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    Kinky Clothes
    A Model Murder
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    Black Nylons Films - A Model Murder

    Clip Description

    Drago has applied for a photo shoot job, but she's worried that some models have been murdered recently. Finally, she agrees to do it, because the photographer is another woman.

    After getting undressed and into a sexy pink dress, she strikes a number of sexy poses for the camera. Suddenly, an arrow appears out of nowhere and strikes her in the breast. She can't believe it. The camera clicks away as she struggles in pain.

    Another arrow hits her belly and she twists to get away. The camera clicks as she bleeds on the pretty pink fabric.

    Then the photographer woman laughs and asks if she wants a cigarette, pinned to the wall as she is. Drago can't believe it as the lady shoves a cigarette in her mouth and lights it. Then she goes away and shoots a third arrow into Drago's chest.

    Finally, the photographer announces that the last one "will hurt a lot" and shoots one into her pussy. It's too much and Drago finally dies, slumping to the ground as Rachael pulls out the arrow that pins her to the wall.

    Finally, bleeding, Drago's body is pulled away so Rachael can "clean up," exposing all Drago's charms in the most delightful way...

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
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    mp4273.21 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - A Model Murder

    Black Nylons Films - A Model Murder

    Black Nylons Films - A Model Murder

    Black Nylons Films - A Model Murder

    Black Nylons Films - A Model Murder

    Black Nylons Films - A Model Murder

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