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    14 minutes


Starring SaraLiz and Chris B.

FULL 1920X1080 HD

I tried to do some digital f/x for the bullet hit on this one too, i will get better. CB

A rebel leader is being detained for crimes against the state. She is very coy and confident that she will not be executed, but she opts for the cigarette and asks for a light. She smokes to hard and long, taking big drags and rolling it off her lips and through her nose as she discredits the state having some pretty harsh words for the powers that be. As they wait for the call all she can do is talk about that she is too valuable and they are bluffing. She smokes a cigarette all the way through before the call comes, she is surprised but still has no fear. As the guard takes the call it is very short, the word is in, you have been charged with treason and will be executed. She still laughs until he shoots her right below the belly button, and a splat of blood shoots out as she takes on in the gut. She grasps and clutches the wound and remains standing in pain, shock and disgust as she looks up at him and asks "why in the belly?" He says "because it is the place that will make you feel the pain and suffer like those you killed and made suffer" She stands trying to stay up, acting not so tough now. She goes down to one knee, then to the floor backwards with her belly stretched out and her legs behind her. She is in so much pain she is writhing and moaning, grasping for her belly but afraid to touch the painful, bleeding hole. She is panicking now as she starts to feel her blood rushing out into her cavity, and feeling colder and colder. She gets her legs out from under her with painful strides, then spasms and dies, with a few postmortem twitches and jerks. He goes to the body to make sure she is dead, checking the pulse. She is gone so he sits her up so that he can get a pic. He checks out her boobs and body saying it was a shame she was an enemy, then he leaves to get the cart.  FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane
    28 minutes

      FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane - FETISH DIARIES Ashley Lane
"The Rope"
Starring: Ashley Lane as herself
 w/ Chris B.

Chris offers a service to film, direct, and safely supervise ladies who have particular death fetishes and want to watch themselves in the act, carrying out different things on video. They don't know that sometimes it turns him on to watch them go all the way, and since they have signed the waiver, he is not responsible. These are the Fetish Diaries and each girl is different. Ashley lane is the first to have her own video made, and she is turned on by the rope, around her neck, tight in a noose, while she masturbates with different vibrators, mainly her wand. She loves to be bound, cuffed, and choked until overflowing with orgasms. She also loves to smoke, which she does with an elegant holder while she explains what she loves and why. More females, all different in many ways will document themselves, and some will not ever be able to watch, it will be for his private viewing pleasure, and yours...

A young, attractive supermodel gives her candid explanation, as she elegantly smokes with a fancy holder, of what turns her on, and how she gets off by a; thick, coarse, rope around her neck, hanging and dangling, while handcuffed and using her magic wand. Many variations are done until she keeps asking for more and more after each orgasm. Chris works the wand and the rope, also cuffing her from behind and in front. She is so sexy in her long opera gloves and stockings, as well as purple bustier lingerie and black high heels. She wants "more, harder, more, tighter" more and more often, until Chris decides to give her more than she bargained for and let her go all the way. He puts her up on a riser, ties off the rope to a nice cleat, and cuffs her in the front so she can use her wand until she loses functions. She cums and almost passes out a few times, kicking her shoes off revealing the white stockings on her soles and toes. She kicks and tries to flail, but Oslo enjoys the tightness of the rope on her neck, as her body dances. She gets her final big O, then drops the wand as her hands become useless, then she slowly dies, twitching and then eyes wide, tongue barely lolled. He lets her down and carries her off to his studio.........
    20 minutes

      DIRTY VICE MASSACRE - Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Genetica, Ryanne, Kiki w/ Jigsy

