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    8 minutes

Starring: Samantha & Belle Fatale
w/ Chris B.

Two sexy roommates share a shower, washing each others bits and pieces and discussing their plans for the evening. After a nice wash, they dry each other off, sharing a towel, drying their perfect tits and ass. A random psycho comes in and surprises them, and with no time to get away, they each take 4 shots to their breasts. They slam up against the shower wall and the blood starts to flow. They grunt and moan in pain, sliding down into the tub and convulsing, bleeding and dying from the shots to their boobs. First Samantha dies, then Belle follows suit after the shock of seeing her besty and roommate dead. They both twitch a bit then lie still in the tub, bleeding from the hot lead to the titties. They are panned and viewed from many angles, and their beautiful, and shocking death stares are showcased.  RAMONAS SLAUGHTER
    26 minutes


Starring: Ramona w/ Ryanne

Two sexy lovers are meeting together to do some role play. Ritualistic animal slaughter is on the menu, well and also Ramona. With the slaughter of such a lovely animal such as Ramona, we know the meat will be sweet. As Ryanne invites her sexy lover into her home, in a room she has prepared for the slaughter, she wants to take her time and check out the goods first. They are both hot for each other but Ryanne takes the lead and undresses Ramona as she kisses and caresses her. She kisses her lips, neck, and breasts as she unveils the sexy body of Ramona, who is a natural beauty. She takes her time to explain what she is doing with each step, including the undressing, binding her to the chair with rope on her feet, legs, and also her hands behind her back. As she removes her sexy sandals, she worships and kisses her sexy feet and toes. Using the rope to tie her feet to the chair. She teases her with her kiss, and the sharp blade, caressing her with the blade on her nipples, and her neck, as well as her belly and face. The two discuss the slaughter and the knife gets closer to the place where she will cut her and let her bleed out. As the two sexy ladies kiss and talk about the slaughter, the moment arises and she leans her animal forward for the kill, making sure she is calm and in good spirits. She stretches the neck back as the body is leaned forward, then in one swift but true move, the knife slices through her throat, leaking blood on to the floor, with little on the meat. After Ryanne lets her bleed out a bit while the animal is twitching and dieing, holding her hair and leaning her forward to drip on the floor. She sets down the knife and leans back the animal after she is dead. She grabs the ropes and starts to untie the animal kissing her and caressing her as she unties the knots. She checks out her body some more, pinching the dead animals nipples and playing with her limp dead body. She unties her completely and lowers her to the floor, slowly, letting her down on her side. She continues to caress and observe the sexy dead animal on the floor with her eyes wide open and mouth slightly agape. Ryanne leaves the scene after kissing her sacrifice on the lips. The body is viewed and panned from many different angles, showing her sexy eyes and death stare as well as her sexy soles and feet. What a sexy slaughter for all to enjoy!
    11 minutes

Starring: Lexxi w/ Chris B.


After a wild ride of drug induced lust and fetish fantasy gone overboard, Chris takes Lexxi's still warm, dead, corpse inside and lays her on the sofa. He goes to work, still wound up from the hanging, and the sexual stimulating feeling of coming down from synthetic opiates, he gets busy taking advantage of the warmth and the wetness from her multiple orgasms and pussy juices flowing. He kisses fingers and sucks her pussy and tits, using his hands and mouth at the same time to double the pleasure for himself. He removes her high heels slowly, revealing the black thigh high clad feet and toes. He takes it in, sniffing sucking and inhaling her sexy feet, still smelling of new leather, and a slight natural must from her feet that drives him wild. He dangles the second shoe and gets worked up as it is falling off her sexy foot. He sniffs both soles and toes then fingers her pussy more to get her ready for fucking. He flips her over and rag dolls her around, eating her ass and pussy with no shame or pause. He then undresses and fucks her hard! He pounds her harder than anyone he or anyone has ever pounded anyone! He rams her pulling on her arms to get maximum penetration, lifting a leg, then both as he pumps her hard with his swollen cock. He is so aroused when he smells her hose clad toes that he pulls out and jets his hot load all over her soles, pussy, stomach, and around. He is so excited that he finishes hard, and then grabs her up hard and rag dolls her until he finishes, even choking her dead body a bit as he fucks her. After he slaps his cock against her feet for a minute, he drops her, then positions her on the sofa to look ready for his next round, which will be soon after he drinks a beer, and smokes a J. He isn't even thinking about his next one yet, this one is so sexy, but he has been corresponding with a gal named Ashley, maybe she will want to come out and play?  RANDOM COED BELLY STABS Belly Stab
    15 minutes

