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    14 minutes

      HEAD THEFT ASSAULT - A girl is laying on her bed, reading a book, when a criminal rushes in and jumps on her. She is caught, and before she can do anything he brutally slices her head off using a sickle; we see her legs kicking desperately until the head is severed and everything goes limp.
Now he has her headless body there on the bed; he starts rolling and bumping it around, fondling her legs, worshipping the cute senseless feet. It is amazing that she was a girl student moments ago and now it's just a body toy to play with! 
He pulls his dick out, starts masturbating while worshipping the body's feet and he slaps his dick on the wet soles. He goes on rolling the headless body up and down, until he decides to rest the severed head right upon its ass, while he masturbates and worships the feet, before cumming, finally.
At that point, he collects the head and puts it into his bag, carrying it away. He leaves the headless body there, limp and violated, waiting for someone else to find it...  LAURA GUILLOTINED PRISONER
    8 minutes

      LAURA GUILLOTINED PRISONER - A woman sits on a chair, hands bound behind her, awaiting execution...she is frightened and sits pensively, crossing her legs. She is wearing a short skirt, heels and a blouse. 

the executioner arrives, and asks if she is easy to lose her head...she is surprised...she thought she would be hanged. The idea of beheading is repulsive to her...she doesn't want a bloody, messy death. He taunts her, telling her how he will hold her bloody head up...if she is lucky, she will see her leggy headless body one last time. all of his victims seem to remain conscious for a little bit of time. She asks if it will hurt...he says it most certainly will...he says she should think about being beheaded and still conscious, knowing she is dead....she is now very upset as he stands her up and leads her to the guillotine.

he brings  her to the is set up for a kneeling beheading. She doesn't want to look at it, but he forces her to...he walks her around it, telling her how it will strike off her her head will end up on a pike, while her lovely body...well, he'll leave that to her imagination....he is certain all the witnesses watching will be aroused...especially him.

He forces her to kneel and she struggles as he places her in the lunette.... She pleads for her life...We see her anxious face from inside the basket as she begs him to not take her head....

The camera lingers on the scene of her in the guillotine from the side...he finally announces it is time for her to lose her head...the blade drops, we see the head fall...and he removes the basket with her head in it. We see the headless body in the machine.

Ends in NbM fashion with her bound in the chair, legs crossed.

Starring: Laura Smith
Keywords: Execution, Guillotine, Headless, Magic
    14 minutes

      GIVING HEAD LEXY - Naked and submissive Lexy is going to be beheaded by sword. During her talk with the executioner, she finds out that he sometimes can cut heads off smoothly, with a single blow; other times, when he's not fully relaxed, he might fail and make a mess.
This is enough for Lexy to decide to willingly give him a blowjob, during which the two keep talking about her beheading, severed head etc. The executioner finally cums into her mouth and she swallows: she's ready to lose head, so she bends forward and lets him cut it off. The headless body drops down.
Final pans on her head on a pillow, blood and cum dripping out of her mouth

Starring: Lexy
Keywords: sword, execution, oral, surreal, willing

Run Time: 13:38 minutes
File Size: 563 MB 	Format: .AVI
    8 minutes

      BEHEADING SLAVE ISABEL - Model: Isabel Dean (unlisted)

Slave Isabel is led in and put down on her knees. The man takes out a sword and prepares to cut her head off in an unnerving wait. Finally, he blows the sword down and her body swings up headless, as blood spurts out of the stump. Pretty simple but effective clip.

