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    Kinky Clothes
    Girls in Prison Feature Length
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    Black Nylons Films - Girls in Prison  Feature Length

    Clip Description

    1 1/4 hours! 10 death scenes. The full story behind film-noir era "Girls in Prison!"

    This production is unlike anything else... Two girls in prison tell each other their stories: Felicity strangled a girl. Candle Boxx blew a cheater away with a shotgun. Savannah got caught in a shower and was graphically stabbed. RyAnne sort of shot Olive Glass by mistake.

    Then the girls escape by strangling the guard in a transfer van. They stab one of their number who spilled the beans to her priest. The cops arrive and slowly but surely kill the desperate remaining women. RyAnne winds up floating down a water-filled ditch, holes and boobs on full display. Candle is machine-gunned in her car, Bonnie and Clyde style.

    This film isn't just about a shooting or a stabbing. It's about a bunch of women who all have precarious lives and lose them violently.

    If you need something to while away more than an hour these days, this film is unique.

    Clip Duration:      78 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41812.8 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - Girls in Prison  Feature Length

    Black Nylons Films - Girls in Prison  Feature Length

    Black Nylons Films - Girls in Prison  Feature Length

    Black Nylons Films - Girls in Prison  Feature Length

    Black Nylons Films - Girls in Prison  Feature Length

    Black Nylons Films - Girls in Prison  Feature Length

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Nyxon and Vanessa plan to have some fun by picking up a housewife at the resort\\\\\\\'s bar and introducing her to the joys of lesbian love.  

They succeed, but they didn\\\\\\\'t plan on Jeannie\\\\\\\'s husband breaking in and shooting them all.  Jeannie in the belly twice, then in each breast.  Vanessa in her two protruding boobs and then her chest and belly when she was down.  Nyxon gets it in the pussy and the neck as well.   Lots of blood and anguish.

    TwoFer - Two sexy assassins are set up by a conniving boss to kill each other!   At the same time!   

He figures it saves him the cost of two contracts.  And what a battle it is!   

Multiple gunshots hit each girl, including graphic pussy shots for a change  (email me for a picture).  And at the end, they still have enough energy, barely, to crawl to each other and make a final knife stab to finish the jobs.   Bloody agony, and great effects, if I do say so myself.

    The Long Slide Down - Vanessa is a gold digger.  A really bad broad who doesn\'t care whom she hurts.  But tonight all her greed will catch up to her.   

After a glass of wine, she\'s headed for her room when an unseen shooter catches her in the chest with two silencer rounds.   He watches without pity as she struggles, falls, gets up, then finally loses her strength and slides down the wall slowly.  Her blood stained panties signal her end.  

Then she\'s undressed to show the wounds.   The shooting is then shown again with extra shots and wounds.  A last special and faster reprise hides at the end of the clip!

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