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     Rouge Gets Subjected To Temperature Extremes
    19 minutes

      Rouge Gets Subjected To Temperature Extremes - Jr has bound rouge naked to a chair. She is completely immobile. Beneath each foot is a large bowl. After a few moments he comes in with a bag of ice and fills the bowls to the top with ice. As unpleasant for her as it is, he continues to keep the bowls full each time a little melts out. She cries and complains and curses. When she tells him her feet are numb he grabs a space heater and places it right in front of her cunt on high. Now what is she going too do?  Victorias Face Cam Ii
    29 minutes

      Victorias Face Cam Ii - The face cam only shows the ****'s face up close.

victoria is bound in a hogtie. A fucking machine has been mounted in her cunt. She is then whipped with a single-tail as she is brutally fucked by the machine. She is made to beg for an orgasm and then severely punished for enjoying it. (It only shows the face up close as activities happen around and to the ****.)
     Victorias Face Cam I
    14 minutes

      Victorias Face Cam I - The face cams clips are all that remain of this shoot. Instead of not providing what is left of the shoot these clips have been posted because they are compelling in and of themselves. They only show the face up close as activities happen around and to the ****.
the first clip is of victoria tied to a wooden post standing nude as she is single-tailed and her holes objectified.  Rouge Gets Strapped To The Objectification Chair
    21 minutes

      Rouge Gets Strapped To The Objectification Chair - She is naked and sitting in the objectification chair ball gagged. An estim device covers her cunt. A rope around her neck insures that air is difficult to get, she fights her ball gag. She has raised welts on her ass cheeks and back from her previous whipping. Jr comes in again with a whip and immediately strikes her in the same location as before. She tries to swallow and scream at the same time. He prompts her, "what do we call a pussy around here?", then strikes her hard again. She struggles to figure it out. When she doesn't get it right she gets immediately struck on the tip of her nipple. She yells out, "cunt!!", and then gets struck again on the opposite nipple. He turns toward the estim device and powers it up. After a moment or two she's starting to slobber and drool out her gag in abundant amounts. Jr scoops it up off her chin and shoves it up each nostril. When she is asked which is worse, the single-tail or electricity she promptly tells him the single-tail. The power gets turned up again, higher, until she looks like a death row inmate being fried in the electric chair. He starts to whip her, then turn up the power. She constantly needs to decide which is worse, the whip or power, then the other is intensified. Fluid is draining from every hole in her face. She's only going to get a few seconds to have that orgasm she'll be begging for...
     Rouge Throws Up Sucking Luther
    12 minutes

      Rouge Throws Up Sucking Luther - Rouge asked to be able to do a better job on luther when she came in. Usually jr does not give a **** another shot at it, but she was adamant she could do a better job this time. Tied with one arm high up behind her back and the other doubled over behind her head, she first apologizes to you, the viewer, for such a shitty job she did before. Then she gets down on her knees. She immediately took the length of him in, down to a full five inches. Seconds later tears streamed from each eye socket, mascara staining her cheeks. She coughed and gagged and tried harder. Jr told her to take it down deep and hold it. She did, then immediately pulled back and lost her lunch. She face fucked him vigorously. So severely that she threw up again. When she hadn't even finished ejecting her vomit jr yells at her to get her face hole back on the shaft. She does so immediately and shoves bits of her lunch down his shaft with her red lips. She's told to apologize for coming into the attic and thinking she could do a better job. She's told to apologize for being such a shitty cock sucker, even after losing her taco bell three more times. All while she holds his length down her throat.  Rouge Begs To Cum While Her Ass Is Electrocuted
    18 minutes

