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    Clip Description

    Lily Marie is a naughty misbehaving maid: she has been instructed not to go in the guillotine room and not to touch the machine at all, and that''s probably why she''s so attracted by that. As usual, she sneaks into the room and starts walking around the machine, touching it, laying down on it, to the point that she actually puts her neck through the lunette as she fantasizes about being a victim.

    That''s when her Lord comes in and surprises her: really disappointed, he secures her in that position by tightening the belt around her. She is not blocked there and cannot escape, but she still acts naughty, giggling at the situation as she finds it funny that she has been caught.Her Lord decides to give her a lesson, so he raises her skirt up and starts spanking her bum soundly... But she seems to enjoy the punishment, even after a while when her bum is visibly red.

    So he moves forward and takes her head in his hands, anticipating how good that young head will look as a trophy on his wall. Lily Marie doesn''t believe him and actually takes it as a sensual neck massage, anticipating something more which may happen as soon as he takes her out of there. She keeps acting malicious as she''s pretty sure he would not drop the blade.

    But, suddenly, he does it, unexpectedly! The blade falls, Lily Marie''s body shooks and gurgles once, before relaxing down limp and headless. The Lord puts her head down and moves back to the headless body''s ass, still red of the previous spanking. He starts slapping that bum once again, but this time her juicy flesh bounces silently, there are no reaction and no malicious words from her anymore.

    Time to find another maid...

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
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    avi611.38 MB

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    PRISONER FIONA GUILLOTINED - Fiona is escorted into the execution room, wearing the orange jumpsuit. She is ordered to strip to underwear, and she is then strapped to the guillotine. There is an unnerving wait, but finally the blade falls and Chloe Toy is beheaded.

Starring: Fiona
Keywords: Guillotine, stripping, execution
129 MB

    LEADER TO BE CLONED - Adreena is a party leader who is going to be guillotined with other party members. The execution is shown with emphasis on her gorgeous legs in stockings and high heels. In the meantime, we understand that she has ordered someone to sneak into the execution room after all the executions have taken place and no one is there anymore. He will find her body still there; she instruct him how to recognize her body by the tattoos. At that point he will have to scan and acquire her fingerprints using a laser device, both hands and soles, and her tattoos, as there is information encrypted which will be used to clone her and bring back the party up even if the real Adreena has been beheaded.
The guy sneaks in; it's dark and the body is still strapped on the guillotine; he recognizes the tattoos and proceeds performing a detailed scan of the hands, after having taken the cuffs off. he also scans the tattoos on her arms, then moves to her luscious legs. He takes the high heels off, then the nylons, leaving her legs and feet exposed. He begins handling the feet, scanning the soles using the laser, and the tattoos nearby. The process goes on for some time, in the silent dark room, but at some time he cannot contain himself anymore and begins kissing and licking his dead leader's soles, giving himself this personal reward for the precious and dangerous work he has been doing. he is pretty sure Adreena wouldn't be disappointed, but anyway she has no head anymore, so she will never know and he's definitely free to do whatever he wants. So he carries on worshipping these dead limp feet for quite a long time, before finishing his scanning job and leaving.

Starring: Adreena
Keywords: guillotine, execution, handling, inspection, feet, reality_pov
527 MB

    Chloe Guillotined Footjob Pt1 - Please be advised that this video is in ITALIAN LANGUAGE!

Chloe has been arrested and is brought in the execution room to have her head cut off by a shabby headsman; they are alone, there are no assistants and she absolutely doesn't trust him. She asks why they are alone, what will they do with her head, and her body, and keeps being inquisitive, a true pain in the ass. She even insinuates that he might use her body after execution... On the other hand, the headsman sounds a bit hesitating and this causes her to doubt more. She keeps bothering even when she's down in position, so the headsman cuts it short and lets the blade drop down: Chloe gets instantly beheaded and suddenly silence comes into the room. We can only hear the headless body's spasms and see her ass bouncing, and this is far better than her annoying questions.
Then the headsman comes closer: he holds her wrists up, raises her gown to expose her butts, and then moves down and takes one of her shoes off: he grabs her dead foot and starts fondling it, taking his time to inspect it and make his dirty plans. Looks like her predictions were true, but now she can no longer know about it or do anything to prevent this!
He leaves, but he will get to the body later in the prison morgue, and spend some time with it doing exactly what she was afraid of...


    BEHEADED PRINCESS - A story by Mick
A young princess has been condemned to death by beheading on the block, as the king is having an affair and needs to get rid of her. 
The executioner (dressed in a fancy costume) comes in: it's time to carry out the execution. He is feeling quite embarrassed as he has been loyal to her for several years, he has been at her service since she came up to power as a young girl. He has executed her orders for years, and now he feels mortified that he must carry out this execution by beheading his own mistress!
He kneels down at her feet, kisses her hand and begs for her forgiveness.

The princess remains calm. She is really brave and proud, and of course forgives him. He is just performing his duties. She is very kind to him and does the best she can to assist him carrying out her execution smoothly.
She just asks him to have care of her head and make sure it is still beautiful when it gets displayed on the pillow and the king and his bitch lover see it.

Everything is ready: the princess kneels down, rests her neck on the block, and orders him to proceed. He asks for forgiveness once more, and then blows the axe down.

As the axe chops her head off, the princess emits a short and sexy sound. Her body instantly releases and slides down on the floor, headless. The executioner grabs it and lays it on the floor. Vigorously. He pulls her dress up, revealing the white nyloned legs. 

