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    Xiaoyu Bagged Nine Times
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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Nine Times

    Clip Description

    Xiaoyu is finally back!
    This is a custom video, and the client is a big fun of a Japanese studio “マニアック 休憩所”. He asked Xiaoyu to replicate several challenges in videos from that studio. No problem, let’s do nine times of bagging to celebrate Xiaoyu’s ninth video!
    Bagging #1–4
    Xiaoyu was wearing a Japanese school gym uniform and blindfolded. I wrapped her folded arms and legs with cling film to transform her into a “Puppy-Xiaoyu” again. She was bagged four times and the bags were tightly secured by a black collar. She was in a prone position for the first two times and then sitting on her heels for the last two. It turned out that she can last longer in the sitting position because her chest was not constrained and she needed less power to support her posture. In the fourth attempt I wrapped her fists as well. She screamed loudly and managed to tear the bag by her fists to save herself. In the short interview afterwards (included at the end of the video) she said that she felt awesome when she was shouting and venting her anger on the bag.
    Bagging #5–6
    Xiaoyu was sitting on a chair and her hands were tied behind her back. She was bagged two times and the bags were sealed by red electrical tape. For these two times she was asked to run around the chair for 16 cycles before she can sit back on the chair and get released. She succeeded the first time, but in the second time she was too dizzy to finish the task and ended up dramatically.
    Bagging #7–9
    Now just static bagging. She was sitting on the chair and wearing an armbinder. Red electrical tape was used again to seal the bags on her head. We started with a 2.5-minute countdown, during which I interfered her with a ball gag and tickling. The second round was for 3 minutes. For the final round I didn’t set a countdown but just recorded her best time. Guess how long she endured?
    Her lips turned purple several times again in this video and her body was shaking at the end. Don’t worry, she is all good, and she said that she really likes the feeling especially when she receives the first fresh air after a long breathplay.

    Clip Duration:      32 minutes
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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Nine Times

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Nine Times

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Nine Times

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Nine Times

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Nine Times

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Nine Times

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    Newbie Veteran Xiaoyus Beautiful Purple Lips - Xiaomeng has a very good friend named Xiaoyu. In the past they can share each other everything, but recently Xiaoyu felt that Xiaomeng was hiding some secret from her. By chance, Xiaoyu saw the secret on the Internet: It turned out that Xiaomeng was shooting for breathplay videos! Realizing that her secret was exposed, Xiaomeng decided to simply drag Xiaoyu into this. Xiaoyu seemed to be curious too, and she agreed without thinking… That’s why we now have this video.
I was extremely amazed. In this first experience, Xiaoyu actively tried various items: plastic bags, a vacuum bag, a swim cap and a breathplay hood without breathing hole… Xiaoyu likes exercise so her vital capacity and tolerance are quite high. She nearly broke all the records of Xiaomeng, and eventually contributed a picture of purple lips for the first time in our videos. On the other side of the camera, Xiaomeng was stunned, and from then on she called Xiaoyu “Xiaoyu-senpai”.
Since this was her first experience, let’s note down this video from the perspective of Xiaoyu-senpai.
“The plastic bags. I heard that this is the most basic game. The bag is sealed around my neck by Xiaomeng’s master. I feel a little bit stuffy, and a ball gag in my mouth also hinders me from breathing, but it seems that I can still suck some fresh air from some gap at my neck. It’s not very uncomfortable… Huh? What is this? It seems that something is tied around my neck again, and the bag is sealed tighter, making my inhaling more difficult… Wait, something is slipped over the bag. Pantyhose? The elasticity of the pantyhose almost squeezes out all the air in the bag, and now I can hardly breathe in. I feel quite uncomfortable…
“The vacuum bag. I have been curious about it since the moment I saw Xiaomeng’s vacuum bag video. A vacuum cleaner starts working, and because I am too nervous, most of the air in my lungs is also sucked out, and I can’t get enough air into my lungs anymore. My whole body is tightly compressed and wrapped, and I can only open my mouth to breathe the very little air. The urge to breathe increases with time and with every single breath. After nearly two minutes I can’t hold on anymore. This is definitely not at my normal level for breath holding… What? They tell me this is already great? After getting used to the vacuum bag, I finally learn to hold the air in my lungs in the third and fourth attempts, and I should be able to stay longer now… After my violent struggles and screams, Xiaomeng’s master finally releases me, and Xiaomeng is looking at me like I am an alien… Guess how long I have stayed in the vacuum bag?
“The swim cap. The swim cap is tightly stretched on my face. Inhaling is difficult, the resistance is high, and breathing becomes quite energy-consuming… However, right after experiencing the vacuum bag, I find a swim cap is not that bad.
“The breathplay hood without breathing hole. Tight, very tight, it is so tight that I feel I cannot breathe already at the beginning. The airtightness of the hood is very good. The air trapped in the airbag is really all I have for breathing… This hood gives me an urge to breathe even stronger than that of a vacuum bag, and also reduces the blood circulation to my head. Soon I feel stuffy, weak and dizzy. I can’t stop screaming now, and when I reach the moment that Xiaomeng’s master releases me from the hood, I am finally exhausted and fall to the ground. They told me later that at that moment my lips have completely turned purple, which looked really beautiful…”
The above is the compilation of Xiaoyu-senpai’s interview of her first experience. If you like it, please support this newbie, ah sorry, veteran. I hope she can bring us more surprises in the future!

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