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     Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout
    41 minutes

      Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout - (Before the shoot…)
―Me: Xiaoyu-senpai, your loyal fan has placed another custom video order.
―Xiaoyu: Oh really? What’s the content?
―Me: It’s sports, anaerobic exercise…
―Xiaoyu: Um…
―Me: Let me see… there are eight different exercises… and you’ll need to wear a latex suit, and put on a latex breathplay hood with only a small breathing hole…
―Xiaoyu: Ummm…
―Me: …plus it has to be an uncut shot without any editing.
―Xiaoyu: Ummmmm…
―Me: So let’s get prepared then…
―Xiaoyu: Hey, are you serious? This… it’s practically impossible to complete, right?
―Me: Your fan said if you get tired, you can take a break, it’s okay, as long as you don’t take off the hood…
―Xiaoyu: But that’s still not possible… Ah… hey… wait…

(During the shoot…)
―Xiaoyu: (I would never do anaerobic exercise again… I would never do anaerobic exercise again… Ah… Hah… How many more sets of burpees are there… I can’t do this anymore… I can’t jump anymore…)

(After the shoot…)
―Xiaoyu: Finally, it’s over… I can finally take a breath… The fresh air is so sweet…
―Me: It’s not over yet!
―Xiaoyu: What? Why?
―Me: We said you could take a break but not remove the hood, right? You secretly took it off twice during the shoot!
―Xiaoyu: No… I didn’t, I just couldn’t bear it and lifted the edge at the neck to take a few breaths, I didn’t take off the hood at all…
―Me: That’s still a violation, and there must be consequences. You lifted it twice, so you’ll rest under the pinhole hood twice!
―Xiaoyu: No, please…

(Tricked onto an inflatable sofa, hands bound behind, wearing a red pinhole hood…)
―Me: Hmm, first time wearing this hood, you’re doing pretty well. Your lips have turned completely purple, huh!
―Xiaoyu: (panting…)
―Me: Huh? Why did you collapse? Blackout again??
―Xiaoyu: (Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?)
―Me: Well then, for the second round, and also the last punishment for this episode, I’ll add another layer for you. Wear the breathplay hood over the pinhole hood!
―Xiaoyu: Wait… wait a minute… is this even possible? Stop…

(The “happy ending” of our purple-lip senpai returns once again…)  Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay
    39 minutes

      Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay - We found an old but nice clip in our archive by chance, and we decided to edit and offer it with a sharp price! There’s no need to say too much about the content. Key words are latex catsuit, condom hood, kigurumi mask, rope bondage, plastic bag, heat shrink bag, breathplay hood with breathing hole blocked, vibrator, and orgasms. Now you may already guess what happened…
     Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes
    41 minutes

      Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes - Xiaomeng received a custom video request to play handcuff escapes like Xiaoyu did before. She hesitated a bit because Xiaoyu fainted during the failed last attempt, so I told her that I would not let her black out; instead, if she can’t get out, I would save her, but she must enter a vacuum bag as a punishment. She agreed.

But there’re more to go. Before the actual escape challenge, I sat her on an inflatable sofa and warmed her up by various means of breathplay. 

First by using only a plastic bag, we can see how the plastic was sucked in and blew out of her mouth. Then a ball gag was added before the plastic bag was sealed. This time I pushed Xiaomeng so far that she went extremely dizzy at the end and can’t remember afterwards the last seconds at all, even though she was still instinctively breathing heavily and screaming loud at that moment. She was very close to a real blackout. Right after the bag was opened and the first fresh air came into her lungs, she lost her consciousness a little bit and her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

After the bags I chose to continue with film dressing. Every time I used film dressing, I was amazed by its stickiness, flexibility, elasticity, and airtightness. Even with her mouth widely open, she can’t get a single drop of air passing through the membrane. Exhaling was not easy either, which ended up as creating an air bubble. In the second round, I put her sock into her mouth, and it is fun to watch her mouth, sock and cheeks moving when she was trying to breathe.

Then it was time for the handcuff escapes. We played multiple rounds with increasing difficulties, from using only the right key to adding a wrong key, from putting the key at an easily reachable place to a hard place, and from giving hints to no hints at all. She was actually doing well, even though sometimes she got stuck when trying to unlock the handcuffs after getting the key. However, not to my surprise, she failed in the last escape and begged me to save her.