      Rouge Begs To Cum While Her Ass Is Electrocuted - She is lying naked on the floor in a box tie. One leg is drawn up the length to a heavy wooden post. Her other leg is doubled over and belted. She has nothing on but a pair of black stiletto heels. She frequently attempts to raise her torso from the floor to assuage her discomfort. Her arm hurts from the weight of her body. Her cunt is gratuitously exposed. Jr kneels and lays her head in his lap. The celebrator is pushed against her clit and she immediately begins to convulse. Her eyes grow heavy and her face contorts. She lets out a wail that seems to last forever. It doesn't take her long to ask for permission to cum and jr denies it. As soon as she is told no her body bucks about as she tries to stave off her need. When she asks again jr stops and comes back with a vacuum tube for her clit. He sucks it deep inside giving her a tiny penis, her tampon string clearly ******* from between her cunt lips. Jr vibes her clit off through the clear cylinder holding her sex. It doesn't take her long before she asks him again for permission. He again denies her request and stops the vibrator. When he comes back he gags her and then inserts an electrical butt plug into her colon. She screams out as he pushes it to the hilt, a burning sensation deep inside her brown hole. When the power gets turned on she becomes frightened. She's never had electricity in her asshole before. She tries to figure it out, not sure about the wave of sensation it brings on inside her. She tries to breathe through the ball gag and ends up pushing a wash of spit and drool out around it and down her chin. She whimpers. Jr shoves the celebrator back on her caged clit and her eyes roll back in her head. She throws her head back and her body shakes violently. When she picks her head back up she collects herself and looks at jr. "may I cum, please?" he tells her no and she meekly shakes her head up and down in acknowledgement, vibrator buzzing away on her sex, asshole being electrocuted and drool copiously running down her face, then states, "i really want to."
     Rouge Has To Earn That Orgasm
    9 minutes

      Rouge Has To Earn That Orgasm - She is naked and standing. A long piece of bamboo tied to her shoulders holds her arms out at length. Bowling balls are tied to the ends of the bamboo. A tight collar around her neck with a length of rope to the ceiling insures she cannot do anything more than stand. When jr comes out to address her she tells him that she finds it hard to breathe, her face red and swollen. He takes a single-tail to her backside, striking her buttocks and back. While he whips her he has her tell him how often she masturbates, what she thinks about when doing so. The strikes have her biting her lower lip in the beginning, raising her legs to shake off the sting, before it turns into outright screams. She tries to talk, breathe and shake off the pain at the same time her cute little mouth agape. She tells him something about being a cum dumpster and then she is struck again, hard, across her back. She wails out in pain and begins to cry. She is punished for her sorry cock sucking skills. The whipping clearly breaks her down, brings her to a limit. She is told to spread her whore legs and repeat it. Doing so causes her collar to grow tighter. She appears to be a fish out of water, gasping. She is made to beg in order to have her cunt played with. When the celebrator hits her clit she immediately asks for permission to cum --which is denied. Instead, she's told if she wants to have an orgasm to instead ask for another whipping. Her backside is raised welts before she is allowed her dirty orgasms.  Lumens Enema
    11 minutes

      Lumens  Enema - Ball gagged, naked and in a box tie she stands waiting on the enema jr is about to administer. When he enters he tells her to get her ass exposed by bending over. He fills the enema bulb up to capacity, stuffs the nozzle into her asshole and squeezes the fluid into her colon. By the third one he can hear the gurgling sound inside her belly. By the fifth she's telling him she needs to go urgently. Jr tells her she is going to get one more. Once he finishes filling her up he makes her squat over the floor and hold it. Her urgency grows by the second and she tells him she doesn't think she can hold it any longer. He makes her continue to squat and warns her not to on his floor. Finally he gives her permission to release it in a bucket that he makes her go and fetch from the corner of the room. The box tie doesn't give her any use of her arms so it becomes a challenge for her to retrieve it before she all over herself. As she makes her way back she squirts a stream of fluid out her ass before she can clamp her butthole closed again. He has her sit the bucket in the middle of the room and then squat down over it and release her mess. It sounds like a power washer as she lets the water out of her colon and it fills the metal bucket beneath her. Jr tells her to look directly at you, the viewer, as she releases all of the fluid. **********, She finds it difficult to look at you, the sound coming out of her asshole is so unsavory. When she finally finishes she is required to pick her bucket up and get rid of it.
     Lumens Strappado Hole Fucking
    8 minutes