A sexy house full of coeds is sitting in the living room discussing their plans for the evening. They each talk about what they are going to do, even joking with each other and poking fun at their characteristics. Each young sexy woman goes to get ready in their own spaces, while Belle goes to the kitchen to eat ice cream. Kiki goes out to her smoking room to smoke weed and rub one out, Ryanne heads to the bathroom to shower and wash her tits and pussy, shave her legs. Genetica and Hannah get ready in their room listening to music. As they all do their thing a drugged out, tweaking, dirty vice cop comes through the door and heads to Belle in the kitchen who thinks it is Kiki until he yells at her, "Where is Tony?" He is obviously drugged out and jonesing for a fix and thinks he is at a location where a drug lord resides. He thinks these are his girls and that they will lie to him. He asks Belle again as he gets close choking her and waving his gun at her, when she says she doesn't know he pops her in the belly button with his pistol. She hits the floor and writhes in pain and shock. He goes nuts and heads to the bathroom where Ryanne has been showering but is now toweling off. When he busts in the door waving his gun talking gibberish, she raises her hands and the towel drops. He yells in her face and asks where is Tony again and she acts dumb, so he thinks so he pops her twice, once in each breast the second being a heart shot. She clutches her wounds and slides down the wall of the shower and into the tub. She tries to climb out but is losing blood and spitting it up. She twitches and bucks then goes limp and wide eyed. Belle is still writhing on the kitchen floor in excruciating pain, the dirty vice cop comes out of the bathroom scratching his head and talking nonsense. Hannah comes out of her room to ask Ryanne a question and sees her shot and dead in the tub, she screams and tries to run but the cop is right there and busts her twice, once in the breast and one through her tummy and through the black pantyhose she is wearing. She hits the door and slides to the floor hard, going nuts as her body reacts to the hydro static shock of the 40s&w rounds. She flops and her pantyhosed feet kick the door, and she bleeds from the mouth, eventually going still. The cop is so angry nobody is telling him what he wants to hear and emerging from a good orgasm and a bong hit, Kiki comes through the door and he grabs her tossing her on the floor and asking the same question that nobody knows the answer to. "Wheres Tony, or is it Tommy", grabbing his head in his hands from the voices inside. He pops Kiki as he tosses her to the floor, once in the tit and the other one in the throat, she gurgles and coughs going hard as her eyes go wide and she twitches to death. Belle is still writhing but the pain and the deaths of her friends cause her to pass out from shock. It is complete chaos and Genetica storms out of the room surveying the damage in total shock. As she tries to escape the dirty cop pops her in the head and the breast, she falls to the floor bashing her dead and twitching head against the front door. She twitches her feet but goes limp instantly from the head shot. The cop is frazzled and still looking around for Tony or his stash. He drags all the victims into the kitchen. As he carries and drags the bodies to a pile in the kitchen, he also fondles them, checking out their tits especially the ones oozing blood from them, lusting for the dead broads as he thinks about his next move. Just as he arranges the last one Belle wakes up and starts to scream but he immediately pops her in between the yes and she dies instantly, right next to kiki who is wide eyed and dead. They are all dead in a pile now so he checks out their tits again squeezing them. His phone then rings and he stands up to answer it. It is his partner who is wondering where he is and why he didn't follow the plan. The dirt cop is so frustrated and asks if the drug dealer is there and storms out, obviously needing his fix. Meanwhile the hot dead, sexy gals are laying in a body pile, bleeding from their wounds, eyes wide open and still. Many angles and body pans, views follow.  GUT SHOT BIKINI BABE
    10 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Ryanne is a sexy bikini babe looking to work on her tan for the day. When she goes to the kitchen she looks at the weather report, sees it will be warm and sunny so she starts to apply oil to her body for the tan. As she rubs oil all over her breast, legs, and arms, as well as her backside, she takes her time to make sure it is rubbed in. She takes off her slippers and goes to wash her hands of the oil. When she looks out the window she sees it is cloudy and raining. She starts to talk to herself about how the weather man is always wrong and she needs to work on her tan for the summer. As she washes her hands she doesn\\\\\\\'t hear the man entering the back door quietly and sneaking in.
As she finishes up and turns around he has his laser sight pointed at her belly. She is startled but listens to him as he calmly tells her to, \\\\\\\"drop the bikini, slowly\\\\\\\". He makes her slowly remove the bikini, and as she tries top cover herself tells her to move her hands away from her belly and keep the bottoms in her hands. When she doesn\\\\\\\'t follow instructions and is pleading for him not to shoot, he puts a slug from the Glock into her belly between the button and the pussy. It strikes clean and hard with the .40 caliber to her belly and she clutches and doubles over. When she looks down she sees the blood in her hand and feels the burn of the hot slug in her gut. She starts to bleed and pleads with him not to shoot her again, but he asks if she remembers Steve, and she starts to moan and plead her case, he was no good and she dumped him. He aims the laser right into her belly button and as she pleads he puts another slug into the belly button which causes her to double over again, this time knowing that it will eventually be fatal. She bucks her body and starts to go down to her knees, clutching her belly that is leaking blood profusely. She jerks and grunts, moaning with pain and agony as her belly is pierced with hot lead. She goes to her back and her legs kick and she bucks her ass and hips up, blood leaking down to her shaven pussy. The man goes to finish her off, but says, \\\\\\\"nah, I will let you suffer as you did to Steve.\\\\\\\" He leaves out the back door as the sexy bikini babe suffers dying on the floor in her own blood. Her death throws are amplified as the final point is at hand. She rattles and shivers and then goes absolutely still. The naked, barefoot, and so absolutely gorgeous bikini babe is panned and viewed from many angles. Sexy beast.

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B
    17 minutes

      DINNER SLAUGHTER Freya - Two roommates are making dinner plans and find a steak in the freezer which brings up a conversation about their upbringing, and animal slaughter. Mercy knowing the most about it in her experiences takes the lead on explaining what it is about and how it is done. She feels a demonstration is in order and Freya is skeptical but follows through anyway. Freya is turned on by the idea so Mercy grabs the long, sharp knife, some rope, and undresses Freya. She removes her own clothes and Mercy grabs a stool for Freya to sit on while she caresses her neck and runs the knife over her body making Freya go wild with sensitive reactions to the blade, and Mercys sexy voice. She grabs the rope and ties Freyas arms behind her, then her feet, each to a stool leg. Freya is getting hot as Mercy arches her neck and plays some more with the knife on her breasts. After lots of foreplay and buildup, Mercy slices Freyas throat and lets her bleed out on to the kitchen floor. Freya dies instantly and her death stare is wide eyed and still. The blood drips from her wound as Mercy unties her slaughter and lays her on the floor to admire, kissing her breasts and neck, caressing the sexy slaughters body until she knows its time to hit the showers. She leaves Freyas corpse on the floor as she goes to clean her self up. Body pans and views of the sexy dead slaughter, and her beautiful eyes.

