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    Most Recent Black Nylons Films Videos! more
     Bloody Belly
    28 minutes

      Bloody Belly - Quinn enjoys watching videos of young women being slowly stabbed with a long knife, right in the belly and navel.   She gets the ultimate gift, a killer.   At first, Quinn is fearful, then excited, then fearful again.  Then suddenly the knife is pushed deep into her belly.  She cries out.   And bleeds.  And cries.  And struggles.  Finally, she collapses and the killer puts the blade to her navel and pushes it in.  Again a huge rush of pain.  Quinn tries to control herself, but it\'s of no use.  She\'s bleeding her life away.  The killer stabs her belly a third time and then twists the blade up into Quinn\'s heart.  Finally, the young woman gives up and falls into a stare at forever.  2202 Girl in Room 13
    23 minutes

      2202 Girl in Room 13 - 2 lovely women victims!   Amanda was assigned room #13 as she helped an international smuggling ring.  But she was caught spying and selling information on the operations by the female ring leader, Krysta.   Krysta is an elegant, beautiful and very evil woman.   She pulls a pistol and silencer from her purse as she questions poor Amanda, then kills her in cold blood as she casually smokes a cigarette.  But she's not done.  She double crosses her guy pal, Bart, at gunpoint, planning to kill him as well.   But Bart is a bit faster than Krysta realizes....    A great story with a couple of beautiful victims.
     Jasmines Tummy Ache
    12 minutes

      Jasmines Tummy Ache - THE BELLY SERIES!   Jasmine comes home to a glass of wine and a shower.   

But she doesn not realize that an old boyfriend is determined to make her pay for the pain he caused her.  He sneaks in as she is dressing and begins to shoot her in the belly, because that is the most painful spot of all.   

Shot after shot, until she collapse on the floor, and then more shots as she writhes around, bleeding and groaning from the pain in her navel and belly.    Finally the bullets take their toll and she can not breathe any more.   

Her body gives up and she relaxes into a beautiful death stare on her beautiful face...  This is all tummy, all the time...  1210 The Spy Who Loved Me
    18 minutes

      1210 The Spy Who Loved Me - RyAnne and Hannah are spies just returned from assignments.  But they are marked for elimination.   

The killers catch them after a love session, shooting busty RyAnne in her nightie and Hannah in her bath.   

After the multiple bullets in each body have done their work, the killers wrap the two victims in visqueen and take them to the meat packers for total disposal.   There, the wounds are examined and the bodies stretched out on hooks to bleed some more...
     Sudden Vacancy
    13 minutes

      Sudden Vacancy - Based on the popularity of the machine gun story "Plug the Leaks," this second machine gun clip has been upgraded in a few ways and is available now.   

Cold-blooded killerTaylor barges in on Tara in her bedroom (delightfully clad in a white chemise) and puts a stitch of 5 machine gun bullets into her torso.   She wants Tara's job, you see.   Tara is thrown back on the bed and struggles to get up, or even breathe.  Her agony is delightful.   Finally she gasps a last breath and then Taylor cuts off the chemise to watch the nude woman's wounds bleed.  The Danger of Envy
    24 minutes

      The Danger of Envy - First released in 2016, and now updated in a number of ways, this remains one of my favorite cold-blooded shootings and extended, agonized death scenes.

Taylor wants the top job, but Jessi and Tara stand in her way.  Taylor surprises Jessi in her kitchen and shoots her four times in a scene that reminds one of the shooting in \\\"The Danger of Love.\\\"  

Jessi collapses and struggles with the pain and paralysis on the floor, showing off her wonderful legs and panties.  

Finally, Taylor cuts off her blouse to watch the wounds bleed as Jessi takes her last breath.  

Then there are outtakes, a couple of alternate edits, the original Hollywood clip and a film noir version for those who like the gritty, moody black-and-white look of yesteryear as an alternative.
     Plug the Leaks
    15 minutes

      Plug the Leaks - 2 Machine Gun Victims, 1 by silencer.