      RANDOM COED BELLY STABS Belly Stab - Two sexy coeds are dressed in their long white socks, revealing tops, and short shorts, showing their lovely butts. They clean the kitchen and discuss the evening's shenanigans, which will include drinking, lusting, and random hook ups. They also disclose the fact that a random dude is going around their dorms stabbing young women's bellies, and disappearing. The two gals are confident that their building has superior security, but they are mistaken. When they show off their sexy belly buttons, they break apart, belle heads to the shower, where she turns it on and when she turns around, the hooded man stabs her right in the belly with a butcher knife. He looks at her as he puts it 2/3rds of the way through her belly button. He then removes it quickly with one movement and stands back to watch her suffer for a sec before heading to the kitchen for his next victim. Belle is in major pain, falling to her knees in shock then falling back and extending her sexy, sock clad legs. She writes and bucks, clutching her wound, and then she starts to convulse, sickened by the pain and shock. She twitches and falls back to the floor with a thud. She has a few twitches in her before she is still, and still bleeding from her tummy. The killer is on his way and surprises Samantha with a plunge into her button hole, it goes deep, 23rds of the way and right in her belly, she is too in shock and looks at the killer with dismay. He removes the knife and leaves the scene. Samantha looks at her wound and falls to the floor, she is very painfully groaning and grunting, scared in shock from the violent stab to the midsection. She clutches her bloody gash and falls flat, bucking and heaving, grasping and clutching, blood on her hands. She can tell she will die soon and her eyes show the fear and knowing she will be dead, some twitches and bucks and she is still, dead from the traumatic wound to the belly button. The views and pans go back and forth to each dead gal, belly stabbed and on the floor of the bathroom and the kitchen. Hopefully they catch this psycho soon. The killer lives another day to sew more seeds of death.

Starring: Belle Fatale and Samantha
    11 minutes

Starring: Caroline Pierce, Coco, and

Three friends are role playing with this time Caroline's turn playing the animal for slaughter. They discuss the ritualistic animal slaughter, while removing each others' clothing. Caroline is bound to the chair and hands tied behind her back. A straight razor is used to play with her neck and breasts before Coco and Samantha, who gets the honors, slice her neck open with one swoop, and drain her blood on to the floor. After she is drained, they inspect her sexy body and leave to clean things up, and for body views and pans of the sexy dead animal.  BOX CUTTER LOVERS COCO
    15 minutes

      BOX CUTTER LOVERS COCO - (Slaughter)
Starring: Coco w/ Karma

This is part of the slaughter series, and we are just trying to mix it up with some different locations and different cutting tools. This pair is with a small box cutter with a razor blade.

Two cute lovers get a hotel room and do some role play with a box cutter, playing into the slaughter roles, with lots of caressing and neck play. Great foot play and slow sandal removal that adds so much from both gals(OVER THE TOP SEXY). Both of these gals have great feet and toes, and flat sandals that show everything. After undressing each other Karma slices Coco's neck open with the box cutter, and bleed her over the table. After she dies, Karma poses her and plays with her. Checking out Coco's sexy, perfect, body. Then she leaves for the body to be viewed and panned.
    18 minutes