Starring: Freya and Mercy West  OBSESSED PHOTOGRAPHER
    16 minutes


Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

A new model trying to build her portfolio replies to an ad for Trade For Print, impressed with the photographer's works she comes to his place to do a quick photo shoot. When she walks in he is very kind, taking light readings for the shoot with an impromptu backdrop fastened to the ceiling> They talk for a second but he is ready to go and she is good at following directions. He praises her for her sexiness, and says since she did not bring any changes of clothing they would have to get creative with the poses and losing the clothing she has. After several shots and lots of photographer praise, the guy gets a bit more hands on. They agreed to do no nudes her first shoot so he tells her to move things to the side, remove shirt and jeans, and then he tells her to loosen the straps on the bra to show more skin. He really is kind and not demeaning at all so she trusts him more and more but stays firm on the no nudes. He has some trouble getting her to pose how he wants so he sets his camera down and sits behind her to help get here in the pose, obviously his obsession with the new unheard of model and tries to get her bra off, she starts to push him away and he gets her in a choke hold. He toys with her to watch her sexy body thrash and try to get away, as her eyes roll back in her head and she tries to get air, kicking and grabbing at him while she chokes until she is unconscious. The obsessed photographer ties her up to a spreader bar from the ceiling with one arm tied hanging from one end and a leg from the other. Not really a bondage guy he does his best to get the ropes for her to hang and dangle suspended while he feels her up and takes photos of her naked, sexy body. After a while and some fondling she starts to wake up, and that is when he grabs a syringe full of a chemical drug synthesized to render the victim dead and frozen, catatonic, so he can pose her in the perfect poses for what he desires. It is really the only way he can be happy. So after he injects her and she goes out, he lets her down from the ropes while the drug starts to take affect. In about twenty minutes he will have a fully frozen body that is ready to be posed and manipulated. TO BE CONTINUED....
    7 minutes


Starring: Genetica w/ Gun Hand

**FULL 1920X1080 HD** **FULL BLOOD AND F/X**

A very sexy young lady is hanging out in her bed, about to get up and go out on the town. She stretches her legs, still in her long socks, boy shorts, and sexy top, then slowly walks to the bathroom so she can get ready. She brushes her long, beautiful hair as she looks in the mirror, checking herself out as she does so. She puts on some lipstick and looks at herself in the mirror seeing what she wants to fix. She pulls off her blouse up over her head, then her boyshorts, and her bra. She keeps her socks on intact.She looks in the mirror noticing how perfect she is from head to toe. Perfect belly, perfect tits, and everything else in place. She cleans the mirror and is about to toss the towel when she sees something in the reflection. She drops her towel and her jaw as she sees a man in the background holding a pistol on her. She spins around and pleads with the man holding the gun. "What do you want with me, why are you holding a gun?" The man says, "That is none of your concern, please raise your arms above your head." He is calm and she is starting to be hysterical. He makes sure her hands are not in the way and tells her, "Let me just put one in your belly" Pop and then also shoots a second shot to her left breast but missing the heart. She flies back against the vanity and looks down in shock to see the wounds leaking blood fairly rapidly. As she starts to leak blood the man asks her to move over towards the tub and move her hair out of the way so he can see her bloody wounds. He gets her to writhe her way up to the tub edge, and as she sits on the edge of the tub, he pops one in her heart and she flies back into the tub with a jolt and a thud, slamming her ass in the tub. She starts to moan and grunt, crying a bit from the pain and anguish of her wounds. She lays in the tub, flopping and floundering losing blood and energy from the gunshots. Blood continues to leak out of her breast and belly. She is in so much pain she moves herself around the tub finally laying flat inside the bottom of the tub where she twitches and jolts from the pain and shock. She shutters and is in shock, eyes wide as she goes still and dies. The killer looks over her, identifying her as his mark and checking her body out a bit. She lays naked, except for her long socks, in the bottom of the tub, mouth slightly open, still bleeding from her wounds into the tub. Her sexy figure is viewed and panned from a few angles.  TESSA CAMP SLAUGHTER RULES
    17 minutes