Amanda and Tiva are in a jam.  Quinn is holding them at gunpoint, Amanda hung up by the arms.    She wants to know where the leak is, but the two girls insist they know nothing.  Eventually, Quinn tires of the game and strips the two.   Then she shows Amanda she isn\\\'t bluffing by filling Tiva with a couple of blasts from her AK47.  Amanda still can\\\'t tell her anything.  Quinn stitches her belly out of disgust.   

Then Bert busts through the door and shoots Quinn because he\\\'s upset about the loss of \\\"a good girlfriend...\\\"    Lots of fun effects and extras:  a different view of 1 of the machine gun sequences and some other little goodies.  Hitman I
    30 minutes

      Hitman I - A shooting extravaganza!   8 deaths, 23 minutes of action, then 7 minutes of fun outtakes.    

A HITMAN is commissioned to eliminate the harem of some mobsters who have gotten off the reservation.   "Need to send a clear message," was the description.   So, he's off to the warehouse, where the first one is gunned down behind the door.  A second takes a couple of headshots.   The third pulls a gun and is defiant until the end..."see you in hell, motherfucker," she says with her last breath.   Then a fourth dies on the stairs, a fifth has he masturbation interrupted (and pees all over herself).   The climax is three of them in a big shower, screaming and groaning as a hail of bullets takes them down.   

Then the HITMAN uses his x-ray look to record his kills in the nude...
     A Hard Choice
    15 minutes

      A Hard Choice - Anastasia has a hard choice: Turn on her bad lover, or not.  

Her decision depends on her personality, doesn't it?    Is she a Vengeful Lover, ready to take him down without question?   Or is she a Frightened Snitch, fearful to do it and fearful not to.  

In this clip, you get to see Ana in both roles.   One "Anastasia" winds up clothed, but full of bullet holes, a leg hanging out of the bathtub.  The other "Anastasia" is naked and dead in the shower.   

Both versions include "Visions of Death" that explore crime scene photos of the victims.  

So, tell me, which Anastasia do you prefer?  Which shooting scenario do you prefer?   It's a hard choice...  Target Practice
    8 minutes

      Target Practice - The lovely and fully delightfully busty Lady Brittany is accused of stealing flash drive.   Alex is sent to get it back, and kill her because they no longer trust her.   He does his duty.  "Target Practice," he calls it, pumping 8 bullets into her soft body, even two in her pelvic area because she looks too "unspoiled down there" after he's riddled her breasts.   

If you like bare breasts, bloody bullet holes and a pretty face, this deserves your attention!

    Random Black Nylons Films Clips more
     Her Last Puff
    15 minutes
      Her Last Puff - Vanessa has done the deed, but she knows too much.   

So, while she\'s smoking her cigarette and demanding her payment, her client is plotting her demise, showing up in Vanessa\'s bathroom with a very nasty knife!   

Vanessa smokes through the event, out of nervousness, obviously, as the knife slides into her soft body again and again.   Naked and exposed she lies bleeding on the shower floor as she takes her last drag....  Pitchfork in My Belly
    12 minutes
      Pitchfork in My Belly - Adults Only!

Voluptuous Vanessa Villano, who was a bit pregnant at the time, heads to the showers after a long day.   As she is soaping up, she's surprised by a killer with a pitchfork.  

"Get out!" she cries, but to no avail.  He spears her in her legs, which is very painful.   Vanessa can't believe it is happening.   Then he plunges the fork into her belly.   OMG, how terrible that is...   She bleeds and moans and cries, pressing her five wounds from the pitchfork.  They bleed some more, all the way down her full belly...   

Slowly, she begins to collapse, and finally settles against the shower wall.   The killer finishes her off with a shove of the fork into her breasts.   She struggles to stay alive, but finally her eyes roll up and she gives her last gasp.   