What's happening? Where is the kind loyal servant we've been seeing up to now?
Well, the princess is gone, and now her authority has gone as well. Her young luscious body belong to him, and in fact he grabs her hand and steals her precious ring. Then he proceed groping these legs, the legs of his mistress he served for years, and who could never had imagined she is now her prey!

He takes his time with that body, exposing and groping her breasts, genitals, and finally spanking her bare ass soundly, until it gets red as her tissues are still warm and alive despite being headless. It is such a forbidden situation, having the body of his mistress all to himself, that he ends up fucking it (implied, bouncing feet on shoulders are shown).

Once he's done he stands up and looks at that young body, headless and helpless, which just lost all its dignity and sovereignty. 
Camera pans of her beautiful head on display on the pillow follow.

Starring: Honour
Keywords: axe, headless, execution, inspection, limp_play, handling, stripping, implied sex, pantyhose, necro, reality_pov

    GUILLOTINE WISH LAVINIA - The video starts with sexy escort Lavinia asking about the fetishes that she will explore with her customer. She discovers he likes guillotine fantasies and she confesses it has been her main fantasy as well. From that point, her Dom side comes out and she literally starts dominating him, ordering him to carry out the fantasy into reality and cut her head off for real.

Later we see the body sitting on a chair, NBM style, crossing and uncrossing the legs as the head rests on the side.

Starring: Lavinia
Keywords: guillotine, reality_pov, willing, magic, surreal
562 MB

    Adreena Headless Body Donation 2 - Another one from the Body Donation series, but more epic. The video is essentially made of four parts:

The day has arrived: Adreena is super excited, dressed in the white stockings and underwear the customer asked for. She will be beheaded shortly, and her headless body will be shipped to Gerry, the customer, who will be free to do whatever he wants with it. Adreena is thrilled at the thought of being used as a headless doll by him.
She talks with the operator about it; they chat, take a video message for Gerry; the guy is excited as well, but very sad that time is short and he is not allowed to fuck her because the body has to remain virgin and untouched... But still she suggests that he might do something with the body which does not involve defloration, such as fuck her feet or similar. That's an idea, he will surely do it. But before they go he wants to have a peek at the body he's going to take, and also have a kind of memory of her, so he takes her dress off, gropes her, and in the meantime she starts giving him a handjob, which also turns her on in preparation for execution. At some point is really time to go, he will finish off on her headless body later.

The guy walks Adreena into the execution room; since she's excited and horny, he chose the kneeling doggiestyle guillotine for her; she appreciates it, and, as soon as she is strapped in position, she starts fingering herself. They keep talking, and he says that he will release the blade only when she orgasms, so he's waiting for her instructions. She loves it, and goes on fingering and moaning while the basket camera films her face as well. At some point she starts demanding for the blade intensely, as orgasm begins... One moment again, and the blade drops on her (the actual scene is explicitly shown) had suddenly it's silence, the body collapses, the hand slips off her pants. The body is ready to be taken.

Back to the medical room. Adreena's headless body lays on the table while her severed head has been placed on a cabinet by the side. The guy walks in, probably to start preparing the body for shipment to Gerry - But, instead, he takes off her bra and panties, leaving it only in white stockings. He starts groping it, exposes the pussy, uses her limp hands to rub his cock and just rub the body itself.
At some point he turns the body on the belly; focusing on her feet, but still grabbing and slapping that ass. He takes off one stocking, leaving the other on; he licks the gorgeous soles, either the nylon and the bare one. You can spot his saliva making the bare one shiny. He masturbates, he slaps his dick on these amazing soles. Occasionally he goes back to use her hands on his dick, and grabs the thighs and bum again. He takes his time, then finally explodes cumming onto these senseless soles, wetting the nylon as well. Adreena would have appreciated this, he knows that.

Time to prepare the body for shipment! The guy grabs a towel and carefully cleans his cum off the soles and calves, paying attention not to leave any between the toes, so the body looks untouched. He puts the missing stocking back on, in a very unskilled way. He puts the panties back on as well, pats the headless body's bum, and the video fades. Gerry will have lots of fun with that body.

    ALTSIREN GUILLOTINES BROOK - For her birthday, AltSiren asks her girlfriend Brook to have a sexy strip tease and pose for her on the kneeling guillotine in order to admire her round ass... But, once there, Brook starts to masturbate and gets turned on, and starts asking for the blade to fall for real. At first this scares AltSiren off, who of course doesn't want to kill her girlfriend... but then she starts to get into it, and in fact in the end the blade falls when brook orgasms.

Starring: Altsiren and Brook
Keywords: guillotine, stripping, lesbian, willing, surreal
330 MB

    APRIL HOODED HOSTAGE GUILLOTINE - April has been kidnapped; she is lead into a room, hooded and handcuffed. She is angry and confident, as her boyfriend is a very influential one in the mob: the kidnappers will face serious issues if they only dare to touch her.
There is a guillotine in the room, but April can't see it because she's hooded. As the kidnapper calls her boyfriend to ask for the ransom, she also sits on it without realizing.
During the phone call, April understands that her head will be sent to her boyfriend if he doesn't pay the ransom. She starts to be inquisitive. It seems like the boyfriend is not interested in paying the ransom as he has a new girlfriend... April starts to panic, as she understands that she can no longer hope in her boyfriend's protection. The kidnapper is going to guillotine her, so she tries to beg him first, then seduce him, but in the end he straps her to the kneeling machine and after an unnerving wait her hooded head falls into the basket. She is dead.

The clip ends with a NBM scene showing her headless body sitting on a chair, crossing and uncrossing her sexy legs.

Starring: April O'Moore
Keywords: guillotine, headless, bondage, bloody, reality_pov, magic
553 MB

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