      SUPERGIRL ORIGINS 1 - Starring: Savannah Costello w/ Rex

Linda is the head security officer at the agency, and she is home after a long day working her beat, and doing stacks of paperwork. Today she is in for something new, and as soon as she starts to unwind, a man rushes in with a baton and slams her in the ribs, then in the back, and finally a blow to the head that knocks her to the floor. He picks her up and takes the baton, using it to punch her in the pussy hard, three times, causing her to lose control of her bladder, and she pisses all over the floor. She is humiliated, and in much pain. She is off duty and unprepared for the strength of this guy, who seems to have great power in every punch he delivers. Linda is being beaten, and she grunts hard after each punch. The man continues his humiliation of the officer by grabbing her ass, and forcing his hand down her skirt. He rubs her pussy through the panties and she wildly reacts and cums twice before almost collapsing. The man over powers her and starts to beat her more, and tosses her on to the table. He fondles her hard as she resists, he is too powerful so he flips her over and takes out a knife. He cuts a hole in her crotch of the panties so her can take her from behind. He rapes her hard from behind for a minute, then flips her to see her face and rapes her from the front. He twists and tatters her clothing as he works her over. When he has had enough he tosses her across the room over the sofa, then punches her in the face and body, she tries to get up but it is too late and he is too quick and strong. He beats her around the room with multiple punches and kicks, each one leaving a bruise, or cut. She is starting to be beat up, he rips her top and skirt, he punches her hard, knocking her to the ground. She thinks quickly and picks up the discarded baton. She surprises him with a shot to the head, he rolls away stunned, she gets control for a moment, beating him hard with the wooden baton. She goes to raise up for her final blow to his head, and he pulls out a knife, stabbing her through her skirt, right in her mound. He holds it for a second, then removes it. He then comes around and stabs her right in the gut, holding it in to cause pain and trauma, then removing it quickly to see the blood leak. He then gets on one knee and sticks the knife to her pussy lips, he stabs her in the clit, then removes it as she cries and moans in pain.  She goes to her knees and he stabs her in the side, then the ass, a couple times, methodically. She is on her tummy, moaning in great pain from the stabs to her tummy, pussy, ass, and kidney. She is hurting bad, mortally wounded. He kicks he over to her back and steps down on to her pussy wound, grinding his foot in he says, "Redrick told you to stay out of his business, if you live through this, maybe you will listen?" He then gives her a coup de grace and punts her in the pussy, she loses breath and is in excruciating pain.  He exits, leaving her on the floor to die. She moans in pain, losing consciousness, but the crystal her father gave her, the one she always kept in her pocket, moves off the table, and towards her, ending up in her hand all on it's own power. She passes out and goes into a deep sleep. Several hours later she wakes up and her wounds have all healed, there is only a spot or two of blood left, no scars or cuts, and only cuts and tears in her clothing and thigh highs. She is dazed and sees the crystal in her hand. She is confused and asks herself why, only to hear a deep voice from far away telling her she is the chosen one, and she must now fight for good and protect the weak without killing. Behold the power of the crystal. She stands up and looks over to see three costumes that show who she is supposed to be, showing her destiny, her fate, and the origin of her life as a fighter of crime, and a doer of good. The first costume appears on her, in perfect fit, she holds the crystal deep to her heart and soul, knowing her destiny is finally here.  AIR P P Pow and Pop
    9 minutes

      AIR P  P Pow and Pop - Starring: Belle Fatale, Ryanne, and Lexxi

w/ Chris B.


This is a bit different, similar pacing and action, just seen from different angles and points of view for the shots and kills, as well as the aftermath. We also left deleted scenes and some outtakes to show our skills and attention to making the fans happy with their product. We do love feedback. Nothing fancy as far as sfx goes, gun sounds, bullet hits and muzzle flash with small wounds and a tiny bit of blood. Enjoy!

Three webcam porn stars sit around after a shoot, still in socks, panties, and nothing else, discussing the place they rented for the shoot and their plans for the evening. Things are juicy like the gossip and details of their ideas for a party, but the guy who is renting the place out on Air P & P, isn't too happy about it and comes in to take care of these bitches trying to throw a socks only sausage fest at the rental house. The guy comes in gun blazing with marksman's precision and accuracy. He checks the bodies over to make sure the are dead afterwards and leaves. The bodies are also viewed and panned after the action and the absence of thew killer.
    11 minutes

