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    Kinky Clothes
    A Quiet Afternoon XX
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    Black Nylons Films - A Quiet Afternoon XX

    Clip Description

    Lexi and Hayden are two escorts who have decided to go out on their own. But, that just isn't done, and so they must become an example to other girls. The clip opens with a bit of x-rated exposure to Lexi's charms and life's work. Then she returns to her luxury home.

    A hitman finds Hayden reading a book, and quickly puts her on the floor with a few silenced bullets. Then it's into the bathroom where Lexi is relaxing after her "appointment."

    He puts a slug into each of Lexi's fulsome breasts. Lexi struggles out of the tub with the exit wounds still bleeding, and collapses on the floor, one leg in the tub.

    (Let me know your thoughts about this addition of the x-footage.
    Some of the actors have gotten into heavier work after doing the erotic horror fetish genre, and I find it interesting as an "expansion" of their character. You can email me to request a clip without that material if you'd prefer it.)

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4506.9 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - A Quiet Afternoon XX

    Black Nylons Films - A Quiet Afternoon XX

    Black Nylons Films - A Quiet Afternoon XX

    Black Nylons Films - A Quiet Afternoon XX

    Black Nylons Films - A Quiet Afternoon XX

    Black Nylons Films - A Quiet Afternoon XX

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