is in shock, eyes wide as she goes still and dies. The killer looks over her, identifying her as his mark and checking her body out a bit. She lays naked, except for her long socks, in the bottom of the tub, mouth slightly open, still bleeding from her wounds into the tub. Her sexy figure is viewed and panned from a few angles.

Such a hot woman. She is really something else. More to come! CB

Run Time: 10:38 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4
    27 minutes

Starring: Willow & Lilith
w/ Chris B.

Two gals are hanging out by the river and a creepy dude just keeps staring, not even talking, just staring at the girls. They head home and when they arrive it's time to put things away and get cleaned up. They forget to close the door all the way and as they are attending to things the Creepy dude shows up, sneaks in and waits for Lilith to come around the corner. he grabs her quickly from behind and breaks her neck after jerking on it a few times, she drops like a stone to the floor. He leaves the corpse there while he heads up the steps to get the blonde. He sees her tending to her stuff so he hits her hard with an elbow to the back of the head and neck. She hits the bed face first and stays there, alive but motionless. The creep heads down steps and starts in with the short haired gal with the perfect bare feet. He molests her body playing with her feet, checking out her up-skirt and tits, then he scoops her up and carries her to the bed with the other chick. He tosses her down, rag-dolling them both for a bit. He is very interested in getting them mostly naked, and then fucking their feet. He sees that the blonde is wearing pantyhose, WOW, VARIETY!! He is excited so he undresses himself and starts to fondle, sniff, suck, and then fuck their feet ending up slapping them with his cock and fucking them hard until he unloads himself all over both feet, making sure he gets every bit there. After he cums he gets dressed and heads to make a sandwich, while the cum soaked feet are viewed and panned, then he comes upstairs and faces them up, he sees that the blonde is still showing vital signs, so he snaps her neck to make sure. He then starts removing his evidence before he exits, posing the bodies, opening the eyes and mouths.. Creepy Foot Fetish Dude strikes again!

Run Time: 28:00 minutes
File Size: 520 MB 	Format: .WMV
    44 minutes

Starring: Treasure w/ Chris B. and Johnny Wood

Chris has been friends with Johnny for all his life, when Chris goes offshore to work on an Oil Rig in the Gulf, Johnny has missed him dearly. Chris is coming home on leave for a week and Johnny told him to pop over to catch up. They start talking about life and the question of dating arises. Johnny says he has been dating this new girl for many months, and he really likes her. The only issue is that she wont put out, and says she wants to wait until she is married, as a Virgin. Johnny mentions her name and Chris gets a look on his face, then when he shows Chris the picture, Chris bursts into laughter. "Beth Montgomery"? "She is the whole reason me and my fiance' broke up, she blackmailed me for money and told my girl, she broke me of my money and ruined my life." "Man, Beth used to beg me to fuck her ass everyday, saying she wanted more and more". This makes Johnny angry at his Girl, and come to find out she even slept with Chris on his leave a few months back when Johnny was out of town on work detail. Johnny says, "I have a plan, go up to my bedroom and wait for me, she will not know what hit her when I confront her with you"!

Chris goes upstairs and Beth comes over, she is so sweet and innocent looking in her curls and bows in her hair, but Johnny says hey meet my friend, he came in from out of town, he may go to dinner with us. When Beth gets to his room and sees Chris smiling on the edge of the bed, her jaw drops and she looks at Johnny with puppy eyes. He punches her in the gut and says, "I know all about you whore, and your anal love, and sucking cocks! Whore". He beats her more and Chris joins in getting a rush from seeing the punches. Chris grabs Beth and throws her on the bed like she was a doll. He immediately snatches her and they get her held down. Then they force themselves on her by fucking her pussy and mouth at the same time, then switching, as well as slapping her several times, shutting her up and making her be quiet. "Hey Johnny, I think you need to give it to her in the ass, she does love it more than in the pussy"! Chris fucks her face while Johnny puts it to her from behind, then they change it up. After a bunch of abuse and forced sex Chris says you messed with the wrong guys and now you will take this..He blasts a huge load on her face, neck, and ear, then slaps the bitch. After that he lets Johnny fuck her face again, then he goes and grabs Johnny's belt from the floor, showing it and wrapping it around Beth's neck and the strangle begins! Chris strangles her while Johnny forces oral and sex for a bit, then pulls her upright hard and continues as she grabs for the belt, trying to live, punching and fighting back. Then Johnny takes his turn finishing her off in the super long strangle, she fights hard and long, keeping her upright, then she dies with a great death stare, eyes wide open, then he lets her drop to the bed, checking out her body while he grabs his belt and leaves her on the bed. He and Chris get her spread Eagle then heads to grab a brew...