      GAME CONTROL EXTERMINATOR - A busy video game developer is trying to finish his final level so he can get paid for his mods. He asks his hot girlfriend to make him a sandwich, and she is too busy hanging around in her panties and half shirt, texting her friend Jenny. She brushes him off but she has no idea about his new mod he will unlock, code name: Eliminator, who is a real like life form that generates when you unlock the level, and does the dirty work for you. After getting no sandwich and a bunch of lip, he unlocks the shooter and controls him to the target. When he appears without any sound she is startled and just says, "Honey one of your weird gaming friends is here". The drone announces himself as Eliminator and steps to square up with her. He pulls out his long silenced .40 s&w, and raises it at belly level. From the other room, on his monitor the controller cocks the hammer, and pulls the trigger. She is stunned with a shot half way between the navel and the mons pubis. She clutches as the blood begins to trickle out, she looks up at the expressionless lifeform who is getting into position for the next shot, as she slides down the fridge to the floor. Eliminator bends down and points the silenced gun pointblank to her right breast, then the controller pulls back and pops her, the slug going through her tit out the other side leaving an exit wound. She is in much pain as she flounders on the floor, clutching her breast and her belly, bleeding good from all 3 holes. She squirms, bucks, and kicks getting her legs in the other direction. The Eliminator is controlled to get square for the next shot, which is right in the clitoris. He bends down, aims and shoots her point blank right in the snatch as she cries out in pain, grabbing her pussy as the blood comes leaking out through her panties. He steps up and says, "target eliminated" and disappears off screen. She bucks and heaves, clawing at her wounds until she spits and coughs up a bunch of blood, and then dies. Having finished his game with success, he heads into the kitchen to see his handy work. He grabs some scissors to cut her tshirt and panties off to see the marks. He adds that the shots and aim are right on, so now he can get paid for his game. Successful, he says that it's too bloody to make a sandwich so it's burgers again tonight and exits for more body pans.

Starring: SaraLiz

Theme: Shooting, Postmortem  GUT SHOT REBEL
    14 minutes


Starring SaraLiz and Chris B.

FULL 1920X1080 HD

I tried to do some digital f/x for the bullet hit on this one too, i will get better. CB

A rebel leader is being detained for crimes against the state. She is very coy and confident that she will not be executed, but she opts for the cigarette and asks for a light. She smokes to hard and long, taking big drags and rolling it off her lips and through her nose as she discredits the state having some pretty harsh words for the powers that be. As they wait for the call all she can do is talk about that she is too valuable and they are bluffing. She smokes a cigarette all the way through before the call comes, she is surprised but still has no fear. As the guard takes the call it is very short, the word is in, you have been charged with treason and will be executed. She still laughs until he shoots her right below the belly button, and a splat of blood shoots out as she takes on in the gut. She grasps and clutches the wound and remains standing in pain, shock and disgust as she looks up at him and asks "why in the belly?" He says "because it is the place that will make you feel the pain and suffer like those you killed and made suffer" She stands trying to stay up, acting not so tough now. She goes down to one knee, then to the floor backwards with her belly stretched out and her legs behind her. She is in so much pain she is writhing and moaning, grasping for her belly but afraid to touch the painful, bleeding hole. She is panicking now as she starts to feel her blood rushing out into her cavity, and feeling colder and colder. She gets her legs out from under her with painful strides, then spasms and dies, with a few postmortem twitches and jerks. He goes to the body to make sure she is dead, checking the pulse. She is gone so he sits her up so that he can get a pic. He checks out her boobs and body saying it was a shame she was an enemy, then he leaves to get the cart.

    Random CHRIS CORNER Clips more
    16 minutes
Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy and Jiackson


**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Ryanne is a defense attorney and when she initially took on the case to defend two brothers on a case of mistaken identity, she had no idea they were real criminals willing to go to any length for personal justice. After the preliminary meeting she tells them she doesn't want to go to trial, and despite their innocence in this case, she wants to plea bargain with the DA. The brothers are furious and decide if they are going down they might as well do a crime. The sexy redhead attorney wears business attire, skirt, white button down blazer, and ultra sheer pantyhose with high heels. .

