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     DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted
    28 minutes

      DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted - DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted

Starring: Coco and Steevie w/ Rex

Almost a month has passed since Detective Lizbon was beaten, shocked with a taser, then raped by a diplomat, who's father runs the largest corporation in the first world, so he gets full immunity wherever he goes. The investigator for the Agency Detective Lizbon, who is still on the detail to protect the Diplomat wants a documented apology for the harm he caused her, and wants it to be mediated. Before arriving at the safe house to meet the Diplomat, Coco gets dressed up in a skirt and high heels, always wanting to look fashionable in public. With her badge tethered to her skirt, and her service weapon, .40 caliber pistol, tucked into the small of her back, she arrives. Before she got to the address, the Diplomat, and another crime friend of his, sex trafficker, and serial rapist Steevie, make plans to take her out, and have some fun in the mean time.

Detective Lizbon arrives, she comes in the door and is introduced to Steevie, not recognizing that she is the hoodlum that she tried to collar a few years back when she was a rookie, but never could finger. Steevie is very professional, explaining the apology, and how there are no weapons allowed at the safe house. She sees the Diplomat Rex, and his eyes bite right through her, she stammers back and gets frightened, covering herself, knowing that he has special vision powers where he can see under layers of clothing. She is very uncomfortable, but carries on, giving up her weapon, since they have none, and she is a strong fighter. She just wants the apology. As Steevie finishes the pat down, she takes the weapon to the safe, and offers Detective Lizbon a beverage. The sexy, and nervous agent says she will take some herb tea to calm her down, and so the disguised serial rapist makes her some tea, but adds a debilitating drug that will make her incapacitated for hours, which is more than they need to finish her off before she can go public with the apology. As she drinks the tea, and the Diplomat gives his spiel, patronizing her, and finally letting her know he is, well, sorry for what is to happen, and before long, she is staggering and falls in the arms of Steevie, who hoists her up so the Diplomat can take some shots to her face and body. The two take turns beating her down, punching her and kicking her all over her body, including the torso, face, tits, and pussy, they beat her senseless, making every shot count as planned. They beat her and toss her around, one holding her arms, while the other has their way groping and punching her.

After a long and tragic beating, Detective Lizbon, still trying to fight back, but drugged and helpless, gets knocked to the ground, then stripped and groped, including the vaginal claw, that makes her scream in pain. The diplomat asks her if she remembers their first meeting, and lets her know this is going to end way worse. After removing her panties, he sticks his dick in her and she screams out in pain. Steevie holds her down while he has his way, and she uses her fingers to gag Lizbon as she is being raped and defiled. He pounds her hard, forcing her legs high, her bare feet flexing and then limp with waves of drugged euphoria. He starts to choke her as he is about to climax, choking her hard as her face turns red, and her eyes roll into the back of her head. As he finishes cumming, she passes out, eyes half open and white from her eyes rolling up in her head.

The two perps get up, leaving her on the hard wood floor slightly moaning and out. The diplomat drags her up and puts her in a big chair in the corner, her pussy still oozing his cum, and her cunt glistening from all the juices. Steevei suggests a nice rope to finish her off, so she grabs one from the other room, and comes back to kill the Detective so she will not talk about what really happened. She starts to stir and try to fight back, but she is weak. They both grab one end of the rope and the middle is around her sexy neck, getting tighter as she tries to struggle. They pull super tight and it wakes her up a bit, she tries to fight and the adrenaline rushes into her body, she kicks her legs, but her arms are being held with the other hands not pulling on her death rope. She fights and tries to stick around but the strangle her hard, eventually letting her arms free so they can see her struggle a bit. Her arms are weak, and she is losing the battle. Her legs stiffen up and rattle with her whole body, her glistening vagina bounces up and down like a bobber in a lake, then finally going still after a lot of twitching. After a few seconds she is totally still, eyes open, tongue slightly protruding and swollen. She fought hard but lost the battle, and now she is dead. The two perps remove the rope from her neck leaving a scar and red burns on her neck. They leave to celebrate with a drink, and she is left in the chair, dead, and alone. Her body is panned and viewed in her sexy death pose.