Excellent job! If you like the Rape and strangles we have been doing than this will be right up your alley!!!! Lots of great things in this one! CB

Run Time: 43:00 minutes
File Size: 720 MB 	Format: .WMV
    17 minutes

Starring: Freya and Mercy West

Two roommates are making dinner plans and find a steak in the freezer which brings up a conversation about their upbringing, and animal slaughter. Mercy knowing the most about it in her experiences takes the lead on explaining what it is about and how it is done. She feels a demonstration is in order and Freya is skeptical but follows through anyway. Freya is turned on by the idea so Mercy grabs the long, sharp knife, some rope, and undresses Freya. She removes her own clothes and Mercy grabs a stool for Freya to sit on while she caresses her neck and runs the knife over her body making Freya go wild with sensitive reactions to the blade, and Mercys sexy voice. She grabs the rope and ties Freyas arms behind her, then her feet, each to a stool leg. Freya is getting hot as Mercy arches her neck and plays some more with the knife on her breasts. After lots of foreplay and buildup, Mercy slices Freyas throat and lets her bleed out on to the kitchen floor. Freya dies instantly and her death stare is wide eyed and still. The blood drips from her wound as Mercy unties her slaughter and lays her on the floor to admire, kissing her breasts and neck, caressing the sexy slaughters body until she knows its time to hit the showers. She leaves Freyas corpse on the floor as she goes to clean her self up. Body pans and views of the sexy dead slaughter, and her beautiful eyes.

Great match up. Love these two, Freya is amazing, one of my favs! CB

Run Time: 16;00 minutes
File Size: 350 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Random TABOO CINEMA Clips more
     TRAVEL SLAUGHTER Tiffany Adams
    21 minutes
Starring: Tiffany Adams w/ SaraLiz

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Two young professionals on a tour of conferences and training seminars relax after a long day. They figit quietly on the bed checking their phones and playing with their hair, stretching their legs and toes, waiting for the other to break the silence. Sara speaks up inquiring about dinner plans and what they should do. Neither of them really want to hassle with crowds, or getting hit on at the bar, so they decide to stay in and order room service. First Sara wants to ask Tiffany some questions concerning a role play activity she wants to try with her. The two discuss the animal slaughter and Tiffany trusts Sara and decides she wants to participate. The two gals retreat to the bath where they undress each other and Sara compliments Tiffany on her stunning figure and long sexy hair. She instructs her to take off her dress for her and both sexy ladies are nude. Sara compliments Tiffany on hers sexy neck and looks forward to sitting her down and getting her tied up. Sara sits her down and grabs the rope tying her hands behind her back then her feet together. They talk about the slaughter and Sara plays with Tiffany's neck over and over like a blade before she grabs the long sharp cimetar from the counter. She plays with her gently getting some deep sighs and light moans out of the sexy young woman new to the slaughter role. After a while of playing the knife cuts Tiffany's throat deep and she bleeds on to the floor, her neck and torso arched forward to drain the blood. After she is drained Sara leans her back and unties her, checking her out, kissing and petting her face. After she unties her she lays her back on the seat, in a peaceful position. She gathers her stuff and leaves the scene for us to view, sexy Tiffany wide eyed and beautiful, throat sliced and bled like a sweet piece of meat.

What a hot pair, I just can't get over how glamorous and beautifully they move and speak. Thanks for Tiffany for stopping in, looking forward to having her back in September. CB

Run Time: 20:28 minutes
File Size: 650 MB 	Format: .MP4
    23 minutes
Starring: Ana Molly w/ J.D.


***1920x1080 FULL HD***

Detective Ana Molly has been on an undercover assignment for almost nine months. In that time she took on the role of an accountant with her own private firm specializing in underground clients. This of course attracted one of the crime captains of Metro City J.D. He has always mixed business and pleasure so this was the perfect fit for him. He took the time to make sure she wasn't a cop, taking her to parties, forcing drugs and witnessing crime, but she never cracked. The plus for J.D. and his minions was that this little bean counter was also sexy and willing to go to all lengths to do her job. Being a detective was an important part of her life and she took it seriously.

