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    Kinky Clothes
    Pitchfork in My Belly
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    Black Nylons Films - Pitchfork in My Belly

    Clip Description

    Adults Only!

    Voluptuous Vanessa Villano, who was a bit pregnant at the time, heads to the showers after a long day. As she is soaping up, she's surprised by a killer with a pitchfork.

    "Get out!" she cries, but to no avail. He spears her in her legs, which is very painful. Vanessa can't believe it is happening. Then he plunges the fork into her belly. OMG, how terrible that is... She bleeds and moans and cries, pressing her five wounds from the pitchfork. They bleed some more, all the way down her full belly...

    Slowly, she begins to collapse, and finally settles against the shower wall. The killer finishes her off with a shove of the fork into her breasts. She struggles to stay alive, but finally her eyes roll up and she gives her last gasp.

    Her pose is so undignified.., no view of her full body (pussy!) is omitted or obscured. But she is beyond caring. The camera looks at her staring eyes and the bleeding holes all over her...

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4342.11 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - Pitchfork in My Belly

    Black Nylons Films - Pitchfork in My Belly

    Black Nylons Films - Pitchfork in My Belly

    Black Nylons Films - Pitchfork in My Belly

    Black Nylons Films - Pitchfork in My Belly

    Black Nylons Films - Pitchfork in My Belly

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