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    Most Recent CHRIS CORNER Videos! more
    18 minutes

      SUPERGIRL ORIGINS 1 - Starring: Savannah Costello w/ Rex

Linda is the head security officer at the agency, and she is home after a long day working her beat, and doing stacks of paperwork. Today she is in for something new, and as soon as she starts to unwind, a man rushes in with a baton and slams her in the ribs, then in the back, and finally a blow to the head that knocks her to the floor. He picks her up and takes the baton, using it to punch her in the pussy hard, three times, causing her to lose control of her bladder, and she pisses all over the floor. She is humiliated, and in much pain. She is off duty and unprepared for the strength of this guy, who seems to have great power in every punch he delivers. Linda is being beaten, and she grunts hard after each punch. The man continues his humiliation of the officer by grabbing her ass, and forcing his hand down her skirt. He rubs her pussy through the panties and she wildly reacts and cums twice before almost collapsing. The man over powers her and starts to beat her more, and tosses her on to the table. He fondles her hard as she resists, he is too powerful so he flips her over and takes out a knife. He cuts a hole in her crotch of the panties so her can take her from behind. He rapes her hard from behind for a minute, then flips her to see her face and rapes her from the front. He twists and tatters her clothing as he works her over. When he has had enough he tosses her across the room over the sofa, then punches her in the face and body, she tries to get up but it is too late and he is too quick and strong. He beats her around the room with multiple punches and kicks, each one leaving a bruise, or cut. She is starting to be beat up, he rips her top and skirt, he punches her hard, knocking her to the ground. She thinks quickly and picks up the discarded baton. She surprises him with a shot to the head, he rolls away stunned, she gets control for a moment, beating him hard with the wooden baton. She goes to raise up for her final blow to his head, and he pulls out a knife, stabbing her through her skirt, right in her mound. He holds it for a second, then removes it. He then comes around and stabs her right in the gut, holding it in to cause pain and trauma, then removing it quickly to see the blood leak. He then gets on one knee and sticks the knife to her pussy lips, he stabs her in the clit, then removes it as she cries and moans in pain.  She goes to her knees and he stabs her in the side, then the ass, a couple times, methodically. She is on her tummy, moaning in great pain from the stabs to her tummy, pussy, ass, and kidney. She is hurting bad, mortally wounded. He kicks he over to her back and steps down on to her pussy wound, grinding his foot in he says, "Redrick told you to stay out of his business, if you live through this, maybe you will listen?" He then gives her a coup de grace and punts her in the pussy, she loses breath and is in excruciating pain.  He exits, leaving her on the floor to die. She moans in pain, losing consciousness, but the crystal her father gave her, the one she always kept in her pocket, moves off the table, and towards her, ending up in her hand all on it's own power. She passes out and goes into a deep sleep. Several hours later she wakes up and her wounds have all healed, there is only a spot or two of blood left, no scars or cuts, and only cuts and tears in her clothing and thigh highs. She is dazed and sees the crystal in her hand. She is confused and asks herself why, only to hear a deep voice from far away telling her she is the chosen one, and she must now fight for good and protect the weak without killing. Behold the power of the crystal. She stands up and looks over to see three costumes that show who she is supposed to be, showing her destiny, her fate, and the origin of her life as a fighter of crime, and a doer of good. The first costume appears on her, in perfect fit, she holds the crystal deep to her heart and soul, knowing her destiny is finally here.  AIR P P Pow and Pop
    9 minutes

      AIR P  P Pow and Pop - Starring: Belle Fatale, Ryanne, and Lexxi

w/ Chris B.


This is a bit different, similar pacing and action, just seen from different angles and points of view for the shots and kills, as well as the aftermath. We also left deleted scenes and some outtakes to show our skills and attention to making the fans happy with their product. We do love feedback. Nothing fancy as far as sfx goes, gun sounds, bullet hits and muzzle flash with small wounds and a tiny bit of blood. Enjoy!

Three webcam porn stars sit around after a shoot, still in socks, panties, and nothing else, discussing the place they rented for the shoot and their plans for the evening. Things are juicy like the gossip and details of their ideas for a party, but the guy who is renting the place out on Air P & P, isn't too happy about it and comes in to take care of these bitches trying to throw a socks only sausage fest at the rental house. The guy comes in gun blazing with marksman's precision and accuracy. He checks the bodies over to make sure the are dead afterwards and leaves. The bodies are also viewed and panned after the action and the absence of thew killer.
    11 minutes