Her pose is so undignified.., no view of her full body (pussy!) is omitted or obscured.  But she is beyond caring.   The camera looks at her staring eyes and the bleeding holes all over her...
     Once Upon A Time
    15 minutes
      Once Upon A Time - Inspired by the movie "Once Upon A Time in America," this clip sees a busty floozy (Quinn Taylor) searching her boyfriend's apartment when the gangster boss comes in with his female killer associate.   They question Margie a bit, but she's no help on the missing boyfriend's whereabouts.   So, he decides to kill her as a message.   

The first shot hits her square in the boob and she flies back to the bed.  A second shot twists her and lays her flat, showing us happily that she's got no panties on.  Additional shots are met with deep groans and body twists as they pump five more bullets into the dying and then dead Margie.  

Afterward, they take off her blouse and roll her body back and forth on the bed, finally removing the bra to check the holes.   

Bloody, but then, that's BNF's thing.  And her reactions to the bullet hits gets better and better as the clip goes along.

Then the key parts are repeated in our special slow-motion style and again in a quick rendition of the shots, one after another, in a hail of bullets.   Finally, there are a lot of fun outtakes.

If you like serious shootings and effects and bloody make-up and reactions, this one is for you!  Arrows of Pleasure
    14 minutes
      Arrows of Pleasure - Beautiful Bree has just a couple of months to live.   

She's always fantasized about being an Amazon, with sharply pointed arrows driving into her body.  Now she can have her wish. 

She gets her best friend to arrow her ten times, slowly, even in her pussy, with crossbow bolts.  Her grand and shapely bust heaves as she breathes deeply, agony and bleeding to the end.
     No Witnesses
    17 minutes
      No Witnesses - Brittany is Jimmy's girl and she knows everything about a big money transfer that Vanessa wants to step on.   

Vanessa kidnaps and threatens Brit until she gets exasperated and shoots her captive in the side.   

Then Jimmy busts in!   He shoots Vanessa in the back, through and through, then in the belly.  "It hurts..," Vanessa cries as she slumps down.  Jimmy finishes her off.  But, unfortunately, Brittany is now a witness.  And Jimmy has a policy...  No Witnesses.  Ever.  Poor Brittany, bullet holes in those beautiful boobs...  My Wifes Away
    18 minutes
      My Wifes Away - Marie comes home unexpectedly and interrupts a \"fun afternoon\" that Travis has organized with girlfriends, Hannah and Kat.   Marie snaps.  Next thing you know, bullets are flying and girls are dropping like flies.   Travis can\'t believe what a mess Marie has caused, and so he compounds his problems by grabbing the gun and shooting Marie a few times.  The bellies and boobs all take serious shots in this one, and Marie is undressed at the end as well.

    Welcome to Black Nylons Films
    Elegant legs in black nylons.., full breasts pushing the fabric, a film noir story of a bad woman who receives her final reckoning at the point of a gun or an arrow... Black Nylons. Red Blood. Flowing Wounds. A studio dedicated to the art of penetration wounds....

    Featuring 86 Clips / 1604 minutes of video!

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      Bloody Belly

    Bloody Belly

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      2202 Girl in Room 13

    2202 Girl in Room 13

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      Jasmines Tummy Ache

    Jasmines Tummy Ache

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      1210 The Spy Who Loved Me

    1210 The Spy Who Loved Me

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      Sudden Vacancy

    Sudden Vacancy

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      The Danger of Envy

    The Danger of Envy

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      Plug the Leaks

    Plug the Leaks

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      Hitman I

    Hitman I

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      A Hard Choice

    A Hard Choice

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      Target Practice

    Target Practice

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      Pleading Eyes

    Pleading Eyes

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      A Quiet Afternoon

    A Quiet Afternoon

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      Bloody Poker

    Bloody Poker

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      Nightmare Not

    Nightmare  Not

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      Treacherous Secretary 2

    Treacherous Secretary 2

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