Starring: Tessa & Lexxi

Two beautiful young ladies are hanging out with each other. Lexxi invited Tessa, her best friend, over to help her out with an issue. She will be doing the once a year camping trip with her family, and this year it is her turn to slaughter the animal. She is very nervous and knows her brothers and dad will give her all kinds of guff so she wants to try it out on a friend. Lexxi leads Tessa to the table where she takes her clothing off and explains in more detail about the slaughter and how they will go about it. She takes her sandals off and then Tessa helps her take off her slides and dress. The two, perfect ladies are almost nude, and discussing the next step. She shows Tessa the rope and ties her feet, then her hands behind her back to keep them from grabbing at the knife. She explains why the knife is so sharp and how the animal is slaughtered. She plays with her neck and body with the blade. She runs the knife across her neck lightly because it is very sharp, then she does a practice run, slowly drawing the knife right over where she will cut her. Then she goes for real and cuts into her neck slightly, then sawing back and forth to cut into the arteries and veins. The blood begins to come out heavier as she cuts into the neck, going over the slice a few times for good measure. Tessa dies after a few twitches and gurgles, her eyes stay wide and open as Lexxi lays her body down on the table after untying her arms. She unties the feet then says a few words checking the dead body out! What a sexy slaughter partner and animal, I know she can't wait to be an animal too!
    26 minutes

      ORGASMIC DUEL - Starring: Belle Fatale & Lexxi

Back to full 1920 x 1080 HD

A police detective(Lexxi) is on the hunt for a young serial killer(Belle) who killed her sister after taking her husband and disposing of him too. Lexxi finds her and calls her to discuss how she will get the death penalty when she is caught. After a long conversation and some smack talk, they agree to meet at Belle's hideout for a DUEL TO THE DEATH. They each choose weapons, Detective Lexxi her pistol, and Belle a kitchen knife to make it interesting. She also says she will be dressed in her long, black, high heeled boots, and lingerie just to give Lexxi more of an edge. Lexxi comments that she is naive and has no chance in her "Fuck Me Boots". They hang up each one hissing about the other, soon Lexxi is in the main room of the hideout, she calls for the bitch and slowly Belle comes down the hall scraping the knife against it to make a creepy sound, to intimidate the cop. When she gets into the room with Lexxi she up and downs her, kissing the knife then setting it on the floor, slowly, keeping her eyes on the cop and her gun in hand. She stands up and without words looks into the detectives eyes, she is getting a bit nervous with the young, sexy, serial killer pacing around her, but she is mesmerized by her sexiness. The serial killer tosses her coat in the corner, revealing her sexy, thin frame, bra, no panties, with thigh highs and knee high fuck me boots. She also wears long, black opera gloves with such elegance. She gets closer to the detective, smelling her as she goes around checking her out. Just as the detective is lulled, she goes in for a kiss. First Lexxi is standoffish and pulls away, but once Belle's sweet lips lock to hers she comes back to her, taking in the sexy kisses and long French kisses. The young serial killer seduces the sexy cop, and soon they are fully making out, the detective following orders to take off her clothes and she does, she is being kissed, caressed and rubbed down by the killer. She is fully entranced by Belle's sexiness and touch. After much heavy petting, and disarming the gun from the detective, she reaches in and twists her nipples hard, causing pain. She does this for a while, twisting them so she is in pain, then she kneels down and grabs a small vibrator out of her boot. She turns it on and sticks it up in the cops pussy, deep, so it goes all the way in. The cop is having a hard time concentrating because of the nipple twisting and the vibrator hitting her g spot constantly when she is in certain positions. With the vibrator deep, Belle gets behind her rubbing her clit as she forces the vibrator even deeper into her vagina. The cop is at bay now, she is putty as she cums very hard, but the serial killer is not impressed by it at all. She tells the cop she has a weak orgasm and needs to do better, but Lexxi just moans and tries to fight it. After more teasing and some playing with the knife she tosses the cop to the floor, and taunts her, standing over her and counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2,.. They both spring to their feet grabbing their weapons off the floor. Lexxi is in obvios discomfort as she tries to stand, each time she is erect, she starts to feel the vibrator on her g spot, making it hard to aim. She shoots and misses a couple times as Belle ducks and laughs at the pathetic cop. Just as she tries to shoot a third time, Belle moves in grabbing the gun arm and holding it up over her head as she plunges the large kitchen knife deep into her belly, right between the button and the mons, where the guts are vital. The detective, almost orgasmic when she was stabbed, takes the knife 2/3 deep and moans loud, and deep moans and grunts as the killer twists the knife into her guts, causing a bit of blood to leak out around the knife. Lexxi goes slowly to her knees with the knife still in her, but as she hits Belle pulls the knife out of her belly. The detective is about to cum as she clutches her belly, then falls back, her legs and feet tucked back, her arms to the side cumming hard and arching her back, fully nude. Belle taunts her a bit as she hovers over the dying, orgasming Detective. As she dies and goes limp, the serial killer crouches down to kiss her cheek and caress her dead body before exiting the scene. She also removes her bra revealing her signature diamond heart pasties she only wears to kill. The sexy woman dead on the floor is panned and viewed from many sexy angles.