This production is by far one of our best, and all that acted and helped with the scene did a wonderful job. Lot's of punching and kicking, a beat down and assault on Detective Lizbon, then her death, what a great vid. Enjoy. CB  JEWELL MARCEAU GUILLOTINED
    2 minutes


Jewell comes into my house where I'm building a working guillotine as a Halloween prop; it turns out being on a guillotine has always been her secret fantasy, she gets super excited saying that sha has always been looking at these history books with lots of excitement... She asks me the permission to try the thrill, at least up to the point when the blade is supposed to fall. I'm hesitant, it's not a safe game, that guillotine works... But in the end she wins and I let her try it.
She lays face up so she can see the blade all the time. She keeps talking to me, growing excited, as she starts to touch her pussy and masturbate.
Things are getting serious, she definitely wants the blade to fall for real. Since I filmed the whole thing with a camera, I make her declaring that this is what she wants and I will not be considered responsible for her death.
Once I get her declaration I'm ok with anything, so I wait for her to get to orgasm and let the blade drop. Her busty body shakes and convulses for a couple of seconds, then goes limp in her sexy high heels.
    14 minutes


A hooded slave is lead to the guillotine by her owner; he decided to take her head off today.
She bends to her knees, and the two starts talking about her head as a trophy. She starts sucking his cock, while keeping talking about her beheading and the use of her head and body. She really sucks, she is submissive but excited.

After he is done, we see the slave kneeling on the guillotine, her head already locked in the lunette. He approaches her and starts fingering her open pussy. She is wet, excited. He takes his cock out again and she strokes it using her hand, as he goes on fingering her. Then he moves behind and fucks her doggiestyle: he tells her that when she cums, he will drop the blade.
And that happens: she starts cumming, asking for the blade - And it drops down, instantly silencing her - And he goes on fucking the limp body. He pulls his dick out, starts slapping his dick on her hands and bum, also using her dead hand to give himself a handjob - Until he cums all over her bum, and he leaves.  ROASTING LAURA
    9 minutes


Laura's Master decided it's time to give a party and have her as the main course. He explains that to her, as she's totally naked, on a lead in a pony leather outfit. She is very excited about it, obedient and really looking forward to it.
treating her like a pet, he leads her to the guillotine, takes her collar off, puts her in the kneeling position, thanks her for having been such a loyal slave, and drops the blade. Her head falls in the basket and the body spasms and releases.
Scene fades back in showing Laura in the kitchen on vegetables, being brushed with oil and spiced up on vegetables. Her head has been stitched back on the body but the cut is still visible.

Starring: Laura
Keywords: guillotine, willing, vore, surreal
398 MB
    7 minutes

Agent/reporter Kitty sneaks into a creepy house where people are believed to behead girls for some kind of ritual. In fact she discovers a guillotine in the darkness and starts inspecting it. Suddenly someone appears behind her and chloroforms her.
Kitty wakes up strapped face down to the guillotine: she starts to fight and panic, especially when she hears a voice saying that she didn\'t have to bother, now she\'s going to be the next sacrifice.
The blade falls, Kitty\'s headless body shakes and one of her legs drops off the table.

Starring: Kitty
Keywords: guillotine, chloro  GUILLOTINED HITWOMAN ANITA
    14 minutes


Full script:
Anita is a hot hitwoman in a sexy dress. Shot POV she does a tease routine for a guy. She strips off her top and skirt, leaves her panties, stockings and heels on but at the last minute she pulls out a gun and shoots the guy.


2nd Part is in guillotine room. She comes in as a prisoner. Same clothes. She tries to seduce the headsman and strips down to just her heels. He resists the temptation and takes the murderess, she is cuffed and laid face down on the long guillotine. Build up (POV of face) Blade comes down. Body , legs, hands jerk and stop. one leg falls to the side and her shoes fall off. Some pans of the body especially feet and hands .....cut

Final part is pans of her head on a cushion with a little blood from the mouth.

Starring: Anita
Keywords: guillotine, execution, assassin, stripping
    12 minutes


Please note that this video is in italian language!

This time, in the room there is an apprentice with the headsman, who is learning the job. A young lady walks in, willing, as her execution is scheduled for now; the two guys welcome her, make her sign the execution authorization form, handcuff her and proceed to set her up on the guillotine. She lets them do in a passive way, as she's sad but ready to die; they try to be warm and friendly to her, as they understand this is a serious moment.
When everything is ready, they ask her if she has something left to say and she says no; the apprentice releases the blade and in one second the head is off.
At that point the tension frees up, and the guys begin talking as usual, making comments and jokes about this girl; the apprentice fondles the legs of the headless body, and wonders if her feet look great as he imagine... The headsman invites him to strip them off and check it out, and so he does. Now the apprentice kisses and worships the headless girl's smooth soles, while talking with the headsman who witnesses and even helps him, by holding the girl's ankle and driving her senseless feet on his face, as if she is willingly offering it to him... Actually, she died believing to be in serious and professionals' hands, and she would be quite upset if she could know what they're doing now with her headless body!