      Lumens Strappado  Hole Fucking - He has her in the old out building. Naked, her elbows are tied behind her back and a rope winds around her neck. Each wrist is tied and drawn up to the ceiling independently causing her to bend at the waist to the point her torso is parallel to the floor. Another rope around her neck insures she will not be able to bring her head up from its downcast position. She also has a hook in her ass which is also drawn up to the ceiling and tied off. She is being pulled from the top and the bottom when jr comes into the room and ask her to rotate 180 degrees so he can see her ass. She has to move slowly, inching her way into the request. Once she has her ass pointing at him he tells her to choose left or right. She chooses left which means the big wooden paddle to start with. When it hits her in the ass cheeks she lets out a series of quick little screams and a heaving chest. It takes her a moment to collect herself. He switches to the small rubber paddle he has and quickly lands a strike where the paddle just connected. Again she gasps and punctuates the room with quick bursts of screaming. And so it goes, jr strikes her ass repeatedly without giving her much, if any, time between strikes. It becomes too much for her and she begs him to stop. Jr leaves for a moment and returns with the fuck stick. He shoves it into her cunt which is still swollen from before as she lets out a grunt when it breeches her hole. He then rapidly fucks her sex with the stick, her ass cheeks a fiery red color. She tells him it is intense as she tries to maintain composure. When he shoves the hitachi against her clit while using the fuck stick her need grows exponentially. You can hear it in her moans and gasps as they come closer and closer together. Moments later she ask him for permission to cum in a breathy, desperate voice. He warns her not to talk to him that way, all needy and desperate like. She rephrases it in a more ********** voice. The moment she gets permission a wailing starts up from her face hole that fills the room as she tears one off.  Juniper Fucks Gradually Larger Dildos
    27 minutes

      Juniper Fucks Gradually Larger Dildos - When we find juniper next she is naked and bound in a worm tie. Her arms and hands plastered to the side of her body with rope. One leg is doubled over and belted. Dildos are mounted around the room to the floor. Small ones and big ones. He lets her know she needs to first lube them up with her face hole and then fuck them. Once she fucks it to his satisfaction she must them clean each one off with, again, her mouth. She knows that last dildo is huge, something her small pussy hasn't taken before. She is nothing more than a sexual object, and know she has to perform it...

