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    21 minutes


Starring: Belle Fatale as AMAZON TWINS w/ Jiggery as: THE BROTHERHOOD

Written by: TS SOLSTICE(amfight)

The eternal battle of warriors: The New Amazons vs The Brotherhood. The amazons are very sensual and hot blooded women. They focus on lust and blood. They live (and die) only for this. Members of the Brotherhood appear cold, but they can´t hide that they are attracted to them. The amazons have a deep desire of death in them and some actually WANT to be killed in a fight to the death and please their killer with a very sexy death. They may not know it, but it´s in their soul. That´s why The Brotherhood has an advantage sometimes.

Belle talks to her twin sister on the phone that their location was spotted by an assassin of The Brotherhood and to be prepared. The twin undresses for battle, she can´t wait to fight the assassin. As she senses his presence, she gets a pistol and shoots, but gets immediately shot in her bellybutton and dies an agonizing death.

Belle, who is spiritually related to her twin, experiences her fate, too. She gets more and more aroused as the assassin enters her room. At first it looks like her magic powers can save her, but in the end she gets up stabbed in the bellybutton and dies and even more outrageous death as her twin sister. The assassin is very pleased with her death struggle and the Brotherhood can detract two amazon warriors off their list.

Written by TS Solstice (Amfight), Belle gives the performance of her life as two wild amazon sisters who experience her ultimate sweaty, bloody demise. A MUST for all lovers of amazon warriors and bellybuttons!

Run Time: 21:13 minutes
File Size: 488 MB 	Format: .MP4
    43 minutes

Starring: Belle w/ Alexander & J. Wood

A television reporter has a few informants on her side, and she is holding out for the big story to expose a militant group that trades weapons, and is involved with major organized crime in the city. The reporter thinks she is home free and comes to her hotel room where she is in hiding. The two men that are in charge of alleviating these types of problems are waiting outside her place plotting their plans. They break into her room, set up and hide to surprise her and get some answers. When she arrives she settles in, then calls her editor, explaining how she is ready to finalize the story, and when she hangs up and goes to the table, the two men surface and grab her. The boss asks her who her informant is, she says she does not know so he punches her in the gut. The woman is stunned and cries "please no"! The man asks again while his partner, known as "The Ass Man", holds and taunts her. The boss grabs his tazer and zaps her for a few seconds, making her body jerk and heave. He asks her again, but she does not supply anything so he knocks her out with the tazer.

The two men take her to their room and tie her up to the top of the pantry door, hands above her head. They ask again, removing the black sack from her head, covering her from knowing the location. The two men beat her, tazer her body and then rip her dress off. They fuck with her while she cries that she knows nothing. The boss grabs a couple beers from the fridge, they enjoy them while she squirms and cries. The Ass Man puts a bottle to her pussy and fucks her with it as she begs to please stop. She can't fight because her hands are duct taped together. After she still will not give up her source, they take her to the bedroom, fucking her face till she gags and spits up drool and fluids. Both men force her to suck them off, then the "Ass Man" takes over. he fingers her from behind then rapes her vagina from behind. She cries in terror as the large cocked man fucks her hard. Then he pulls it out, fingers her ass then takes her anally, very rough from behind. Then he flips her over, screwing her ass from the front as he looks in her eyes. Then he pulls out grabs her hair and serves her up a large facial, cumming all over her, then re entering her mouth for a swabbing. He throws her to the carpet as the boss takes over, he too fucks her face and then cums in her mouth deep throat, after he finishes, he throws her to the side and goes to grab the rope. He puts the rope around her neck, keeping her upright so the Ass Man can finger fuck her while she is strangled hard; drooling, gagging, choking, gasping, and bucking her hips and trying to claw at the garrote. She fights hard twisting, eyes bulging as the rope digs into her neck. After she fights for a while she slows, then twitches till she is still, dead, eyes ope, tongue out. The two men discard her and go to the fridge for the rest of the beers. We are left to pan and view her dead corpse.

Run Time: 42:15 minutes
File Size: 650 MB 	Format: .WMV
    17 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale as: Detective Martin and Freya as Spider Woman

