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    Most Recent Black Nylons Films Videos! more
     2209 The Stoolie
    25 minutes

      2209 The Stoolie - This is a collection of four shooting scenes not long enough to make a regular movie... One is reminiscent of an old film noir movie where a woman is planning to give up a list of payoffs to the cops and she's attacked in her home.   She tries to fight back, to her ultimate demise.   It's sort of a poignant scene as Quinn Taylor tries to comprehend the bullet that has entered her body, and then a second one...    The other scenes are variations on the Bad Mistress story, but loosely inspired by an old foreign movie scene where the victim is cold-bloodedly executed and then pushed off a bridge.   Each has sexily different apparel as the underlying action takes place.   As an added attraction, there's also a black-and-white version of the "Stoolie" film with different takes on the shooting and fall.   Plus, of course, a bunch of outtakes since a lot of folks seem to like seeing the actors and process in more personal interactions.   And it's all in Full Color HD (except the B/W version of "The Stoolie")  2208 Psycho 2022
    31 minutes

      2208 Psycho 2022 - Angelica pulls off the road to spend the night in a guest house.   She's getting away from a crime, and just wants to be safe for a few hours.   

The strange fellow who answers the door gives her the creeps, but then, his mother lives with him and the house is spotless.  She just wants to get to her room, undress, relax a bit with a cigarette, and then take a hot shower.     She doesn't realize that he'll be watching her every step of the way...

And "Mother" isn't the nice homemaker Angelica thinks  she is...
     2207 Taped Shut
    15 minutes

      2207 Taped Shut - A helpless victim with a rope around her neck is being strangled in an extended scene while her breasts are groped until finally she has no energy or life left to fight any more.  Busty Amanda is being held captive, hands tied and mouth taped with duct tape.  The Groper wraps a cord around her neck as he wrestles her to the ground and then attacks the fulsome breasts and hard nipples over and over again. 

Amanda does her usual incredible job succumbing with real fear, desperation, choking pain, resignation and a penetrating death stare to the strangling cord over time.  2206 Happy Anniversary
    16 minutes

      2206  Happy Anniversary - Angelica Lee has truly upset her ex.   A bit too greedy.   So he springs for a hit woman to solve his problem.  She arrives on their Anniversary date with a special message, delivered in lead.  Amanda shoots her coldly, over and over, until finally Angelica collapses on the counter top.   But when Amanda turns the body over to play in her blood, Angelica has a surprise for her with her dying gasps.   Amanda manages a couple more shots into Angelica's more sensitive parts, and Angelica has a great pee scene, but in the end, there are two bloody bodies, rather than one.   Happy Anniversary, indeed.
     2205 Where Is He
    15 minutes

      2205  Where Is He - Stella Stone and Amanda Foxx are two girlfriends placed in a safe house while their men are getting ready to testify in a trial. But they've been found out, and a shooter arrives to extract the whereabouts of the guys. The women don't know, and they try to shoot their way out of the situation. It doesn't work. Each of them takes three five or six shot bursts from the killer's AK-47. They go down in great pain and expire in bloody messes. The killer get great  boob, belly and pussy shotss. This clip is more expensive because of the time-consuming shoot and editing involved. It's not long, but it is certainly action packed from the beginning.  2204 The Interrogation
    27 minutes

      2204  The Interrogation - Amanda is a tough-as-nails spy who gets surprised and drugged.  Handcuffed to a chair, she resists the pain of multiple shots to her leg and belly as her questioner makes her suffer in search of the information he needs.   Finally, she gives in.  But then, after she finally works her way out of the handcuffs, she makes the mistake of trying to get to her purse and gun one more time.   One of her nylons is wrapped around her neck and she is slowly, painfully strangled.  Basically nude, she kicks out desperately and struggles with the garrote that is crushing her life for 5 long minutes, but to no avail.   Her indignity in death is final
     2203 Bloody Belly
    28 minutes

      2203  Bloody Belly - Quinn enjoys watching videos of young women being slowly stabbed with a long knife, right in the belly and navel.   She gets the ultimate gift, a killer.   At first, Quinn is fearful, then excited, then fearful again.  Then suddenly the knife is pushed deep into her belly.  She cries out.   And bleeds.  And cries.  And struggles.  Finally, she collapses and the killer puts the blade to her navel and pushes it in.  Again a huge rush of pain.  Quinn tries to control herself, but it\'s of no use.  She\'s bleeding her life away.  The killer stabs her belly a third time and then twists the blade up into Quinn\'s heart.  Finally, the young woman gives up and falls into a stare at forever.  2202 Girl in Room 13
    23 minutes

      2202 Girl in Room 13 - 2 lovely women victims!   Amanda was assigned room #13 as she helped an international smuggling ring.  But she was caught spying and selling information on the operations by the female ring leader, Krysta.   Krysta is an elegant, beautiful and very evil woman.   She pulls a pistol and silencer from her purse as she questions poor Amanda, then kills her in cold blood as she casually smokes a cigarette.  But she's not done.  She double crosses her guy pal, Bart, at gunpoint, planning to kill him as well.   But Bart is a bit faster than Krysta realizes....    A great story with a couple of beautiful victims.
     2201 Jasmines Tummy Ache
    12 minutes

      2201 Jasmines Tummy Ache - THE BELLY SERIES!   Jasmine comes home to a glass of wine and a shower.   

But she doesn not realize that an old boyfriend is determined to make her pay for the pain he caused her.  He sneaks in as she is dressing and begins to shoot her in the belly, because that is the most painful spot of all.   

Shot after shot, until she collapse on the floor, and then more shots as she writhes around, bleeding and groaning from the pain in her navel and belly.    Finally the bullets take their toll and she can not breathe any more.   