This is a very natural-like clip: the style is nearly POV and the beheading is smooth and clean. No big special effects, but nice result  THE MAID AND THE GUILLOTINE
    1 minutes

Lily Marie is a naughty misbehaving maid: she has been instructed not to go in the guillotine room and not to touch the machine at all, and that's probably why she's so attracted by that. As usual, she sneaks into the room and starts walking around the machine, touching it, laying down on it, to the point that she actually puts her neck through the lunette as she fantasizes about being a victim.

That's when her Lord comes in and surprises her: really disappointed, he secures her in that position by tightening the belt around her. She is not blocked there and cannot escape, but she still acts naughty, giggling at the situation as she finds it funny that she has been caught.
Her Lord decides to give her a lesson, so he raises her skirt up and starts spanking her bum soundly... But she seems to enjoy the punishment, even after a while when her bum is visibly red.

So he moves forward and takes her head in his hands, anticipating how good that young head will look as a trophy on his wall. Lily Marie doesn't believe him and actually takes it as a sensual neck massage, anticipating something more which may happen as soon as he takes her out of there. She keeps acting malicious as she's pretty sure he would not drop the blade.

But, suddenly, he does it, unexpectedly! The blade falls, Lily Marie's body shakes and gurgles once, before relaxing down limp and headless. The Lord puts her head down and moves back to the headless body's ass, still red of the previous spanking. He starts slapping that bum once again, but this time her juicy flesh bounces silently, there are no reaction and no malicious words from her anymore.
Time to find another maid...
    11 minutes

The scene opens up with a condemned prisoner (P), a remorseless serial killer, sitting in a chair awaiting her executioner (E). She is quite famous for seducing, then poisoning her victims.  She is deceptively innocent looking…sort of like a librarian or school teacher. She is wearing stiletto heels, a short tight, dark skirt, and a white blouse. Her hair is up and she is wearing glasses. Her legs are bare and she is wearing high heel shoes. Her upper body has straps around it and her hands are bound/strapped to her sides.  She crosses her legs as she waits.

The executioner arrives and tells her it is now time for her execution.

E – That is an interesting outfit for you to wear for your execution.  You look quite proper…well except for the extremely short skirt.   It’s now time to pay for your crimes….are you ready to take your last walk?

P- I’m glad you like it….since you’re going to hang me and I’ll be doing a sexy little dance on the gallows, I thought I’d show off my legs one last time.  They are quite lovely don’t you think? And the heels really accentuate my calves.     Unfortunately, I suppose it’ll be a long dance, since you don’t believe in a long drop here…a short drop hanging is very cruel, you know….you’re going to force me to twist and turn and strangle to death.  Do you make all of your women prisoners do a long rope dance? 

E- Actually, we don’t.  As much as I’d like to see your gallows dance, I have to tell you that we are very considerate of our condemned prisoners, especially famous ones like yourself,  so I’m told I can give you a choice…we have just received a new device…a guillotine to be specific.  So your choice…the blade or the noose….which do you prefer?

P- Well…let me weigh those options.  On one hand, the noose is a very slow death…but at the end, this lovely body of mine will be intact. And I’m very sure all of you would enjoy my little dance at the end of the rope…these gorgeous stems of mine swinging back and forth, spinning around at eye level.  Do you think it will hurt much?

E- History would suggest it will…but you are painting a very sexy picture…perhaps the noose is a good choice for you.

P- On the other hand, I’m guessing a beheading would be very quick…but also messy, would it not? And I wonder how I’d look without my head?  Do you think my head would be conscious for a while after it was chopped off?  I’ve heard this has happened before….And how could I show off my legs? (sarcastically) All the effort I’ve put into my outfit…what do you think? I’ve really gotten my mind around being hanged, and now you’ve given me this choice…

E- A beheading would be very quick.. and given your history,  I’m sure you’ll do your best to attract attention to your legs. (annoyed) Anyways, enough of this, you need to choose….

P-Okay, okay…I’m not really into extended pain.  I’ll choose the guillotine… you may take my head. Do you think you could hold it up so I could see my headless body one last time?  That would be worth the price of admission, I think (sarcastically).

E-I’ll do my best to meet your needs…let’s go.

He stands her up and leads her to the guillotine.  It is set up with the short plank for a kneeling beheading

He walks her around it and shows her its features.

P-It seems so small…you said this just arrived…has it been used before? I want to ensure its going to do the job….if I’m going to lose my head, I want it to be quick. One stroke and done.

E-I have plenty of experience with this…it is only new to this prison. I assure you it will strike off your head cleanly…before you know it, you’ll have a close up view of the basket.