A long list of missing persons from this area has detective Erica Martin coming the specific region where the disappearances have all occurred. She is alone, only her service weapon, a radio, and dressed in heels and skirt, with a button down top, not really the best attire for traipsing through the woods looking for a killer, who leaves no trace of the victims. As she moves tactically through the woods, down an old service road, Erica encounters all kinds of bugs and webs, one thing she really does not like is spiders, and spider webs. Ironically enough, moving behind her without a trace, A Spider Woman, moving quickly like a shadow through the woods from tree to tree without a noise. Erica is freaked out by all the bugs but keeps her composure. The spider playfully grabs a stick from the ground, snapping it loudly so it startles the Detective, and she spins around pointing her gun. The spider loves to have fun with her prey before ever feasting on her. There is a process, and to feed on this woman's juices and fluids, she must get her ripe and ready. Part of that process is the chase and the on set of fear and adrenaline pumping through her veins increasing the blood flow. The spider moves again, and Erica makes a call on the radio, sounding confident, but also mentioning there are a shit ton of bugs and it is creeping her out. After she tells HQ she needs NO Backup, the spider licks her chops and spills copious amounts of saliva readying her mouth for the feats of blood, cum, and plasma. She breaks another stick startling Erica who spins around and sees something out the corner of her eye. She is freaked out but keeps her stance, the Spider advances and breakneck speed and is upon her, shredding the detective's top with one swipe of her sharp claws, and disappearing into the brush, only to reappear and do the same thing to her bottoms skirt, and biting her on the ass twice, sinking her fangs and getting the first dose of venom in the detective's body, then vanishing into thin air. Erica trips staggers and falls face first in the dirt, writhing in pain from the bites. She moves around in agony, then quickly jumps up with blurred vision from the toxic venom that renders the victims helpless, but still fully aware, awake, and with enhanced physical feelings. As Eric spins around firing of her pistol at thin air, the spider makes herself seen and the Detective starts to back up pointing the gun but not being able to fire for some reason, the toxins are in full effect. She keeps backing up and the spider taunts as Erica backs straight into the web, immediately being entangled in the web and flailing freaking out as the spider laughs and taunts Erica. As she gets caught even more into the web trying furiously to escape but just making it worse every time she tries to break free. The spider knows this is part of the process and it is time to stimulate the body to bring forth the juices. She moves around to her back behind the web, reaching through and twisting and pulling on the detective's nipples to get the blood flowing. The spider moves around and takes a big bite into Erica's breasts, immediately the detective moans in pain and pleasure, sounding like she is having sex, slowly getting more and more into it as the spider sucks her breast, then massaging the nipples with her bloody tongue, almost vampire in nature. Erica moans in pleasure and pain as the venom takes effect more so in her sexual organs. She starts to buck and heave, moving around and breathing heavily as the spider has her way with her. She bites her breasts again and sucks them hard, leaving bite marks and tons of blood and plasma leaking out. After she sucks the breasts and the Detective is in full swing of her first assignment as a feast for a spider, and definitely her last. She asks the Spider, "what are you and what do you want from me?" "You are my food, and I am preparing you for my feast." the spider relied with a chuckle, then returned to her, but this time she was focusing on her panties, then removing them with a shred of her sharp claws. She starts to touch and massage her clit, stimulating the pussy to make the blood and juices taste best. She flicks her tong, biting the detective's pussy, blood and cum start to leak out as she is going full bore on her pussy. Erica is in convulsions orgasming and going into shock at the same time, her eyes rolling back in her head as the spider drains her body of its juices. She is relentlessly sucking and getting as much as she can, Erica is fading quickly and starts to buck and shake hard, then dies, but the spider keeps going and revives her for one last orgasm and final spurt of blood and juices to take in for her feast. As Erica's body revives, her eyes stay wide, but her body shakes and orgasms hard as the spider drains her of everything she desires, the cream of the crop. The Spider pulls back checking her work and laughing maniacally, removing the shell of a woman left on the web. The detective is limp and drained, and falls to the ground as she is released from the web. The Spider will continue to take what it needs over the next few hours and days, so she rolls the body over and drags her off into the woods to her pile of bones and hair.

HOLY MOLY! THE ACTING IS SO WELL DONE! You already kno0w Belle but she is on some times 100 stuff in this wow! Crazy good and so well worth it. I spent over 30 hours editing this with the 3 camera set up and f/x. Wow! This is what sets us apart. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 17:00 minutes
File Size: 795 MB 	Format: .MP4
    13 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy


After drugging, fondling, photographing, and strangling the flighty redheaded model to death, the photographer takes his time with his freshly dead corpse. He slowly checks out her neck and the stocking still tied to her long, slender neckline. He starts slowly checking out her large and perfect breasts with his fingers, rubbing and pinching the still erect nipples. He grabs them one at a time then together. He wants more so he moves around the sofa to get a frontal view. He kneels down and plays with the huge mounds more, then licks and sucks them both thoroughly. He sticks his face in between them and rubs them all over his face and head. He pulls the dead girl up to him and undoes his pants, he takes her feet up over his shoulders one at a time and then grabs the pair of pink high heeled pumps from her bag. He puts the shoes over her toes so they dangle and smells her sexy feet and shoes. He is infatuated with her feet and worships them in his face and mouth. He starts to fuck her and gains his rhythm banging her so her big tits jiggle to and fro. He goes deep, then flips her over to check out her ass and her soles, sizing her up for a bit of doggy style. Her soles are perfect and her ass is spectacular. He fucks her burying her head in the sofa. He fucks her doggy for a bit slamming her ass hard as he fucks her. He then flips her back over, now really interested in the feet for the rest. He gets her ready for some foot loving as he wrestles her dead body on the couch rag dolling her and posing her in a sexy death pose so he can cum. He gets her feet up on the arm of the sofa and sniffs her soles and her painted toes. The deep red is his favorite and it shows. His mouth is open and he is panting, licking his chops for the feet. He once again dangles the pink pumps from her feet and then lets them drop, reposing them on the feet, then standing up to mount her feet he gets rid of the heels and fucks her bare feet until he cums all over them, shooting his cum on her toes so the paint on them sparkles. He lets her have it all on her feet and when it subsides, and after rubbing his dick all over the feet, he slowly exits to get cleaned up. Body pans follow as the sexy, dead, and posed redhead model lays feet up on the sofa arm, covered in cum. After viewing her sexy dead body and face, feet, eyes, tongue, and breasts, he comes back in and grabs the envelope with the check and tears it up and of course has something smart to say. A couple more views follow with the ripped up check on her breasts.

Ryanne is so hot, even as crappy as I feel she still gets me going. Not many like her. Lot's of customs coming up with her in the coming months. Thanks. Chris