      GAME CONTROL EXTERMINATOR - A busy video game developer is trying to finish his final level so he can get paid for his mods. He asks his hot girlfriend to make him a sandwich, and she is too busy hanging around in her panties and half shirt, texting her friend Jenny. She brushes him off but she has no idea about his new mod he will unlock, code name: Eliminator, who is a real like life form that generates when you unlock the level, and does the dirty work for you. After getting no sandwich and a bunch of lip, he unlocks the shooter and controls him to the target. When he appears without any sound she is startled and just says, "Honey one of your weird gaming friends is here". The drone announces himself as Eliminator and steps to square up with her. He pulls out his long silenced .40 s&w, and raises it at belly level. From the other room, on his monitor the controller cocks the hammer, and pulls the trigger. She is stunned with a shot half way between the navel and the mons pubis. She clutches as the blood begins to trickle out, she looks up at the expressionless lifeform who is getting into position for the next shot, as she slides down the fridge to the floor. Eliminator bends down and points the silenced gun pointblank to her right breast, then the controller pulls back and pops her, the slug going through her tit out the other side leaving an exit wound. She is in much pain as she flounders on the floor, clutching her breast and her belly, bleeding good from all 3 holes. She squirms, bucks, and kicks getting her legs in the other direction. The Eliminator is controlled to get square for the next shot, which is right in the clitoris. He bends down, aims and shoots her point blank right in the snatch as she cries out in pain, grabbing her pussy as the blood comes leaking out through her panties. He steps up and says, "target eliminated" and disappears off screen. She bucks and heaves, clawing at her wounds until she spits and coughs up a bunch of blood, and then dies. Having finished his game with success, he heads into the kitchen to see his handy work. He grabs some scissors to cut her tshirt and panties off to see the marks. He adds that the shots and aim are right on, so now he can get paid for his game. Successful, he says that it's too bloody to make a sandwich so it's burgers again tonight and exits for more body pans.

Starring: SaraLiz

Theme: Shooting, Postmortem  GUT SHOT REBEL
    14 minutes


Starring SaraLiz and Chris B.

FULL 1920X1080 HD

I tried to do some digital f/x for the bullet hit on this one too, i will get better. CB

A rebel leader is being detained for crimes against the state. She is very coy and confident that she will not be executed, but she opts for the cigarette and asks for a light. She smokes to hard and long, taking big drags and rolling it off her lips and through her nose as she discredits the state having some pretty harsh words for the powers that be. As they wait for the call all she can do is talk about that she is too valuable and they are bluffing. She smokes a cigarette all the way through before the call comes, she is surprised but still has no fear. As the guard takes the call it is very short, the word is in, you have been charged with treason and will be executed. She still laughs until he shoots her right below the belly button, and a splat of blood shoots out as she takes on in the gut. She grasps and clutches the wound and remains standing in pain, shock and disgust as she looks up at him and asks "why in the belly?" He says "because it is the place that will make you feel the pain and suffer like those you killed and made suffer" She stands trying to stay up, acting not so tough now. She goes down to one knee, then to the floor backwards with her belly stretched out and her legs behind her. She is in so much pain she is writhing and moaning, grasping for her belly but afraid to touch the painful, bleeding hole. She is panicking now as she starts to feel her blood rushing out into her cavity, and feeling colder and colder. She gets her legs out from under her with painful strides, then spasms and dies, with a few postmortem twitches and jerks. He goes to the body to make sure she is dead, checking the pulse. She is gone so he sits her up so that he can get a pic. He checks out her boobs and body saying it was a shame she was an enemy, then he leaves to get the cart.
     FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane
    28 minutes

      FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane - FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane
"The Rope"
Starring: Ashley Lane as herself
 w/ Chris B.

Chris offers a service to film, direct, and safely supervise ladies who have particular death fetishes and want to watch themselves in the act, carrying out different things on video. They don't know that sometimes it turns him on to watch them go all the way, and since they have signed the waiver, he is not responsible. These are the Fetish Diaries and each girl is different. Ashley lane is the first to have her own video made, and she is turned on by the rope, around her neck, tight in a noose, while she masturbates with different vibrators, mainly her wand. She loves to be bound, cuffed, and choked until overflowing with orgasms. She also loves to smoke, which she does with an elegant holder while she explains what she loves and why. More females, all different in many ways will document themselves, and some will not ever be able to watch, it will be for his private viewing pleasure, and yours...

