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     Xiaoyu Tight Vacuum Compression Sextet
    23 minutes

      Xiaoyu Tight Vacuum Compression Sextet - Xiaoyu-senpai got a kind order for a vacuum bag custom video. The content was quite straightforward. She was going to be compressed in a vacuum bag for six times in three different outfits: a zentai suit, bikini-like underwear, and a tank top and shorts. The client preferred to have her compressed as tight as possible, and therefore we used techniques such as breath holding and re-vacuuming right after exhaling. 

She had quite some fun during the shoot, and at the end she finished with dark grey lips!  Xiaomeng White Latex Nun in CO2 Hell
    47 minutes

      Xiaomeng White Latex Nun in CO2 Hell - A white nun is supposed to be holy. However, if the white color comes from a sexy latex catsuit, and if she is handing over a whip to you, what should you do? Xiaomeng sacrifices herself as a gift for you, so let’s play with her.

Getting down on her hands and knees, she started first with whipping, spanking and vibrating. She got more and more aroused and massaged herself with a vibrator. That was not allowed because I shall be taking control, so I gagged her, locked her to the X-cross, and continued vibrating her. Later her sight was deprived, and the tube gag was replaced by a harness ball gag, to make her more restricted and more sensitive to the stimulation. She received a nice intense orgasm.

A nun shouldn’t masturbate, right? So she must be punished for her bad behavior. A thin transparent breathplay hood was put on her head. It has a small air bag in front with a breathing hole. She always had to breathe in stale air full of CO2 from the bag before she can suck in some fresh air from outside. What? She was still masturbating and got another intense orgasm? The punishment must be leveled up.

Now her hands were tied behind her back, so absolutely she can’t masturbate anymore. The thin hood was put on her head again but this time with the breathing hole at the back side. This way, for every breath, she was nearly rebreathing all her own air, and only a little bit fresh air may come in from the backside of her head if she inhaled really strongly. Carbon dioxide built up quickly inside the hood, and Xiaomeng suffered minute after minute inside such a CO2 hell.
     Xiaoyu Empty Lung Film Dressing Blackout
    21 minutes

      Xiaoyu Empty Lung Film Dressing Blackout - Long time no see! This is again a custom video. Thanks a lot, to all the fans who support us.

Well, this shoot was quite tough for Xiaoyu. Our client was curious on how a blackout and subsequent wakeup look like under extraordinary circumstances: when Xiaoyu is standing, has no air in her lungs, and cannot breathe at all. X-cross and film dressing have been chosen for this purpose. 

Before we actually went for the “research”, we bound Xiaoyu to a chair and covered her nose and mouth with film dressing under different durations, from short to long, three times in total, in order to warm her up. Next we stood her to the X-cross and covered her airway with film dressing for three times again, asking her to keep full lungs, half lungs, and empty lungs of air, respectively, in order to adapt her body and mentality gradually to the extreme conditions of no air and no breathing.

Finally she was ready for the last round. She knew that she would blackout for the first time by film dressing covering her nose and mouth, and she knew that that might be very painful. The fact is, that was even more painful than what she thought. After she breathed out air in her lungs and got her airway covered, she held her breath actively for more than a minute. There were a few contractions but in general she was still under control. However, once she can’t suppress the urge to breathe, things started to go wild. She can’t help sucking in void harder and harder, and the negative pressure made her lungs burning and a drumming in her ears. She gradually lost control to her limbs and started dancing on the X-cross. She faded away, hanging powerlessly at her wrists.

When we brought her back, she was quite exciting and happy. You can see that from an earlier GIF post on X by herself. She felt so fresh and comfortable to breathe air again. “It was extremely tough before blackout, but the recovery was quick and there is no headache afterwards at all, unlike blackout induced by rebreathing”, said Xiaoyu.

I hope you enjoy the video. By the way, a footage of a failed blackout attempt can be found on our X post as well.  Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout
    41 minutes

      Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout - (Before the shoot…)
―Me: Xiaoyu-senpai, your loyal fan has placed another custom video order.
―Xiaoyu: Oh really? What’s the content?
―Me: It’s sports, anaerobic exercise…
―Xiaoyu: Um…
―Me: Let me see… there are eight different exercises… and you’ll need to wear a latex suit, and put on a latex breathplay hood with only a small breathing hole…
―Xiaoyu: Ummm…
―Me: …plus it has to be an uncut shot without any editing.
―Xiaoyu: Ummmmm…
―Me: So let’s get prepared then…
―Xiaoyu: Hey, are you serious? This… it’s practically impossible to complete, right?
―Me: Your fan said if you get tired, you can take a break, it’s okay, as long as you don’t take off the hood…
―Xiaoyu: But that’s still not possible… Ah… hey… wait…