Run Time: 13:45 minutes
File Size: 290 MB 	Format: .MP4
    20 minutes

Starring: KIKI w/ Rex

Agents Jack and Kiki are on a long haul stakeout. Two weeks have gone by for these partners of six years, and the tension is building. When Jack takes a Bathroom break, Kiki looks at the house across the way, stretching her legs a bit. When Jack comes back from the bathroom he tries to put the moves on Kiki, who is disgusted by his behavior and tells him she will report to the director. The director calls, she wants them to clear the house and check for some movement reported by a neighbor. Kiki is upset because his distraction let the criminals in without notice. She moves quickly towards the target. She comes through the door first and no one is there, only a cell phone on a table. She checks to see if it is rigged, or boobie trapped. Jack comes in nervous, she says lets scroll through and call some of his contacts, she calls the number last dialed and Jacks phone rings. She looks perplexed but realizes Jack has been the one all along and she has a gun pulled on her. Before she can reach for her piece Jack puts one in her right breast, it hits her hard with the .40 caliber issue, and as she comes towards the one to the right shoulder knocks her back to the wall. He pops her again as she tries to lunge towards the table, and she comes towards him, asking why he did this to his partner and the Agency. She asks him to call medical but he pops her in the belly close range. She falls back onto the floor showing her panties up skirt. After getting up then taking one to the left breast, she falls to the floor coughing blood and wheezing, grunting from the sharp pain and agony of the hot lead. Jack kneels to her side, watching her sexy movements, waiting for the right moment to hoist her up to the table. He gets her up and starts to get her panties off to fuck her right as she dies. He tells her what an "Ice queen" she has been and she should have just agreed to the sex before she found out. Her twitching, convulsing and erotic death throw him overboard and he must have sex with her corpse. He screws the sexy fresh agent, clothed, from many angles, then he pops her buttondown shirt open to see the magnificent breasts she has been hiding from him all the years. He screws her again topless, finishes and heads out of the room with her body draped over the table, legs hanging down. What a cold ass bitch, but she is a beauty. He exits and her body is viewed from many angles in her sexy bloody death.

Run Time: 19:30 minutes
File Size: 289 MB 	Format: .WMV
    23 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale, Ryanne(SHAVED), Lexxi
w/ Chris B.

Three absolutely gorgeous professional young women lounge around in their button down dress shirts, nude on the rest of their bodies, and completely shaved and clean pussies. They talk about the projects they have going on and decide their plans for the evening. One has a deposition early in the morning so she takes a nap, the other has a case study she is prepping so she studies her emails and reads, and the other has a big deal to close downtown, trying to lure the others for drinks, but the two want to stay and be good. The redhead takes a nap on the sofa while Belle heads to the bathroom to blow dry and do makeup, while Lexxi sits in the chair and studies. Behind her the door creaks open and a man comes through the door with a black stocking wound around his hands, he loops it over Lexxi's head and pulls back hard. She fights him and claws at the tight stocking cutting off her air. He keeps her at bay using all his might to pin her to the chair with the stocking around her neck. She straightens out her legs and bucks her hips, pointing her toes, looking at her killer to try to see who it is, but it is a random crazed man who just wants to kill her and get to the redhead he is obsessed with. She claws at his arms and the stocking but he is too much for her and after a long bout she is finished and her tongue tries, eyes go vary wide then relax. He lets the stocking go and grabs another from his back pocket, slowly moving toward the redhead. He studies her and caresses her with the back of his hand as she sleeps, and she stirs a bit asking Lexxi to give her a few more minutes to sleep. All of the sudden Belle comes out of the bathroom trying to convince them to go with her one more time, the killer hides and crouches so she doesn't see him. He lunges at her using his stocking to pull her back, she grabs his arms coming off the ground a few feet into the air and kicking, kicking hard. She kicks and is making too much noise. He wants his way with the redhead and so he drags her by the stocking to the middle of the room so she doesn't wake the redhead. He strangles her hard and she bucks up and down smashing his pelvis and balls. He is getting irritated with her making too much noise grasping and clawing at her neck and bucking trying to fight her way out. The crazed killer puts his one hand with the lace top of the stocking over her mouth as he continues to strangle her. She claws and tries to reach out for her friend but is barely too far away. She bites at his palm as he tries to quiet her down so he snaps her neck like a dry branch and she dies instantly, eyes wide open tumbling to the floor like a mass of flesh that has just expired. The redhead is stirring buts till barely asleep. He gets up rolling the dead sexy woman off of him, he moves towards the redhead, finally alone with her. He caresses her face and touches her thigh, knowing he is about to see her go all out. He grabs another stocking from his back pocket, stretching it out and holding it to her neck, he gets it fashioned. He gets it crossed and wrapped in his hands as she wakes and figures out what is going on. Her eyes go wide in terror as she goes absolutely bonkers trying to get free from him but he pulls so hard he lifts her from the sofa. He strangles her hard as she bucks her bare pussy towards the ceiling. She tries to claw him but can't get free but she elbows him square in the balls right at the perfect spot and he lets go of the stocking with a grunt. She tries to get away crawling fast scurrying towards the door but he grabs her leg and pulls her back towards him, the stocking still tied around her neck so he gets over her and pulls, then leaps over the sofa using his feet as chocks to pull back, using his body as leverage. The air is cut off from her and she goes wild thrusting he bare shaved pussy towards the sky, bucking her sexy hips and her huge, breasts bouncing and jiggling as she tries to grasp at the stocking digging into her sexy long neck. The harder he pulls, the weaker she gets and eventually he is way too much for her. The crazed man finishes her off as he pulls extra hard, her beet red face and bloodshot eyes are wide in despair, then to nothing. He lets go and rubs his sore hands, moving around to see her in the flesh, looking at her sexy shaved mound and sexy breasts. He feels her up and raises her legs to check her feet, and sexy red painted toes. He looks over at the other sexy broads, lifting up Belle by her pelvis and setting her on the sofa next to the sexy redhead. He checks her out, looking at her feet and then checking out her pussy and caressing her face and hair. He goes to Lexxi and picks her up in a cradle carry. He carries her around for a few moments then sets her on the other side of the redhead, caressing her pussy and checking her sexy breasts. He spends some time checking their feet, then opening their mouths so their death stares are similar. He looks at their all shaven pussies and the fact they are wearing button down dress shirts and nothing else, Belle does have a skirt but it is hiked up. He touches them again then exits out the door, leaving them there to be discovered, hopefully soon. The killer got what he wanted and is complete, until the urge strikes again for a professional round of strangles.