P- Do you think then that you could hold my head up to see my headless body one last time? I think it would so sexy to see my legs kicking in my heels, and my headless body twitching.

E- I’d be happy to hold up your head….

She sits on the bascule, crosses her legs, while he prepares the guillotine. He opens up the lunette. He has her kneel, pushes her head under the blade and closes the lunette….he begins to strap her in, while her legs kick slowly/gently.

She stops him…


E- What? No more delays…let’s get on with this…

P- No! I haven’t had my last meal.

E- Well…it’s too late for that now.

P-No…I’m actually getting turned on at the thought of losing my head…I want to savor this…and maybe suck one more dick…wouldn’t you like to cum in my mouth first…and give me my last meal…come on, you can hardly refuse my last request.

He can hardly refuse…smiling, he opens the lunette, and helps her stand up, then turn around and sit on the plank. She crosses her legs, still tightly bound

P- This is too much. Wow! Let me put my head to use one more time before I lose it….

E – So are ready to give head…and lose your head?

He offers her his dick and she greedily sucks it…

E- This is how I’m going to hold your head after I cut it off…every time I fuck the mouth of your decapitated head…what do you think of that?

P-(comes up for air)…I love the idea…I hope you’ll use my body too.

E- You can count on it.

She returns to sucking him off. He comes in her mouth.


P- Soooo----now that you can see how good I am with my head, is there any chance I can keep it?

E- No, sorry….even though I’d like to keep you for myself, the state has spoken…so its time now to lose your head.

P- I understand…so I’m ready when you are.  Behead me now…please…before I lose my nerve.

He helps her back onto the plank, her head into the lunette.  She is resolved to her fate and compliant.

P- Are you ready to lose your pretty head?

E- I am….yes…

He releases the blade. We see the head drop into the basket.  The body shudders and her legs kick   He removes the basket and carries it away. The camera pans the scene, and we see the headless body on the guillotine from all angles.

The scene ends in an NBM scene, with the headless body seated crossing her legs. She agrees that she indeed looks great without her head after all.  MASTURBATION CHLOETOY 2
    4 minutes


A small pearl.

All naked Chloe once again performs a willing guillotine masturbation for the camera, and at the end of it, when she orgasms, the blade drops on her (explicitly).
Very high quality, and this clip ends with a shot of her headless body on the guillotine AND her severed head on the floor, STILL ALIVE, looking at the body for some time and finally fading out in a blank death stare...

Starring: Chloe Toy
Keywords: Guillotine, execution, surreal, suicide, willing

    Random THE GUILLOTINE Clips more
    9 minutes

In this POV-like clip you see lovely Mary posing and teasing you at first with a sword in her hands, and finally resting her head on a block, raising her arms like a condemned princess, and finally losing her head by that sword she was previously playing with! Then her severed head is shown resting on a stool, and her headless body dumped by the block, getting a code written on the thigh, as the headsman needs to keep track of her identity now that her head is no longer there...

Starring: Mary
Run Time: 9 minutes
File Size: 263 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Execution  HEAD EXPERIMENT ANITA
    12 minutes

The scene opens with the guillotine and a chair next to it. The guillotine is set up for a kneeling beheading. A woman scientist is sitting on the chair, legs crossed. She is wearing heels, a short skirt, blouse, glasses, her hair is up. She is recording her experiment.
She has long been interested in the conscious state of the brain after a beheading. How long does the head remain conscious?  She has been unsuccessful in finding candidates that will allow experimentation, so decides she will be the human subject.  Her plan is to set the guillotine on a timer, place herself under the blade, and behead herself. She has instrumented the basket to look for eye movement and other signs of life. Besides, she has always had a beheading fetish, so this is a “twofer” (two benefits for the price of one) for her.
She moves the chair, removes her lab coat, pulls out a pair of handcuffs, and kneels before the guillotine. After placing her head in the lunette, she cuffs her hands behind her back, to ensure she doesn’t change her mind, and waits for the blade to fall.  Throughout, she is still recording her thoughts into her phone. She talks openly about her beheading fetish, wonders how long her head will remain alive and what it’s thoughts will be, says it’s a pity her head won’t be able to see her headless body, apologizes to the people that will find her, and hopes that they will find a good use for her body and head.
The blade falls and takes her head.

The video ends with a NBM scene: after some time passes, her male colleague comes across her in the laboratory.  He finds her severed head on the guillotine, and her headless body sat on the chair, legs crossed.  He is shocked when her body moves as she crosses and uncrosses her legs.