A young, attractive supermodel gives her candid explanation, as she elegantly smokes with a fancy holder, of what turns her on, and how she gets off by a; thick, coarse, rope around her neck, hanging and dangling, while handcuffed and using her magic wand. Many variations are done until she keeps asking for more and more after each orgasm. Chris works the wand and the rope, also cuffing her from behind and in front. She is so sexy in her long opera gloves and stockings, as well as purple bustier lingerie and black high heels. She wants "more, harder, more, tighter" more and more often, until Chris decides to give her more than she bargained for and let her go all the way. He puts her up on a riser, ties off the rope to a nice cleat, and cuffs her in the front so she can use her wand until she loses functions. She cums and almost passes out a few times, kicking her shoes off revealing the white stockings on her soles and toes. She kicks and tries to flail, but Oslo enjoys the tightness of the rope on her neck, as her body dances. She gets her final big O, then drops the wand as her hands become useless, then she slowly dies, twitching and then eyes wide, tongue barely lolled. He lets her down and carries her off to his studio.........  DIRTY VICE MASSACRE
    20 minutes

      DIRTY VICE MASSACRE - Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Genetica, Ryanne, Kiki w/ Jigsy

A sexy house full of coeds is sitting in the living room discussing their plans for the evening. They each talk about what they are going to do, even joking with each other and poking fun at their characteristics. Each young sexy woman goes to get ready in their own spaces, while Belle goes to the kitchen to eat ice cream. Kiki goes out to her smoking room to smoke weed and rub one out, Ryanne heads to the bathroom to shower and wash her tits and pussy, shave her legs. Genetica and Hannah get ready in their room listening to music. As they all do their thing a drugged out, tweaking, dirty vice cop comes through the door and heads to Belle in the kitchen who thinks it is Kiki until he yells at her, "Where is Tony?" He is obviously drugged out and jonesing for a fix and thinks he is at a location where a drug lord resides. He thinks these are his girls and that they will lie to him. He asks Belle again as he gets close choking her and waving his gun at her, when she says she doesn't know he pops her in the belly button with his pistol. She hits the floor and writhes in pain and shock. He goes nuts and heads to the bathroom where Ryanne has been showering but is now toweling off. When he busts in the door waving his gun talking gibberish, she raises her hands and the towel drops. He yells in her face and asks where is Tony again and she acts dumb, so he thinks so he pops her twice, once in each breast the second being a heart shot. She clutches her wounds and slides down the wall of the shower and into the tub. She tries to climb out but is losing blood and spitting it up. She twitches and bucks then goes limp and wide eyed. Belle is still writhing on the kitchen floor in excruciating pain, the dirty vice cop comes out of the bathroom scratching his head and talking nonsense. Hannah comes out of her room to ask Ryanne a question and sees her shot and dead in the tub, she screams and tries to run but the cop is right there and busts her twice, once in the breast and one through her tummy and through the black pantyhose she is wearing. She hits the door and slides to the floor hard, going nuts as her body reacts to the hydro static shock of the 40s&w rounds. She flops and her pantyhosed feet kick the door, and she bleeds from the mouth, eventually going still. The cop is so angry nobody is telling him what he wants to hear and emerging from a good orgasm and a bong hit, Kiki comes through the door and he grabs her tossing her on the floor and asking the same question that nobody knows the answer to. "Wheres Tony, or is it Tommy", grabbing his head in his hands from the voices inside. He pops Kiki as he tosses her to the floor, once in the tit and the other one in the throat, she gurgles and coughs going hard as her eyes go wide and she twitches to death. Belle is still writhing but the pain and the deaths of her friends cause her to pass out from shock. It is complete chaos and Genetica storms out of the room surveying the damage in total shock. As she tries to escape the dirty cop pops her in the head and the breast, she falls to the floor bashing her dead and twitching head against the front door. She twitches her feet but goes limp instantly from the head shot. The cop is frazzled and still looking around for Tony or his stash. He drags all the victims into the kitchen. As he carries and drags the bodies to a pile in the kitchen, he also fondles them, checking out their tits especially the ones oozing blood from them, lusting for the dead broads as he thinks about his next move. Just as he arranges the last one Belle wakes up and starts to scream but he immediately pops her in between the yes and she dies instantly, right next to kiki who is wide eyed and dead. They are all dead in a pile now so he checks out their tits again squeezing them. His phone then rings and he stands up to answer it. It is his partner who is wondering where he is and why he didn't follow the plan. The dirt cop is so frustrated and asks if the drug dealer is there and storms out, obviously needing his fix. Meanwhile the hot dead, sexy gals are laying in a body pile, bleeding from their wounds, eyes wide open and still. Many angles and body pans, views follow.
    10 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Ryanne is a sexy bikini babe looking to work on her tan for the day. When she goes to the kitchen she looks at the weather report, sees it will be warm and sunny so she starts to apply oil to her body for the tan. As she rubs oil all over her breast, legs, and arms, as well as her backside, she takes her time to make sure it is rubbed in. She takes off her slippers and goes to wash her hands of the oil. When she looks out the window she sees it is cloudy and raining. She starts to talk to herself about how the weather man is always wrong and she needs to work on her tan for the summer. As she washes her hands she doesn\\\\\\\'t hear the man entering the back door quietly and sneaking in.
As she finishes up and turns around he has his laser sight pointed at her belly. She is startled but listens to him as he calmly tells her to, \\\\\\\"drop the bikini, slowly\\\\\\\". He makes her slowly remove the bikini, and as she tries top cover herself tells her to move her hands away from her belly and keep the bottoms in her hands. When she doesn\\\\\\\'t follow instructions and is pleading for him not to shoot, he puts a slug from the Glock into her belly between the button and the pussy. It strikes clean and hard with the .40 caliber to her belly and she clutches and doubles over. When she looks down she sees the blood in her hand and feels the burn of the hot slug in her gut. She starts to bleed and pleads with him not to shoot her again, but he asks if she remembers Steve, and she starts to moan and plead her case, he was no good and she dumped him. He aims the laser right into her belly button and as she pleads he puts another slug into the belly button which causes her to double over again, this time knowing that it will eventually be fatal. She bucks her body and starts to go down to her knees, clutching her belly that is leaking blood profusely. She jerks and grunts, moaning with pain and agony as her belly is pierced with hot lead. She goes to her back and her legs kick and she bucks her ass and hips up, blood leaking down to her shaven pussy. The man goes to finish her off, but says, \\\\\\\"nah, I will let you suffer as you did to Steve.\\\\\\\" He leaves out the back door as the sexy bikini babe suffers dying on the floor in her own blood. Her death throws are amplified as the final point is at hand. She rattles and shivers and then goes absolutely still. The naked, barefoot, and so absolutely gorgeous bikini babe is panned and viewed from many angles. Sexy beast.