WOW this is history! Ryanne has never shaved in her life until now and we have exclusive first dibs. Get it while you can! She looks so sexy too, not to mention these two sexy stars she is working with, talk about pros! I am lucky to work with all of these sexy stars. Chris

Run Time: 22:30 minutes
File Size: 420 MB 	Format: .MP4
    36 minutes

Starring: Treasure w/ Johnny Wood

Finally the parents let Treasure stay at home while they go to a dental convention in Toronto. She is excited, talking to her friend, telling her she can't come over, this is the first time and she wants to behave..She already spent most of the money they left her but has just enough to get some Pizza Delivered. When the delivery guy gets there he is clean cut and smiling, she invites him in and thanks him for delivering to the back door, she has no idea that today she will also be getting it in her virgin back door! She accidentally drops her wallet and when she bends over to grab it, the pizza guy grabs her cunt, and ass, she turns and tries to slap him but he blocks her and punches her in the stomach. He punches her in the gut again, but harder, knocking her to the floor, he grabs her hair and says that she better just go with it or she is going to die. She is scared, and as he pins her to the floor he starts to finger her roughly, she struggles, then gets free, she runs, but he grabs her by her legs and pulls her hard to the floor. The man is rough with her slapping her and punching her, he also wants her to know that he is not fucking around..He slaps her again before he rips her shirt all the way open, exposing her huge titties, then twists, abuses, and has her way with them. He wants more, so he goes to the kitchen rifling through the drawers for something to bind her, Gaffers tape is the best option so he takes her to the floor, rips the rest of the shirt off and tapes her arms behind her back with great force. She is crying but his knee is in her neck holding her to the floor so she cant do a thing. He picks her up by the hands and hair, and sticks his dick in her face, she objects so he forces her with a sharp knife to suck, lick the shaft, and balls, of his cock..He gags and chokes her while he mouth fucks her hard. He gets bored and wants more so he grabs her up and throws her on her mattress on the floor. He jumps on her and forces his cock into her pussy, raping her over and over while she begs him to stop.. he does her every which way, then he tells her she is going to have a rough day, and is going to pay with her ass, he fingers her ass, then rapes her ass with his huge dick. She screams and pleads for him to stop, he is too big, and her ass hurts. He fucks her harder in the ass and does for a while, then he heads over to the kitchen to grab some cash before he leaves..He sees she only has $14 and change, it makes him so mad, so he grabs a rope in the drawers and heads to her room, where she lies in the fetal position, in pain and disgust.

he comes back to the room very upset and grabs her again and forces her to give him oral, sucking and licking the balls and shaft till he cums all over her face and eye. H then grabs the rope and says they are not finished, he is in a rage and strangles her hard, in many different positions around the room, upright, on the floor, the couch, and the bed. He strangles her so hard, she fights, gags, drools, and chokes more from the tight rope around her neck. She kicks, and grabs for the rope, twitching and gasping, eyes wide open, tongue fishing for air. He fights her hard and wins, after she is dead he removes the rope, showing the amount of friction and tightness around her neck. He then moves her around, carrying and positioning her for the body pans...Long pans and different views of the poor dead girl, as he leaves he calls his boss and tells him they were shorted and someone didn't answer at the house...

    17 minutes

Director's Cut
Starring: Andi, Melody, Feather
 Belle Fatale, Bree, Dani V., Fallon, London, Starli, Treasure, Zoey

W/ Johnny Wood and Adrian

As I thumb through my classics I am re editing/re mastering old material. With 4 years of added experience and vision, this is a gem. Corrected color, all new soundtrack and edit. Never seen angles, footage, and less cuts, more butts, bullets, and brawling with guns. Spending 12 hours on a reedit is so worth it.

This is a straight out turf war and times are tough in the hood right now. Belle's gang which used to run things have been overtaken by a much smaller, more devious faction, and Dani Valentine runs the show. She is a rogue that survived the last war and split off from the main group together her own minions and run the crime in the borough.  Belle gathers the troops, having them meet at the hideout dressed to kill, and ready for action. She gives the girls a little pep talk before sending them down to meet their fate, or at least knock them down a bit till reinforcements arrive. She gets volunteers and sends them down across the way to the building adjacent. In the Boiler room, Dani, Bree, and Starli, the three aces left over from the West side connection click. They are around because they are the best, and have great cover. Even though they are out gunned, and outnumbered they feel confident that they will prevail. Unfortunately no woman will be left standing when the smoke clears. First treasure and Zoey bum rush the boiler room, but the cover is too good and Zoey catches a hot slug in her button hole, she grunts out in pain flying back by weight of the slug. Then Treasure comes running but Dani scoops her up and puts a lead nugget it her side boob, point blank. Two gals are on the ground grunting and moaning in terror from the pain of the wounds. Two more gals creep down the steps through the mangle of piping and conduit, only to see their sisters on the ground gagging and grunting from hot lead. Mandy runs in yelling "Zoey" and takes two slugs to the chest and stomach, hitting the door and sliding down, but she manages to get one good shot off to wound Dani V. in the tit, then bucks and heaves giving a sexy death, in her thigh highs. Feather comes in and catches a hot one in the back and it goes though her and she falls face first into Mandy's legs. Starli runs to grab her gun and turns her over to see if she has expired, but she gurgles and goes quick. Just then they hear the stomps of the troops, the rest of the girls are coming, guns blazing. Fallon runs in first, diverting to the cover, getting off a round that misses, but covers the others. Andi runs in and hits Dani with two more slugs, and Dani returns the favor. Both women fall to the floor and die courageously. Bree has had the best spot but sees that Fallon has a bead on Starli, who just shot Fallon in the belly button, but it is too late Fallon puts the mark between the lovely eyes of Starli, she slides down the wall and is immediately wide eyed and dead. Her gun slouches to the floor with a crack. Bree runs toward her popping Fallon in the side boob, which hits her heart, Fallon twitches and groans on her way out. Bree now raises up and delivers the final shot to London's throat, she goes down bleeding and gurgling. Her eyes go wide and her hips buck as she does a lovely death scene. Bree stands alone yelling, "Where is your boss, where are your friends now"? Just then Belle shows up, looking disgusted, but tries to compromise saying they should slit the loot, everyone's stuff and call it good, but Bree is not cool with that. They both fire, shooting each other multiple times, the both die as the two Detectives arrive. Thor says, "Looks like we are too late, well might as well search them and pile them, you know how the Captain loves his body piles.