Starring: Isabel
Keywords: sword, execution, willing
235 MB
    16 minutes

      HEADLESS CALVES WANK - A politician woman, smartly dressed, is led to the guillotine for executions for her crimes. We don't see her face, she's just one of the many politicians who would deserve this.
A moment of unnerving wait, we hear the blade dropping and we see the legs shook and drop to the side. The job is done, the executioner approaches the body and notices she was actually quite fit and had great legs. Now he can take his freedom with that body, so, he starts to grope these legs and ass through the clothing. He really enjoys that. He then exposes the calves and starts to grope them and lick them. He seems to be into these calves very much.
He then takes off the shoes and white socks, and starts worshipping these dead feet, as well as slapping his dick on them and fucking the soles by putting his dick between them. No response comes from the politician anymore, her big ego is gone and now there's nothing she can do.
He keeps getting back to these calves, licking them, groping them and also rubbing his dick on them... But also doesn't forget about the feet. Finally, wanking, he shots his cum all over these soles and calves.

Starring: Unlisted model
Keywords: guillotine, execution, feet, footjob 
    17 minutes

      HEADLESS GIRLFRIEND NBM - The NBM part is simpler in the video because of the language issues.
The effects in this clip are very basic, and Kelly's English is beyond crap, but the story is quite original and interesting, and also she has a super hot body and feet!

A man comes in carrying a headless girl on his shoulders: it was his girlfriend, and she has been guillotined because of an unpaid parking ticket.
The guy dumps the body on the bed: he should be sad, but he looks excited instead. He puts one of her hands in his pants and begins to stroke his dick with it. He takes her trousers, shoes and socks off, puts some sexy high heels on her feet and fucks the calves for some time. Then he sinks his face between her soles, worshipping them with great satisfaction, before moving on a footfuck cumming on the soles.

MOOD: Apparently, his girlfriend was a quite shy and conservative girl and had never allowed him to do anything kinky or unusual, so he’s now super excited that he can have her body and do everything he has always dreamed of, and she can no longer say anything about it.

The scene fades back in showing the headless body has been redressed sexy in bra, high heels and very short skirt, and it has been put on a chair. The legs are crossed and she sits in a slumped position.
The guy comes back in and starts playing with her dead legs, eventually moving and kissing them. Slowly she stirs, as if she’s waking up. The guy escapes out of the frame.
Gradually she comes to a full state of consciousness, and slowly/seductively crosses and plays with her legs.

She calls him back and he reappears, scared. She asks him what has he done while she was dead, and he says nothing. Bullshit she says, she cold feel him using his dick on her, and his tongue worshipping her dead soles!
He is speechless, he can’t believe he got caught despite she is now headless! But he gets even more speechless when she said that she actually loved it, and she wants to do a lot more…

Basically her body has always been sexual, but her head used to censor this all the time. Now that the head and the person is not there anymore, the body is NOW FREE to deliver its full potential and to be super naughty, as she loves his dick and enjoys the fact that he gets excited over her.

So she tells him to kneel down before her crossed legs and start to wank. Does he likes her that way? Does he think she looks better without her head? Does he like these long legs?

Growing excited, he starts to get naughty and confident again. He stands up, and tells her to grab his dick and wank him off. She loves it, and they keep talking about how good it feels, how great her headless body is, and how boring her girlfriend was when she still had a head!

Starring: Kelly
Keywords: Magic, stripping, feet, footjob, handling, surreal
    6 minutes

      CHLOE TOY GUILLOTINES BROOK - Brook has been arrested for being drunk and disorderly. She already has been in trouble many times before for the same thing. She only got out prison last week after serving 6 weeks in jail. When she got out of prison she agreed not to go out and get drunk and cause trouble agreeing if she did she would face the Guillotine.

The clip starts with Brook led in the room by agent Chloe Toy, straight from her arrest with handcuffs and legirons on her ankles. She's still dressed in her partying night outfit and high heels. Agent Chloe Toy Is wearing the police outfit. At first Brook is not taking her sentence seriously and she's laughing.
She says she would rather lose her head than go back to prison and wear that horrible prison jumpsuit and these horrible flat shoes.
But, soon she realizes the policewoman is serious, so she starts to kick off a bit and swearing at the agent. She is strapped to the guillotine. A long unnerving wait follows, and then, suddenly, the blade drops down and Brook's body jumps headless on the machine going instantly limp.