(During the shoot…)
―Xiaoyu: (I would never do anaerobic exercise again… I would never do anaerobic exercise again… Ah… Hah… How many more sets of burpees are there… I can’t do this anymore… I can’t jump anymore…)

(After the shoot…)
―Xiaoyu: Finally, it’s over… I can finally take a breath… The fresh air is so sweet…
―Me: It’s not over yet!
―Xiaoyu: What? Why?
―Me: We said you could take a break but not remove the hood, right? You secretly took it off twice during the shoot!
―Xiaoyu: No… I didn’t, I just couldn’t bear it and lifted the edge at the neck to take a few breaths, I didn’t take off the hood at all…
―Me: That’s still a violation, and there must be consequences. You lifted it twice, so you’ll rest under the pinhole hood twice!
―Xiaoyu: No, please…

(Tricked onto an inflatable sofa, hands bound behind, wearing a red pinhole hood…)
―Me: Hmm, first time wearing this hood, you’re doing pretty well. Your lips have turned completely purple, huh!
―Xiaoyu: (panting…)
―Me: Huh? Why did you collapse? Blackout again??
―Xiaoyu: (Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?)
―Me: Well then, for the second round, and also the last punishment for this episode, I’ll add another layer for you. Wear the breathplay hood over the pinhole hood!
―Xiaoyu: Wait… wait a minute… is this even possible? Stop…

(The “happy ending” of our purple-lip senpai returns once again…)
     Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay
    39 minutes

      Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay - We found an old but nice clip in our archive by chance, and we decided to edit and offer it with a sharp price! There’s no need to say too much about the content. Key words are latex catsuit, condom hood, kigurumi mask, rope bondage, plastic bag, heat shrink bag, breathplay hood with breathing hole blocked, vibrator, and orgasms. Now you may already guess what happened…  Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes
    41 minutes

      Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes - Xiaomeng received a custom video request to play handcuff escapes like Xiaoyu did before. She hesitated a bit because Xiaoyu fainted during the failed last attempt, so I told her that I would not let her black out; instead, if she can’t get out, I would save her, but she must enter a vacuum bag as a punishment. She agreed.

But there’re more to go. Before the actual escape challenge, I sat her on an inflatable sofa and warmed her up by various means of breathplay. 

First by using only a plastic bag, we can see how the plastic was sucked in and blew out of her mouth. Then a ball gag was added before the plastic bag was sealed. This time I pushed Xiaomeng so far that she went extremely dizzy at the end and can’t remember afterwards the last seconds at all, even though she was still instinctively breathing heavily and screaming loud at that moment. She was very close to a real blackout. Right after the bag was opened and the first fresh air came into her lungs, she lost her consciousness a little bit and her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

After the bags I chose to continue with film dressing. Every time I used film dressing, I was amazed by its stickiness, flexibility, elasticity, and airtightness. Even with her mouth widely open, she can’t get a single drop of air passing through the membrane. Exhaling was not easy either, which ended up as creating an air bubble. In the second round, I put her sock into her mouth, and it is fun to watch her mouth, sock and cheeks moving when she was trying to breathe.

Then it was time for the handcuff escapes. We played multiple rounds with increasing difficulties, from using only the right key to adding a wrong key, from putting the key at an easily reachable place to a hard place, and from giving hints to no hints at all. She was actually doing well, even though sometimes she got stuck when trying to unlock the handcuffs after getting the key. However, not to my surprise, she failed in the last escape and begged me to save her.

As promised, I saved her of course, but as a consequence she had to go inside a vacuum bag, and that was the last part of this video. Please enjoy her great work!
     Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout
    20 minutes

      Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout - Xiaoyu-senpai has contributed another awesome custom video!

I don’t have to say much about it. She was doing anaerobic exercises again with sealed plastic bags over her head. Squat kicks, tuck jumps, burpees, and jump squats, these are quite intense exercises. Several targets were set, and she must meet the targets before the bags can be torn open.

However, if you watch the video carefully and count how many times she repeated the moves, you will find how she cheated… Well, she told me afterwards that she was not cheating but simply did not have a clear mind to count due to lack of oxygen… but anyway, I decided to punish her, by not releasing her after the last jump squat, and watching her struggling on the floor helplessly until blackout with purple lips. This time her blackout behavior was quite different from the past, probably because it was after intense exercises.  Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay
    45 minutes

      Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay - Xiaomeng became a latex pet again. Wait, this time it is a bit different. First of all, she was not wearing the dog bondage set. Instead, she was wearing a fully closed latex dog suit with short limbs, forcing her to fold her arms and legs inside. Furthermore, she was not a human dog, but rather a kitty, because she was wearing also the full-head furry kitty mask!

