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Lost And
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Fetishland Studios - Lost And

Clip Description

Hannah is lost in the woods. She arrives at a cabin, her only hope of rescue after hours of wandering around with no cell service. She knocks on the door and a man (POV) answers. They greet and Hannah explains her circumstances. However, he has no compassion for her. He calls her a snooty city bitch and accuses her of trespassing. He grabs her breasts and pulls her shirt open. Hannah is appalled. But the shock is just beginning. As she resists and protests, he begins punching her. He sends her down to the floor. Dazed and helpless, Hannah struggles to get up, but the man kicks her down again. Next he takes a cattle prod and tortures her with it. She weakens further and eventually knocks out. He lifts her up from the floor and carries her to a couch where he briefly fondles and takes advantage of her.

Hours later, she awakens on the couch bruised and scared. He strikes her in the face ****** her to suck his cock. Desperate and without better options, she complies. SHe makes him cum too fast though, and he punishes her by striking her hard in the head.

A day later, she is still his captive. Now he has invited several of his redneck buddies over to enjoy in the bounty with him. She is made to do a can-can dance for their amusement, bending over and shaking her ass. She cries and begs for this to be enough, but they decide it is not satisfactory and take turns beating her with clubs, pipes and punches.

Hannah has now been in this situation for a week. The scene opens with her arms tied overhead. In this position she endures a series of beatings including a whipping. The sadist intermittently releases Hannah and ****** her to clean the floors. Once she is sufficiently beaten and bruised, he releases her onto the floor where he takes advantage of her once again, dragging her off when done.

Custom 2018

Clip Duration:      25 minutes
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mp41822.51 MB

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Fetishland Studios - Lost And

Fetishland Studios - Lost And

Fetishland Studios - Lost And

Fetishland Studios - Lost And

Fetishland Studios - Lost And

Fetishland Studios - Lost And

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