They strip their tops exposing their wounds and breasts, while gathering up all the weapons. After they are all piled, they are viewed and panned, with individual montage of each girl too. Enjoy! We had fun and this has action and lots of movement! Thanks CB

Run Time: 17:20 minutes
File Size: 395 MB 	Format: .MP4
    5 minutes

Starring: Lexxi w/ Rob

This is what happens in the SEX AND MURDER LEAGUE when you don't get strangled! Lexxi is the last Queen and gets her throat sliced and bleeds out on the dropcloth. Great dying and body views! enjoy! Chris

Run Time: 5:00 minutes
File Size: 69 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Stabbing/Throat Slice  ESCAPE FROM NINJA HOUSE
    19 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne Redd, Ryanne Purple, and Freya
w/ Jigsy as "mild mannered hiker"

**FULL 1920 X 1080 HD**

Focus on: Henchwomen, Martial Arts, Hand to Hand Combat, Ninja Clones, Shooting/Postmortem undressing and handling, and face down deaths(only some) We did Blood FX on the last round of kills. Same crowd as Operation Empty Quiver

The fight scenes are reminiscent of old Kung Fu films. 

This was supposed to be a group project but ended up just being one customer and myself footing the bill leaving us with limited budget and space, time and props. I am so proud of cast, crew, and the actor for making this way bigger and better than I could imagine with these limitations. Imagine this type of scenario with 10 or 12 gals in a large open setting with different actors. Jussayin Anti up!


A mild mannered young man is making his way to his grandfather's house to visit and care for him in his old age. He decides to take a short cut through someone's property. As he steps over the fence he is engaged by two ninja Henchowmen on patrol who tell him he will be detailed. He is very kind and gentle but this man has been taught by his grandfather to defend himself and take action if needed. He tells them he needs to go and he is sorry. They look at each other and get in stance to fight. He uses his walking stick to block them and when he feels cornered, he returns blows with his stick, almost effortlessly knocking the henchwomen out. After the second one is knocked down the one ninja left calls out intruder, and then droves of ninjas come to fight and the young man defends himself with very little motion, blocking most of what they throw at him or kick at him, then knocking them down with a stick. He just wants to make it out because his grandpa needs him. After several battles with many ninjas he finally knocks them all out and kills some with blows to the head and to the heart with his staff. He tries to use his phone but there is no service due to a scrambler the henchwomen have at their compound. He leaves to his grandpas house, but drops his phone in haste, not wanting to fight any longer. When he gets to grandpas, he has been captured. The Ninja's call him on his phone and let him know they have his grandpa. He is not happy and makes his way to their place. The ninjas are now armed with machine guns and pistols, pacing all over the outside and inside of the compound. One is pacing back and forth in the main room armed with a mac11, she doesn't notice the man sneaking up behind her, setting his staff against the wall because he is meaning business now and this is death, not defense. He stealthily cracks the neck of the buxom ninja and she crumbles over an ottoman on to the floor. He hears the stamping of many ninjas headed his way, and they are not holding hands, but machine guns and pistols. He grabs the mac11 on the floor and takes them out as they come around the corner firing at him, he miraculously never gets shot. The man keeps firing as they keep coming then heads to the other parts of the house to sweep the place of ninjas and find his grandpa. He takes two out in a side room as they fall face first into the pile of boxes and clothing in the junk room. He keeps searching and eventually ends up back in the main room. He hears them coming so he checks the mac, but its empty, so he grabs the revolver on the floor and waits, picking them off as they come into the room with fatal shots, 2 of them to the heart/breast, and 2 of them with fatal shots to the head, killing them fairly instantly, aside from some twitching which is totally sexy. He takes stock checking around for others, but he thinks this is the last patrol, for now so he goes to each of the ninjas and exposes their breasts, rolling them and checking them for any information, or his phone he misplaced. After not finding anything but naked breasts and gun wounds, he places them all in a body pile, next to each other so he can remember their faces, just incase the spawn again and he will recognize the clones anytime.

Body pans are shown throughout for each of the kills, and group kills, the final pans are with f/x and makeup/blood. Like I said before, we did a really stellar job for lack of space, time, budget, and crew, not to mention me having to take many breaks due to being weak and ill. Just shows you what we can do with nothing but talent and the will to be better. CB

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 1300 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Random CHRIS CORNER Clips more
    18 minutes
      SLAUGHTER DIARIES Lexxi - Starring: Lexxi and Tessa

Two good friends from Prep School connect again after a few years, prompting them to write in their diaries about the times when they were young and free, role playing with each other. Both ladies have their favorite blades, and both like to switch seats when it comes to getting their throats sliced erotically. These are Slaughter Diaries.

Lexxi writes in her diary: Done in voice Over

Dear diary,


 "Tonight felt strange working a banquet at the country club, especially since the every chef at the big carving table had this large scimitar, it had to be at least ten to twelve inches, and shimmered through the room, catching my attention. I almost dumped an entire tray of champagne when I saw the edge on the blade. I made my rounds and stopped behind the table so no one was going to notice that I was staring at the knife. I had to go to the closest private bathroom and masturbate. It made me think of my favorite times with my ex dorm mate in college, how we would use the knife on each other in our slaughter role-play. I especially loved to use the knife on Tessa as her neck was extended, and offered herself to me as a ritual slaughter, pushing me to the point of complete ecstasy.