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B  DINNER SLAUGHTER Freya
    17 minutes

      DINNER SLAUGHTER Freya - Two roommates are making dinner plans and find a steak in the freezer which brings up a conversation about their upbringing, and animal slaughter. Mercy knowing the most about it in her experiences takes the lead on explaining what it is about and how it is done. She feels a demonstration is in order and Freya is skeptical but follows through anyway. Freya is turned on by the idea so Mercy grabs the long, sharp knife, some rope, and undresses Freya. She removes her own clothes and Mercy grabs a stool for Freya to sit on while she caresses her neck and runs the knife over her body making Freya go wild with sensitive reactions to the blade, and Mercys sexy voice. She grabs the rope and ties Freyas arms behind her, then her feet, each to a stool leg. Freya is getting hot as Mercy arches her neck and plays some more with the knife on her breasts. After lots of foreplay and buildup, Mercy slices Freyas throat and lets her bleed out on to the kitchen floor. Freya dies instantly and her death stare is wide eyed and still. The blood drips from her wound as Mercy unties her slaughter and lays her on the floor to admire, kissing her breasts and neck, caressing the sexy slaughters body until she knows its time to hit the showers. She leaves Freyas corpse on the floor as she goes to clean her self up. Body pans and views of the sexy dead slaughter, and her beautiful eyes.

Starring: Freya and Mercy West
    16 minutes


Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

A new model trying to build her portfolio replies to an ad for Trade For Print, impressed with the photographer's works she comes to his place to do a quick photo shoot. When she walks in he is very kind, taking light readings for the shoot with an impromptu backdrop fastened to the ceiling> They talk for a second but he is ready to go and she is good at following directions. He praises her for her sexiness, and says since she did not bring any changes of clothing they would have to get creative with the poses and losing the clothing she has. After several shots and lots of photographer praise, the guy gets a bit more hands on. They agreed to do no nudes her first shoot so he tells her to move things to the side, remove shirt and jeans, and then he tells her to loosen the straps on the bra to show more skin. He really is kind and not demeaning at all so she trusts him more and more but stays firm on the no nudes. He has some trouble getting her to pose how he wants so he sets his camera down and sits behind her to help get here in the pose, obviously his obsession with the new unheard of model and tries to get her bra off, she starts to push him away and he gets her in a choke hold. He toys with her to watch her sexy body thrash and try to get away, as her eyes roll back in her head and she tries to get air, kicking and grabbing at him while she chokes until she is unconscious. The obsessed photographer ties her up to a spreader bar from the ceiling with one arm tied hanging from one end and a leg from the other. Not really a bondage guy he does his best to get the ropes for her to hang and dangle suspended while he feels her up and takes photos of her naked, sexy body. After a while and some fondling she starts to wake up, and that is when he grabs a syringe full of a chemical drug synthesized to render the victim dead and frozen, catatonic, so he can pose her in the perfect poses for what he desires. It is really the only way he can be happy. So after he injects her and she goes out, he lets her down from the ropes while the drug starts to take affect. In about twenty minutes he will have a fully frozen body that is ready to be posed and manipulated. TO BE CONTINUED....  NONE OF HER CONCERN
    7 minutes