Her body gives up and she relaxes into a beautiful death stare on her beautiful face...  This is all tummy, all the time...  1210 The Spy Who Loved Me
    18 minutes

      1210 The Spy Who Loved Me - RyAnne and Hannah are spies just returned from assignments.  But they are marked for elimination.   

The killers catch them after a love session, shooting busty RyAnne in her nightie and Hannah in her bath.   

After the multiple bullets in each body have done their work, the killers wrap the two victims in visqueen and take them to the meat packers for total disposal.   There, the wounds are examined and the bodies stretched out on hooks to bleed some more...

    Random Black Nylons Films Clips more
     Jimmys Girl
    7 minutes
      Jimmys Girl - A short little shooting with a special price!   Whitney has had roving eyes, and Jimmy has noticed.  So, rather than take her out on the town, he decided to just take her out.  He plugs her three times, quite deliberately.  She goes down, finally flat on the floor and bleeds on the rug a bit.     "Broads like this never learn..," said Jimmy later, by way of explanation.  I Want Them Dead
    19 minutes
      I Want Them Dead - Mrs. Jones is tired of her husband\'s screwing around, so she hires a hitman to get rid of his two mistresses.  

Belle is first to go, thinking the nice young man at the door is there to help her pick out some new jewelry.  But it isn\'t gold he\'s offering, it\'s lead from a silencer...   

And then Hannah\'s getting ready for an evening of relaxing sex with the old man when suddenly this strange fellow appears in her kitchen.   \"Get out of my house!\" she cries as she grabs a butcher knife.  But they always say, \"don\'t take a knife to a gun fight...\"  

     Arrows of Pleasure
    14 minutes
      Arrows of Pleasure - Beautiful Bree has just a couple of months to live.   

She's always fantasized about being an Amazon, with sharply pointed arrows driving into her body.  Now she can have her wish. 

She gets her best friend to arrow her ten times, slowly, even in her pussy, with crossbow bolts.  Her grand and shapely bust heaves as she breathes deeply, agony and bleeding to the end.  Cheerleader Jihad
    30 minutes
      Cheerleader Jihad - 4 young cheerleaders are out for a stroll after a competition and come upon an old building.  They decide that it is a great place to practice cheers!  Why, of course.  

Problem is, fanatical jihadists are lurking in the back, and take advantage of these innocent girls to show their displeasure with Western decadence.  

What makes the clip so long is that they are led out to the stakes one by one rather than in a group.  Each is undressed and machine-gunned mercilessly...  It is quite terrible.   The bullets hit, the bodies jerk with the impacts, slow-motion repeats show the penetrations.  Each of them dies slowly, in great agony, crying, moaning, shaking... 

Then the bullet-ridden bodies are piled into a flat-bed and driven into the desert where the bodies are rolled into a dirt pit.  Very erotic body handling throughout this. 

Lots of great effects and the Black Nylons trademark of spreading, flowing red blood.
     Soft White Turtleneck 2
    14 minutes
      Soft White Turtleneck 2 - Taken from the movie, From Brooklyn to Corleone, Holly Gardner knows too much about the latest hit of an assassin.  

She dresses in a white turtleneck sweater, and gives us incredible panty shows. Then her doorbell rings and her ride to the airport arrives.  But he is actually her killer.  

He shoots her painfully in the belly.  She doubles over. He shoots again, catching her square in the breast, twisting her backwards.   She looks at her killer in disbelief and falls to the floor.  He coldly shoots her twice again, in the breast and ribs.  She jerks in great pain from the impacts.  

Finally, her nude body is propped up on the bathtub side, then falls over.  Woman Possessed
    17 minutes

Velma is a woman who has gone horribly astray and allowed her prurient sexual, blasphemous desires to emerge unchecked.  She's been possessed by the devil you see.  She must be PUNISHED for the vile creature she becomes, and she WILL BE!   

It all begins as she showers in preparation for a ceremony.  She dons a white dress, then retires to her bedroom to read and contemplate.   But these thoughts, these terrible thoughts that she doesn't want to take over her...  They just keep coming back and coming back, and what's terrible is, that they excite her.   She can't contain them ultimately. She gives in to horrible behavior. 

But then, what's worse, her mentor enters her room and finds her compromised.   He flies into a rage and grabs a knife.   He stabs her again and again, pushing the blade up and into over and over.  She jerks and moans with each thrust.   He keeps stabbing even as he cries out in despair at how his Angel has been corrupted by the devil.

    Welcome to Black Nylons Films
    Elegant legs in black nylons.., full breasts pushing the fabric, a film noir story of a bad woman who receives her final reckoning at the point of a gun or an arrow... Black Nylons. Red Blood. Flowing Wounds. A studio dedicated to the art of penetration wounds....

    Featuring 92 Clips / 1733 minutes of video!

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      2209 The Stoolie

    2209 The Stoolie

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      2208 Psycho 2022

    2208 Psycho 2022

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      2207 Taped Shut

    2207 Taped Shut

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      2206 Happy Anniversary

    2206  Happy Anniversary

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      2205 Where Is He

    2205  Where Is He

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      2204 The Interrogation

    2204  The Interrogation

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      2203 Bloody Belly

    2203  Bloody Belly

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      2202 Girl in Room 13

    2202 Girl in Room 13

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      2201 Jasmines Tummy Ache

    2201 Jasmines Tummy Ache

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      1210 The Spy Who Loved Me

    1210 The Spy Who Loved Me

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      Sudden Vacancy

    Sudden Vacancy

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      The Danger of Envy

    The Danger of Envy

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      2108 Plug the Leaks

    2108 Plug the Leaks

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      Hitman I

    Hitman I

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      A Hard Choice

    A Hard Choice

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