 "We spent so many snow days, and skipped class a multitude of times just to play with each other and live out our fantasies."

  "I often lie in bed at night and close my eyes, dreaming about my fingers touching her elongated neck, and wishing that our fantasy would continue when I opened them. I really do miss Tessa, but her memory lives on in my mind as my perfect animal for slaughter."

As she lays in her be, masturbating, flashing back to the times when she would play with Tessa, and how Tessa would use the straight razor, with the rose wood handle, she took from her grandpa's shaving kit, running it over her neck ever so slightly until Lexxi would burst into orgasm. Prep school had great memories, especially the ones Lexxi writes about in her diary. As she would play dead, she would imagine herself with a thin cut through her neck, with one quick pass of the razor, leaving her speechless, and full of good feelings, then stillness, and eyes wide open in death, the way that Tessa handled her and untied her from the chair, caressing her and handling her with care. They are kindred spirits that share something special in dreamland. It's time for bed and a good feeling that tomorrow is anther day, and another entry in the "Slaughter Diaries". 

This was so much fun. I must warn you be prepared for Lexxi's masturbation scenes, holy mole she is such a ridiculously gorgeous woman. Cop this one!Irma's blood f/x are way better, getting great!  FROM CHINA WITH LOVE
    22 minutes

Starring: Nicole Oring w/Zander, Abe, and SWAT Will

Monica Chen is a spy for the Chinese Government, she has been trying to get some information from the Senator to return to her government. She thinks she has everyone fooled. Not Jack young, he is deep cover CIA and has been tracking her plan for sometime. They have been dating for several years, and working together for many. They have sex as soon as she comes home, then jack gives her a new tight white dress and high heel sandals for a gift. He also knows very soon when US Swat comes through the door, it will be her last pair of shoes, she changes, we see her perfect breasts and ass as she changes, then has jack assist putting on the shoes, then a little foot worship.


He goes to the bathroom, moments later 2 masked gunmen, one with 2 9mms, another with a Mac 11 fully auto. They come in guns blazing and fire away. Monica takes cover and gets several shots off, as she calls for Jack, telling him to get the car ready. When the smoke clears, Monica is left unscathed, with two masked gunmen on the ground. Jack comes through the door, cocking his gun, when she asks if it is him, he lets one fly to her belly, she is shocked but asks if it is him, “Jack, is that you”? He fires twice more, hitting her in her abdomen, she turns the gun over her shoulder and fires into Jacks arm, he falls to the floor. “Cia Jack”? I knew something was fishy. As she goes to point the gun at him, another masked backup swat team member rushes the door bearing another Mac 11, he fires a few bursts, hitting her with several shots in the stomach and chest, she is bleeding bad now and stumbles to the floor, her knees hitting the ground with a thud. She has blood in her lungs so she spits blood landing next to a large glass table, blood splats everywhere.


Monica is hurt bad, Jack tells her that he can call it off, if she gives up the chip with the stolen information on it, she tells him, “over my dead…” He obliges her giving her several more in the chest, as well as a few rounds from jack’s partner, with the machine gun. She is Swiss cheese by now and tells Jack she will never help him. He points the gun between her eyes and says, “Now you can go fuck yourself”, and lets one fly, blood splats all over the clean white wall and as her head slides to the table, it leaves a blood trail.

Long pans of her dead body go on for a good amount of time before the agents make it back 24 hours later, finding that the Chinese Government still has not located the body, or the memory chip. They look around her body, manipulating the hot dead girl and then find a second chip that falls out of the new shoe he purchased for her. His partner asks if he would like to spend a few last minutes with the hot dead Chinese spy, and he says yes, so the two men give it to her, one in the mouth, the other in her pussy. They have their way with her dead body on the glass table, then leave her for more body pans.


Run Time: 23:00 minutes
File Size: 480 MB	Format: .WMV
    24 minutes
Starring: Ashley Lane and Mercy West

Two friends that worked and lived together when they were out of the house and 18 years old, relive the times they had when they used to role play and have sex with each other. The stories about getting caught in the act, and the fun that they have exploring each other is more than just slaughter.

 “Dear Diary,”


“Tonight I’m meeting my friend Mercy, and I am a bit nervous. I used to work with her at the theater in the mall. We haven’t talked in a while and parted ways at a strange time in both of our lives, and it ended a bit abrupt and awkward. I still think about it from time to time because it was a very experimental time, we were both young and single, not knowing who to date, and Mercy trying to find out who she truly was, and her sexuality. That wasn’t our issue at all, quite the contrary, her and I hooked up after work a few times, getting buzzed on wine and ending up rolling in the sheets till dawn. One evening late, she brought out this knife, at first I was kinda worried, but the way she looked at me, I knew everything was going to be okay.”


She told me about her family business, and how they used to provide sacred meat for a large community of people, how her first experiences growing up and finding out she had a particular fetish. When she showed me what it was like, and I felt that sharp steel blade glide across my skin, right to the point of almost cutting me, it would make me cum so hard it would shake our tiny apartment.


One night we were supposed to close the theater down and our manager David, who was super quiet and reserved, said he had to run to the bank and make the deposit, we just looked at each other like, “Okay”. As soon as he left we ducked into a theater and Mercy pulled out her knife, and said, “let’s play”, pulling my arms behind me and kissing me on my neck and face. We were so into it that we couldn’t wait to get home. You could imagine what happened next when our manager walked in the theater and found us, we were oblivious, and told us we were terminated and had to leave.”