We started with fan games like crawling around, spanking and also a vibrated orgasm. These are good exercises, and Xiaomeng was a bit short of breath already. No worries, let me remove her mask so that she can breathe better. Oh, under the kitty mask there is a latex hood which is part of the latex dog suit, with only mouth and nostril openings. So she can’t see anything from the very beginning!

Now let’s increase the level of games. First let her recall the nightmare of the 0.1 mm pinhole hood. This is still a difficult task for her, but she managed to cheat a little bit with her hands inside the dog suit. That’s not allowed, so I closed the hood better around her neck by a collar, and she cannot escape anymore.

After we had enough with the pinhole hood, I took it off and put a tube gag in her mouth, and played her mouth with a dildo. Well, for her this part is a relaxation, compared to the part with the pinhole hood, isn’t it?

At the end, I put on her a breathplay hood with a small breathing hole, and asked her to stand on all four limbs and stay as long as possible. Even though breathing inside this hood is easier than inside the pinhole hood, time is still her big enemy. After several minutes without being released, she eventually broke down and started crying uncontrollably…

Well done, Xiaomeng!
     Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood
    34 minutes

      Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood - Recently, we have invested quite a lot on new outfits and toys, and Xiaomeng has been trying and testing them. In this video you can see again the X-cross, but also a new black latex suit with separate upper body and thigh-high stockings.

At first, she was wearing a condom hood and locked on the X-cross. I pressed her private parts with a vibrator, and pinched her only air path, the nostril openings in the hood, from time to time. A nice warming-up, isn’t it?

Then I wanted more restrictions on her air supply, so I wrapped cling film over the hood. She quickly ran out of air and started to scream and wiggle.

OK, that was too tight, and I wanted her to stay longer, so I replaced the condom hood with a micro-perforated hood inside and a breathplay hood with a breathing hole outside. She can get slightly more air with this combination, only if she keeps calm and doesn’t breathe too hard. Well, this is not that easy, as I started to attack her with the vibrator again.

After she was unlocked from the X-cross, she played with a pinhole hood again. This time the hood has a black color, but the type is the same as the red one: there are only 10 pinholes with 0.1 mm sizes for breathing. Air doesn’t pass through those pinholes easily, and it is clearly visible that the hood expanded like a balloon when she was breathing out, and was sucked deep into her mouth when she was breathing in.

Do you want to know Xiaomeng’s comment on the black and red pinhole hoods? “Nightmare!” She said.  Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata
    21 minutes

      Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata - This is Xiaoyu’s custom video again. Thanks to the customer, and special thanks to COCOA SOFT ( for authorizing us to reuse their clip in our video.

Wait, Xiaoyu-senpai looks different this time. She has white eyes and light purple uniform. She is cosplaying Hinata Hyuga from Naruto! It is weird to see Hinata and breathplay combined together, isn’t it :)

Hinata will go through three bagging games in this video. The first game is simply bagging for a certain duration. The base time is 3 minutes, and Hinata will try to throw three ping-pong balls into a basket. Each ball entering the basket will reduce the time by 30 seconds, and each ball missing the target will increase the time by 30 seconds. The game has been played for three times.

In the second game, Hinata will be watching “Human vacuum pack 07 uniform Editing” produced by COCOA SOFT while being bagged. Precisely, Hinata will be bagged once all the air inside the vacuum bag is pumped out in the video, and her bag will be taken off when the model in the video becomes unconscious completely. This looks like a competition, right? But I believe it won’t be too difficult to Hinata, since she has much more air to rebreathe than the poor model in the human vacuum video.

In the last game, Hinata will be bagged again, and in order to be released she must count from 1 to 100. It is interesting to listen to the changes of her voice, from calm and steady, to gasping and shaky.

Oh, by the way, the cited video “Human vacuum pack 07 uniform Editing” is classic! If you like this one, you will like their other videos too, and please support COCOA SOFT by purchasing those videos!