Starring: Genetica w/ Gun Hand

**FULL 1920X1080 HD** **FULL BLOOD AND F/X**

A very sexy young lady is hanging out in her bed, about to get up and go out on the town. She stretches her legs, still in her long socks, boy shorts, and sexy top, then slowly walks to the bathroom so she can get ready. She brushes her long, beautiful hair as she looks in the mirror, checking herself out as she does so. She puts on some lipstick and looks at herself in the mirror seeing what she wants to fix. She pulls off her blouse up over her head, then her boyshorts, and her bra. She keeps her socks on intact.She looks in the mirror noticing how perfect she is from head to toe. Perfect belly, perfect tits, and everything else in place. She cleans the mirror and is about to toss the towel when she sees something in the reflection. She drops her towel and her jaw as she sees a man in the background holding a pistol on her. She spins around and pleads with the man holding the gun. "What do you want with me, why are you holding a gun?" The man says, "That is none of your concern, please raise your arms above your head." He is calm and she is starting to be hysterical. He makes sure her hands are not in the way and tells her, "Let me just put one in your belly" Pop and then also shoots a second shot to her left breast but missing the heart. She flies back against the vanity and looks down in shock to see the wounds leaking blood fairly rapidly. As she starts to leak blood the man asks her to move over towards the tub and move her hair out of the way so he can see her bloody wounds. He gets her to writhe her way up to the tub edge, and as she sits on the edge of the tub, he pops one in her heart and she flies back into the tub with a jolt and a thud, slamming her ass in the tub. She starts to moan and grunt, crying a bit from the pain and anguish of her wounds. She lays in the tub, flopping and floundering losing blood and energy from the gunshots. Blood continues to leak out of her breast and belly. She is in so much pain she moves herself around the tub finally laying flat inside the bottom of the tub where she twitches and jolts from the pain and shock. She shutters and is in shock, eyes wide as she goes still and dies. The killer looks over her, identifying her as his mark and checking her body out a bit. She lays naked, except for her long socks, in the bottom of the tub, mouth slightly open, still bleeding from her wounds into the tub. Her sexy figure is viewed and panned from a few angles.

    Random CHRIS CORNER Clips more
    36 minutes

Introducing: KIKI w/ Rex

The search continues for a lovely young hiker that went missing in the Windy River Forest a few days ago. Rex who is a rural Search and Rescue guy finds her on his own time, after dark, and decides she is wife material, at least for the next day or two, so he scoops her up and carries her to his vehicle. When he gets home he takes her to the garage where he checks to see if the shoes he has been saving for years fit. His last wife died in a mysterious way, and he has been waiting for two whole years to have a new bride, one that wont fuss, or cheat on him, one that doesn't back-talk, and has a lovely face, skin, and body. He is so extatic when he finds that the shoe fits and that he is close to being hitched again. As he checks her out, feeling and molesting his new fiance', the ring fits too and she said yes in his mind. He flops and ragdolls her on the table in the garage, checking her ass, smelling her all over, especially her hair. After a long bit of playing and rolling her around on the table, he sits her up to rag her a bit more, then he carries her off to his bedroom to get her changed into the WEDDING DRESS. He throws her on the bed and she is dead and still, eyes wide open looking lovely as ever. He grabs the dress, shoes, and panties to change her into. He spends the next while checking her out, playing with her breasts and touching her pussy, gingerly so he doesn't spoil his upcoming HONEYMOON. He has a hard time getting the nice tight dress on her. He tries very hard to get it straight, she slides off the bed into a ball, her sexy, bare, dirty feet sticking out from under the long silk dress. He finally gets her dressed, and sets her up on the bed to finish her hair and makeup for their big day. He carries her to the sitting parlor to tie the knot. She looks stunning, dead, and sexy in her dress and heels. He goes through the vows and pronounces them man and wife. He kisses the bride, feeding her all kinds of comments about how lovely she looks and feels. TIME TO CONSUMMATE THE MARRIAGE!!!

He takes her to his bed, laying her down on the sheet as he dives in, caressing and kissing her large natural breasts, playing with her tiny pink pussy lips, and getting himself ready for that day his has been waiting for, the HONEYMOON. He screws her silly, in every different position, falling asleep, then waking up every couple hours to do her some more. When he wakes up in the morning, he realizes that he needs to redress her and return her to the big fir tree in the forest where he found her. Poor young thing died of exposure, but Rex saved her from the cold, made an honest woman out of her, made her stay pretty, and brought her back in her hiking clothes, looking the same as when he found her. They will never know the love we shared!