These two i tell you what a pair together. They are really excellent to watch as they work together. Thanks to Irma for co directing this gem! Watching Lexxi writhe with the vibrator inside her is priceless! CB

Run Time: 26:03 minutes
File Size: 750 MB	Format: .WMV
    24 minutes

Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Olivia Glass, Ryanne Redd, Tessa Green, Winnie Delu
w/ Henry Samuels, Martin Chandler, Morris Baer, Thad Quigley, and Tom Bolt

A gang of ruthless bank robbers stop in to Iron Horse Saloon before robbing the bank across the street. Little do they know that word is out and their shenanigans are already known by the Sheriff and his posse. Whe the froggy Duputy Winnie comes asking questions, the answers are not what she wants to hear so she shoots Ryanne who is first to go for her gun. At the bar, Hannah and Tessa are dealing with the bartender who is trying to flirt, but gets no love as Hannah pulls out her gun and tells him it's a bad idea. Things get bad when the bartender pulls out and caps her in the dome. The Sheriff comes in and shoots Tessa, belle runs outside, but Winnie comes out to shoot her but takes a rifle slug to the chest. The sneaky bartender comes around the back and shoots Belle with the scatter gun. After the shootout, the mortician has his fun with his job, cleaning up the wounds and getting them ready for their coffins. As he preps them he says a few words, then has Jed the bartender carry them off to the caskets, where they are lined up and displayed. Guess robbing the bank in this town was a bad idea. 

This is a fine shooting that was co-directed and Shot by Chris B, and Hank S, with wound and blood f/x by Irma. Slow motions of the black powder shots and digital wound f/x edited by Hank S. Lots of fun and a great value!
Price: 25.00
Run Time: 23:40 minutes
File Size: 245 MB	Format: .WMV
Category: Shooting/Postmortem

    Random CHRIS CORNER Clips more
    30 minutes
Starring: Coco w/ Chris B

The story continues as Dr. B does a full examination on the Jane Doe that Asphyxiated herself, whilst masturbating, ending up dying with her fingers inside her vagina. Chris has to triple check to make sure there is no foul play. He checks all of her, including; her temperature, swabbing her fingernails, vagina, and mouth for evidence. When he knows she is clean, and very hot, he fucks her body after his exam. he leaves to get some cleaner and wipes, where she is panned. He returns, cleans her and his mess up, then does COD, and then exits for more views of this super sexy belt lover!

What a hot morgue! Thanks CB

Run Time: 30:00 minutes
File Size: 440 MB 	Format: .WMV
    32 minutes
Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B.

***FULL 1920x1080 HD***

An interesting businessman loves his sexy secretaries and management most and has his eye on the quietest, best worker that he has, Ryanne. He knows she is keen on him and he definitely has his eye on her, not only for her savvy business skills, but hers sexy hotness in her glasses, skirt, heels, and tight, cleavage revealing top. He really loves her sexy smooth, soft skin and he wants to spend more time with her, so when the opportunity rises, so does he to the occasion. When she arrives to bring some documents for him to sign she is dressed professional, everything tucked in and in all the right places. She asks him to sign the documents with a smile but he has other plans and starts to talk to her about advancement, and how she is his favorite, maybe even all time. This man is different, he doesn't drink alcohol or do drugs. He doesn't have an appetite for prostitutes or gambling away his fortune. He is simple, likes his old cabin in the woods, and his chai tea. He loves nature and the outdoors. He has a vision of her in his dreams being his lover and him completing a ritual he has only done in role play with other sexy secretaries. This one will be a finalized project, everything signed, sealed, and delivered. He checks her out up and down, some from his point of view. He asks her some questions and tells her not to worry about the contracts to be signed. He explains that she is his favorite and he wants her to be closer to him and that is why she is really there. She blushes and averts her eyes, giggling and smiling because he chose her over all the others. He asks her if she is willing to do anything and she obliges, "anything, anytime" with a shy grin. He is infatuated with her so he uses his hands to feel her up after asking her to remove her skirt, then her shirt, then bra, then shoes and panties. He caresses her sexy neck knowing that will be where he really makes his mark. After she is naked he feels her breasts then plays with her pussy, getting her super wet and interested even more. She thinks she knows where this is leading and she is half right. He goes to get some rope as he has her masturbating herself on the stoll while he finds the binds. When he comes back he ties her hands tight behind her back so she wont fight, but that is the thing she is so willing to do anything he wishes. he does. He uses his finger to simulate a knife as he arches her head back by pulling her hair. He is getting very hot and she is still very horny as he plays with her pussy spreading her lips and fingering her from behind. He lays a towel on the floor and gets her on her knees. He plays with her tits and pussy making sure she is extra wet for when he fucks her. He grabs a sharp 16" blade and starts lightly touching her nipples and skin, plus her neck a few times not getting had enough to cut her with the knife which drives her wild with excitement. He takes off his clothes down to his boxers and gets behind her playing with her pussy getting his dick hard with her hands behind her back trying to grab his cock which gets him instantly hard. He sticks his dick in fucking her from behind, rhythmically getting harder and faster as he goes along. He arches her head and neck way back while he leans her body forward. Being very excited it doesn't take long for him to jet his hot load inside her, and at the same time he slices her neck wide open from ear to ear watching her bleed out as she gurgles, cumming at the same time she going. He finishes up with his orgasm pumping her even after she is wide eyed and dead, then pulling out and gathering himself before laying her down on the floor so he can see hers sexy face, tits, and huge slice with all the blood dripping. He checks her out more, caressing her face, her breasts and her pussy before going to get cleaned up. Body pans and views of the sexy, bloody, dead young woman follow and lots of them from many angles, and of course the close up death stare.

