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    Clip Description

    In this POV video you''re alone with Chloe, who is teasing you playing with the guillotine: she is going to let it cut off her head, in an erotic mood, but before doing that she looks at you, speaks to you, and keeps teasing you by posing on the guillotine in many sexy ways... Then, calm and peaceful, she lays down face up on the bascule, grabs the handle, and she''s the one who releases the blade, which drops down instantly and slices her head off. From that point we wee the body spasming on the bascule as her head dies in the basket. She''s now all yours to play with.

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
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    wmv288.11 MB

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    Playing with the guillotine - Carissa has been fantasizing about being fucked doggiestyle while locked in a guillotine, and, in the moment of orgasm, having the blade dropped on her. She is actually kneeling with her neck on the guillotine, fingering herself, talking dirty about her wish to be fucked and beheaded like that. She goes on fingering herself until she climaxes, but, then, the blade does not fall. After pausing, she gets out of the lunette and maliciously tells us: "I wish it was for real... "

    HEAD EXPERIMENT CHLOE TOY - The scene opens with the guillotine and a chair next to it. The guillotine is set up for a kneeling beheading. A woman scientist is sitting on the chair, legs crossed. She is wearing heels, a short skirt, blouse, glasses, her hair is up. She is recording her experiment.

She has long been interested in the conscious state of the brain after a beheading. How long does the head remain conscious? She has been unsuccessful in finding candidates that will allow experimentation, so decides she will be the human subject. Her plan is to set the guillotine on a timer, place herself under the blade, and behead herself. She has instrumented the basket to look for eye movement and other signs of life. Besides, she has always had a beheading fetish, so this is a  (two benefits for the price of one) for her.

She moves the chair, removes her lab coat, pulls out a pair of handcuffs, and kneels before the guillotine. After placing her head in the lunette, she cuffs her hands behind her back, to ensure she doesnt change her mind, and waits for the blade to fall. Throughout, she is still recording her thoughts into her phone. She talks openly about her beheading fetish, wonders how long her head will remain alive and what its thoughts will be, says its a pity her head wont be able to see her headless body, apologizes to the people that will find her, and hopes that they will find a good use for her body and head.

The blade falls and takes her head.

The video ends with a NBM scene: After the blade dropped, the headless body starts back moving and talking on the guillotine. In the final scene, her male colleague comes across her in the laboratory. He finds her severed head on the guillotine, and her headless body sat on the chair, legs crossed. He is shocked when her body moves as she crosses and uncrosses her legs.

    LEADER TO BE CLONED - Adreena is a party leader who is going to be guillotined with other party members. The execution is shown with emphasis on her gorgeous legs in stockings and high heels. In the meantime, we understand that she has ordered someone to sneak into the execution room after all the executions have taken place and no one is there anymore. He will find her body still there; she instruct him how to recognize her body by the tattoos. At that point he will have to scan and acquire her fingerprints using a laser device, both hands and soles, and her tattoos, as there is information encrypted which will be used to clone her and bring back the party up even if the real Adreena has been beheaded.
The guy sneaks in; it's dark and the body is still strapped on the guillotine; he recognizes the tattoos and proceeds performing a detailed scan of the hands, after having taken the cuffs off. he also scans the tattoos on her arms, then moves to her luscious legs. He takes the high heels off, then the nylons, leaving her legs and feet exposed. He begins handling the feet, scanning the soles using the laser, and the tattoos nearby. The process goes on for some time, in the silent dark room, but at some time he cannot contain himself anymore and begins kissing and licking his dead leader's soles, giving himself this personal reward for the precious and dangerous work he has been doing. he is pretty sure Adreena wouldn't be disappointed, but anyway she has no head anymore, so she will never know and he's definitely free to do whatever he wants. So he carries on worshipping these dead limp feet for quite a long time, before finishing his scanning job and leaving.

Starring: Adreena
Keywords: guillotine, execution, handling, inspection, feet, reality_pov
527 MB

    Guillotined Model Laura - One of my best works to date, the making of "Laura Guillotine Execution", with a twist. This clip is exceptionally different, a true reality shoot where you get to see the model as a person, the backstage, the making of a custom video.
This is uncut footage of the shooting of the custom which was released last week, and you can see Laura asking questions, acting, messing up scenes because she has the giggles, and much more. 
You have to watch this video and "Laura Guillotine Execution" to understand what I mean and fully appreciate the erotic potential of this one.

Model Laura is in the studio, having a shooting break on the couch, eating a snack. She asks "What's next?". I introduce the next custom request, an execution clip where she loses her head on a guillotine. She is a bit surprised but fine. We will learn later that Laura doesn't even know what a guillotine is, but she trusts me as a producer, and is actually curious about that strange machine, so we shoot the custom clip in a very relaxed and easy going way. Laura is unaware that I'm filming the whole process; she keeps giggling, even when her neck is locked in the lunette and she has to act about losing her head. She has to imagine the blade drops, her body jerks and goes limp. She does that scene well, so I have everything I need for the custom. I am horny.
The basket camera catches her joyful smile and giggle when I tell her that the scene was good. She cannot even realize I have released the blade for real, and, in the middle of her giggle, she has her head chopped off and her body jerks again, but this time for real, dropping on one side but being held up by the guillotine belt. It is suddenly silence, a drastic change of mood after over 25 minutes of smiling and being totally professional.
I approach the headless body, take off the handcuffs and play with these hot hands; then I pull up her skirt exposing her fabulous thighs and bum, which I slap to enjoy the lack of response and the end of the professional experience. Now it's no longer a producer and a model working, but a weirdo playing with a headless model's body in his hands. I grope her feet, they feel so nice at touch... She would have never allowed anything like this as it was over her limits as a model, but I plan to spend the rest of the day pleasing myself with that body, regardless of her will, as that now belongs to me. I will have fun.
Her head lays in the basket in a bloody, dead expression; she didn't have the time to realize what happened.

To be continued?

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