Ashley is so turned on and masturbating thinking about playing with Mercy and she shows it, both girls are so sexy and do the best job in these roles. What a treat just to see them cum! CB

Run Time: 23:43 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4
    11 minutes
Starring: Genetica w/ Chris B.

A young woman reads her magazine and sips some tea she brewed from some leaves she found in a jar. As she drinks the tea, she starts to feel strange, getting a tightness in her throat and chest, she drinks more to try and quench the tickle in her throat that is turning into a burning sensation. As she grasps at her throat and then sips more to finish it off, hoping that the systemic reaction will pass, but instead her airway slowly closes and she gags chokes and flails, cup hitting the floor and her body going into seizures flopping from the sofa to the floor after visibly drooling and coughing up fluids. She grasps at her throat and face turns red, and then she goes straight and starts to rattle and die, kicking her feet as her shoes come off and her dirty socks are revealed. She twitches and flops until she is still and wide eyed, mouth open dead. As she lays there dead for a while, in comes her husband who just got off work. He is not ready for what he sees and goes to test her pulse, seeing the cup and the jar on the counter, he knows it is his samples from the rain forest that he was going to experiment with for a new drug, but unfortunately he buried it in the back of the cabinet where she would never look. He caresses her and scoops her up setting her body on the couch. He kisses her and caresses her face, smelling her feet and socks, then pulling her tank top down to see her perfect breasts. He pinches and sucks on them as her plays with her. He stands up and gets her feet over the arm of the sofa, smelling them and sniffing the soles of her dirty white socks. He then rubs the soles through his pants on his cock, which gets him aroused as he does it a few times rubbing them hard against his crotch. After enjoying her feet for a bit he caresses her crotch and sees she was wet thinking about him coming home, but he is quite upset and scoops her up bringing her close to him, smelling and kissing her neck and hair trying to think about how things used to be. He falls asleep with his beautiful dead wife in his arms, dreaming of what to do next... without her.

Great OD and death scene wow she is really great at this. Thanks Genetica! CB

Run Time: 11:30 minutes
File Size: 420 MB 	Format: .MP4
    29 minutes
Written by: Footstrangle

Introducing: Ana Molly as Lt. Reddit and J.D. as Forensics
Starring: Genetica, Kiki, and Lexxi as the Boutique gals
w/ Jigsy and Chris B.
Irma as Reporter Christine Skylar(Voice Over)

This is focusing on dialogue driven scenes with lots of shoe play and of course sheer to toe panyhose, along with specific death scenes where the killer is just a dark figure and not a face with a name. I love the new gal Ana Molly and look forward to more with her coming out very soon, in fact even a spin off kill from this film.

Chapter 2 revisits the horrific murders that occurred in the Belloti home a couple months prior. The detective working the case, Lt. Carol Reddit is at her desk going over crime scene photos of the killings, which are baffling authorities. The accused killer has been found, thinking it was the husband, but once he is in custody, the same type of scenario happens at a boutique in a quaint strip mall in Southern California. Yazmin, who was friends with one of the sisters, Lisa, explains how she was beheaded, and others even worse. Even telling them how her head was placed in the fridge. After a chilling story, the three gals in the shop continue with closing duties, two having inventory, and Monique dealing with numbers and the till. As they complain of their sore feet, two in pumps and one in slingback heels, they all wear sheer pantyhose that make their legs look perfect. All three gals constantly play with their shoes, dipping them in and out, taking them off sliding them back on, sometimes doing it without notice, while doing their duties. Monique calculates the numbers and the budget while Yazmin and Kathrina work in the back storage on getting the last of the shipment inventoried. As they discuss the work dynamic and how they all have man or boyfriend issues, Monique hears a sound and thinks it is one of the gals coming to ask a question, but instead, it is a dark figure dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, not a word, just action. Be fore he appears Louie the guard, who checked in on the ladies, and let them know the killer had been apprehended, stands outside the boutique smoking a cigarette, when he feels a strange aura and looks up to the trees to see a strange vision. He goes catatonic and just stares as the cigarette continues to burn. As soon as he is blank and motionless the dark figure approaches Monique who is sitting in a tall chair still working on numbers. He grabs her from behind with one hand covering her mouth to muffle the scream, the other on her throat. He takes the jewelry on the counter and starts to pile it into her mouth, making her swallow all the jewelry which scrapes and gets caught in her throat. She gags hard and chokes on the jewelry, which he keeps adding. She kicks off her heels spreads her toes and goes wild, trying to move but the dark figure is so strong her just continues. As she takes more jewelry to the throat, she winds down, her kicks become less frequent and eventually she goes down. Dead stare, face red, eyes bloodshot from the pressure. He leaves her in the chair with her head against the counter looking like she is napping, but eyes open. He plays with her feet putting her shoes back on then having them dangle from her toes as he plays with her sexy, pantyhose covered feet and toes. In the backroom Yazmin and Kathrina talk about their infidelity and being bitches to their men, since they found an expensive necklace that needs to be entered into the system, Yazmin heads to Monique to get things straight. She comes out of the backroom and sees Monique leaning against the counter in her chair. She calls out to her but nothing then goes to shake her a bit and she slides down off the tall chair and on to the floor. Yazmin freaks out and turns to run but the dark figure is there and grabs her by the throat. He chokes her then lifts her up by one hand and drags her to the corner of the room where he lifts her up to a small shelf where he can see her feet kick and crush her throat on the wall. He grabs harder and harder and eventually he breaks her windpipe in may pieces, crushing it multiple times and making sure he finishes the job. Yazmin is red faced and dead instantly after a couple of crushes. He fashions a piece of thick rope into a noose and hangs her from the door, where her body is still hanging barely on the shelf, and her body dangling from a noose, so he can play with her shoes and feet off the floor. He takes of and slides her heels in and out of the pantyhosed feet. he continues to play with her feet, then he walks over to Monique on the floor and picks her up like she is a feather and lays her on the sofa so her legs hang over the arm rest. He plays with her shoes and feet, dangling taking them off and sliding them back on. Soon Kathrina is getting antsy and it is closing time so she heads into the main boutique where the other gals are out of her direct line of sight. She is very intent on the missing merchandise from inventory that she screams because she sees the necklace that was supposed to be inventoried on the floor. As she leans down to grab the necklace she hears Yazmins heels fall off and kit the floor. It freaks her out when she turns and sees both of her coworkers dead and dangling from the rope and the sofa, she screams in terror and backs up to run, but the dark figure is there and raises the machete. With one powerful swing and swish, he decapitates her clean as the head tumbles to the floor and she wobbles and her heels clack as she stands for a few seconds. He catches her as she slumps then sets her in the tall chair Monique was in. He puts her shoes back on sliding them on and off while he admires her headless corpse. He is really turned on so he takes her warm, pantyhosed feet and rubs his crotch with them. He does this for a while then goes to Monique and Yazmin for the same thing. After taking time to get his crotch rubbed by the soles of the dead, he knows it is time to leave and report to his master. He gets all the shoes on perfectly dangling in their hosiery, off the toes, then picks up Kathrina's head and pl;aces it on the counter next to the sign saying 50% off. He exits and their sexy bodies are viewed and panned with extra foot and shoe views and pans. If the husband is in custody, and he is the suspect, who is doing the murders? I know Lt. Reddit wants to find out, but Tom O'Neil will have something to say or do about it, able to posses humans to do his bidding. We shall see what happens to her, and the others..  HER DEADLY DREAMS 1 Pillow Smother
    14 minutes
      HER DEADLY DREAMS 1 Pillow Smother - HER DEADLY DREAMS 1 Pillow Smother
(4 Dreams)
Starring: SaraLiz and Belle Fatale