Hot, lucky Chris, yeah that was good. Yummy! For the blood lovers! CB

Run Time: 30:32 minutes
File Size: 1250 MB 	Format: .MP4
    9 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale, Ryanne, & Lexxi

After chloroforming, strangling, and breaking their necks, Belle continues her quest for retribution from the mean girl crew, using them as she was used at the time that was most vulnerable, now she will enjoy herself physically while continuing to humiliate them after they are dead. She fondles, licks their pussies, and mounts their hands as use to finger and masturbate herself, doing the same with their hands to themselves in the process. After an earth shattering orgasm and cool down, Belle leaves them to clean up, she is ready for the next few....

Something for the necro fans to chew on. Yes I always try to think of you! Chris
Price: 12.00
Run Time: 9:30 minutes
File Size: 240 MB 	Format: .MP4
    27 minutes
      Fetnoir Hotel Ep 1 - Fetnoir Hotel Ep 1
Starring: Savannah Costello
w/ Rex and Chris B. as "The Red Toes Strangler"

Stunning 1280 x 720 HD Mp4

Story by: Silk Knot

Savannah has a death fetish profile and loves to hit the death fetish boards looking for great role play collaborations, and of course buy fetish clips that have all of her favorite things in them such as: Strangulation, Necro Sex, Neck breaks after the strangle for good measure, Stockings wrapped tight around her neck, and of course being rag dolled around the bed and screwed over and over. Getting herself filled to the brim with the killer's offerings, and it running down her chin, and dripping off of her painted toes. She had the biggest fetish appetite so when she saw an ad for "Fetnoir Hotel" and what their fantasy packages involved, she decided to book a stay at the old Hotel and what transpired after she checked in, was a wild ride ending in complete and utter......

Savannah arrived soon after check in to the 5th floor, she had to walk down to the end of a very long, and empty hallway to her room which was one of the last in the row. It was quiet and eerie, a great start to this escapade. She entered her room and set her stuff down, she was dressed in a short skirt, and sheer white blouse, and stiletto heels that showed off her long, sexy legs. She immediately looked over to the bed and there was a note, and a pink lap top, her favorite color. She opened it up and the hotel computer prompted her to type some additional info, she did not know that this was already part of the plan. The keys on the computer had a drug that makes you sleepy, and lose all inhibitions, making your dreams lucid and sexual feelings mounting. She started to read about her particular package.
"The Red Toes Strangler?" It was starting to make sense as to why they had her dress a certain way, very specific, as well as painting the toes with red polish. She started to get the picture a little, but she had no idea what was to happen next. As she read further she started to get sleepy, because of the drug, she also started to feel very aroused from the story of "The Red toes Strangler" and his many victims, the last being very similar to her. As she got comfy removing her shirt and bra, then putting the sheer, long sleeve shirt back on like described in the story on the lap top. She dozes off and right away she is in dreamland, dead, stocking wrapped tightly around her neck, and dead, eyes wide, tongue protruding to the side. She imagined the strangler choking her to death as she lay on the bed, then roughly grabbing her breasts and fucking her corpse that moved to and fro, while her eyes were wide and tongue was out. She was loving it and speaks about it in her dreams(voice over) She imagines him atking her in many ways from behind, then strangling her to death upright, behind her until she drooped and her arms went limp to her side. He snapped her neck and she imagines it, acting it all out in her dream, on the bed, choking, and being screwed with no visible killer. In her dreams though he is strong, sexy, young and virile, giving her dead body what it craves with sex. After she moves around on the bed, imagining herself being mouth sexed, and screed silly, and the Red Toes Killer sucking on her painted feet, she blacks out and crosses to another dream of her laying on a desk, face to the mirror, dressed with one shoe dangling off. She wakes up to sleep walk to the bathroom, remembering it a couple ways and her brain adjusting it correctly. She imagines herself in the bathroom, looking down at her red toes, and scrunching them a bit then looking up to horror and strangling she is receiving is intense, he strangles her in the bathroom, then putting her in the tub, she imagines he is screwing her many ways in the tub and bathroom, and him sucking on her painted toes and sexy soles being licked. She is in ecstasy, feeling light as a feather dreaming about the different ways he would strangle and fuck her body afterwards. Suddenly she is startled and woken, by her phone in the room. She answers and it is a message asking her to meet a tall dark man in the lobby bar of the hotel, she accepts knowing this is her strangler, taking her out after a few drinks and seduction. She grabs her bag with the sexy new dress and slides she bought for this special occasion. She straightens her toe rings and anklet as she puts on the sexy slide, slowly checking it out as she shoe plays. She brushes and fixes her long, blonde hair. She applies lipstick to match her toes and fingers red. She is ready and takes one last look in the mirror to make sure she is good top to bottom, grabs her purse and heads to the door. She opens it to leave but is shocked when a man is there with a stocking at eye level and heading quickly towards her neck. He rushes in and wraps the stocking aro0und way faster and tighter than the guy in her dreams. This man was a bit older and stronger, and taller, he had amazingly strong hands and right away had her wrapped tightly in his clutches and soon was under her and she was on top of him on the edge of the bed. The "Red Toes Strangler" made quick work of the her and strangled her hard, tightening the stocking around her neck tighter as she fights for her life, kicking so he can see her red toes. He finishes her off after a few minutes and she dies, tongue out to the side of her mouth, eyes wide with expression and shock. The man tosses her to the floor, grabbing and swooping her in his arms, then tossing her like a rag doll on to the bed. He goes to work removing the dress, rolling her over flopping her dead limbs like match sticks. He rolls her again and then picks her up, not caring about her dead body or how he flops her hard. He grabs her up and positions her for his fuck. He screws her hard, fucking her and her tits jiggling hard back and forth. He is so aroused by the strangle and build up he pulls out, cumming on her pussy, mouth and then cumming again on her sexy painted red toes. After glazing her mouth, pussy, and toes, he kisses her forehead, then exits. She wonders if this is a dream or real, but she knows after a while, she is not coming back from this fantasy any time soon, at Fetnor Hotel, we have one strict policy, if you are female and checking in, you will not be checking out. Her sexy dead corpse, covered in the cum of the Red Toes Strangler from head to toe, is panned and viewed from many angles and so sexy. What a pleasant stay! Thanks for staying at Fetnoir Hotel!