As promised, I saved her of course, but as a consequence she had to go inside a vacuum bag, and that was the last part of this video. Please enjoy her great work!  Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout
    20 minutes

      Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout - Xiaoyu-senpai has contributed another awesome custom video!

I don’t have to say much about it. She was doing anaerobic exercises again with sealed plastic bags over her head. Squat kicks, tuck jumps, burpees, and jump squats, these are quite intense exercises. Several targets were set, and she must meet the targets before the bags can be torn open.

However, if you watch the video carefully and count how many times she repeated the moves, you will find how she cheated… Well, she told me afterwards that she was not cheating but simply did not have a clear mind to count due to lack of oxygen… but anyway, I decided to punish her, by not releasing her after the last jump squat, and watching her struggling on the floor helplessly until blackout with purple lips. This time her blackout behavior was quite different from the past, probably because it was after intense exercises.
     Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay
    45 minutes

      Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay - Xiaomeng became a latex pet again. Wait, this time it is a bit different. First of all, she was not wearing the dog bondage set. Instead, she was wearing a fully closed latex dog suit with short limbs, forcing her to fold her arms and legs inside. Furthermore, she was not a human dog, but rather a kitty, because she was wearing also the full-head furry kitty mask!

We started with fan games like crawling around, spanking and also a vibrated orgasm. These are good exercises, and Xiaomeng was a bit short of breath already. No worries, let me remove her mask so that she can breathe better. Oh, under the kitty mask there is a latex hood which is part of the latex dog suit, with only mouth and nostril openings. So she can’t see anything from the very beginning!

Now let’s increase the level of games. First let her recall the nightmare of the 0.1 mm pinhole hood. This is still a difficult task for her, but she managed to cheat a little bit with her hands inside the dog suit. That’s not allowed, so I closed the hood better around her neck by a collar, and she cannot escape anymore.

After we had enough with the pinhole hood, I took it off and put a tube gag in her mouth, and played her mouth with a dildo. Well, for her this part is a relaxation, compared to the part with the pinhole hood, isn’t it?

At the end, I put on her a breathplay hood with a small breathing hole, and asked her to stand on all four limbs and stay as long as possible. Even though breathing inside this hood is easier than inside the pinhole hood, time is still her big enemy. After several minutes without being released, she eventually broke down and started crying uncontrollably…

Well done, Xiaomeng!  Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood
    34 minutes

      Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood - Recently, we have invested quite a lot on new outfits and toys, and Xiaomeng has been trying and testing them. In this video you can see again the X-cross, but also a new black latex suit with separate upper body and thigh-high stockings.

At first, she was wearing a condom hood and locked on the X-cross. I pressed her private parts with a vibrator, and pinched her only air path, the nostril openings in the hood, from time to time. A nice warming-up, isn’t it?

Then I wanted more restrictions on her air supply, so I wrapped cling film over the hood. She quickly ran out of air and started to scream and wiggle.

OK, that was too tight, and I wanted her to stay longer, so I replaced the condom hood with a micro-perforated hood inside and a breathplay hood with a breathing hole outside. She can get slightly more air with this combination, only if she keeps calm and doesn’t breathe too hard. Well, this is not that easy, as I started to attack her with the vibrator again.

After she was unlocked from the X-cross, she played with a pinhole hood again. This time the hood has a black color, but the type is the same as the red one: there are only 10 pinholes with 0.1 mm sizes for breathing. Air doesn’t pass through those pinholes easily, and it is clearly visible that the hood expanded like a balloon when she was breathing out, and was sucked deep into her mouth when she was breathing in.

Do you want to know Xiaomeng’s comment on the black and red pinhole hoods? “Nightmare!” She said.
     Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata
    21 minutes

      Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata - This is Xiaoyu’s custom video again. Thanks to the customer, and special thanks to COCOA SOFT ( for authorizing us to reuse their clip in our video.

Wait, Xiaoyu-senpai looks different this time. She has white eyes and light purple uniform. She is cosplaying Hinata Hyuga from Naruto! It is weird to see Hinata and breathplay combined together, isn’t it :)

Hinata will go through three bagging games in this video. The first game is simply bagging for a certain duration. The base time is 3 minutes, and Hinata will try to throw three ping-pong balls into a basket. Each ball entering the basket will reduce the time by 30 seconds, and each ball missing the target will increase the time by 30 seconds. The game has been played for three times.