The two brothers return to their home with the lawyer, not even bound or gagged, they carry her into the garage as she starts to thrash around and cry, shedding tears and pleading with them. When they throw her on the floor and she looks up she sees the noose that is already been prepared and starts to panic more, crying her eyes out and pleading that she will go to trial. Her words are broken from shock and panic as she tries to get them to change their minds. The two brothers work together to bind her hands and feet with the rope, ripping off the blazer and ripping the buttons out of the shirt as they tear it and leave it around her arms as extra binding. She sees it is futile and tries to escape but is caught and one of the brothers wrestles her to the floor and holds her while she cries and tries to escape. The other brother gets the rope secured to hang her and watch her sway in the garage while they have their way and enjoy the justice. As they try to get her head in the noose she fights hard and almost breaks free but the brother holding her drops his arms and punches her a few times, couple in the body and some to the face, rendering her helpless and groggy. They finally lift her off the ground and into the noose, one brother tying it off so she dangles, and she does, immediately waking up and eyes bugging out as her tongue protrudes and she tries to get air, which she gets none, tears still stream down her face but now she is fighting for her life. The two men grope her tits hard, like hungry wolves as they knead her huge tits. One pulls hard on the rope as her feet dongle in the pantyhose, just off the floor. The two men have a lust for justice and the sexy lawyer. They rip off her bra exposing her huge knockers and as they bounce they drop her skirt to the floor, which her hanging dangling toes, in the sheer pantyhose kick the skirt a bit to expose the toes. As she dangles and her tongue protrudes, her eyes bug out and the tears roll down, the two men furiously suck and massage her tits like Kobe beef, and sucking like a baby calf. Hungry for justice and breasts they continue as she hangs from the thick manila rope. The younger brother wants to change it up so the older one grabs the rope and pulls to get it tighter while the younger brother drops the sheer pantyhose down to her knees so he can rub her pussy a bit. As he rubs her cunt, the older brother mans the rope and keeps it taught. She slowly jolts and kicks, but eventually just sways and is dead, eyes bulged out and bloodshot, her tongue swollen and pushing against her lips in a ball, drool coming out. As the two men see she is gone and continue to rub and suck her huge tits, the younger one realizes she is gone and tells the other they should finish up because she got what she deserved. As they let her down, and remove the noose, showing the red line where the rope dug into the soft and sexy neckline, they realize they are hungry and want to grab some food, so  they do and her sexy body is panned and viewed, disheveled and dead, but still tied up and feet covered with sexy sheer nude pantyhose. Many angles and views follow. After grabbing a sandwich from the fridge the two men hunger for something more than food, they want to further their justice by defiling her corpse and getting a nut at the same time. They plan on some disposal that involves fire and disposing of the body for real, but for now they will take turns fucking her still warm pussy. They screw her hard each for a minute or so, being so wound up and the type of unremarkable morons that rarely get any tail that isn't bought or kidnapped. They got their justice though for this one.

Ryanne is just absolutely on fire right now and I am so lucky to be an exclusive producer that she really trusts and loves to work with. The customer told me after he saw this one and the "Car Mugger Strangle" that after commissioning so many customs over the years and being uninspired by them, he finally found a studio that "gets it" and nails every single point even adding our own flair. It really feels great to hear that and just gives us more confidence to continue to excel doing customs for all kinds of people. Thanks so much and wow, I love my fans and customers. Thank you so much! CB