Today is the day that she will finally get all the information she needs to take him; his family and all the other scumbags, drug dealers, bookies, and prostitution rings affiliated with him  when he comes over to deliver the ledgers for her to begin working on. When she walks through the door into her modest apartment, dressed like a numbers nerd, she smiles knowing this will be the day. She sets down her keys and brief case, then goes straight to her bedroom where her .45 service weapon, 2 magazines, and a pair of cuffs lay on the dresser in her closet. She calls her boss Chief Tracy and tells her she is about to take him down and deliver the information back to headquarters. She laments to her about the long journey and stuff she had to endure for this day. She slips a loaded magazine into her glock and puts it and all other items in the drawer to execute her plan. She tells Chief Tracy that she will definitely miss J.D. and especially his sex. He is the only man to truly satisfy her and got her into anal sex which she now craves everyday. As she gets undressed into just panties and her button down work shirt, she hangs up the phone knowing he will be there soon with the envelope full of all the dirt on the major crime in the city. She also has a plan because he is very predictable when it comes to pleasure first, then business. It helps him to relax. She also knows he is like a rabbit and falls asleep after a good nice sexual encounter with her. She has her steps all planned out and will take him down. This plan is foolproof.

When he arrives she whisks away to the door in her panties and shirt, greeting him at the door warm and lovely. She is grinning from ear to ear seeing the envelope and him dressed in a nice shirt. He greets her with a loving kiss and as she says, "shall we do business?", he says first things first as he kisses her forehead. She leads him by his belt to the bedroom and pushes him to the bed. She takes the envelope and puts it on top of the dresser right above the drawer with her weapon so as soon as he goes to sleep, she can confirm the information is detailed, and arrest him thereafter. She starts undressing him and then herself. He is definitely ready to go, and doesn't mind letting her ride him for a change. She goes right into sucking his dick and balls, slathering his rock hard dick with spit to lube it up and get it stone hard for her ass. She sucks him like a pro, giving it her all taking it all the way down through her throat. He tells her she knows what he really wants so she climbs on handling his cock with one hand and holding herself in place with the other. She first slides him into her pussy, lubing it up more with a few strokes, watching him disappear into her pussy a few times then grabbing his hard dick and putting it into her ass slowly, working it in, little by little until she is all the way down riding him faster and faster. She gets her feet up and crosses them, grasping and clawing his chest leaving marks from the deep plunges into her tight little ass. She rides him faster and faster slamming down on his pelvis as he grits his teeth. She is going wild leaning back grabbing his balls while he takes it. She knows this is the last time she will have him and wants him really tired for her plan. She turns on the afterburners and goes fast slapping his lap with her ass and cumming extraordinarily hard with her orgasm. She takes her time to milk him with her ass and take it all in. She takes her time before removing him, seeing that he is already falling asleep. She climbs off using her hand to remove him. She gets up and tells him, I need to use the ladies room, I am sure you will be asleep when I get back, jokingly. His eyes close as he heads to the bathroom to clean up. As she does her thing, his eyes open wide and he moves towards the dresser, and as she looks in the mirror at herself, prepping for a possible fight, she breathes and says in a soft voice, "you got this detective."

She quietly moves back into the bedroom and just as she planned he is sleeping like a log and she checks him over, then moves to the dresser and grabs the envelope. She slowly peels back the sticky flap and looks back at him sleeping to make sure. She looks back down into the envelope and it is old wanted ads and newspaper. She says "what the....?" and goes for her weapon in the drawer, but it is gone and when she turns around he has it drawn on her. She quickly backpedals along the wall towards the door pleading with hi that he can still make this right and she will get him a plea deal. He is silent and not too happy, and she knows that her boss Chief Tracy is a crooked career cop that is obviously tied to the mafia. She makes it to the door and as she tries to plead for her life, he pops her in the right breast, knocking her back(viewed from a couple angles)through the doorway and to the wall of the hall. As she starts to moan and wail from the burning of the .45 and the shock, she looks down at the blood leaking from the huge JHP slug that ripped through her tit. She gathers herself quickly remembering her training and tries to convince him he can still call her an ambulance, then he could get a deal with the feds or something. He tells her "The only person i am calling is a cleaner."  He aims for her dome standing over her and pops her in the forehead, blowing her head back to the wall and blood pouring out of the hole as she slides down the wall to the floor, eyes wide open. As she lays on the floor and bleeds out he puts away the gun on the nightstand and drags her body into the room. He takes some wipes and cleans the blood around the wounds so he doesn't get too bloody as he fucks her again. He goes to the bathroom and her body is panned and viewed, then he returns to fuck her corpse. He screws her nice and slow remembering the good times and moves her body to the side, her legs up so he can see himself going in and out of her body. He admires his work as he pumps harder and harder, then as he is just about to cum, he pulls out and shoots his load all over her stomach and pussy. He knows his cleaners do a great job taking care of everything so he enjoys his time. After he gets it all out, he stands up and puts on his clothing. When he finishes dressing and her body is panned and viewed, he takes her phone and calls Chief Tracy, telling her she is done and never had a chance. He tosses the phone onto her body and heads for the door. Last views of the sexy dead detective follow.
    14 minutes
Introducing: Eve Lynn w/ Ted Michaels