In the second game, Hinata will be watching “Human vacuum pack 07 uniform Editing” produced by COCOA SOFT while being bagged. Precisely, Hinata will be bagged once all the air inside the vacuum bag is pumped out in the video, and her bag will be taken off when the model in the video becomes unconscious completely. This looks like a competition, right? But I believe it won’t be too difficult to Hinata, since she has much more air to rebreathe than the poor model in the human vacuum video.

In the last game, Hinata will be bagged again, and in order to be released she must count from 1 to 100. It is interesting to listen to the changes of her voice, from calm and steady, to gasping and shaky.

Oh, by the way, the cited video “Human vacuum pack 07 uniform Editing” is classic! If you like this one, you will like their other videos too, and please support COCOA SOFT by purchasing those videos!  Xiaomeng Breathing Through Latex Pinholes
    35 minutes

      Xiaomeng Breathing Through Latex Pinholes - This video is inspired by SW (Twitter/X: @brplay_rubber).

I bought Xiaomeng a full-body red latex suit. The suit has a hood with mouth opening connected. This can prevent any potential air leakage around her neck. After she was fully dressed, the breathplay started.

In the first uncut scene, I put a red ball gag into her mouth, and sealed the entire mouth opening of the latex hood with film dressing pieces. This is so sexy. You can see through the transparent membrane, but no air can go through. The only tiny air path was along the slit formed between the film dressing and the ball gag belt. Her moans and screams never stopped. She also drooled a lot, and the water came out at once when the film dressing was removed.

In the second uncut scene, I put a separate red latex hood over the one from her latex suit. This is quite an exciting new item, because it has only ten insanely tiny pinholes for breathing, of which each has a size of only 0.1 mm. What can Xiaomeng do other than breathing harder and harder? The oxygen she consumed for inhaling air was even more than the amount she can inhale. Oxygen debt was built up and her situation was not sustainable. She had even no power to cry when the hood was finally removed.

In the next scenes, the games were repeated when Xiaomeng was locked on an X-cross. First with the ball gag and film dressing, and in addition a magic wand against her lower body, I think Xiaomeng enjoyed quite a good sexual stimulation while suffering the pains in her lungs. 

And finally, the pinhole hood was used again. Xiaomeng was already fully exhausted, and when her oxygen debt reached a certain level, she seemed to give up and let it go. She said afterwards that at that point she felt so dizzy and tired that she didn’t want to move, struggle, or even breathe anymore. What a bizarre status!
     Xiaoyu Breathplay with Brief Blackout
    29 minutes

      Xiaoyu Breathplay with Brief Blackout - Xiaoyu has another custom video! And here’s the table of contents.

1. Bag her head with a plastic bag. When she has been struggling for a while, take off the bag and put a swim cap on her face, until she reaches her limit.

2. Cover her face with the swim cap. When she has been struggling for a while, take off the swim cap, let her count from 1 to 30, and put on the swim cap again. After she has been struggling for a while, take off the swim cap, let her count from 1 to 60, and put on the swim cap one more time, until she reaches her limit.

3. Let her exhale all air in her lungs and then cover her face with the swim cap for 30 seconds. After a break, let her exhale all air again and cover her face with the swim cap for 60 seconds.

4. Compress her in a vacuum bag with some residual air.

5. Compress her in a vacuum bag with some residual air. After she starts struggling, pump some air out. When she has been struggling for a longer time, pump air out further, and keep her in the bag until she reaches her limit.

6. Compress her in a vacuum bag when she is wearing a ball gag. Pump residual air out one or two more times, and keep her in the bag until she reaches her limit.

Xiaoyu actually blacked out briefly right before the exact moment when I opened the vacuum bag in the last round. The ball gag in her mouth impeded her reflexive breathing and recovering, but after I removed the ball gag she recovered quickly. It is an unexpected but great ending!  Xiaomeng Has a New Vacuum Bed
    44 minutes

      Xiaomeng Has a New Vacuum Bed - Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2024! Xiaomeng also got her gift: a brand-new vacuum bed, and she can’t wait to get in!