Run Time: 16:06 minutes
File Size: 630 MB 	Format: .MP4
    10 minutes
Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Ryanne is a sexy bikini babe looking to work on her tan for the day. When she goes to the kitchen she looks at the weather report, sees it will be warm and sunny so she starts to apply oil to her body for the tan. As she rubs oil all over her breast, legs, and arms, as well as her backside, she takes her time to make sure it is rubbed in. She takes off her slippers and goes to wash her hands of the oil. When she looks out the window she sees it is cloudy and raining. She starts to talk to herself about how the weather man is always wrong and she needs to work on her tan for the summer. As she washes her hands she doesn\\\\\\\'t hear the man entering the back door quietly and sneaking in.
As she finishes up and turns around he has his laser sight pointed at her belly. She is startled but listens to him as he calmly tells her to, \\\\\\\"drop the bikini, slowly\\\\\\\". He makes her slowly remove the bikini, and as she tries top cover herself tells her to move her hands away from her belly and keep the bottoms in her hands. When she doesn\\\\\\\'t follow instructions and is pleading for him not to shoot, he puts a slug from the Glock into her belly between the button and the pussy. It strikes clean and hard with the .40 caliber to her belly and she clutches and doubles over. When she looks down she sees the blood in her hand and feels the burn of the hot slug in her gut. She starts to bleed and pleads with him not to shoot her again, but he asks if she remembers Steve, and she starts to moan and plead her case, he was no good and she dumped him. He aims the laser right into her belly button and as she pleads he puts another slug into the belly button which causes her to double over again, this time knowing that it will eventually be fatal. She bucks her body and starts to go down to her knees, clutching her belly that is leaking blood profusely. She jerks and grunts, moaning with pain and agony as her belly is pierced with hot lead. She goes to her back and her legs kick and she bucks her ass and hips up, blood leaking down to her shaven pussy. The man goes to finish her off, but says, \\\\\\\"nah, I will let you suffer as you did to Steve.\\\\\\\" He leaves out the back door as the sexy bikini babe suffers dying on the floor in her own blood. Her death throws are amplified as the final point is at hand. She rattles and shivers and then goes absolutely still. The naked, barefoot, and so absolutely gorgeous bikini babe is panned and viewed from many angles. Sexy beast.

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B
    13 minutes
Starring: Hannah Perez and Sinn Sage w/ Drake

**FULL 1920X1080 HD** **Full Blood & Sound F/X**

A couple of friends had a rough night, partying and drinking until late. The next day they lay bored, on the couch in their bra and panties. They talk to each other trying to come up with ideas so they don't lay around all day, maybe the beach, or to get some Thai food, they decide to get food and so Hannah needs a quick shower and Sinn has some make up touching up to do and change into some comfy clothes. As the two young ladies are getting naked and doing their thing, a masked man in black, masked, with black rubber gloves is using a pick lock to break in, broad daylight. As he jimmys the lock Hannah is starting the shower, getting herself all ready to rinse off. Sinn touches up make up and then gets naked, and heads to the kitchen for water. As she turns the water on the masked man enters and closes the door, she is oblivious to anyone there as she drinks water. He pulls a sharp kitchen knife out of his back pocket and sneaks up to Sinn, grabbing her mouth to cover her screams and Reaching the blade around to stab her in the belly. He goes in hard and deep and she grunts, moaning and groaning in pain. She is in shock as he helps her to hold the blade so he can see it from a few steps back, she looks at him in disbelief. He admires how the blood is starting to seep out the sides of the blade from her belly button. He lets her hold it for a few seconds then grabs it and pulls it out fast, blood dripping from the gore coated knife. As she gasps for the counter and slides to the floor, he is ready to see his next victim, who is unbeknown to his being there and showering. Sinn dies beautifully as the sounds of poor Hannah being stabbed multiple times in the shower. The stabber gets in the door and sweeps back the curtain, stabbing her in the belly several times with his thrusts. Blood gushes out of her belly that has a few stabs in and around the belly hole. He admires as she goes from surprise to shock, pain and convulsive death. She bleeds out a bit in the tub as she thrashes and he looks her over. She dies a beautiful death. He heads to the kitchen to see his handiwork there again. Sinn's body lay still as she is dead on the floor without a move, and bleeding from her belly. He checks her out, doing some knife play, then he goes to the shower and grabs Hannah's limp, bloody body to set next to Sinn in the kitchen. He sets Hannah down so her head is at Sinn's feet, he adjusts and touches both bodies, sizing up the wounds he inflicted. He moves the knife around to where he wants it, caress Hannah's face and then opens the fridge to grab a beer before he leaves. Body pans follow of the sexy dead stabbed babes.

Very fortunate to work with such professional actors. This is a great psycho stabbing with all the cinematic attributes.CB.

