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Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu Breathplay Contest
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Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu Breathplay Contest

Clip Description

This is a custom video and the first video of Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu together!
It is about a breathplay and escape contest. First, Xiaomeng will tie Xiaoyu using tape, gag her with a ball gag, and put a breathplay hood with no holes on her head. Xiaoyu will then try her best to free herself before she runs out of air or says the safe word. After that they switch the roles and complete one round of the contest. The girl who escapes quicker is the winner of the round. If both fail, the girl who stays under the hood longer is the winner.
Such game will be played for at most three rounds, and whoever wins two rounds is the winner of the contest. You know what will happen to the loser: a punishment in a future video.
The contest is very interesting, and Xiaomeng even tried to use her feet to remove the hood… Who do you think can win the contest?

Clip Duration:      26 minutes
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Additional Thumbnails

Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu Breathplay Contest

Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu Breathplay Contest

Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu Breathplay Contest

Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu Breathplay Contest

Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu Breathplay Contest

Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaomeng and Xiaoyu Breathplay Contest

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Xiaomeng is Vacuum Packed - What is the best way to keep Xiaomeng fresh? Vacuum packing! Just kidding…
Xiaomeng does not like vacuum bags, but I don’t allow her to run away from it. After all, a vacuum bag is one of the most exciting items for breathplay, and finally we shoot a video of vacuumed Xiaomeng!
There are three scenes in this video. In the first scene, Xiaomeng is dressed in pink and tied up with pink ropes. She lies in a vacuum bag and a timer is set for 2 minutes, the time to release her. In the second scene, she is wearing fishnets and a short top, sitting in one vacuum bag, which is enclosed by another bag. The timer is set for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. When it counts down to zero, I even wait a few seconds before opening the outer bag, and another several seconds before opening the inner one. She stays almost 20 more seconds inside! In the last scene, she puts on her black G-string and pasties, and lies in the vacuum bag again. This time the countdown is 2 minutes and 15 seconds, but I start the timer 10 seconds after the bag is vacuumed.
Lots of struggling and screaming in this video! “It is quite an extreme breathplay to me”, said Xiaomeng afterwards. This is a video that you can’t miss if you are a fan of breathplay!

Xiaoyu and Her New Breathplay Hoods - Xiaoyu received two new breathplay hoods. The first one is a classic black/semitransparent one with a small air bag but no breathing hole. It is made-to-measure so is very tight on her: not only tight around her neck, but also over her entire head except for her face, thus creating a very good seal to the air bag. In the first scene she was wearing this hood and doing exercise following Will Liu’s workout “Chinese Herbal Manual”. Well, it supposed to be a strenuous aerobics, but apparently for hooded Xiaoyu this became anaerobic. She can’t keep doing it for long and halfway of both attempts she collapsed on the ground. In the first time she can still remove the hood by herself, but in the second time she was so dizzy that she just lay on the ground gasping for the stale air inside the hood and didn’t know what to do to save herself. I had to remove the hood for her.
The second breathplay hood is nontransparent and has a bigger air bag but also no breathing hole. Xiaoyu was wearing this one in the second scene. She was asked to find a pair of scissors with her wrapped fists. She tried twice. Although the hood is bigger and she can stay much longer, it was still a difficult task as she can’t see or use her fingers freely. Can she succeed?
The last scene is classic. Xiaoyu was bound, sitting on a chair and rebreathing the air inside the hoods until she reached her limit. She wore the big hood once and the small one four times. In this part of the video you can realize how tight the small hood is: When she was gasping for air, you can see how the hood expanded like a balloon when she breathed out, and also how the air bag was sucked deep inside her mouth when she tried to breathe in. Don’t miss her cute tongue moves!
The ending is dramatic. She collapsed again and went to the edge of blackout. I had to remove the hood for her again, since she obviously can’t do that by herself anymore. Don’t worry. She was quite happy and satisfied about this breathplay session.

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