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Kinky Clothes
Anabelle39s Surprise
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Fetishland Studios - Anabelle39s Surprise

Clip Description

Hannah Perez has Anabelle . Pync over for a shoot. Hannah and Anabelle have an easy conversation about their modeling work that they have been doing over the last couple months. Then Anabelle asks Hannah about what she has been working on. Hannah tells Anabelle that she hasn't really been doing any work because her last shoot involved her becoming mesmerized and being made to mesmerize other models under false pretenses. Anabelle thinks its like an actual shoot and Hannah is just explaining what she has been doing. Hannah goes to clarify that she spikes the model's water to make them go to ***** and have them in a vulnerable state. Anabelle is sipping her water then begins to think it is a joke until a few moments later she becomes dizzy. Anabelle is freaking out and doesn't want this to be happening to her. Hannah tells Anabelle she is going to strip her then make her cum. The following outcome is to make Anabelle her mesmerized slave. Anabelle finally becomes weak enough and falls onto the ground. Hannah takes Anabelle's shirt off first while she is laying there ********. After a while Anabelle ***** up trying to get herself off the floor and realizes her shirt is missing. Anabelle gets up and smells something in the room. She is trying to make an escape but everything is sealed shut. Anabelle goes down falling ****** again from whatever she is smelling in the room. Anabelle falls with her butt in the air and Hannah comes in once she is *****. Hannah removes Anabelle's shorts. After a while Anabelle makes her way up again and gets to her phone. Stumbling a little bit she is calling for help. Hannah then comes in and gets Anabelle to go back to *****. Falling to the floor Anabelle has her bra removed. Once Anabelle ***** up and makes her way off the floor she tries to find a way out. Everything is locked and she finds a bedroom to try and hide in. Until Hannah sneaks in behind her she covers her mouth with a white rag while pinning her to the bed. Hannah removes Anabelle's panties and lays next to her naked waiting for her to **** up. Anabelle is tied to the bed and she wont be moving through this part of the process. Hannah explains that she will be making Anabelle cum over and over again until her brain is mush. Anabelle tries to get Hannah to stop but there is only so much she can do when she is tied down. Hannah has tied a vibrator to Anabelle and that will be making her cum. A little while later Hannah returns and wipes the drool from Anabelle's lip. Hannah begins mesmerizing Anabelle to make her a mindless slave. Now that Anabelle is mesmerized and listening to what Hannah says she deserves a reward. It involves Anabelle cumming with permission of mistress Hannah.

Clip Duration:      27 minutes
Format Size
mp432.92 MB

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