This black latex bed has a neck seal, meaning that Xiaomeng’s head will be outside when her body is vacuum compressed. This makes me easy to use different items on her head and play with her breath. 

She started with her micro-perforated hood and a big dildo in her body. When the air was pumped out, the latex bed just pushed the dildo even deeper inside her, and she loved the feeling very much. Of course, things won’t be that easy. A big piece of film dressing was quickly pasted on her face and blocked all the micro holes in her hood. Don’t shout! Save your air to feel your pleasure from your lower body!

After the film dressing was removed, I put a classic breathplay hood over her micro-perforated hood. The breathplay hood has a small breathing hole, but if she inhales too hard, two layers of latex will stick together, making breathing difficult. However, it is not easy not to inhale hard because her lower body was continuously stimulated.

The next item was a piece of latex sheet from her latex nun costume. I just covered her face with the sheet and made it tight by hand or with a collar. The sound was really weird when the air leaked in and out between layers of latex…

In the last round of breathplay, I used the film dressing again, but much tighter and longer this time. You can see clearly that she can only exhale but not inhale. When I took the film dressing away, she started crying immediately.

Time for her reward. Wearing her exclusive kigurumi mask (the logo comes to life!), feeling the stimulation from inside and outside the latex film, how many orgasms did she reach?

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     Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Vibrated
    31 minutes
      Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Vibrated - Xiaomeng’s new fursuit has arrived.
She was quite excited and quickly put on the paws, which can make funny sound, and the full-head mask. By the way, before that she was already in her latex catsuit and latex hood with a mouth condom, so she has transformed into a cute kitty with black latex skin.
This video is the first half of the furry play, constituted of posing, crawling, rope bondage, and finally orgasm(s?) by a bound magic wand. Please enjoy this furry and light breath play, and remember that she cannot see and can only breathe through nostril holes of the latex hood.  Xiaomeng Bagged and Hooded Breathplay
    49 minutes
      Xiaomeng Bagged and Hooded Breathplay - This is a compilation of two breathplay sessions.
In the first scene, Xiaomeng was wearing a skin-color zentai, an orange AMORESY catsuit, and a black latex full-head mask with mouth, nostrils and eyes opening. A blindfold accessory of the hood was mounted all the time, and a dildo gag accessory was also used during the session. A new clit vibrator was put on her pussy, which is now Xiaomeng’s most favorite toy.
I transformed Xiaomeng into a doll by putting a kigurumi mask on her, and then bound her using rope. The breathplay started with a plastic bag which was sealed by a pink collar. The doll looked calm and did not change her facial expression at all (of course), however the girl inside the doll was in full panic caused by the vibrator and the lack of oxygen. Listen to her moan.
After that the kigurumi mask was replaced by a breathplay hood, still on top of the black latex full-head mask. Latex over latex makes a perfect seal, and Xiaomeng can only get fresh air through a 5 mm hole on the breathplay hood, which was frequently blocked by the latex material of either mask whenever she sucked too heavily. After a long struggling, she eventually broke free her left hand from the bondage to save herself by lifting the breathplay hood.
In the second scene, Xiaomeng was sitting on a chair, wearing white lingerie, blindfolded and bound with rope. Bagged breathplay came first, and a new method to seal the bag was used: a swim cap with a chin strap. This created an air bubble over her face. After I found that the chin strap was not tight enough to make a good seal, I secured a black collar around her neck to reduce the air leakage. The combination worked quite well and Xiaomeng constantly kept her mouth wide open and sucked the plastic inside her mouth, and I cannot help to put a ball gag into this plastic pit. What a wonderful setup on her head!
After a short break she fixed a vibrator to her pussy and put on an armbinder. The breathplay hood with a small hole was used together with other items: the black collar, the ball gag, and a piece of red tape. The collar was tightened one more time to prevent leakage through her neck. First the ball gag was used to increase the breathing resistance, and then it was replaced by the red tape to close the breathing hole completely. Obviously, she got a very strong orgasm, a long afterglow, and a pair of dark lips under the hood at the end of the scene.
     Xiaomeng is Vacuum Packed
    13 minutes
      Xiaomeng is Vacuum Packed - What is the best way to keep Xiaomeng fresh? Vacuum packing! Just kidding…
Xiaomeng does not like vacuum bags, but I don’t allow her to run away from it. After all, a vacuum bag is one of the most exciting items for breathplay, and finally we shoot a video of vacuumed Xiaomeng!