Once again you can see the blade DROPPING ON BROOK, a jet of blood coming out, and her body going limp in an awesome way!!

File Size: 235 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Just Execution  TIPSY GUILLOTINE PLAY
    15 minutes

      TIPSY GUILLOTINE PLAY - The scene opens with the couple who have been drinking and having a good time.  She is wearing a short, cling outfit…high heels, bare legs, hair up.  Finally, the  woman impatiently sits down, crosses her legs, says she’s getting bored and would like a little more adventure.

Her boyfriend says he has an idea…how about a little bondage and noose play? He loves her legs and would like to see them dangle as she does a little dance for him at the end of a rope.  She thinks that sounds good to her….she likes the idea of a little peril play. He has her stand up, and he binds her hands behind her, and leads her off.

He brings her to a chair or stool, with a noose dangling from the ceiling above it. She looks up at it and smiles…a hanging scene, she likes it.

She coyly asks him if he is going to hang her?  He doesn’t answer, just asks her to stand on the stool, and he helps her up. He climbs on a chair next to her, and opens the noose in front of her…she stretches her neck and head forward, helping him put her head in it.  She is not afraid at all…she is really into this.  She orders him to pull the noose tight…he does so, and descends from the chair. The camera is capturing the full length of the scene.

He admires her legs from this vantage point and fondles them She really likes this…She tells him she has a hanging fetish…that she is quite excited by this.  Dancing from the end of a rope is such a sexy way to show of her legs….wouldn’t he like to see that? Wouldn’t he like to see her swing…her knees at eye level? She plays with him a little, acting like she is going to step off of the chair. She is a smart ass, and taunts him so more about her hanging and him getting off on it.  He kind of hopes she does it and encourages her, kicking the stool or chair a little.  She laughs and says she wouldn’t really step off the chair…and jokes that she is saving herself for beheading. He tells her that if that is what she is into, he has a model guillotine.

This brightens her up, and she says she want to see it. He helps her down and they head to the guillotine….she is still bound. It is set up for a kneeling beheading. She is very excited to see it…she thought he was kidding her.  She walks around, looking at it, admiring it.  She’s been interested in beheading since she was young…axe, sword and guillotine. She was always disappointed that the heroine in the movies was always rescued right before losing her head.  She sits down on the guillotine plank and crosses her legs.

Does it work? He tells her it does…Will he let her try it out? She really wants to experience having her head locked in the lunette with the blade over it. He teases her…he’s not so sure. Beheading is kind of messy. Wouldn’t she rather he just hang her?

She begs him…isn’t he interested in seeing her without her head? Doesn’t he want to fondle her legs? What better way to do it then with her hands tied behind her back while locked in the guillotine?  She continues to plead, saying this is one her deepest, darkest fantasies…. he finally acquiesces, and she kneels down, lowers her head into the lunette. We are able to watch her head slide into the lunette from the angle of the basket, and she is quite content as the stock closes down on her.

She is pretty excited to be in this position, in fact she is aroused. She muses over the many victims of the guillotine, and wonders if they too were aroused right before the blade struck off their heads.

After continued musing, she concludes that she would like him to take her head. He is really into it too, but wants to make sure she is serious…there is no putting her back together again.

 She assures him she is serious…she wants him to behead her.  Really. Bring it on. Drop the blade. Chop her head off. Decapitate her. 

He teases her…no, he’d rather hang her after all. She’d make a nice decoration, swinging back and forth in the room. She pleads for him to behead her. Take her head off now. She is really begging now.  Think of the fun he’ll have with her headless body. 

He tells her…you know I’ll be f*cking your mouth and headless body regularly if I behead you…she says that’s what she hopes for.

Well, if she insists….he drops the blade.  We see the head drop.

The scene ends with him admiring her headless body still on the guillotine.  It switches to her bound body, legs crossed back and forth, sitting headless on a chair in NBM fashion.   We see her head on a pillow on the floor next to the body.

