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    Kinky Clothes
    Keter In Latex Outfit Hard Bag Breathplay
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    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Keter In Latex Outfit Hard Bag Breathplay

    Clip Description

    Protagonist: Keter

    Keter is wearing a stunning latex outfit: red semitransparent vest and gray semitransparent leggings. Very shiny!

    This session is composed by 3 bagging with transparent plasti bag. Enjoy Keter's face as she desperately searches for air.

    First event: Keter is sit down on the bed, her hands handcuffed behind her back, the bag over head sealed on the neck with ziptie!

    Second event: The most extreme of this session! 4:44 with the bag on! Keter is lying with her hands cuffed behind her back. Starts to lack air, she shakes a lot, start to relaxes a while and the bag is sealed with a hand on the mouth for the last 20 seconds. Not to be missed!

    Third event: Keter is hogtied on the bed and the bag is sealed on her neck with a leather string. Interesting gasping and struggling.

    Shoot in FULL HD Video

    Good Fun!

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4180.9 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Keter In Latex Outfit Hard Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Keter In Latex Outfit Hard Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Keter In Latex Outfit Hard Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Keter In Latex Outfit Hard Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Keter In Latex Outfit Hard Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Keter In Latex Outfit Hard Bag Breathplay

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    Liltha Hard Breathplay in Red PVC And Downjacket - Protagonist: Liltha

In this session Liltha is wearing a fantastic shiny red PVC dress and, in the second part of the vid, a shiny moncler downjacket.

The game? Transparent plastic bag!

First part: Liltha is ziptied to the bathroom radiator! A small clear plastic bag is placed over her head and sealed with a lime collar! Great struggling! After some fresh air the same bag is sealed with hands on neck, some other fresh air then bag sealed with hands so tighter. A small hole for breath and hand over the mouth to keep the hole closed. Now the bag has a hole... OK! Another new bag over the holed ones and hands on neck to keep sealed! Liltha face really turn red! Her PVC wrapped body wriggle for air and her make-up dissolves in plastic! Wow!

Second part: Liltha is sit down on the floor wearing a shiny downjacket over her red PVC dress. Her hands are handcuffed on her back... A large plastic bag is placed over her head and get tighter from behind! Let see how long can she rexist! After some game with the large bag a small bag is placed over her head sealed on neck with nylon stockings. The hood of the downjacket up on her head and closed on neck... Let we see some great struggling in downjacket!

Great, great, great Liltha performance!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

    Alison First Plastic Bag Play - Protagonist: Alison

This is her first plastic bag breath play session! She is wearing a black latex mini dress, handcuffed hands behind her back, kneeling and hancuffs tied to ankles.

For the game? Black plastic bag!

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

    AspirinaC Strangle And Plastic Bag Extreme Breathplay - Protagonist: AspirinaC

AspirinaC is wearing a short black PVC catsuit! Fanatastic and shiny!
At the beginning of the video, she will show you how spectacular the catsuit is on her body then the session begin.

Hands handcuffed on her back, the first event is strangling with nylon ziptie. A first ziptie is sealed on her neck and, before the game end, a second ziptied secured tight over the first! Very intresting game!

Second event is whith white plastic bag! AspirinaC is bagged 3 times! In the first two the bag is sealed with hands. Last one the bag is sealed with the catsuit collar: bag inside the catsuit then the zip up! 
The struggling for air of AspirinaC are music.

The last event is with a transparent plastic bag sealed with a ziptie on AspirinaC neck! Great game. Before removing the bag a hole is made... some quick breath then hands over the hole!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Daphne First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Daphne

This is Daphne first breathplay experience! We love girls's first time!
She is wearing a shiny black pvc catsuit! The session start, as always, with a walk to show you her beautiful body tight in the catsuit... Lovely!

In this session we use plastic bags!

First event: Lying, her hands tied to the head of the bed with ziptie, a transparent bag on her head sealed with a leather lace

Second event: Sitting on the bed, her hands ziptied to the bed, a transparent bag on her head sealed with adhesive tape.