Run Time: 12:39 minutes
File Size: 540 MB 	Format: .MP4
    18 minutes
Starring: Freya and Kiki

Coco's sister and Detective Freya, is hunting down her sister's killer and has a great lead. She was pointed towards a serial killer Kiki by local law enforcement who say they are too busy to catch up with Kiki, who is very elusive. Freya sneaks up on Kiki's hideout, with her pistol, and a switch blade knife, using the knife to pick the deadbolt, then heading through the door quietly trying to sneak up on Kiki. Kiki is sitting in her living room finishing her coffee as Freya approaches gun drawn. Her high heels click clack on the hardwood floor as she approaches. Kiki stands up and Freya confronts her about killing Coco. "Which one was she? Oh I remember, yeah she was fun to kill, and if you didn't have that gun or knife, you would end up the same." The detective thinks about it, and as if it were a challenge. She sets her gun down then the knife and starts to up and down Kiki as they pace each other around the table, talking smack on how they are going to kill one another. Kiki suggests Freya remove her high heels or Kiki would have an unfair advantage. Kiki acts nonchalant but bum rushes Freya, who uses her training to deflect and put Kiki in a choke hold. Kiki has always choked her victims by hand, and is how she has killed all of her victims. Freya would love nothing more than to inflict the same demise on Kiki. The struggle ensues and each girl gets the upper hand and there is lots of change of power, with Freya on top choking Kiki, then Kiki choking Freya with lots of hands on slapping and clawing of the arms trying to free themselves. Freya gets Kiki good and has her for a long hold and both hands wrapped around her neck. After a long battle Kiki retains the upper hand, breaking free and wrestling Freya to the table, then kicking Freya in the pussy to stun her so she can catch her breath. Freya leans back into the sofa, bucking her hips in pain, and at the same time grabs a long cord from the sofa. She pounces hard and gets some great choking in, Freya dropping the cord just out of reach, but after some struggle, hair pulling and wrestling, Freya has Kiki across the table, straddling her and choking her hard with two hands. She chokes Kiki hard and kiki fights but she loses the battle, going out and limp. Frey celebrates her victory by raising her arms in the air and saying Yes, it's done. She does not see Kiki has grabbed the long cord as she was pretending to lose, and just when Freya least expects it, Kiki flings the long cord up and wraps it around Freya's neck. She takes control, like the reins of a horse, hanging on tight and picking Freya up by the cord and getting her to the cou7ch. She strangles her with the cord as she straddles Freya, telling her she can't wait for her to die to compare her tits and pussy to Coco's. After she strangles her a while with the cord she let's it go, and Freya gets a deep breath in before Kiki hand throttles her hard with both hands. She goes hard pinning her down she she can't fight as much, as well as talking smack. Freya struggles, bucking her hips spreading her toes, sticking her sexy pussy mound in to the air.  She slows down to just twitches and her eyes flutter as her death rattle approaches and she goes limp. Kiki is not done with her and starts to undress her a bit to compare and yes she has better tits than her sister, she checks her pussy and confirms the same thing. She flops her around and checks her out feeling her up and letting the dead hands caress her breasts too. What a phenomenal struggle that ends in another one down to the serial Killer Kiki.

Whoa what a great struggle and fight scene. You already know Kiki is a fighter but Freya will have to go down a few times. Looking forward to some other fight movies with more punching and such(Fight Club style) coming soon! One more custom video down making the list grow shorter! CB

Run Time: 17:46 minutes
File Size: 425 MB 	Format: .MP4
Category: CATFIGHT/Multi Strangle/NECRO
    20 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne Redd, Ryanne Purple, and Freya
w/ Jigsy as "mild mannered hiker"

**FULL 1920 X 1080 HD**

Focus on: Henchwomen, Martial Arts, Hand to Hand Combat, Ninja Clones, Shooting/Postmortem undressing and handling, and face down deaths(only some) We did Blood FX on the last round of kills. Same crowd as Operation Empty Quiver

The fight scenes are reminiscent of old Kung Fu films. 

This was supposed to be a group project but ended up just being one customer and myself footing the bill leaving us with limited budget and space, time and props. I am so proud of cast, crew, and the actor for making this way bigger and better than I could imagine with these limitations. Imagine this type of scenario with 10 or 12 gals in a large open setting with different actors. Jussayin Anti up!