A couple sits while the husband surfs to find a movie for them to both enjoy. She keeps playing with her hand held video console, and he is highly annoyed. Not a word is spoken as she goes to get some water, and her beautiful ass and thin waist look hot with her pantyhose clad sexy feet. She comes back and says nothing, but pays full attention to her game. He tries to touch her hair, and get closer, but she brushes him off like a flea. He finally gets the look and takes the game, she looks and gets in his face, he snaps her neck and she falls limp on the couch. Now he will have some fun playing with her limp body, and massaging her sexy ass in pantyhose. He fondles her body, moving the clothing around to see her sexy breasts, and suck and pinch the nipples while she is wide eyed and limp in her sexy suntan sheer hose. He rolls her on the floor exposing her ass and feet in hosiery. He plays with her body passionately and roughly before he places her on the sofa and positions her to play with her sexy tits again, then he sets her up in the corner of the couch. He positions her so he can see her as he sits and plays her game.. He gets bored so he leaves, positioning her again.

What a sexy woman, oh my gosh! She is very hot in her Pantyhose and Skirt. Such a big beautiful ass with a small sexy waist..!!  BIG FIRST DATE
    16 minutes
Starring: Joslyn w/ Chris B.

Well they met on matches dot com and Chris invites her over for a pre date drink, or smoke, or whatever. She shows up and is unimpressed, asking where his tie was. He tries to explain his situation, but she is stuck up and wants nothing to do with an unstable musician. He grabs his tie and says, "One drink". She obliges so he asks her how to tie a Windsor knot. She puts it around her neck and he inches slowly toward her before grabbing the tie and tightening it, taking her down to the couch where she struggles like mad and  goes crazy. She fights so hard to get under the tie with her nails but he is pulling so hard and furious she has no chance. The strangle goes all over the room in many positions for about eleven or more minutes.

This is a strangle only so no sex, only a good hard strangle for a stuck up broad that deserved it! 

Run Time: 16:00 minutes
File Size: 400 MB 	Format: .WMV
    22 minutes
      ONE LAST TIME 1 - Starring: Awesome w/ Belle Fatale

A lesbian having an affair with her friend is getting too deep and Awesome's hubby is noticing some changes. When he leaves for a meeting at work, Awesome calls Belle over for one last time, to roll around in the sheets, in pantyhose, making love. When Belle arrives they sit and discuss things on the couch. Awesome is so mixed up and in obvious distress, thinking her jealous hubby is going to catch them, or just find out. They talk about telling him together. Awesome says Belle has to go, after "One Last Time" in the sheets, so Belle, knowing Awesome's fate, leads her to the bedroom to have some lesbian sex. As they roll around in the sheets and get each other undressed, they kiss and rub each others pussy through the pantyhose. When they start to get busy, and Belle starts to mouth and such Awesome's pussy through her sheer hose, she stews and plots, making er mind up that this will be the Last Time. As she has the thin, sexy woman in ecstasy, crying for more, she is reaching for a thigh high stocking. She gets it and pretends she is playing with it on her neck and then she bears down on her lover and the reaction is crazy. Awesome goes nuts, kicking and gagging from the tightly wrapped stocking around her neck. Her eyes go wide and her face changes color from the lack of air. She fights long and hard, bucking, kicking, and grabbing, no, clawing at the tightly wound stocking. Belle fights her all over the bed, in many different positions until she is fighting less and less. Whenever she thinks the gal is almost subdued she gets a second, third, and fourth wind. She strangles her lover to death, savoring every moment with the feeling that if she cant have her, then nobody will. All the empty promises and broken dreams are coming to a head. The gal tries, even right before death to fight, but to no avail. She goes still, dead, and eyes wide open. Belle continues after she is dead, making sure she finishes the job. Then, Belle sits her up, ragging her around the bed while she kisses and caresses her in the bed. Rubbing her tits, pussy through the pantyhose, and kissing her beautiful face. She rolls her over, flopping her arms, so she can see her perfectly shaped ass through the pantyhose. She feels the urge to go to the bathroom before she embarks on her necro sex with the hot, dead, gals body. She has no idea that when she comes out of the bathroom, Awesome's hubby, Chris is waiting behind the door to get revenge, and necro sex WHICH HAPPENS IN THE NEXT EPISODE,  SLAUGHTER MY SECRETARY
    32 minutes
      SLAUGHTER MY SECRETARY - Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B.

