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    Clip Description

    Starring: Lexxi as "Dona G." w/ Chris B. as "Ojos"

    Grace X and her good friend slash lover Eyes are hanging out together at Eyes' house having a cocktail, plotting their next adventure, aka making plans to extort some money by blackmailing tons of people, in high places. Grace has a sexy top, short skirt, and sexy satin panties, barefoot with her favorite, signature, wayfarer sunglasses on. Even though they are best of friends, they still enjoy double crossing the other, just for kicks. Eyes has the scheme set and on his computer, ready to launch. As the two friends with benefits sit on the sofa and drink, they talk about what to do with the spoils and how to do it all over again after the money is gone. After a little chat, it's time to fool around. They use their pet names for each other as they smooch and flirt in the living room. Eyes is quite the ass lover and Grace has a fine one, so he asks to check it out and she obliges after straddling him, she turns around and as he is mesmerized by her sexy hiney, she is dripping a date rape drug from a syringe into his rye and branch on the rocks. She hides the evidence and quickly goes back to seducing him, which he needs not much of, he is ready to go. After a little smooching they finish their drinks, Eyes sucks his down knowing it will add a punch in the bedroom. The two decide to make their way to the bedroom for some fun and lovin'...Fade out...

    A little time has past and we cut back to the bedroom where Eyes is passed out and Grace is laying next to him with only her sexy panties on. She pushes him to see if he wakes, checking to see if he is breathing. He is obviously out cold and her drug worked. She creeps out of the bedroom and into his office. She knows where he keeps his flash drive and the blackmail info so she can wipe his computer drives, leaving him with nothing and taking all the money for herself. She starts the process and thinks she is home free. Just as she is about to take her info and go, Eyes sneaks up behind her with a silk stocking and quickly wraps it around her neck, crossing it in the back and pulling hard. Grace is such a fighter she arches her body back and her eyes go wide, tongue sticking way out. She grabs at the stocking but can't get under it, she kicks and bucks her sexy hips and ass off of the chair and back down again. Her muscles tense, her sexy painted toes curl and spread, her tits jiggle and wiggle as she tries to free herself. Eyes lets her know she should have remembered knock out drugs don't work on her and he is immune to her evil ways, as much as he loves them. He finishes her off nice and hard, pulling her back up and widening his stance to finish off the sexy Grace X. As she slowly twitches and then goes completely still, her beautiful eyes and wide open mouth are still. He lifts her up and carries her to the awkward desk. Mashing her head against the window and doing her dead, warm, body from behind. He loves the tush so he slaps it and admires while Grace's eyes stay wide and emotionless. After a bit from the back he lifts her dead body and sits her on his lap in the chair so he can finish with his second favorite sex position. He whips her around like a rag doll finishing hard as she jiggles around in his lap. He loves the ass and is all up in it! After he is finished he picks her up and cradle carries her to the awkward desk and drapes her over the corner. He stares at her for a bit telling her he will miss her bad ways, and how much he loves her eyes, then he puts her signature wayfarer sunglasses back on to her eyes telling her, "You have such beautiful eyes Dona G., but remember, I am always watching." and exits.

    Her sexy stretched out frame is panned and viewed with and without the glasses so you can see her eyes, and her signature glasses! It is so nice to have our Lexxi back! She is so good at what she does and one of the sexiest females I have ever met in my life. She really has it going on and is one of the smartest people that I know. Looking forward to working more in the coming moths and years again! :-) CB

    Run Time: 19:20 minutes
    File Size: 331 MB Format: .WMV
    Category: STRANGLE/NECRO

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv317.15 MB

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