Kiki is adorable, sweet, and really great at playing dead! Look for more from her coming soon to CHRIS' CORNER and TABOO CINEMA! CB

Run Time: 35:00 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .WMV
    13 minutes
Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy


After drugging, fondling, photographing, and strangling the flighty redheaded model to death, the photographer takes his time with his freshly dead corpse. He slowly checks out her neck and the stocking still tied to her long, slender neckline. He starts slowly checking out her large and perfect breasts with his fingers, rubbing and pinching the still erect nipples. He grabs them one at a time then together. He wants more so he moves around the sofa to get a frontal view. He kneels down and plays with the huge mounds more, then licks and sucks them both thoroughly. He sticks his face in between them and rubs them all over his face and head. He pulls the dead girl up to him and undoes his pants, he takes her feet up over his shoulders one at a time and then grabs the pair of pink high heeled pumps from her bag. He puts the shoes over her toes so they dangle and smells her sexy feet and shoes. He is infatuated with her feet and worships them in his face and mouth. He starts to fuck her and gains his rhythm banging her so her big tits jiggle to and fro. He goes deep, then flips her over to check out her ass and her soles, sizing her up for a bit of doggy style. Her soles are perfect and her ass is spectacular. He fucks her burying her head in the sofa. He fucks her doggy for a bit slamming her ass hard as he fucks her. He then flips her back over, now really interested in the feet for the rest. He gets her ready for some foot loving as he wrestles her dead body on the couch rag dolling her and posing her in a sexy death pose so he can cum. He gets her feet up on the arm of the sofa and sniffs her soles and her painted toes. The deep red is his favorite and it shows. His mouth is open and he is panting, licking his chops for the feet. He once again dangles the pink pumps from her feet and then lets them drop, reposing them on the feet, then standing up to mount her feet he gets rid of the heels and fucks her bare feet until he cums all over them, shooting his cum on her toes so the paint on them sparkles. He lets her have it all on her feet and when it subsides, and after rubbing his dick all over the feet, he slowly exits to get cleaned up. Body pans follow as the sexy, dead, and posed redhead model lays feet up on the sofa arm, covered in cum. After viewing her sexy dead body and face, feet, eyes, tongue, and breasts, he comes back in and grabs the envelope with the check and tears it up and of course has something smart to say. A couple more views follow with the ripped up check on her breasts.

Ryanne is so hot, even as crappy as I feel she still gets me going. Not many like her. Lot's of customs coming up with her in the coming months. Thanks. Chris

Run Time: 13:45 minutes
File Size: 290 MB 	Format: .MP4
     SUICIDE SUITEBelly Stab
    19 minutes
      SUICIDE SUITEBelly Stab - SUICIDE SUITE(Belly Stab)

Starring: Samantha


What a bummer, being so young and pretty with so much life a head of you, then you find out that you are terminally ill. This young lady found this out a couple weeks ago and has come to grips with death. She checks in to the suicide ranch, “Final Journey”, and gets settled in. After a nice consultation, spa, final meal, and a smoke, she decides its time. She heads to her “Light Room Suite”, a small economical room, fitted with clean sheets, flowers, and a nice surgical steel dagger, to do her final bidding, and die in orgasm, happy and content.


She slowly looks around, seeing the sun peak through the windows, and the flowers in the vase, after a moment she stands up and unzips her sweater revealing her perfect body in a lovely red pair of stockings, as well as garters, a bra, long opera gloves, and heels. She applies some lip-gloss so she looks her best as she goes out! She sits down, picks up the sharp dagger and runs it over her body several times to get her in the mood for death, her final fantasy to take her own life with a dagger, while having a great orgasm.


She stands up, positions the knife, and takes the plunge, groaning with sharp pain to the gut, she doubles over a bit but then stands back up straight to show the trickle of blood leaking from her new gash. She twists the dagger in her belly, trying to increase the level of pain while she pinches her nipples, and runs her fingers through her hair, all the while keeping the dagger in her belly, and twisting her guts inside. After a few minutes of pain and pleasure she goes deeper, and wrenches harder, which makes her lie back on to the bed and then trickles of blood come from her mouth, as a result of puncturing organs, she is too far to turn back, and is turned on.

After a while of twisting the knife in her gut she settles into her orgasm, then dies with a final twitch and gasp. She looks so lovely laying there with blood spilling from her belly, and mouth, dead to the world. We then see lots of views and pans of the suicide lover.


