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    Strangling Hookers S1E1 Mia Paige
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    HangWorld - Strangling Hookers S1E1  Mia Paige

    Clip Description

    This is my last movie posting before I close up shop in a couple weeks or so.

    Backpage is gone forever, and with it, a relatively safe place for a hooker to ply her trade. Not to mention my place to post ads for models. So what’s a psycho to do? Go where the girls are who also got kicked off of there, which is out on the streets, and you can do things with hookers you can't do with models!

    After trolling the streets of Seattle and looking at the selection for a while, Visegrip picks up redhead cutie Mia Paige. It’s a pretty strange offer but she’s down to try a video shoot. Visegrip wants to start with a quick clip of her with a bag over her head, and she never even questions when he fills the bag out of a gas bottle. Soon after putting it on, her eyes roll back and she’s gasping and flopping like a fish for real!

    She awakens naked and being tied up. Upon being securely bound, she’s oiled up and then forced to come. Then the collar is pulled tight for real choking. She can still get a little air, but only enough to drag her strangulation out for a good long time, as she thrashes and fights her last losing battle.

    “Strangling Hookers” is going to be a series that will hopefully take us to a lot of different cities. These poor girls used to have a somewhat safer business online, but now in their rabid zeal to get traffickers, the government has put them all back on the streets where they’re easy prey for old-school creepy guys like me. The glory days are back again, thank you FBI!

    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
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    wmv612.55 MB

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    HangWorld - Strangling Hookers S1E1  Mia Paige

    HangWorld - Strangling Hookers S1E1  Mia Paige

    HangWorld - Strangling Hookers S1E1  Mia Paige

    HangWorld - Strangling Hookers S1E1  Mia Paige

    HangWorld - Strangling Hookers S1E1  Mia Paige

    HangWorld - Strangling Hookers S1E1  Mia Paige

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