Starring: AltSiren
Keywords: Guillotine, Headless, Magic, Surreal, Willing
    10 minutes

      SUB LUCY OFFERS HER HEAD - Submissive Lucy walks in the execution room with her master. She then is shown the guillotine. Lucy offers her head to her master. She is restrained in the machine where she loses her head.

Starring: Lucy Lauren
Keywords: Decap  HEADLESS MEAT
    13 minutes

      HEADLESS MEAT - Yulia has been condemned to be beheaded by the guillotine; she is allowed to smoke her last cigarette while talking to the headsman. When it's time, she's lead to the execution room and quickly beheaded (the beheading is all implied!). Then we see the headsman carrying her body to a kind of slab, stripping it naked, fondling her butts, breasts and legs, and performing a lot of foot worship and abuse on it. Finally, he rolls it over and performs a final (simulated) fuck, as it's just a toy to play with now.

    Random THE GUILLOTINE Clips more
    14 minutes
      APRIL HOODED HOSTAGE GUILLOTINE - April has been kidnapped; she is lead into a room, hooded and handcuffed. She is angry and confident, as her boyfriend is a very influential one in the mob: the kidnappers will face serious issues if they only dare to touch her.
There is a guillotine in the room, but April can't see it because she's hooded. As the kidnapper calls her boyfriend to ask for the ransom, she also sits on it without realizing.
During the phone call, April understands that her head will be sent to her boyfriend if he doesn't pay the ransom. She starts to be inquisitive. It seems like the boyfriend is not interested in paying the ransom as he has a new girlfriend... April starts to panic, as she understands that she can no longer hope in her boyfriend's protection. The kidnapper is going to guillotine her, so she tries to beg him first, then seduce him, but in the end he straps her to the kneeling machine and after an unnerving wait her hooded head falls into the basket. She is dead.

The clip ends with a NBM scene showing her headless body sitting on a chair, crossing and uncrossing her sexy legs.

Starring: April O'Moore
Keywords: guillotine, headless, bondage, bloody, reality_pov, magic
    7 minutes
      STELLA HEADLESS FOOT DOLL - In this clip we see a trunk being opened: inside lies Stella's headless body. A guy pulls the legs out, takes shoes and socks off, and begins groping and moving the senseless limp feet, providing great closeups.
During all the video, mixed flashes of teasing Stella, alive and with her head on her shoulders, moving her toes close to the camera, will perturb you and make the death contrast more noticeable.

Starring: Stella
Keywords: headless, feet, bloody, surreal
    19 minutes
      CONTORTIONIST GUILLOTINED - This is something simple and totally different: a fixed camera films a bizarre photoshoot going on, where Bendy is being photographed by a creep posing on a guillotine which is believed to be a prop. Very bizarre positions, and the photos out of the camera are shown (unedited).
After a while, Bendy is tired so the photographer offers her to do a last pose in the normal position: kneeling down with her head in the lunette. Bendy is looking forward to finish so she agrees, and keeps talking with him. At some point, unexpectedly, the creep releases the blade and Bendy's body is caught shaking and going limp by the fixed camera. We see the photographer groping her ass and mumbling about plans to shoot more, and maybe have some fun with that headless model who now belongs to him...

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: guillotine, reality_pov
424 MB  Laura on the Chopping Block
    8 minutes
      Laura on the Chopping Block - Laura learns she will be executed the next day; she is given the option to choose the method of execution and she chooses beheading as she thinks it's the quickest and less painful way to go.
On the day after, Laura is lead to the chopping block, barefoot and handcuffed; she is visibly nervous, and as a last wish she asks the headsman to wait for her signal: she will tell him when she is ready and he can proceed chopping off her head. He agrees.
He pushes her down on her knees and helps her to rest and stretch her neck on the block; she looks visibly scared, and a long unnerving wait follows... Finally, she says "I'm ready, behead me!"
The axe crushes on her neck (not visible), chopping her head off. the body shooks and relaxes , and finally we see the headsman taking the cuffs off the headless body while Laura's dead head rests on the floor.
    10 minutes
      BIRTHDAY HEAD LUCY LUME - The scene opens with a woman wearing fetish clothing (latex/leather/collar, high heels, seamed stockings) welcoming her boyfriend into her home. It is his birthday, and she has a surprise for him.