Thanks to Silk Knot for his wonderful writings and Savannah for her excellent ability to take direction and make it way better. This is a very intricate script with lots of details, voice overs, dream sequences and a few different death scenes as well as a great strangle at the end...what a crazy thing but we did it! More episodes to come soon, stay tuned! CB

Run Time: 26:15 minutes
File Size: 512 MB 	Format: .MP4
     FIGHT CLUB The Newbie
    23 minutes
      FIGHT CLUB The Newbie - FIGHT CLUB The Newbie
Starring: Belle Fatale and Hannah Perez

Club Captain and grand champion Belle is cleaning up after a long week hosting Fight Club and about to lock up when a woman comes to the door asking around, saying she knows Coco and a couple years back she gave her the address to the club and said, "If you ever want the best fighters in a death match, go visit PDX Fight Club. Belle lets her know she is closing and she must have an appointment, but when she hears that Coco sent her, and then hears the name Hannah, she gets a look in her eye and a lump in her throat. She has heard about Hannah for years, a muy Thai kick boxer that has been working the UFCW circuit and winning all across the board. Belle can not resist a fight and has never lost, obviously because she is still standing with a heart beat.

The two start stretching and immediately you can telle Belle is a bit salty and is putting her game face on. As they stretch and get ready Hannah tries to make small talk but Belle shuts her down in a second. As they square up and start talking smack, Hannah lunges a like she is going to punch, then surprises Belle with a couple of side kicks to the hip, knocking her back. The two go at it and trade blows. They really brawl and Belle uses her boxing skills and length to get in good punches while Hannah kicks and punches to gain ground. After a good brawl and change of power Hannah surprises Belle with a combination and uppercut to the jaw knocking her out cold. She smacks her around a bit, toying with her, then to humiliate her then takes her clothes off, leaving only the g string. She claims she could kill her with a neck snap but wants to fight more. She drops her and grabs water. As her back is turned, belle wakes up and grabs her hair punching her. The two get back to fighting, trading blows, but Belle gets the upper hand punching Hannah hard and knocks her to the floor.  Belle mounts her and starts pounding her face, then pounding her head in the floor over and over like she saw Coco do. She hits with a combo left and right, then Hannah bucks her off then punches Belle over and over again with a combo. She punches her with an uppercut before Belle comes back at her and uppercuts her to the sofa, knocking her out cold, her body slightly twitches as her open, fluttering eyes shut as she goes KO. Now it is Belles turn to have her fun humiliating Hannah. She gets behind her, flopping her around removing her sports bra exposing her huge tits. Belle smacks her tits around a few times hard, then again a few times more to check them out and to hang over her head when she wakes up, more humiliation for Hannah. She moves her head around and flops her a few times. She drags Hannah out to the middle of the floor and as she is talking more trash, Hannah comes to and kicks her right square between the legs, knocking her back a few feet stumbling. Belle gets punched, then kicked a few times, even with a running front kick that is brutal, but she uses her reach to punch Hannah with her bony hands and cause damage. Belle punches her again and knocks her silly, Hannah tries to recover but belle gets her by two handed drop to the back , knocking Hannah on the floor that is when Belle attacks. Belle has fun too as she slaps Hannah and the ass and pushes her down, just her G string in tact. She rolls the stunned Hannah over and punches her over and over right left combos to the jaw then feels like she wants to be done with the whole thing and chalk up another Win, she grabs Hannah behind the head and pulls her up, choking her out from behind. She chokes her hard while she lifts her up then breaks her back and the young woman starts to go limp, but still manages to use one of her arms so Belle just finishes it with the neck snap. She breaks her neck pulling up and twisting it to the side with much roughness causing an awful break, leaving Hannah limp and dead. She drops the fresh corpse and Hannah crumbles to the floor, eyes open and belle removes the hair from her face to show her sexy eyes and dead stare, mouth open from the shock. Belle tells her she should have waited and made an appointment then goes to freshen up. Body pans of the sexy dead woman fighter follow. When Belle comes back to the room she says she is glad to get rid of the rug in the room so she piles all of Hannahs stuff in with her dead body and rolls her up in the rug to take to the dump. Time to call the maid. What a hot roll of fight club meat, yum!