***FULL 1920x1080 HD***

An interesting businessman loves his sexy secretaries and management most and has his eye on the quietest, best worker that he has, Ryanne. He knows she is keen on him and he definitely has his eye on her, not only for her savvy business skills, but hers sexy hotness in her glasses, skirt, heels, and tight, cleavage revealing top. He really loves her sexy smooth, soft skin and he wants to spend more time with her, so when the opportunity rises, so does he to the occasion. When she arrives to bring some documents for him to sign she is dressed professional, everything tucked in and in all the right places. She asks him to sign the documents with a smile but he has other plans and starts to talk to her about advancement, and how she is his favorite, maybe even all time. This man is different, he doesn't drink alcohol or do drugs. He doesn't have an appetite for prostitutes or gambling away his fortune. He is simple, likes his old cabin in the woods, and his chai tea. He loves nature and the outdoors. He has a vision of her in his dreams being his lover and him completing a ritual he has only done in role play with other sexy secretaries. This one will be a finalized project, everything signed, sealed, and delivered. He checks her out up and down, some from his point of view. He asks her some questions and tells her not to worry about the contracts to be signed. He explains that she is his favorite and he wants her to be closer to him and that is why she is really there. She blushes and averts her eyes, giggling and smiling because he chose her over all the others. He asks her if she is willing to do anything and she obliges, "anything, anytime" with a shy grin. He is infatuated with her so he uses his hands to feel her up after asking her to remove her skirt, then her shirt, then bra, then shoes and panties. He caresses her sexy neck knowing that will be where he really makes his mark. After she is naked he feels her breasts then plays with her pussy, getting her super wet and interested even more. She thinks she knows where this is leading and she is half right. He goes to get some rope as he has her masturbating herself on the stoll while he finds the binds. When he comes back he ties her hands tight behind her back so she wont fight, but that is the thing she is so willing to do anything he wishes. he does. He uses his finger to simulate a knife as he arches her head back by pulling her hair. He is getting very hot and she is still very horny as he plays with her pussy spreading her lips and fingering her from behind. He lays a towel on the floor and gets her on her knees. He plays with her tits and pussy making sure she is extra wet for when he fucks her. He grabs a sharp 16" blade and starts lightly touching her nipples and skin, plus her neck a few times not getting had enough to cut her with the knife which drives her wild with excitement. He takes off his clothes down to his boxers and gets behind her playing with her pussy getting his dick hard with her hands behind her back trying to grab his cock which gets him instantly hard. He sticks his dick in fucking her from behind, rhythmically getting harder and faster as he goes along. He arches her head and neck way back while he leans her body forward. Being very excited it doesn't take long for him to jet his hot load inside her, and at the same time he slices her neck wide open from ear to ear watching her bleed out as she gurgles, cumming at the same time she going. He finishes up with his orgasm pumping her even after she is wide eyed and dead, then pulling out and gathering himself before laying her down on the floor so he can see hers sexy face, tits, and huge slice with all the blood dripping. He checks her out more, caressing her face, her breasts and her pussy before going to get cleaned up. Body pans and views of the sexy, bloody, dead young woman follow and lots of them from many angles, and of course the close up death stare.

Hot, lucky Chris, yeah that was good. Yummy! For the blood lovers! CB

    Welcome to TABOO CINEMA
    Hello and welcome to Candee and Chris B.’s new collaboration of strange, off the wall, and intriguing fantasy erotica, including Taboo, Death fetish, Necro fantasy, Bondage and Domination, Romantic Death erotica, GG and BG fantasy death scenarios, and lot’s more, with no limits to where the reaches of the mind will travel, and all for a great value... If you love Fantasy Erotica, and are on a budget. This is where you get real quality.

    Featuring 122 Clips / 2264 minutes of video!

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    IN THE PUSSY Out The Belly

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