There are three scenes in this video. In the first scene, Xiaomeng is dressed in pink and tied up with pink ropes. She lies in a vacuum bag and a timer is set for 2 minutes, the time to release her. In the second scene, she is wearing fishnets and a short top, sitting in one vacuum bag, which is enclosed by another bag. The timer is set for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. When it counts down to zero, I even wait a few seconds before opening the outer bag, and another several seconds before opening the inner one. She stays almost 20 more seconds inside! In the last scene, she puts on her black G-string and pasties, and lies in the vacuum bag again. This time the countdown is 2 minutes and 15 seconds, but I start the timer 10 seconds after the bag is vacuumed.
Lots of struggling and screaming in this video! “It is quite an extreme breathplay to me”, said Xiaomeng afterwards. This is a video that you can’t miss if you are a fan of breathplay!  Xiaomeng in Kigurumi Bagged and Vacuumed
    48 minutes
      Xiaomeng in Kigurumi Bagged and Vacuumed - This is Xiaomeng’s first kigurumi video! Under the kigurumi mask there was not only an open-face zentai, but also a latex hood with only open nostrils. Under the two layers Xiaomeng’s breath became already very heavy. What will happen when her hands are tied behind, her pussy is massaged by a vibrator, and then her head is covered by a heat shrink bag? Her struggle was so explosive that she even managed to free her hands from the bondage…
Next, Xiaomeng changed into a latex catsuit and a micro perforated hood. While she was enjoying the vibrator, I put the kigurumi mask on her and added a heat shrink bag. To make it more difficult this time, I even used bondage tape to seal the shrunk bag at her neck and face. However, the combination of the micro perforated hood and the kigurumi mask seems to be a lot easier than what was used in the first scene, and Xiaomeng lasted quite a long time there.
In the third scene, Xiaomeng was wearing again the zentai and the kigurumi mask and got a simple whole-body rope bondage with hands behind her back. A normal plastic bag was put on her head and sealed by a collar. This basic breathplay seems to work much better. After two rounds in a row, Xiaomeng was pushed close to her limit and nearly fell to the ground. She gasped for a long time even after the bag was taking off.
Finally it is time to lie down and “relax”. After taking off her kigurumi mask, Xiaomeng lay in a … vacuum bag that we missed for a long time! Indeed we haven’t used a vacuum bag for weeks and Xiaomeng needs some practice to get used to it again. After a few attempts she finally passed over the 2 min 10 sec mark again! By the way, one thing I found is that it is not easy at all to open the bag and rescue Xiaomeng when she is struggling and rolling with the vacuum bag…
     Xiaomeng Vacuum Bed Breathplay
    40 minutes
      Xiaomeng Vacuum Bed Breathplay - Xiaomeng was stuck in a vacuum bed in different postures throughout the video. A vibrator was fixed on top of the bed targeting her private parts. She can breathe through a tiny hole, but there are a lot of ways to make it useless: a swim cap, a plug, a clipped pipe or even my bare hand.
Watch Xiaomeng enjoy or suffer from the breathless orgasms. We would like to thank you all for your long-time support, and therefore this video is offered with a very sharp discount!  Xiaoyu Handcuff Escape Challenge Blackout
    27 minutes
      Xiaoyu Handcuff Escape Challenge Blackout - This time, I let Xiaoyu-senpai describe the challenge herself, and it resulted in the following description:
Today I was told that I would be undertaking a handcuff escape challenge—I would be blindfolded, have a plastic bag sealed over my head, and my hands would be cuffed behind my back. Only by obtaining the key to the handcuffs and fumbling to unlock them could I tear open the plastic bag. But how long could the air inside the bag sustain me? This challenge sounded both terrifying and exhilarating; I felt a mix of excitement and fear!
Before the challenge, I went through three rounds of static warm-ups. This was to familiarize myself with the feeling of wearing handcuffs and locate the keyhole, and was also to gauge how long the air inside the bag could be breathed. The results were promising: I lasted about three minutes in the first two attempts, and in the third time, with a little push, I approached nearly four minutes. Should be enough time for me to unlock the handcuffs, right?
The challenge began! In the first round, the key to the handcuffs was placed on the corner of a table. Wasn’t this a bit too easy? Carefully stepping ahead, turning, half crouching, I touched the corner of the table with my hands behind my back, and then I found the key. Unlocking was not a difficult task as I was already familiar with the keyhole position. So, after being sealed in the bag for two minutes, I freed myself.
In the second round, the key was thrown on the ground, and I was directed to come over, sit down and search it. Darn, where’s the key? I seemed to have walked too far, and when I sat down, I inadvertently sat over the key. No wonder I couldn’t find it by searching the floor next to me. This consumed quite a bit of time, and it took me two minutes to get the key. My hands were already shaking, but luckily, I managed to complete the challenge with a bit of excitement but no danger. Apparently, oxygen is consumed more quickly when I was moving, and I shouldn’t expect that I could endure nearly four minutes like during the warm-up.