    Random Breathplay Xiaomeng Clips more
     Xiaoyu Training Escape Challenge and Punishment Blackouts
    32 minutes
      Xiaoyu Training Escape Challenge and Punishment Blackouts - Time for Xiaoyu’s escape challenge again. The key item is still a breathplay hood with no hole, but the difference is that the air bag of this hood is very big. Counterintuitively, a hood with a big air bag is more difficult than a hood with a small air bag. This is because, unless the hood is sealed by extra strict ways around one’s neck, there is always some air leak for example through the gaps created by hair. When wearing a small hood and inhaling very hard, one can usually breathe in a little bit fresh air that leaks in. In contrast, since the capacity of the big hood is larger than the capacity of one’s lungs, her inhalation and exhalation are completely constrained inside the air bag. Even if there is a potential leak, there is no way for her to suck in air from outside. It becomes rebreathing of the same stale air in the strict sense.
Because of this, Xiaoyu decided to carry out a CO₂ table training first to increase her chance of passing the challenge. There are four rounds of rebreathing under the breathplay hood, with the target time 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 minutes, and with 30 to 45 seconds of ventilation in between. When the 3-minute third round was finished, Xiaoyu’s body was already slightly twitching but she still decided to complete the 3.5-minute last round. At the end she went blackout and almost fell to the ground, but fortunately I was able to pull her back to the chair.
Xiaoyu was reluctantly satisfied with the training, so the escape challenge began. Learning from the previous time, I only tied her hands behind her back, not her arms, otherwise she would have an extremely hard time raising her arms and putting the key to the lock on the collar. As a price of not tying arms, her feet were tied together. After a blindfold, the breathplay hood and a collar with a lock were put on her, Xiaoyu still had to sit and wait for the one-minute beep before she could start to break free her hands and feet, find the key on the floor, unlock the lock and the collar, and finally take off the hood to save herself.
The process and the results? No, I don’t want to reveal too many details, but you may guess more or less with the following interview:
―I: You found the key so quickly in the first attempt.
―Xiaoyu: Of course, because you touched me accidentally when you put the key and I felt that, hahaha…
―I: That was cheating! So the result was not valid and we had to do it again.
―Xiaoyu: Where did you put the key in the second attempt? I’ve been searching for it for a long time, and I don’t remember if I ever touched it…
―I: You don’t remember? So you lost your memory again?
―Xiaoyu: Yes, did I blackout again? I don’t even remember when I lost my consciousness and when I regained it…
―I: Then what do you remember?
―Xiaoyu: I remember that you slapped my face again! Freeze, don’t run away!
Anyway, failure is failure, so Xiaoyu must pass a 3.5-minute punishment under the same breathplay hood. It could be that she was not fully recovered from the escape challenge yet, she gave up the first attempt before the time ran out. Although her face was blue-gray and her lips turned purple, she would not have been called “senpai” if she had stopped there. After a break and relaxation, Xiaoyu finally completed the 3.5-minute punishment in her second attempt, with a cost of blackout again and falling off the chair. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t allow Xiaoyu to really fall down and get hurt. She is fine, and just like you, she is now watching her own video and getting excited by her amazing performance!  Xiaomeng Tied and Bagged 10 Minute Endurance
    22 minutes
      Xiaomeng Tied and Bagged 10 Minute Endurance - This is a custom video. Xiaomeng’s head was bagged by plastic bags, and her body was tied by rope, first fixed to a bed and then to a table, both in prone positions. For each time, she must endure for 10 minutes. Of course, one can hardly survive for 10 minutes with so little air inside the bags. I poked tiny holes in the bags so that she can draw in a little bit of fresh air every time when she inhaled forcefully. Unfortunately this was not really sufficient, and her oxygen debt kept on building up, especially after I inserted a ball gag into her mouth over the plastic, which apparently blocked a few breathing holes…
     Xiaoyu Bagged and Heartbeat Recorded
    37 minutes
      Xiaoyu Bagged and Heartbeat Recorded - In this video, Xiaoyu-senpai was bagged several times, but that’s not all. During the breathplay, she put a Bluetooth microphone on her chest enclosed by a glass as an amplifier to record her heartbeat sound. This is something new to us, but it worked quite well!
In the first three rounds, Xiaoyu exercised before she was bagged, so her heartrate was already high from the beginning of recording. The next three rounds she started from still at different locations of the hotel room. In the last round we chat a little bit when she was bagged, and we let her stay to her limit.
The left channel replays the environment sound, and the heartbeats are put in the right channel. We hope you enjoy this video.  Xiaomeng Wearing Bag with Ventilation Pipe
    49 minutes
      Xiaomeng Wearing Bag with Ventilation Pipe - New item! I installed a ventilation pipe on a bag. The pipe has a lid, so I can open and close Xiaomeng’s air path without removing or tearing the bag.
But first let’s play some regular games. Xiaomeng is wearing a Japanese one-piece school swimsuit and had her arms and legs bound. Her head is sealed in normal bags and her breath is disturbed by different means, including a vibrator, tickling, tighter sealing and using multiple bags, which are selected according to the number of dice pips. After five rounds of bagging, Xiaomeng has been warmed up and ready for the new theme.