Run Time: 18:50 minutes
File Size: 378 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Stabbing/Throat Slice  A SECRETARYS OBSESSION
    30 minutes
Starring: Steevie as: Heidi The Paralegal
w/ Jake Evans as: Jake Barnes Esquire


Jake Barnes is a high powered defense attorney with a private practice, home after a long week at the office. He sits on his sofa sipping a very expensive bourbon about to switch on the tube and relax when there is a knock at the door. He is a bit hacked and is about to get into some solicitor\'s ass because there are two signs on the way up the path to the door. When he opens the door it is one of his new paralegals Heidi, she is fresh from work and says she has a valuable message he needs to hear right away that could break this case wide open and get his guy Mr. Bronson a mistrial. He invites her in after scolding her for using personal information to find his private bungalow nobody knows about, she comes in excited and wearing a sexy skirt, white blouse, high heels and sheer, nude, pantyhose. She sits on the sofa and he says, \"What is the message?\" After she explains the whole situation, and he asks why it couldn\'t have waited till tomorrow. She put her sexy painted fingernails fingers on his leg and starts to caress him in his jeans. he looks down surprised and tells her he has a girlfriend and is not interested in what she is trying to offer. He explains how his business and personal life have ethics and he can not do it. She reminds him how she sends the cards, the flowers, and gifts to his girlfriend and it would be a shame if she got a bouquet with another woman\'s name accidentally delivered with some dirty panties, \"Thanks for last night.\". She also lets him know again that she is better at signing his name than he is. She tells him her lips are sealed except for putting on his cock. He asks her if she is blackmailing him and she says, \"Well that is how lawyers work don\'t they?\" He nods his head in a \"touche\'\" defeat, and says, \"okay let\'s do it, get started now\" in hopes she would get cold feet and leave. She leans into him and kisses him and it begins. She kneels down and grabs his cock and sucks his cock so good he almost is questioning why he hasn\'t fucked her yet, but he lays back and takes it like a man, thinking he can escape with just a nice BJ.. He strokes her hair and feels her up as she kneels before him, her ass in the air and open strap heels moving around with the pantyhose, visible, which she knows turns him on. After she blows him for a long time he says sorry he has no protection, but she is on top of it and whips some condoms out of her clutch, also a pair of pantyhose falls out and it gives him an idea. He decides to fuck her telling her to suck him some more to get really hard and he will go in. She does just that. he then picks her up and throws her on the sofa, ripping the crotch of her pantyhose to have a way into her sweet pussy.  he is really turned on and goes into her. She bucks and heaves as he fills her up. She moans and meets him half way as he slams her hard. he lifts her legs up one at a time, removing the heel slowly to hear and see it slide off of the foot, then he grabs her hosed feet with red painted and manicured toes, sniffing them and she pushes them in his face making him so turned on he pumps her harder and she screams in pleasure, telling him the words he loves to hear, fuck me, fuck me! He flips her over and starts to fuck her doggy style over the couch cushion. He pulls her hair to see her sexy face and neck as he rams her from behind. He is so turned on he grabs the spare hose from off the floor, grabbing one side, one leg, and thinning it out with a wrap over his fists. His eyes go wide in disgust, knowing she just tried to blackmail him for no reason but to have a lawyer for a husband, power, money and fame. He knows you have to earn that with respect, not fuckery. A she moans and screams Fuck Me Fuck Me he makes a loop crossing his arms and loops it, quickly snaring her neck and getting a good bite with the pantyhose on her neck.He pulls back like the reins of a carriage, the long hose stretching way out above her neck leaving it to be seen. He strangles her so hard so fast she almost passes out from the lack of any air, and her neck is white on bottom and beet red on top from the blood being trapped in her head. Her eyes are wide and bloodshot and she is a fighter. She goes so hard trying to ree herself but he is still inside her fucking her hard from behind and pulling on the hoes very tight. She claws at her neck and fights to get away but he fucks her harder as he strangles her. The hosiery digging so hard into her elongated neck, the muscles and tendons showing off. He whips her around, freeing himself from her since he blew his load as he was strangling her in the first minute in his rage and passion, and the smell of the pantyhose in the room. He has her head at the armrest of the couch and pulls back from the end of the couch so he can see her panty hosed feet and neck as he kills her with the strangle. She kicks and rolls bucking and heaving trying to get away, turning red, the blue eyes wide and the whites bloodshot from the bursting capillaries. As he pulls harder she bucks showing her pussy used by his cock, spread, pink, and wet from his sex. Her hose ripped in the crotch but intact on her sexy legs and feet. He  finishes her off with a groan, pulling so hard she shudders and then goes still, bouncing back with a third wind, then slowly dying, eyes wide, toes and feet out to see the hose. He checks her out, pulling off the hose from her neck leaving a red welt and line from the thin hosiery. He throws her around to face him on the couch and plays with her, using her hand to stimulate himself again, making her dead hand fondle his balls and cock. He goes to face her and fucks her dead body slamming her so hard and fast he cums after a minute, so turned on by her panty hosed feet which he is taking time to love. After he finishes he straightens up the room, grabbing her heels clothing and the murder weapon in a pile to dispose of. He straightens out the rug and let\'s her know he thought she would be a keeper but it is so hard to find good help these days. he leaves after posing her on the couch so he can see the sunlight in her blue, dead, eyes. Her sexy death stare and body in pantyhose are panned and viewed from many angles. What a sexy obsessed secretary!