Next came the most challenging final round. At this moment, my emotions were incredibly intense, a mix of anticipation and nervousness. I anticipated where the key would be placed by the master, but I was nervous about whether I may completely fail to find the key and rescue myself from this dire situation. Just as I was lost in thought, the final round began. The master quickly gave me instructions: the key is on the handrail of the stairs. What? How can a key be placed on this type of handrail? Before the game, I happened to observe this handrail, smooth and steep, with no designated position for placement. Shocked as I was, I immediately snapped out of it and walked towards the stairs. Time passed second by second, and the oxygen inside the bag diminished along with it. The difficulty of breathing increased gradually! In order to get the key on the handrail, I could only bend down, raise my hands cuffed behind me, and try to explore the location of the key bit by bit along the direction of the handrail. I tiptoed, twisted my hands into a position convenient for searching on the handrail, searching up and down several times. Fortunately, I finally found the key, but it seemed to be stuck. I didn’t have time to think too much and desperately pulled the key down. After this moment, my stamina was almost exhausted, the oxygen inside the bag was almost depleted, and the pervasive carbon dioxide made me suffer. My body couldn’t hold on anymore; I could only slowly slide down against the glass wall of the stairs and sit on the ground. Now that I had the key, as long as I persisted a little longer, I could open the handcuffs and be saved. But… where is the keyhole this time? Ah, the orientation of the handcuffs had changed this time, and the keyhole was not in its original position! I was very panicked, desperately trying to match the key with the keyhole but couldn’t get it right; I couldn’t unlock it! What should I do? At this point, I was already exhausted, and there was not enough oxygen. Chest tightness, dizziness, weakness in limbs, and… desperately wanting to breathe oxygen but there was none to inhale! I couldn’t stand it, started shouting and struggling desperately, shouting for help again and again, but no one came to rescue me! I felt endless pain and despair, screaming loudly, holding on to the last glimmer of hope until darkness occupied my vision… the next moment, I found myself lying on the ground, the bag had been opened, and my mind couldn’t calm down for a long time.
Looking back, it was truly an experience of extreme despair… falling into an abyss of endless despair…

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      Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout

    Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout

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      Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay

    Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay

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      Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes

    Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes

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      Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

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      Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay

    Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay

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      Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood

    Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood

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      Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

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      Xiaomeng Breathing Through Latex Pinholes

    Xiaomeng Breathing Through Latex Pinholes

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      Xiaoyu Breathplay with Brief Blackout

    Xiaoyu Breathplay with Brief Blackout

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      Xiaomeng Has a New Vacuum Bed

    Xiaomeng Has a New Vacuum Bed

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      Xiaomeng Experimented New Items

    Xiaomeng Experimented New Items

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      Xiaomeng Bodystocking Breathplay

    Xiaomeng Bodystocking Breathplay

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      Xiaomeng Breathing Hard Through Narrow Gaps

    Xiaomeng Breathing Hard Through Narrow Gaps

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      Xiaoyu and Yaoyao Mid Autumn Festival Adventure Part 2

    Xiaoyu and Yaoyao Mid Autumn Festival Adventure Part 2

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      Xiaoyu and Yaoyao Mid Autumn Festival Adventure Part 1

    Xiaoyu and Yaoyao Mid Autumn Festival Adventure Part 1

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