    Random Into The Attic Clips more
     Victoria Endures A Severe Beating Objectification
    28 minutes
      Victoria Endures A Severe Beating  Objectification - When we find her next she is in a strappado. Shirtless, with only her tights and boots. Jr has tied the piercings in her tongue to each of her nipples. Her tongue is pulled out of her mouth with copious amounts of slobber smacking the floor beneath her. A tight crotch rope is attached to her wrists behind her back insuring any movement of said wrists translates to her cunt as well. Jr comes in and tells her to look straight into the camera and tell it her name again. "victoria". The end of her tongue is turning an unnatural color. It is wet and slobbery. It drips from her face hole to the floor. He places a tight collar once again around her neck causing her face to swell, her nostrils to clog and her breathing measured. She tries to look for a way to assuage the predicament her tongue and nipples find themselves in. She alternates between pulling it inside her face hole and closing it to simply letting it **** out her face for maximum comfort of her nipples. Either choice carries consequences for her. He ask her how it feels to have her tongue tied out and she lets him know that it is very uncomfortable. But she also tells him she likes it because she likes to back talk in order to incite additional punishment. He ask her if she has ever been caned before as he goes to fetch one. As she is trying to talk to him he tells her to shut up and immediately applies the cane to her backside. She doesn't even flinch. He drops the cane and goes to fetch the paddle. Returning behind her he waste no time delivering her a stinging blow. Again, she almost appears to have not found it painful at all. He ask her how badly that hurt on a scale of 1 to 10. She tells him a four. The next time she is struck with the paddle she tells him an eight. After the third strike everything is an eight or better --but jr wants to make sure it is a ten each time. On the next strike she recoils in pain, yells out and tells him her ass was still stinging from the last paddling. And then the next swat hits her cheeks. She screams out, her tongue pulling upon her nipples, her face contorted from her reaction. It takes awhile for the sting to subside. But jr doesn't wait on that, instead, striking her again in the same location. She screams out, "fuck!", sweat pouring from each armpit. He strikes her again. And before that sting subsides he lays into her with a single tail whip. He ask her if there is anything that would make her situation better and she ask him to rub her clit. He lets her know that isn't going to happen while still striking her with the single tail. Every strike makes her suck in a sharp quantity of air as though she had fallen into an ice cold river. He catches her in a lie and punishes her for it. He makes her look at you, the viewer, and apologize for lying. He stops and gives her a choice between the paddle, the cane or the single tail. She chooses the paddle, the instrument she finds most painful. He doesn't waste any time addressing her with it. She screams out, sucks in air and drips slobber onto the floor as she rides the wave of pain in her buttocks. She tells him, "it fucking stings...Burns..." he steps up and strikes her again, through the intense pain she screams out that she wants to be fucked. He turns to her and tells her to look straight into the camera, to you the viewer, and ask for her crotch rope to be removed so that she can be fucked properly. She will get fucked, but it isn't going to be pleasant.  Victorias Face Hole Gets Used
    22 minutes
      Victorias Face Hole Gets Used - Jr has her sitting up against a wall on her butt. She is naked save for her boots. A box tie keeps her arms bound behind her back and folded. A large ring gag keeps her face hole jacked open. Each leg has been doubled over onto itself and belted. Jr comes in with a bottle of honey and smears it all over her tongue after pulling it through the ring gag. After having her rub her tongue all inside her face hole he tells her to try and extricate herself from the bondage she is in, that the house is on fire. She immediately starts to use her boots to raise the belts off of her doubled over legs. After thirty seconds or so she manages to get her right leg free from the belt, but no amount of effort will free the other one. After several minutes of trying jr finally tells her to stop and to spread her legs like a whore. He tells her to look at you, the viewer, and tell you that she is a common whore and that her legs need to kept spread to reflect this. He walks over to her and ask her if she wants her pussy played with. She immediately gargles out an affirmative. He tells her to spread them wider. Squatting down to her level he pulls a celebrator from his pocket and pops it onto her clit. She immediately reacts with all the signs that tell you she likes the feeling between her whore legs. She settles into it, mouth permanently agape, a thick wad of slobber falling from her wet bottom lip. Her eyes are closed, her breathing heavy and labored, her head thrown back as she moans out her pleasure. Her thighs convulse at times. Jr has her repeat that she is a common whore, that she must keep her whore legs spread. She starts to build to a crescendo of sound and body movement. She starts to beg him for permission to cum. Desperation in her voice. He denies it to her. He stops and finger fucks her cunt, then vibes it off at the same time. When he removes his finger it is coated with her desire, which he sticks in her ring gagged face hole and orders her to lick it off. She continuously, now, begs for permission to cum. Jr lets her know there are a couple of things she is going to need to do for him before she gets any pleasure. Not the least of which is sucking his cock ring gagged --which he intends to make a long and ****** experience for her.
     Rouge Gets Lifted Off Her Feet And Saran Wrapped
    9 minutes
      Rouge Gets Lifted Off Her Feet And Saran Wrapped - Jr has rouge firmly secured to a heavy post that is ******* from the ceiling but doesn't touch the ground. She secured to it naked and standing in heels. Her arms are doubled over and tied. When he comes into the room he begins wrapping her body to the post with saran wrap. From the top of her cunt to the bottom of her neck she is completely enclosed in the clear material. She is completely unable to move. The wrap gives her a very shiny appearance and her tits are smashed down onto her chest. When finished he spends some time feeling her up and sticking his fingers up into her cunt. She spits onto his floor and he comes back and gags her with a large ball bag. He steps behind her and grabs a chain that begins to lift the heavy post toward the ceiling with her attached to it. He brings her right up onto her tip toes in the stripper heels she has on. She hates it. Immediately she begins to whine and tell jr that she doesn't like it. She will be complaining a whole lot more in just a second.  Rouge Gets Turned Into A Big Cry Baby
    16 minutes
      Rouge Gets Turned Into A Big Cry Baby - Rouge is naked and on her knees. Her ankles have been roped to a heavy post behind her. She is ****** to lean forward and support herself by her arms and hands. Her wrists are manacled together. A heavy leather collar around her neck is roped to the post behind her preventing her from lowering herself to the floor. If she does, she ****** herself. A large ring gag keeps her face hole dripping saliva to the floor beneath her. When jr comes out to address her he begins by telling her about the nipple clamps in his hand. She fucking hates nipple clamps. Jr gives her the choice of remaining in the position for an hour or take some nipples clamps and have it over with a little bit sooner. She whines and complains and most of what she is saying cannot even be understood due to the ring gag in her face hole. She finally acquiesces to the clamps and jr drops them to the floor beneath her. She is instructed to put them on her own nipples which completely has her freaking out. With a thick, foamy line of drool running from her face hole he has her tell him how sexy she looks while she contemplates those clamps. After a berating she picks up one of the clamps and tries to put it on her nipple. The wrists manacles make it difficult for her to get them positioned correctly so she has to clamp the end of her nipples instead. She immediately cries and complains. She breaks down. She tells jr she hates him. She begs him not to put them on her, copious amounts of drool running from her upper and lower lips. Finally, jr places them on her nipples and she immediately screams with pain. He berates her, calls her a cry baby, tells her she is weak. She finds it all very annoying in light of how uncomfortable she feels. She wants it to be over. Unfortunately for her, it is just beginning.
     Mandi Meets Luther
    6 minutes
      Mandi Meets Luther - Mandi, who is so nervous she cannot even speak a sentence, is bound and told to get on her knees to service luther. If she can't speak she can certainly blow luther and be degraded as she does so!  Layla Meets Luther
    1 minutes
      Layla Meets Luther - She is beautiful and sexy with full lips. Jr found the largest ball gag he has and mounted it, strapped it into her face hole. She sits before luther, naked, knowing what is next, waiting on when she should begin. Jr speaks to her, it is *********** what he has to say. He is adamant that she face fuck luther like it is her best friend, the most important cock in her life. Like she needs this cock. In the whole of the shoot, this experience was for her the most challenging. The one where her limits were pushed. He has tied a rope collar around her neck and tied her wrist to it from behind, cinching her arm up into a partial reverse prayer using only her thumb. Her face already grows red from the tight rope. Her other wrist is tied to her leg, which itself has been doubled back and tied off. The ball gag so completely fills her mouth that she is utterly helpless. Jr tells her what to do, instructs her on how to handle the cock as though it were her first time, then removes her ball gag and she begins. She scoots herself up to address luther and then takes his shaft into her face hole. She does just what was asked of her. She methodically fucks her face with his dead cock. At times she finds herself stopping because something down deep in her stomach wants to come up and fly out of her mouth. She'll stop and collect herself as quickly as possible and then she's right back on his shaft. Her gag reflex becomes more and more of a problem for her. She has to stop more frequently the longer she is sucking his cock. Finally, jr tells her not to remove her face hole from his shaft again. With a tear coming from her right eye she dutifully complies, like it is the serious business that it is. Now unable to stop and take a breath without the giant cock in her throat, she begins to grow fatigued. Her ability to breathe is further compromised. She's tired. Jr belittles her, tells her she isn't doing a very good job in-spite of the water coming out of both eyes and running down her cheeks. Its ***********. Reminding her again not to remove the cock from her mouth he instructs her to tell him how much she likes sucking big cock. She tries with a gurgling sound and gives up. He tells her again to say it. She starts but finds that she gagging, that something came up from her belly and she needs to swallow that first. With further wet, gurgling sounds she manages to tell jr how much she likes big cocks. Then he makes her repeat the statement because she didn't enunciate it clearly enough --all while still face fucking luther. She's reaching her breaking point, her limit. Its written all over her face. It is beet red. Her eyes roll into her head at times. She needs air, she is struggling to breathe, she needs permission to stop this. She is clearly becoming unraveled, desperate. But jr has a few more things he wants her to say before he lets her off the hook.