I am absolutely impressed with the young ladies and their skills to help me get some great fight content. Belle is awesome and Hannah is such a special treat to have here, looking forward to seeing her back soon. This fight is absolutely great in every way! KO! CB

Run Time: 22:49 minutes
File Size: 605 MB 	Format: .MP4
    19 minutes
Starring: Genetica w/ Masked Killer

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

It's another night alone for this young professional woman who constantly strives for greatness, working long hours at the firm, so when she relaxes, she likes to do it to the best of her ability. Tonight is the night she gets to unwind, take some medication with her cocktail, and have her orgasmic dream about a tall dark faceless figure, who comes in and strangles her to death, then helps himself to her body afterwards. As she saunters into her bedroom slowly, nursing a whiskey sour, she stops at the nightstand to smell the potent and beautiful lilies in the vase. As she takes in the lovely scent she plays with her open toed high heels, flexing her calf muscles and feet in her shoes. She slowly moves up on to the bed, showing her legs and taking her shoes off with some playfulness and rubs her soles and toes from her long day at the office. She wore her sexy matching red bra and thong, because she knows it is her killer's favorite color. She reaches in the nightstand and takes out a bottle of pills, taking one of the tiny white pills and chasing it with her mixed drink. She knows her sleeping meds work pretty quickly so she starts to get herself more in the mood. She caresses her neck rubbing her long neck and massaging the tendons in a choke posture, knowing what she wants it to feel like. She unbuttons the top buttons on her blouse revealing more cleavage she knows will drive the killer wild and make him do naughty things to her corpse. As she closes her eyes and starts to rest she gets into position so the killer will have easy access. She imagines the killer and his powerful hands. Soon she is out and on her way to dreamland. The killer moves slowly into the room, knowing exactly why he is here and what he is to do. He touches her sexy neck and removes his leather belt slowly. He fashions the belt around her neck and loops it through the buckle so he can use one hand at some point and grope her with the other. Once it is snug and secure he pulls tight. At first she writhes slowly with her eyes closed, still transitioning from imagination to fantasy and reality when she looks up and sees the tall dark figure with a black mask and hood. She grasps at her neck and the belt but finds her hands exploring her own body, rubbing her breasts and thighs as she takes in the strangle. Her eyes go wide in terror as she looks up and sees the brutal killer. She kicks her feet and legs trying to fight, exploring her own body more with each tug. As she fights for air she chokes, her tongue protrudes and curls fishing for air. The strangler bears down on her neck pulling tight on the belt which causes her to choke more and gasp less, her face turns many shades from pink to purple as she fights for air. The killer uses his off hand to grope her sexy breasts, grabbing them firmly as he pulls on the belt like a noose with the other. She continues to fight him but now her perfect breasts are out bouncing around as she fights her dream killer. She slows a little at a time a she fights to stay alive, rubbing herself in different places as she fights off her killer. After a long strangle and many different angles, her fighting perfect body slows and starts to twitch and shudder. The killer pulls extra hard to make sure he finishes the job. She dies eyes wide open, mouth slightly open and still. The killer lets go of the long leather belt and rolls her over on to her tummy so he can check out her ass. He feels her ass and then rolls her again to show her tits. He moves closer to her corpse and fondles her breasts, harder and harder. He pinches her hard nipples and pulls her thong aside to see her juicy pussy that has worked itself up during the struggle. He looks closely from his perspective and takes the time to caress her perfect skin head to toe, taking extra time with her ass, pussy and tits. After a long groping and panning of the sexy corpse, he scoops her up and tosses her head to the pillows on her bed as if she is sleeping. He positions her spread eagle and moves her panties aside for easy access. Her panties are stained from her cum from when she was strangled. Her death stare is pure and long. After the killer leaves and her body is viewed and panned, we fade into her laying there in the same position, eyes closed, breathing. She starts to rub herself, pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy as she still lingers in the imagination before waking up, rubbing herself more, and especially her neck, feeling where the belt was, wondering if it really happened or not. She feels like she wants something else to happen so grabs a pillow and rolls over to sleep more, hoping for another dream where the killer comes back and has his way with her fresh corpse.

Genetica is a specimen of a human figure. She is perfect from head to toe and such a wonderful artist. I am really looking forward to working with her on some of her own stuff this coming year. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 18:37 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4

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