The bag with the ventilation pipe is put on Xiaoment’s head, and the vibrator is inserted between her legs. The rule is to reach an orgasm before running out of air. I will open the lid of the pipe occasionally to give her a little bit fresh air and extend her time, but she still has to be quick, because the air is definitely below her survival level.
Oh, she failed… she hasn’t reached an orgasm before she asked me to tear the bag… so she will be punished! Another bag with the ventilation pipe is sealed on her head, and the vibrator stays at its position. This time I’ll keep the lid closed most of the time, and push her beyond her limit after she is running out of air. This is a severe punishment, and Xiaomeng is crying at the end…
     Xiaomeng Wearing Latex in Hot and Stuffy Room
    60 minutes
      Xiaomeng Wearing Latex in Hot and Stuffy Room - A long, sweaty video. On sale!
Xiaomeng was wearing a latex catsuit and a latex hood with a mouth condom. She was breathing hard through the small nostril holes on the hood. It was a hot summer day and the temperature was 36 degrees Celsius. The room had its doors and windows shut and the aircon was switched on for heating. You can imagine what kind of “sauna” challenge Xiaomeng was facing when enclosed in her latex catsuit. She can only rely on the pleasure from stimulations to distract herself, and a magic wand vibrator helped her a lot… After a dozen minutes Xiaomeng got an intense orgasm.
After removing the latex hood, biting on a ball gag, and taking a short break, Xiaomeng put on a breathplay hood with a small breathing hole and continued her hot and stuffy journey. A clitoris vibrator put on her private part in advance provided her necessary stimulation continuously. After another ten or more minutes, Xiaomeng was gasping for air heavily, and I am not sure if it was due to heat, lack of air, or orgasm. When I removed the hood, its inside was fully covered by her sweat and maybe saliva as well.
She was so hot and sweaty that she needed a bath. Wait, a bath when wearing a latex catsuit and a micro perforated hood, is it really useful? Well, it doesn’t matter. She felt very comfortable when water was sprayed on her second skin. Just be careful not to splash any water into the micro perforated holes. After the bath, Xiaomeng was hogtied on bed and tickled. Her body which just cooled down after the rest started to sweat again because of the tickling and her struggling. Of course, it is too boring if there was only tickling; some breathplay would add much more fun. I pinched the micro holes around her mouth and nose area, blocked the holes with a piece of tape, and finally put another piece of tape on top of the micro holes around her eye area too. Xiaomeng was then completely smothered inside the hood, and can do nothing but struggling, screaming and begging for mercy…  Xiaomeng Hooded Rope Bondage
    33 minutes
      Xiaomeng Hooded Rope Bondage - This time we combined breathplay with rope bondage.
Xiaomeng was lying on bed on her back, wearing her underwear and pantyhose, and blindfolded. Her arms and legs were folded and tightly bound. She looked so beautiful under the rope and I cannot help tickling her a bit. After that I sealed her mouth with tape and covered her full head with another pair of pantyhose. Then the breathplay started with a pink latex breathplay hood with no breathing hole. Oh by the way, she was moaning almost all the time because a vibrator was attacking her from inside…
In the second half, Xiaomeng was lying on her belly. Her arms are bound behind her back and her ankles were taped together. A pair of pantyhose covered her full head and also pulled her head towards her feet. Again I use the pink breathplay hood to block her air and the vibrator to give her more fun. Tickling was also applied from time to time.
As a bonus, we used plastic bag plus pantyhose in this video for two times. Nearly no air can stay inside the bag under the pressure from the pantyhose…
How many breathless orgasms can you count in this video?

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      Xiaoyu Tight Vacuum Compression Sextet

    Xiaoyu Tight Vacuum Compression Sextet

    0.00079 BTC

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      Xiaomeng White Latex Nun in CO2 Hell

    Xiaomeng White Latex Nun in CO2 Hell

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      Xiaoyu Empty Lung Film Dressing Blackout

    Xiaoyu Empty Lung Film Dressing Blackout

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      Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout

    Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout

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      Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay

    Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay

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      Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes

    Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes

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      Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

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      Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay

    Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay

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      Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood

    Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood

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      Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

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      Xiaomeng Breathing Through Latex Pinholes

    Xiaomeng Breathing Through Latex Pinholes

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      Xiaoyu Breathplay with Brief Blackout

    Xiaoyu Breathplay with Brief Blackout

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      Xiaomeng Has a New Vacuum Bed

    Xiaomeng Has a New Vacuum Bed

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      Xiaomeng Experimented New Items

    Xiaomeng Experimented New Items

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      Xiaomeng Bodystocking Breathplay

    Xiaomeng Bodystocking Breathplay

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