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    Breathless Puppy
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    RopeMarks studio - Breathless Puppy

    Clip Description

    With this update we welcome the beautiful and sweet marilyn yusuf into the ropemarks family. Don't let the looks of this bulgarian beauty fool you, she's a mistress and a good one.

    mistress yusuf is turning dutch dame, my property, into a puppy! On all fours dame gets collared by mistress yusuf's and has to has to worship her boots.

    after being thoroughly bound, and wearing ballet boots, dutch dame is being taken for a walk by marilyn.

    puppy dame is not a good walker and mistress yusuf has to punish her. The choice of punishment is a heavy rubber ************** collar. A puppy must obey or suffer.

    marilyn is controlling the breath of dutch dame with the heavy rubber collar, the look and persistence of marilyn, the look and little noises of dutch dame are... *Hot*.

    two hot, and sweet, ***** in a bondage power play...

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv522.46 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    RopeMarks studio - Breathless Puppy

    RopeMarks studio - Breathless Puppy

    RopeMarks studio - Breathless Puppy

    RopeMarks studio - Breathless Puppy

    RopeMarks studio - Breathless Puppy

    RopeMarks studio - Breathless Puppy

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    Pussy Zuri  With Dutch Dame  Psylocke - We use the swedish pretty psylocke again, stripped of her rubber, butt naked tied as tight as possible and put her on a chair to enjoy the view.

if you have 'm, use 'm! Enter dutch dame, netherlands pride of fetish modelling, the most beautiful **** I know and my property (yes, I am biased :)). Tied so possible even tighter as psylocke, put on the chair next to her and ohw how we love this sight.

it doesn't last long or psylocke and dutch dame start to enjoy each others presence, that triggered our imagination to make that a little easier for them, a little.

next we increase the level of difficulty and suspend dutch dame riiiight above psylocke... Now what surprised us that psylocke took this opportunity to play with the tight crotchrope dutch dame was equipped with. Again this triggered our imagination...

as a last part we moved dutch dame's suspension into a crotch suspension *ouch*!  Still no mercy and the tied psylocke took every opportinuty to ***** dutch dame's vjj.


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