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  • Soft White
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    Most Recent Black Nylons Films Videos! more
     I the Jury
    44 minutes

      I the Jury - A 45 minute long Film Noir classic.  You'll savor it, step by step.  The best friend of Mike Hammer has been murdered, and he is on the rampage, but the witnesses keep getting killed.  

Lovely prostitute Eileen is gunned down in her bedroom, then his close friend Myra is shot at a party.  The body of another shooting victim shows up at the morgue.  

What is happening?  How does the killer know so much?  Mike has a new lover, a psychiatrist called Charlotte.  She seems to be involved somehow, so he confronts her.  Charlotte has a smooth and soft belly as she tries to seduce him, and it is such a beautiful thing..., except for a bullet hole that is bleeding and hurts so much now.  Busy Office
    24 minutes

      Busy Office - "Busy Office" is a DOUBLE FEATURE value for arrow fans!

The first clip, "Busy Office" features three lovely women working hard at their desks when suddenly a man with a crossbow appears.  He dispatches them quickly with breast and tummy shots.  Soon all three are on the ground groaning in agony.  

The second feature, "Feathered Shafts" has busty and shameless Kiki and Scarlett getting ready for a party when a crossbow-wielding hitwoman appears and skewers them both.  Once she's sure they are dead, she undresses them.
     CTOPS Access Code
    28 minutes

      CTOPS  Access Code - Secret Agent Martin Chandler of the Counter-Terrorism Operations group is on the hunt for the new cell of CHAOS.   

First he must strangle Savannah into telling him where the Access Code for the headquarters is.  Then he must evade the sexy advances of Lacey Loveless, all in an effort to get to the big boss, Tomiko.  

He finally kills Lacey, who winds up spreadlegged with holes in her boobs, and finds Tomiko in her bath.  Multiple shots, culminating in a great headshot get the job done.  

A great sequel to the original CTOPS film!  (available on request.)  Betrayal
    15 minutes

      Betrayal - Amy betrays her sister over money and family secrets.   She hires a hitman to do the job, and the fellow shows up while the busty girl is getting out of the swimming pool.  He catches up with her in the kitchen, and proceeds to shoot her with a silencer in the boobs and the pussy, and then again when she is lying on the ground, spread-legged and dying.

Amy is pleased that the deed is done and happily pays the hitman a wad of cash.   But then the hitman surprises her with his view that "he can't leave any witnesses."  She pleads with him, argues with him, but to now avail.   He shoots her in the side and boobs.   She dies an elegant, bleeding death...
     Shower Kill
    14 minutes

      Shower Kill - Belle Fatale and Hannah Perez start a celebration a bit too early.  

Belle has an incredibly trim and flexible body and  Hannah has soft curves in all the right places.  Belle begins the action by undressing, then gets into the shower.  

Hannah comes in as Belle says, \"we got the money!\" and pulls Hannah, fully dressed, into the water stream to show her how excited she is.   

Suddenly their excitement is interrupted by an enforcer.  He shoots the two naked girls twice each with a silencer and down they go down, jerking and crying out.  They shudder from the bullets in their bodies for a bit, bleeding from the various holes onto themselves and the shower floor, then die.  Great pussy views!  Lady in the Lake
    22 minutes

      Lady in the Lake - A great film noir production back in the days of black and white. Amanda Foxx stars as Mildred, a very wicked woman who plays a cop for a sucker and then disappears and changes her name. 

Detective Phillip Marlowe ultimately sorts through all the lies and deceit and confronts Mildred. But suddenly, the cop DeGarmo shows up and is stunned to find Mildred still alive. He won't let her survive the second time. She is shot five times as she collapses slowly and spreads her legs inadvertently.

This clip is done in black and white for the noir mood. It works. And then you get a second one done in full color, just in case you like your blood red rather than black.

And there is a great slow-motion section for those who like to savor the shootings. I hope you can enjoy the differences in this film.
     A Model Murder
    14 minutes

      A Model Murder - Drago has applied for a photo shoot job, but she's worried that some models have been murdered recently.  Finally, she agrees to do it, because the photographer is another woman.  

After getting undressed and into a sexy pink dress, she strikes a number of sexy poses for the camera.   Suddenly, an arrow appears out of nowhere and strikes her in the breast.  She can't believe it.   The camera clicks away as she struggles in pain.   

Another arrow hits her belly and she twists to get away.   The camera clicks as she bleeds on the pretty pink fabric.   

Then the photographer woman laughs and asks if she wants a cigarette, pinned to the wall as she is.  Drago can't believe it as the lady shoves a cigarette in her mouth and lights it.  Then she goes away and shoots a third arrow into Drago's chest.

Finally, the photographer announces that the last one "will hurt a lot" and shoots one into her pussy.   It's too much and Drago finally dies, slumping to the ground as Rachael pulls out the arrow that pins her to the wall.

Finally, bleeding, Drago's body is pulled away so Rachael can "clean up," exposing all Drago's charms in the most delightful way...  Killing Pet
    23 minutes

      Killing Pet - Pet is a Penthouse girl who wants to get into acting.   So, she came over from Miami and filmed two sequences...