Starring: Anita
Keywords: guillotine, headless, magic, willing, surreal
389 MB
    8 minutes

Mary is put to death by the guillotine. Surrounded by black, she's alone with the headsman; he ties up her wrists and ankles, straps her to the machine, cuts her shirt around the shoulders and tears it off exposing her bare breasts. He sets the bascule in position, exposes her neck to the blade... Finally, he releases it, and her young red head gets instantly cut off. Her sexy headless body begins spasming, and is shown using many angles before it goes totally limp

Run Time: 8 minutes
File Size: 246 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Just Execution  HEADLESS CALVES WANK
    16 minutes

A politician woman, smartly dressed, is led to the guillotine for executions for her crimes. We don't see her face, she's just one of the many politicians who would deserve this.
A moment of unnerving wait, we hear the blade dropping and we see the legs shook and drop to the side. The job is done, the executioner approaches the body and notices she was actually quite fit and had great legs. Now he can take his freedom with that body, so, he starts to grope these legs and ass through the clothing. He really enjoys that. He then exposes the calves and starts to grope them and lick them. He seems to be into these calves very much.
He then takes off the shoes and white socks, and starts worshipping these dead feet, as well as slapping his dick on them and fucking the soles by putting his dick between them. No response comes from the politician anymore, her big ego is gone and now there's nothing she can do.
He keeps getting back to these calves, licking them, groping them and also rubbing his dick on them... But also doesn't forget about the feet. Finally, wanking, he shots his cum all over these soles and calves.

Starring: Unlisted model
Keywords: guillotine, execution, feet, footjob 
602 MB
    22 minutes

Belle is sick of her tattoos and decides to go for a body transplant; she tells her friend that she will show up again in about one week with a new body, but if he wants to have a look at her old tattoos, he can go to the hospital the next day where her beheaded body will be. And so it happens: the doctor lets him in and takes the white sheet off her old headless body; he starts looking at her tattoos and takes pics of them, but soon the doctor guesses that he's taking pics of the naked body to jerk off later at home. Caught, he admits it, and the doctor invites him to touch the body, play with the pussy and so on, since Belle's head has been shipped away and the body is pretty much an object. Finally, he asks him what's the most exciting thing he would like to do with her, and he offers him the deal to let him do it for $50; simply, he will walk away in another room, letting him alone with his friend's headless body. Of course he agrees, and the doctor goes out. Finally alone, he starts sniffing, kissing and worshipping Belle's senseless feet, and jerks off while keeping his face against them. Belle will never know, even if she will soon return to him, alive, but with a brand new body ready for new tattoos.

Note: the beheading is all implied and not shown!

Run Time: 21 minutes
File Size: 673 MB 	Format: .AVI
    13 minutes

As usual, the scene is filmed so that the models legs are in full view all the time.The scene opens with a young woman seated in a chair in a submissive posture. She is wearing a short skirt/dress and stiletto heels. Her legs are bare. She sits and quietly crosses her legs, looking pensive and almost sad. She doesnt have much expression on her face.

A man enters the room carrying rope/handcuffs. He is an executioner and it is time for the woman to go to her death. He tells her that she will be beheaded.she looks at him sadly. She wasnt aware of the manner of her execution until that moment. She looks back at the ground. She simply says okay

He hands her something to tie back her hair, then has her stand and binds her hands behind her back. He has her sit again and goes behind her to check her hair.she passes inspection it is off her neck. Except for acknowledging his instructions, she is silent.

He stands her up and leads her to the guillotine. She struggles slightly, but submits. We see the guillotine from the side view. The blade is down and the basket is missing. It is set up for a kneeling beheading. He has her sit on the plank while he prepares the guillotine. She crosses her legs, with her head still down her chest heaves as she appears to be silently crying.. He retrieves the basket and installs it, then lifts the blade, she is startled by the sounds.he explains to her what he is doing.

He tells her it is time, and stands her up.he has her kneel. He tries to push her head into the lunette and she silently resists a little, but soon her head is locked in the stock. He straps her in. We watch her struggle a little bit, trying to free her hands and neck...she groans a little as she her struggles are futile. He can't help but admire her beauty and her legs in particular....and he shares these thoughts with her.
After some struggle, he tells her it is time to release the blade she is silent and just nods.

The blade drops, and her head is shown going into the basket. Her body and legs twitch and kick quite a bit then she is still.

He removes the basket while the headless body remains motionless. The camera poses on the headless body still on the guillotine.

The scene ends with the headless woman, still bound, posed on a chair. She crosses her legs seductively.

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      DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted

    DETECTIVE LIZBON Apology Accepted

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