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      Rouge Gets Subjected To Temperature Extremes

    Rouge Gets Subjected To Temperature Extremes

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      Victorias Face Cam Ii

    Victorias Face Cam Ii

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      Victorias Face Cam I

    Victorias Face Cam I

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      Rouge Gets Strapped To The Objectification Chair

    Rouge Gets Strapped To The Objectification Chair

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      Rouge Throws Up Sucking Luther

    Rouge Throws Up Sucking Luther

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      Rouge Begs To Cum While Her Ass Is Electrocuted

    Rouge Begs To Cum While Her Ass Is Electrocuted

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      Rouge Has To Earn That Orgasm

    Rouge Has To Earn That Orgasm

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      Lumens Enema

    Lumens  Enema

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      Lumens Strappado Hole Fucking

    Lumens Strappado  Hole Fucking

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      Juniper Fucks Gradually Larger Dildos

    Juniper Fucks Gradually Larger Dildos

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      Juniper Does The Splits On A Dildo And Cries About It

    Juniper Does The Splits On A Dildo And Cries About It

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      Abyss Pisses Herself

    Abyss Pisses Herself

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      Abyss Meets Luther

    Abyss Meets Luther

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      Goldies Cunt Gets Wore Out

    Goldies Cunt Gets Wore Out

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      Goldie Gets Fucked Sucks Cock In A Hogtie

    Goldie Gets Fucked  Sucks Cock In A Hogtie

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