OH MY GOD! Steevie is hotter than ever and is so sexy in this. The BJ scene is one of the best I have ever seen....I\'m still tired from CB

Run Time: 29:29 minutes
File Size: 700 MB 	Format: .MP4
    5 minutes
Starring: Belle w/ Gun Arm

IN 1920 X 1080 FULL HD

Belle is at home on her bed brushing her long, beautiful hair, in a cute sexy little dress top, and Italian high heel stilettos, sitting side saddle in the bed. Her man walks in and tells her how lovely her hair is. She is sweet and sexy with her smile when she thanks him, and then tells him she is tired of it and is going to cut it. Her man says "no!" and forbids it. She smirks and scoffs at the idea that someone can tell her what to do with her hair and when to cut it. She tells him, "You can't stop me!" He is adamant about not cutting her hair and pulls out a silenced pistol and says, "Yes I can!" Thweep! She takes a bullet to the heart and is thrown back, her hair flipping back as she dies sexily in her Italian high heel stilettos and sexy nighty dress. After being flung on to the bed, she arches her back and says to him, "You can caress my long hair as I die beautifully". She relaxes and closes her eyes, dead. Her sexy body twitches a couple of times and then still. Her sexy legs and feet in the heels, perfect skin and luscious lips. Her body is panned and viewed, dead, classy, and beautiful.

This series is so very cool and I really appreciate and love what Cal has done with each script in details of clothing, etc. Belle also co-directed this series and is by far the best at this stuff, period! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 5:00 minutes
File Size: 175 MB 	Format: .MP4
    23 minutes
Starring: Sinn Sage w/ Drake

FULL 1920X1080 HD

A young woman who is in the witness protection program is heading to a safe house before she is a key witness in a mafia boss trial. The private cop who unloads her cuffed, from the van is not even remotely interested in her flirting or advances. He brings her in the house and pushes her to the couch. She is pretty salty about having to testify, but if she doesn't she will go away for a long time. She starts by acting like a brat, asking for things she is not allowed to have and writhing in her cuffs, pouting. He tells her he is not interested in her or her advances. He clues her in to the reality that the detective that was supposed to be guarding her is in a dumpster. As he tells her he puts on skin tight black rubber gloves. He tells her that he is here to enjoy what he does for a living which is a killer. She goes for broke and offers herself sexually, even saying she will suck his dick so good he will never know a better BJ. He says he is not interested and chokes her, letting her feel some pain and know he is serious. The hired assassin plays into it a bit, and lets her up as she continues to talk sexy to him. "You like it rough huh? I can take it rough"  He takes the cuffs off and tells her she can do one thing for him, maybe a strip tease. She says she can do that and anything else he wants. He tosses her against the door and chokes her again, telling her to dance and no funny stuff or he will blow her jaw off. She works it, stripping and dancing, giving him dirty sexy looks. He pulls out his Glock and starts to play with her as she is finishing stripping. He uses the gun on her tits, and on her pussy burying the nose of the gun into her snatch. He gets her thinking she will be fine and seduce him but as she is almost fully undressed, and her slacks are down to the boots panties down, he pops her in the belly right between the button hole and the mound. She looks up in shock, wondering why as she slides down the door and blood leaks from her belly. She is in shock and goes down to the floor, smearing blood on the wall from her hand that was clutching the belly wound. She looks at her wound again, squirming on the floor and as she looks up to him to ask for help and a hospital, he points his Glock at her breast and goes pop hitting her in the heart and blood pours from the wound. She flounders around kicking her black Knee High boots. He feels her up as she slowly expires from the mortal heart shot. When she is dead and he is ready, he scoops her up and carries her to the sofa. He feels her up and removes her slacks, leaving the boots on her feet. He inspects her sexy body and legs in the boots. He lifts her legs to see the curve of her perfect ass, then squeezes her tits. He plays with her limbs and fingers her pussy, slowly checking out her still warm body. He spreads her pussy lips to see what he is getting into ready to fuck her and his phone rings. It is the boss and he needs him on another job fast. He is instructed to leave the scene and let the cleaners to come to finish. Money is money so he says "yes sir" and hangs up. He takes off, leaving his gloves on until her gets out the door. Her body is panned and viewed from many angles, close and wide.

Sinn Sage is a sexy gal. She is hot! This is a great acting and shooting vid.

Run Time: 22:20 minutes
File Size: 400 MB 	Format: .MP4

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