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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Kigurumi and Ventilation Bag

    Clip Description

    Xiaomeng was wearing kigurumi and transformed herself into a beautiful doll in this video.
    The doll was equipped with a dog bondage set at the beginning, and a bag with a ventilation pipe was put on her head. The pipe was closed, and I ordered her to crawl around. The puppy soon became very noisy, and I decided to leave her longer in this status, only to find her capable to shake off her arm bondage… Oh, I should bind the set tighter next time.
    Then I added an extra layer to her head: a micro perforated hood under her open-face zentai suit and of course also under the outmost kigurumi mask. She enjoyed herself by using a vibrator, and I put the bag on her head and closed the lid. Apparently, it is less interesting when she had free hands and can open the lid herself, so in the next round I cuffed her hands behind her back and also put a padlock on her collar. As a result, she can’t free her head from the bag anymore and only I can give her precious air. The vibrator was still doing its job and gave her a very good breathless orgasm. Even after I pull off the bag and took off the kigurumi mask, she had to breathe hard through the micro holes on the hood to recover. Her sobs tell you how difficult that was.
    After one more round of normal bagging, I used a heat shrink bag instead. The bag was shrunk by hot air and covered tightly on the kigurumi mask. whenever I closed the lid, there was very little air left for Xiaomeng to breathe. At the end I decided to fly her mind away. After she was already struggling for air for quite some time, I strangled her neck by hand until she can’t make a sound or a move. She faded away. I quickly removed the bag and the kigurumi mask, and watched her return slowly from blackout*.
    *You are hereby notified that the blackout in THIS video is artistic fantasy, and nobody is in real peril.

    Clip Duration:      41 minutes
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    mp41248.44 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Kigurumi and Ventilation Bag

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Kigurumi and Ventilation Bag

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Kigurumi and Ventilation Bag

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Kigurumi and Ventilation Bag

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Kigurumi and Ventilation Bag

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Kigurumi and Ventilation Bag
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    Xiaomeng Wearing Bag with Ventilation Pipe - New item! I installed a ventilation pipe on a bag. The pipe has a lid, so I can open and close Xiaomeng’s air path without removing or tearing the bag.
But first let’s play some regular games. Xiaomeng is wearing a Japanese one-piece school swimsuit and had her arms and legs bound. Her head is sealed in normal bags and her breath is disturbed by different means, including a vibrator, tickling, tighter sealing and using multiple bags, which are selected according to the number of dice pips. After five rounds of bagging, Xiaomeng has been warmed up and ready for the new theme.
The bag with the ventilation pipe is put on Xiaoment’s head, and the vibrator is inserted between her legs. The rule is to reach an orgasm before running out of air. I will open the lid of the pipe occasionally to give her a little bit fresh air and extend her time, but she still has to be quick, because the air is definitely below her survival level.
Oh, she failed… she hasn’t reached an orgasm before she asked me to tear the bag… so she will be punished! Another bag with the ventilation pipe is sealed on her head, and the vibrator stays at its position. This time I’ll keep the lid closed most of the time, and push her beyond her limit after she is running out of air. This is a severe punishment, and Xiaomeng is crying at the end…

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