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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped

    Clip Description

    For a long time Xiaomeng has not been packed in a vacuum bag, so we did it again in this video. She was totally enclosed in a blue zentai, lying inside a vacuum bag, and compressed for four times. Enjoy her reaction! There were a lot of struggling and screaming.
    After the vacuum bag came a black silicon swim cap. She was still in her blue zentai and had a white water polo cap on her head already. I put the black swim cap on her face and watched her struggle. She was tied by a rope so that she cannot use her hands to remove the swim cap at all. After several rounds of breathplay with the swim cap, Xiaomeng was totally exhausted and finally went blackout*.
    *You are hereby notified that the blackout in THIS video is artistic fantasy, and nobody is in real peril.

    Clip Duration:      31 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41581.57 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped
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    Xiaoyu Dressup and Blackout in Vacuum Bag - Xiaoyu played for another vacuum bag video. She was vacuumed four times wearing different clothes: a Japanese one-piece school swimsuit, a panty and pasties, a maid outfit, and a Japanese school gym uniform. The first attempt was not long, because there was nearly no air left. She wanted to stay longer inside the bag, so in later attempts I left only a little bit more air for her. This increased her time to more than 5 minutes, and that means her suffering was also much longer. There were a lot of struggling and screaming. At the end Xiaoyu was exhausted but still pushed herself to the limit, which resulted in another unexpected blackout. She is a warrior!

    Xiaoyu Sobbing Quietly in Vacuum Bag - Finally, Xiaoyu-senpai wants to try a vacuum bag with empty lungs again. In this video, she has been vacuumed and compressed for eight times.
Part 0. Warming up.
Xiaoyu was wearing a panty, pasties, and a masquerade mask, and lying inside a vacuum bag. Air was sucked out until no air was left inside the bag, not even in her lungs. She started her struggling early but got into the right mood for vacuum breathplay. She was ready for more.
Part 1. No air.
She changed her outfit to a blue zentai. The smooth suit made it easier to have any residual air extracted and allowed her to move her arms and hands a bit in the vacuumed bag. She was compressed four times in a row. Each time I prolonged the time of extracting to make sure her lungs were empty. She can hardly make any sound, not more than a very short “Ah”. Of course, with no air in her lungs, she can’t stay long in the vacuum bag, but every time I released her as late as possible. 
Part 2. Little air.
I wanted Xiaoyu to stay longer inside the bag, so I decided to do three rounds of vacuum bag with a little air left. In the first time I asked her to hold some air in her lungs and I extracted all other air out of the bag. It didn’t work very well that she can’t keep all air in her lungs due to the strong negative pressure in the bag. She got nearly empty lungs at the end and started to panic quickly. In the second round I shortened the vacuuming time and she eventually reserved enough air to persist longer. Of course, this only means she suffered longer before she was released. 
Xiaoyu was exhausted already before the last round, and for the first time she collapsed completely during breathplay and started crying. I just continued as planned. She kept on sobbing quietly inside the vacuum bag and seemed not being affected by the lack of oxygen at all. Her zentai hood was stained by her tears. After a while, she suddenly stopped crying and started breathing heavily and seriously. She commented afterwards that when she was sobbing, she was naturally out of breath and became slow to react to the increasing carbon dioxide level. Only at a certain late moment, she suddenly realized her predicament and had to adjust her breathing rhythm.
I felt sorry to the crying Xiaoyu, but she said crying in a vacuum bag was also a unique experience to her. Do you like it?

    Xiaoyu in Black Zentai and Vacuum Bag - Who is this black-zentai doll? She is Xiaoyu!
And where is she? She is inside a vacuum bag!
I don’t have to say much about the content. She has been compressed in the vacuum bag for many times in this video, from hard to harder, and from not bound to bound. I’ve never seen her doing a backbend into the round shape like how she struggled at the end of the video. A must-see.
I think our last vacuum bag video was the Chun-Li one in February… so it has been quite a while, and that is why we would like to give a discount on this video! Enjoy!

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