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Diaper Punishment


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    Kinky Clothes
    Zayda Gets Ten Suppositories
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    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets Ten Suppositories

    Clip Description

    Bob decided zayda needs to mess her diaper. He places her n stocks and then shoves ten suppositories into her rectum. Afterward he diapers her and leaves the room. It doesn’t take long before she feels the effects of the suppositories and needs to mess. She grunts a little before an obvious lump appears in her diaper. When bob comes back later he pats her ass and smashes the mess into her bottom. It smells really bad too!

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets Ten Suppositories

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets Ten Suppositories

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets Ten Suppositories

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets Ten Suppositories

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets Ten Suppositories

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets Ten Suppositories

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    Pov  Ash Teaches You How To Relieve Constipation - You have been constipated for four days now. Ash is going to tell you how you can fix this problem. She tells you to go and buy powdered laxative, glycerin suppositories and an eneemez mini enema. Once she has your attention she tells you how you will use it, how it will feel as it takes affect. She also has you purchase a large diaper for what will come next. When she finishes her dialogue with you, you discover she is actually sitting on a toilet –suddenly she starts to dump into it. A wash of mess explodes from her bum as she talks to you, filling the toilet.

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