He sees an object in the room, covered with a sheet (it is the guillotine) and he wonders if it is his gift. she leads him away from it, not wanting to ruin the surprise.

He admires her outfit. she is normally very conservative in dresssing, yet here she is, very provocatively dressed. He wonders what this is about? She has him sit down and sits next to him, crosses her legs and tells him that she wants to fulfill one of his greatest fantasies. She confesses that she has been on his computer and saw that he has a beheading fetish. She found some of the videos he downloaded from a website called "The Guillotine".Clearly he fantasizes about headless women. And so she wants to lose her head for him and give him her sexy, leggy body as a gift.

He is dumbfounded.They have never really done any role playing like this, so he is very excited. How will they pretend she is headless? Maybe they can arrange the headboard on the bed so her head is hidde. He always wanted to f*ck a headless woman.

She stops him there, she's not talking about roleplay, she's talking about the real deal. She then walks over to the guillotine and uncovers it. She hands him a pair of handcuffs, turns with her back to him and crosses her hands behind her back, saying "ready to take my head? I'm ready to lose it." She tells him "bind me, then take my head off, I want you to do it."

He doesn't resist, he's still quite surprised. "Okay, let's do it"

She asks him to remove her collar. Don't want it to interfere with the blade. She walks to the guillotine, it is set up for a kneeling beheading. She walks around it, drawing attention to its features, giving him a little tour.

(Things she might say)

"I designed this myself and had it specially made and shipped. It just arrived this week, just in time for your birthday!"

"I know it's small, but trust me, it's efficient, don't worry, it will take my head off in a split second"

"In case you are wondering, the leather basket is here to catch my hea, we don't want it rolling around like a melon, know, do we? I'm sure you'll want to use it later"

"Imagine me tied to this plank, with my head in the lunette, helpless and anticipating the blade's drop. I can't wait, you might even take me from behind right after my head is off"

She sits down on the plank, crosses her legs and then continues to tease him, suggesting how much fun he'll have with her once she's headless.

"Behead, please, I know you want to. I'm ready to lose my head."

He doesn't resist and doesn't care about the consequences. "If you are ready to lose your head, then I'm ready to take it."

She stands on her own, then kneels in front of the guillotine. "Help me place my head in the lunett and lock me in."

She talks him through the process "Bind me with the leather strap"

She is excited. This is too much for her.

She's now ready for beheading. He fondles her one last time. He stands back and admires the scene of her bound and in the guillotine. The camera pauses on her.

"This is the best gift you've ever given me,let me know when you're ready."

After a few seconds, she pauses "I'm ready, behead me now."

The blade drops and we see the head fall. The legs give a sharp kick and the body shudders, hands twitching but doesn't slump. He looks down, admiring her head in the basket. We then see him remove the leather basket, leaving the headless body in the guillotine.

Starring: Lucy Lume
Keywords: guillotine, willing, surreal
    19 minutes
      FAILED TEASE ON THE GUILLOTINE 2 - This custom is the followup of "Failed Tease on the Guillotine". It is essentially a foot fetish movie: there is no execution, the story restarts from the point we left, showing April's headless body dumped on the chair while the headsman plays with her legs.
This time he goes further, takes the freedom to take the high heels off, and starts worshipping the feet of the headless body moving the legs as he wants.
The scene resumes on a medical table, headless body laying on the belly, and plenty of ass, legs and feet groping as well and foot worship and stellar soles closeups.
At some point the headsman puts white stocking on the headless body's legs and goes on playing with them and worshipping the feet.

Starring: April
Keywords: headless, feet, inspecion, bloody, limp_play, morgue

Run Time: 19:17
820 MB

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