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    Kinky Clothes
    Xiaoyu Christmas Bunny Counting Towards Blackout
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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Christmas Bunny Counting Towards Blackout

    Clip Description

    Happy Holidays!
    This time Xiaoyu transformed herself into a Christmas Bunny Girl. She looks perfect in this red/white bunny costume!
    This video has three scenes. In the first scene Xiaoyu was strangled by a string. Yes, if I remember correctly, this is the first time we shot this topic. I applied the string around her neck gently at first, then kept on adding strength gradually until she started to faint. We played this five times very carefully. Xiaoyu was still in a good condition after the play, so please don’t worry.
    The second scene is with the popular vacuum bag. Four times in a row, Xiaoyu was compressed in the vacuum bag gasping for air. The struggling and screaming at the end of each time is the most exciting part to watch. After opening of the vacuum bag at the last time, you can see her lips and skin turning blue already.
    The last scene is bagging. The bags were sealed around Xiaoyu’s neck by cling film wrapped several turns to achieve very good airtightness. She cannot take off the bag herself because her hands were either wrapped or bound behind her back. This time the volume of the bag is relatively small, so during each inhaling she can suck the bag into her mouth and create quite a big negative pressure. By the way, the next day she was still complaining about her chest pain due to the underpressure…
    I added a challenge to the last bagging. Xiaoyu shall count to 88 (a lucky number in Chinese culture) before she can be released from the bag. This is a splendid show. You can clearly understand what her status and how painful she was by listening to her sound of speaking, breathing, gasping, screaming, and the frequency of her counting. She was very close to the target but I had to release her earlier as I knew she can’t make it. At the same time she was blackout and fell to the floor. Her lips and face showed a mixture of red, purple and gray color.
    She recovered quickly after a short but good rest. Nevertheless, she missed the target, so what shall we do to her next time?

    Clip Duration:      34 minutes
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    Additional Thumbnails

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Christmas Bunny Counting Towards Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Christmas Bunny Counting Towards Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Christmas Bunny Counting Towards Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Christmas Bunny Counting Towards Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Christmas Bunny Counting Towards Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Christmas Bunny Counting Towards Blackout

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    Xiaomeng Cling Film Mummified Breathplay - Mummification for the third time. Cling film was used.
Xiaomeng was wearing a short sailor uniform and blindfolded. Most of her body was wrapped already with cling film, and she was also fixed on a chair by the film. There was only a slit above her nose, and the slit was covered soon by another film strap. Sealing, struggling, screaming × N.
I made the slit a little bigger to expose her mouth, put a ball gag in her mouth, and then covered her nose, mouth and the ball gag all together with cling film. Sealing, struggling, screaming × N.
After taking a break she changed her posture. Now she was lying on the floor, wrapped by the cling film from head to toe, therefore completely mummified. The ball gag was still in her mouth, and I covered her nose, mouth and the ball gag for several other rounds. Sealing, struggling, screaming × N.
At the end of the breathplay, I sealed Xiaomeng’s full face with black bondage tape on top of the cling film layer. The airtightness is much better than using only cling film, and naturally her struggle and scream escalated. At last, she even broke her forearms free, but still cannot reach her face, so I had to save her in time.
I know that breathless under cling film is really painful, so in order to distract Xiaomeng and to suppress her pain with pleasure, I applied a vibrator on her from time to time. However, I don’t know if it really did its job as mentioned above, or it had opposite effects?

    Xiaoyu Training Escape Challenge and Punishment Blackouts - Time for Xiaoyu’s escape challenge again. The key item is still a breathplay hood with no hole, but the difference is that the air bag of this hood is very big. Counterintuitively, a hood with a big air bag is more difficult than a hood with a small air bag. This is because, unless the hood is sealed by extra strict ways around one’s neck, there is always some air leak for example through the gaps created by hair. When wearing a small hood and inhaling very hard, one can usually breathe in a little bit fresh air that leaks in. In contrast, since the capacity of the big hood is larger than the capacity of one’s lungs, her inhalation and exhalation are completely constrained inside the air bag. Even if there is a potential leak, there is no way for her to suck in air from outside. It becomes rebreathing of the same stale air in the strict sense.
Because of this, Xiaoyu decided to carry out a CO₂ table training first to increase her chance of passing the challenge. There are four rounds of rebreathing under the breathplay hood, with the target time 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 minutes, and with 30 to 45 seconds of ventilation in between. When the 3-minute third round was finished, Xiaoyu’s body was already slightly twitching but she still decided to complete the 3.5-minute last round. At the end she went blackout and almost fell to the ground, but fortunately I was able to pull her back to the chair.
Xiaoyu was reluctantly satisfied with the training, so the escape challenge began. Learning from the previous time, I only tied her hands behind her back, not her arms, otherwise she would have an extremely hard time raising her arms and putting the key to the lock on the collar. As a price of not tying arms, her feet were tied together. After a blindfold, the breathplay hood and a collar with a lock were put on her, Xiaoyu still had to sit and wait for the one-minute beep before she could start to break free her hands and feet, find the key on the floor, unlock the lock and the collar, and finally take off the hood to save herself.
The process and the results? No, I don’t want to reveal too many details, but you may guess more or less with the following interview:
―I: You found the key so quickly in the first attempt.
―Xiaoyu: Of course, because you touched me accidentally when you put the key and I felt that, hahaha…
―I: That was cheating! So the result was not valid and we had to do it again.
―Xiaoyu: Where did you put the key in the second attempt? I’ve been searching for it for a long time, and I don’t remember if I ever touched it…
―I: You don’t remember? So you lost your memory again?
―Xiaoyu: Yes, did I blackout again? I don’t even remember when I lost my consciousness and when I regained it…
―I: Then what do you remember?
―Xiaoyu: I remember that you slapped my face again! Freeze, don’t run away!
Anyway, failure is failure, so Xiaoyu must pass a 3.5-minute punishment under the same breathplay hood. It could be that she was not fully recovered from the escape challenge yet, she gave up the first attempt before the time ran out. Although her face was blue-gray and her lips turned purple, she would not have been called “senpai” if she had stopped there. After a break and relaxation, Xiaoyu finally completed the 3.5-minute punishment in her second attempt, with a cost of blackout again and falling off the chair. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t allow Xiaoyu to really fall down and get hurt. She is fine, and just like you, she is now watching her own video and getting excited by her amazing performance!

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