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    Kinky Clothes
    Her Last Toy
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    Gallows Games - Her Last Toy

    Clip Description

    Featuring Freshie Juice.

    Its Freshie's last night before she is hanged in the morning. She needs to cum one last time so she pulls out her special toy she has been saving for just this occasion. She sticks it in her pussy and imagines its her boy friend's cock. After she cums, Freshie gets dressed and hides the dildo again fearing the guards will make her execution take longer if they catch her.

    The next morning Freshie has her hands cuffed behind her back and she is led to the gallows. Her legs are belted together and the noose is placed around her neck. Knowing that Freshie pleasured herself the night before, the guard pulls down freshie's top to expose her cute little breasts. He fondles them a bit as she fights and begs but that means nothing to the Hangman. He also tightens the rope so her neck won't break and she hangs slowly.

    The trap door opens and the rope pulls tight when Freshie drops. She drools as she begins to slowly strangle. Freshis kicks off one of her flip flops as she fights the noose. Freshie tries to bring her cuffs around to grab the rope but the she can only reach her breasts. Finally the Hangman pulls one Freshie's legs knocking off her other flip flop. Her toes flex as she tries to gasp for breath. Finally her eyes roll back and her tongue pops out as she gasps one last time. The Hangman fondles Freshie's breasts before leaving her body to hang.

    Features: Hanging, solo female, masturbation, glass dildo, undressing, full nudity, handcuffs, prison uniform, begging, breast fondling, tattoos, flip flops, and bare feet.

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41926.34 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Her Last Toy

    Gallows Games - Her Last Toy

    Gallows Games - Her Last Toy

    Gallows Games - Her Last Toy

    Gallows Games - Her Last Toy

    Gallows Games - Her Last Toy

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