She's got an incredibly sexy body and demeanor.  When she got up on the kitchen counter and pulled her skirt back and sprayed water on her nylons...  Well..., anyway, I then proceeded to stab her a couple of times, leaving her bloodied and spread-legged on the floor.   Nice views.

Then, she got dressed in a white business suit and we did it again.  This time, a jealous husband catches her in the bathroom and slowly fills her body with bullets.  She goes down gasping and groaning, then slowly gives up the ghost in her own sexy manner.

(If you keep a record of what you purchase and when, you can earn a free film of comparable value after five.  You just have to e-mail me and let me know the titles and dates.   Thanks!)
     Shooting Jasmine
    17 minutes

      Shooting Jasmine - Ready for some fun, for a change...?

Jasmine Thomas hasn't done any "gun fun" clips, so this is her maiden voyage, as it were.   The clip starts with her going through instruction on the different scenarios she will be enacting, and it is filled with little personal touches from her "off camera" as it were.

Then, there are five great shooting scenarios:

"Dying to Get It Right," an office story where the secretary got the VP's name wrong on a memo.

"Bikini," where a bikini-clad woman finds a killer outside her bathroom.

"In a Teddy," where a filmy teddy is all that protects Jasmine's body from the bullets.

"Shot in the Back," where great thru & thru shots hit her in the back, then in the belly.

"Towel," where she gets shot and drops her towel as more and more bullets hit.

All in all, it's great fun.  No blood, but non-stop shooting effects.  Dead Shots
    12 minutes

      Dead Shots - The assassin had a different request this time.  Kill the lovely victim quickly.  A shot to the heart, please.  But then, after she's dead, shoot her again.  Many times.   I call them, "Dead Shots."

In the legs.   In the arms.  In the belly.  In the boobs.   In the pussy.   And of course, one shot to the head.  I want to see her body jerk and twist from the bullet hits.  I want you to feel her up as you move up her body with the bullets.

And then send me a bunch of pictures.

    Random Black Nylons Films Clips more
     Lovers Shot
    10 minutes
      Lovers Shot - Velma's husband is a religious type and he is furious about the betrayal of his undying love by slutty little Velma.  So he sends a hitman to rub out both Velma and her lover, Casey.  Each goes down in a hail of bullets, struggles for a while, then finally gives up.  Velma is undressed.  Casey is dumped in the bathtub.  \"Hellffire and brimstone, that\'s what they deserve..,\" said the husband, by way of explanation.  Busy Office
    24 minutes
      Busy Office - "Busy Office" is a DOUBLE FEATURE value for arrow fans!

The first clip, "Busy Office" features three lovely women working hard at their desks when suddenly a man with a crossbow appears.  He dispatches them quickly with breast and tummy shots.  Soon all three are on the ground groaning in agony.  

The second feature, "Feathered Shafts" has busty and shameless Kiki and Scarlett getting ready for a party when a crossbow-wielding hitwoman appears and skewers them both.  Once she's sure they are dead, she undresses them.
     Tender Prey
    24 minutes
      Tender Prey - Belle and Hannah are sweet young things getting ready for a night on the town.  

But they won't make it.  Gatsby Von Massacre has other ideas.  

The bolts impact heavily, driving deep into the soft bodies of the two girls.  They struggle, then collapse.  Poor things.  They die agonized deaths, bloody.  

Then their clothes are removed and you get a really good look at the wounds and bodies.  Lovely.  The shootings are reprised briefly at the end.  Cyber Crime
    9 minutes
      Cyber Crime - Bonita and Velma are identified by the Corporation's security team after they hack into the main frame to steal valuable secrets.  Boris is sent to "make an example of them" and he does.  Three bullets each puts the hacking community on notice.   We're going to stop the Russians at any cost!  
"I don't care if you grab 'em by the.... or if you shoot 'em in boobs and belly.  Stop their damn hacking..!" said the security chief.
     An Angry Husband
    20 minutes
      An Angry Husband - An angry ex-husband decides he's had enough from his rich, but alcoholic ex-wife.   He hires an assassin to get rid of her in a way that seems accidental.   He decides to strangle her after getting her drunk, and then leave her strung up on a door knob so that it seems like an erotic game gone wrong.  

She winds up sitting naked by the door slowly peeing...  Jimmys Girl
    7 minutes
      Jimmys Girl - A short little shooting with a special price!   Whitney has had roving eyes, and Jimmy has noticed.  So, rather than take her out on the town, he decided to just take her out.  He plugs her three times, quite deliberately.  She goes down, finally flat on the floor and bleeds on the rug a bit.     "Broads like this never learn..," said Jimmy later, by way of explanation.

    Welcome to Black Nylons Films
    Elegant legs in black nylons.., full breasts pushing the fabric, a film noir story of a bad woman who receives her final reckoning at the point of a gun or an arrow... Black Nylons. Red Blood. Flowing Wounds. A studio dedicated to the art of penetration wounds....

    Featuring 58 Clips / 1073 minutes of video!

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      I the Jury

    I the Jury

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    A Model Murder

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    An Angry Husband

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    Once Upon A Time

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