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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Hooded Masturbation

    Clip Description

    Xiaoyu was wearing a very sexy black leather dress in this video. After she put on a semitransparent breathplay hood, she showed off her body while slowly put on long gloves and thigh-high boots. Her long legs are really hot and attractive!
    Then there came something new to her: a magic wand! For the first time Xiaoyu massaged herself in front of a camera when her breath was restricted. I knew that she can be pushed even harder, so I use a binder clip, cling film and a piece of tape to close her only breathing hole. Her feeling was amazing, and she can’t stand at the end of the video…
    Do you like this different Xiaoyu-senpai?

    Clip Duration:      24 minutes
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    mp41579.01 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Hooded Masturbation

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Hooded Masturbation

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Hooded Masturbation

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Hooded Masturbation

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Hooded Masturbation

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Hooded Masturbation
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    Xiaomeng Breathless Orgasm Training Part 3 - This is the third and the last (maybe?) part of Xiaomeng’s Breathless Orgasm Training.
Xiaomeng in her latex catsuit was standing and having her hands fixed to a wardrobe and feet to the floor with suction cups. She was blindfolded and a breathplay hood with no breathing hole was put on her head for three times. This was just a warming-up for her, and with little and little air Xiaomeng started to scream and struggle. In the last time she even broke free the suction cup attached to her left foot from the floor.
Now she needs more stimulation. I let her sit on the floor with her legs open and fixed to the floor with the suction cups. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, and only her upper body can make some moves. A pink vibrator was used when the breathplay hood was put on her. She consumed the air faster under stimulation, but the pleasure helped her to endure the pain of oxygen deficit. However, this would not work for a long time, especially when I brought her to the edge but then only teased her and denied her orgasm. When I finally moved the vibrator away, she lost her source of pleasure and cannot suppress the pain anymore. She leant back and forth, shouting and trying to suck every single drop of residual oxygen inside the hood. I saved her.
In the next scene the vibrator was fixed to her lower body. Her hands were linked to her legs and disabled by latex hand bags. A hood with a mouth condom was put on her. She can only breathe through two small holes at her nostrils, and I pinched the holes from time to time. Basically, this is a short bonus session to her, and she can finally enjoy a full orgasm under restricted breaths. After that the breathplay hood with no holes was put on her again, and a ball gag was applied to her at a later stage as well. She reached her last and strongest orgasm at the end. She was overwhelmed by the pleasure so much that she just gave up fighting for air and let her mind go. I quickly removed the hood before she collapsed. Another near blackout play.

    Xiaomeng Face Compression and Condom Rebreathing - We have another experimental video. Xiaomeng was wearing a hairnet and a light-green stocking on her head. Her face was compressed by the stocking. A condom covered her full head on top of the stocking. She did not blow up the condom in advance, so all air she had inside the condom was at most her own full lung volume, and it was decreasing during her rebreathing because of the tension of the condom together with tiny air leakage through the condom rim around her neck. How long can she stay? Can massage from a magic wand help her stay longer?

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