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Extreme Struggles
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Fetishland Studios - Extreme Struggles

Clip Description

On the first scene Hannah ***** up bound and ball-gagged on a chair. She has been effctively and heavily tied to it. As she tries to escape, the captor enters and gags her with a whole roll of vetwrap around her head to muffle her up. Right after he does this, he explains his plan : "It's an escape challenge, you've been because of your particular ability in escaping, if you can escape one of the tie you'll be caught in before 10 minutes you'll be free. If you can't you'll be sent to a faraway sex slaver and never be heard of again. He exits and Hannah is left to struggle for 10 minutes. Attempt number one is unsuccessful.

In the second scene, she ***** up in the same outfit, balltied with her ankles still crossed and heels tied on. She's not gagged at first. Her frustration gets the better of Hannah and she begins to insult her captor. He announces the round 2 and Hannah is on for a second fight again the ropes. At the mid-time, the rigger re-enters and adds a difficulty to the bound damsel by tying her in little balls. She is now left to struggle without the use of her fingers. She is gagged with a panel gag this time. Her struggles The timer goes off, and Hannah has yet again failed to escape her challenge.

On the last round she ***** up again. This time she is in a hogtie, ankles still crossed and heels on, her body is circled with a mix of rope, leather straps and black tape. She is tied tight and anarchically. Her fingers are taped in little balls and she has been gagged with wrap around her head. As the scene open. she beginsto fight for her life. The bad guy enters and argues she's making too much noise, so he adds black tape around her head. As he does so, she tries her best to scream and fight. At the end of the clock, Hannah hears the terrible sounds that means the end of her hope. The man enters the with a syringue and puts Hannah to *****, preparing her for her impending doom.

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Clip Duration:      31 minutes
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Fetishland Studios - Extreme Struggles

Fetishland Studios - Extreme Struggles

Fetishland Studios - Extreme Struggles

Fetishland Studios - Extreme Struggles

Fetishland Studios - Extreme Struggles

Fetishland Studios - Extreme Struggles

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