Last event: Lying with hands handcuffed behind her back. Yellow semitransparent placed on her head several times closed in several ways...

If we consider that it is her first time it is impressive how long Daphne resists sealed in plastic and how much she struggle for air without getting it!
Spectacular session! It will be interesting to look for the limit of this beautiful girl also in the next videos.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Bag And Ziptie Breathplay For Hogtied Liltha - Protagonist: LILTHA

Liltha is wearing a shiny top and a shiny secondskin pvc leggings. She's fantastic in this outfit!

This time Liltha is hogtied using ziptiefor the ankles, handcuffs for wrists and a nylon string for tie togheter.

The game? Transparent plastic bag closed on the neck with cabletie! In this video Liltha is bagged 3 times taken from different angles.

It's fantastic when she start to struggle and her face becomes red!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Kri Bedtied And Fingered Extreme Breathplay - Protagonist: Kri

Beautifoul Kri agreed to be touched during this breathplay session.

The session lasts 22 minutes and the camera is never stopped: no cut.

The session start with Kri wearing a shiny PVC catsuit, she salt on the bed, crawling up to her position. Her hands are firmly ziptied to the head of the iron bed...

The game is so easy: we play with vibrating dildo and with finger on her clitoris while a transparent plastic bag is sealed over her head.

The bag will be sealed 7 times... Kri has no chance to break free from her position, the only thing left to do is wait...
This session is really intense! The time in which Kri waits for her request for air to be heard increases from time to time.  

Absolutely must not miss!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun.

    Numa Swimcap Heavy Breathplay - Protagonist: NUMA

Numa is wearing shiny black PVC leggings and top! Fabulous!

This time we play with Numa's breathe with many swimcaps of different colour! First play is with Numa hogtied and red swimcap... Then a black latex swimcap... Firt two games are with only one swimcap stretched tight over head... breathtaking. Other games are with two swimcap: one on the head and one over face of an uncomfortably tied Numa.

The moaning of Numa trying to get air are fantastic together with the creaking sounds of tight pvc leggings!

For the last minutes we play with Numa's breathe using a ziptie tight on her neck!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

    Liltha Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay - Protagonist: Liltha

In this session, Liltha is wearing our favourite red shiny latex dress without zip! It is a second skin on her body! Stunning!

We play with plastic bags and time!

In this session, you can find 3 hard bagging!

First bagging: a timer on my notebook is set on 2.15 to see how long Liltha can resist with a clear plastic bag sealed on her head and hands handcuffed and zip tied to a leg.

Second bagging: now the game is tough, in my opinion 3.00 minutes it is the right time Liltha can resist. I set the countdown on 3.00, handcuffs Liltha's hands behind her back, seal a clear plastic bag on her head and get the countdown start! The bag will not open before the set time! Look at Liltha’s face: it is the same colour of the dress!

Third bagging: as above but with black plastic bag.

At the end of the video, you can find some nice game with swimcap to close the session! Liltha hate swimcaps!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.

Good Fun!

    Liltha Plastic Bag Extreme Breathplay - Protagonist: Liltha

We shoot this set in an hotel room with changing color led light! Intresting location. Liltha wears a shiny black dress in very thin material! It looks like a second skin that wraps her body. Stunning!

The session is composed by 3 events with clear plastic bag.

First event: With a blue light Liltha is standing in the shower, hands cuffed behind the back, ankles tied with a ziptie and bag sealed on the head with a ziptie. It takes time to reach her in the shower and let her breathe again.

Second event: With a violet light Liltha is kneeling, hands tied to the ankle and transparent bag on the head sealed with a ziptie on the neck

Third event: With white light Liltha is tied to the wardrobe bar with ziptie. 3 transparent bags will be sealed on her head! The first bag sealed with tape, when she is at the limit a small hole to breathe and away with the second bag sealed with a leather strips, when she is at the limit a hole to get air and immediately the 3 bag over the other two sealed with ziptie. After removing all 3 bags some game with the tight ziptie on Liltha's neck ...

In this session you will see Liltha in trouble ... So exciting!

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

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