A mild mannered young man is making his way to his grandfather's house to visit and care for him in his old age. He decides to take a short cut through someone's property. As he steps over the fence he is engaged by two ninja Henchowmen on patrol who tell him he will be detailed. He is very kind and gentle but this man has been taught by his grandfather to defend himself and take action if needed. He tells them he needs to go and he is sorry. They look at each other and get in stance to fight. He uses his walking stick to block them and when he feels cornered, he returns blows with his stick, almost effortlessly knocking the henchwomen out. After the second one is knocked down the one ninja left calls out intruder, and then droves of ninjas come to fight and the young man defends himself with very little motion, blocking most of what they throw at him or kick at him, then knocking them down with a stick. He just wants to make it out because his grandpa needs him. After several battles with many ninjas he finally knocks them all out and kills some with blows to the head and to the heart with his staff. He tries to use his phone but there is no service due to a scrambler the henchwomen have at their compound. He leaves to his grandpas house, but drops his phone in haste, not wanting to fight any longer. When he gets to grandpas, he has been captured. The Ninja's call him on his phone and let him know they have his grandpa. He is not happy and makes his way to their place. The ninjas are now armed with machine guns and pistols, pacing all over the outside and inside of the compound. One is pacing back and forth in the main room armed with a mac11, she doesn't notice the man sneaking up behind her, setting his staff against the wall because he is meaning business now and this is death, not defense. He stealthily cracks the neck of the buxom ninja and she crumbles over an ottoman on to the floor. He hears the stamping of many ninjas headed his way, and they are not holding hands, but machine guns and pistols. He grabs the mac11 on the floor and takes them out as they come around the corner firing at him, he miraculously never gets shot. The man keeps firing as they keep coming then heads to the other parts of the house to sweep the place of ninjas and find his grandpa. He takes two out in a side room as they fall face first into the pile of boxes and clothing in the junk room. He keeps searching and eventually ends up back in the main room. He hears them coming so he checks the mac, but its empty, so he grabs the revolver on the floor and waits, picking them off as they come into the room with fatal shots, 2 of them to the heart/breast, and 2 of them with fatal shots to the head, killing them fairly instantly, aside from some twitching which is totally sexy. He takes stock checking around for others, but he thinks this is the last patrol, for now so he goes to each of the ninjas and exposes their breasts, rolling them and checking them for any information, or his phone he misplaced. After not finding anything but naked breasts and gun wounds, he places them all in a body pile, next to each other so he can remember their faces, just incase the spawn again and he will recognize the clones anytime.

Body pans are shown throughout for each of the kills, and group kills, the final pans are with f/x and makeup/blood. Like I said before, we did a really stellar job for lack of space, time, budget, and crew, not to mention me having to take many breaks due to being weak and ill. Just shows you what we can do with nothing but talent and the will to be better. CB

Run Time: 20:00 minutes
File Size: 1300 MB 	Format: .MP4
    25 minutes
Starring: Freya w/ Ryan Renault


An eccentric man who knocked out and strangled his prey to death, while she is handcuffed. He imagines her asking, even begging to be killed, fucked and played with, then repeated over and over again. Each time she asks for more, pushing the man to his limits and beyond. She tells him she wants his cock inside her and that she knows he has more in him. He follows her begging and listens to what she has to say as he has his way with her in many positions, including the mouth, hand, and pussy. He dicks her hard and cums multiple times in her mouth, and pussy, eventually leaking cum out of her mouth and pussy. He flops her around, rag dolls her and rolls her into different positions to keep himself busy and of course give in to the dead woman's whims as she begs for it. After he takes his time to do it over and over again, and leaves her mouth and pussy full of his cum, he is exhausted. Before he heads off to bed she tells him, when he is refreshed and ready to go again she will be there for him.  Body pans of her dead, sexy body oozing cum, only in boots, naked to the world.

This is absolutely hot! Freya is the perfect Necro lover and her voice overs are sexy and tingling to the senses! Chris
Price: 19.00
Run Time: 25:00 minutes
File Size: 890 MB 	Format: .MP4

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