FULL RES 1920X1080HD

Belle is an adventurous woman that loves all of life's pleasures and especially PANTYHOSED FEET.
She constantly has dreams and day fantasies about her co workers, baristas, and everyday women on the street, in the throws of strangling, smothering, bagging, or choking out some hot chick in pantyhose, her favorite color being black. In most of her dreams and fantasies, she is dressed like a stealth assassin, clad in black, like a CAT, with black pantyhose, and a bandit mask, sneaking without shoes into the room where her victim is entranced, asleep, or even, distracted by what they are doing at the time. She always plays with them when she finishes, sucking on their pantyhose covered toes, sniffing and whiffing their bodies and especially the feet. Kissing and sucking all over their bodies, she makes her way out of the dream after a catchy line that mocks the victim. Every movement, cat like, feet arched and pointed, moving across the bodies taking in the pantyhose victims.

DREAM # 1 Pillow Smother

Belle starts to rub herself after a long day in the office, caressing herself, closing her eyes to imagine herself outside a door, peeking in, seeing a sexy young woman in her bed under the covers asleep. She moves stealth into the room like a cat, climbing on to the bed, checking to see if her victim is in deep sleep. She is out, just tossing and turning enough to see her pantyhosed feet, scrunching and flexing in the hoes. This drives her wild and she starts to remove the covers slowly from her feet and legs, revealing a sexy, long legged beauty, nude except for her pantyhose, fair game for the taking after some fun. She smells and kisses her belly and works her way down to the feet, smelling, licking and sucking the girl's toes and feet, slinking around the bed like a cat, passionately sucking and sniffing the sexy feet. As she works her way back up, she sniffs and bites on her clit lightly through the pantyhose, driving the sleeping girl wild as she moves her feet and legs around from pleasure. The young lady smiles and moans a bit in pleasure as Belle plays with her sexy body. As she nears closer the young woman wakes up and sees what is happening, a bandit in black, molesting her in her sleep. The Bandit swings into action, gaining control of her by pinning her down on the bed, then grabbing the closest pillow and covering the young lady's mouth and nose, pressing down hard on both sides so she cant move much. Her eyes go wide as she fights and screams beneath the pillow, lacking any and all air from Belle's persistence. Her feet stress and flex as she fights for her life. Belle notices that one of the tactics of escape for the poor young victim is to rub the Bandit's crotch, and this excites her, when she moves the free arm to try and fight more, Belle tells her not to stop, they were just starting to have fun. This obviously pisses off the young victim and she bucks hard enough to free herself momentarily. She gets a deep breath in before Belle gets back on top of her and puts the pillow back over her mouth and nose so she can see her eyes widen and in distress as she puts her down. The young victim is a fighter, just how Belle likes it and starts to wrap her legs around Belle's waist. She fights her hard but soon her legs start to lose their grip, and her arms stop working well, and she starts to fade. As she starts to go limp, her feet twitch in the pantyhose, then her arms, body, and legs goes completely limp, as she is dead. The Bandit removes the pillow slowly showing her lolled, smashed in tongue protruding, where the victim tried to get air using her tongue but the pillow made it impossible. She goes to the edge of the bed and pulls the victim by her feet to the edge of the bed so she can spend time sucking and licking her toes and molesting her dead body, licking all over smelling her parts and spending some time with her. After messing with her kissing her all over she positions her with one hand down to her pussy, under her pantyhose, and the other arm on her ass under the pantyhose, and goes to her face, kissing her on the tongue, and finishing her part of the fantasy, leaving excited and happy, dancing out of the scene, kissing the feet on the way out. Extended views and pans of the sexy, dead, woman, her feet and pantyhose.

This is only the first dream, there are 4 total in this series, each with a different kill method, different location, dress, and pantyhose, focusing on black and off black colors. This is true fetish my friends, the best quality too, full resolution. CB

Run Time: 14:00 minutes
File Size: 550 MB 	Format: .MP4

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      SUICIDE SUITEBelly Stab


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