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    Kinky Clothes
    Asked to tie and strangle
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    Ban on breathing - Asked to tie and strangle

    Clip Description

    Julia likes to be helpless. I like it when her breathing depends on another person.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
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    Ban on breathing - Asked to tie and strangle

    Ban on breathing - Asked to tie and strangle

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    Stretchy face package - Julia very much loves when her face wraps around the package.

    Agitation from strangulation - She likes her clothes. He likes to strangle himself in a hood.

    Tied and strangled - I asked myself to tie myself and watch me gasp. She did well. Really, there was not enough air.

    Breathplay - Breathplay

    White bag on the head and tighten tight - Julia loves tight packages and arouse the audience.

    Clip 14 - I put on my jacket, I tied Julia to the stairs and began to choke with a bag and a hood.

    Strangle me - I came home and I wanted to get a blue bag and get strangled.

    In masturbation in the package - Julia watched the movie at night and excitement suddenly came to her. But she did not feel like masturbating. She took out the package and put it on her head. I tied it tightly around my neck and began to enjoy it. 5 minutes of self-humiliation you like.

    Breathplay - Bagging

    Bagging - Plastic bag.

    Package and hood on the head and strangle - Real strangulation, there will be very little air. Julia is in a panic.

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