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Kinky Clothes
Panzon39s Prize
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Fetishland Studios - Panzon39s Prize

Clip Description

Hannah has been voluntarily "k-napped" by her coworker, Panzon. They both seem to share this knockout, tie-up fantasy and they are indulging this afternoon.

At this stage in the game, the scene opens with Panzon (POV) OTS carrying a tied up and gagged Hannah into his apartment. She is ******. You lay her down and she ***** up. She flirts with you through her cleavegag for a bit while you feel up her legs. Through her gag talk she manages to convince you to take her gag out. You do. She tells you that you should undo her binds. You pause for a minute, then undo her wrists. She undoes her ankle binds Once she is free, she stands up and flirts for another second, right before kicking you in the nuts, sending you down. She tells you that next time you shouldn't be so gullible, giggles and scurries away.

When you get up a bit later, Hannah is up to no good. She sees you and starts running away playfully. You get up to chase her in what begins a cat-and-mouse chase game between you two for a while. Eventually you catch her from behind and hand gag her. She stands still and lets you tie her ankles and wrists, conceding that you won this round. You hand gag her once more and drag her off to the bedroom.

Back in the bedroom, you pull Hannah's cleavegag back into place. She wiggles and works herself free from the ropes. She motions to you to hand her some tape. She tapes up her mouth and gets you to lay down on the bed. This is the part you've both been waiting for! She mounts you and takes a ride, finishing off at the end. You rag her out one last time. Then you flip her over onto her stomach and begin the game again, tying up her wrists and ankles...

Custom 2017

Clip Duration:      30 minutes
Format Size
mp42195.74 MB

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Fetishland Studios - Panzon39s Prize

Fetishland Studios - Panzon39s Prize

Fetishland Studios - Panzon39s Prize

Fetishland Studios - Panzon39s Prize

Fetishland Studios - Panzon39s Prize

Fetishland Studios - Panzon39s Prize

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