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Diaper Punishment


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    Zayda Gets A Urine Enema From Bob And Elise
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    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets A Urine Enema From Bob And Elise

    Clip Description

    Bob and elise have abducted and are keeping zayda chained at the waist in their home. She is napping on the bed with an arm binder and chain around her when bob and elise come in. They want to have a little fun with her, even be a little bit cruel. They come in with a enema bag, **** her up and then each of them start releasing their bladders into the bag. When zayda sees what is about to happen she begins to cry, even suggesting that they capture her ****** instead of her. They just laugh at her and then roll her over onto her belly. Elise grabs the enema nozzle and shoves it into zayda’s bum. As zayda sobs elise makes sure that every last drop goes into her. She then starts to complain that she now feels an urgent need to ****. Elise lets her know she will be doing that into a diaper and then grabs one to place on her. Once diapered, elise rolls her back on her belly. It doesn’t take long before zayda is making a big, noisy, wet mess in her fresh diaper. Elise humiliates her and begins patting her on her bum, squishing her mess back onto her as zayda cries about her ordeal. Bob and elise leave her chained and diapered with her mess as they go out to find her ******.

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    wmv350.19 MB

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    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets A Urine Enema From Bob And Elise

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets A Urine Enema From Bob And Elise

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets A Urine Enema From Bob And Elise

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets A Urine Enema From Bob And Elise

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets A Urine Enema From Bob And Elise

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Zayda Gets A Urine Enema From Bob And Elise

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    Pov  Spoon And Breast Fed By Mommy - Zayda has you on the floor in your nice clean diaper. She is sitting in front of you on the couch. She just finished cooking you your favorite meal, homemade pureed peas and carrots. She made it just for you --her little diaper boy. She has it in a serving saucer with a baby spoon. "yummy, yummy. Look at that. Good boys get spoon fed by their mommies. Don't they?" she tells you, "alright, open wide. Here comes the airplane!" she then sticks the mashed up, warm vegetables into your waiting mouth. She makes sure to dodge it around a bit and baby talk you as she spoon feeds you. "zoom!" into your mouth. Then she gives you warm kisses as you eat your dinner. She really enjoys feeding you and making sure you are all changed and clean when you are a good boy. Once you have finished your meal she checks with you to see if you are still hungry for desert. "we can just put you to bed if you are", she tells you. "you don't have to suck mommy's tits dry...What?! You want too?!" baby wants his milk. But you have to suck both tits dry or she isn't going to let you. Her titties are so full and sore from all the milk inside. She doesn't want to leak all night if you can't do it. Once she is convinced you can she plops her breasts out, kneads them a bit and then rubs one of her nipples right up at your mouth. Then she tells you to slurp it all up. She gives you a nice long time to empty each breast, allowing you an up close personal view. When you are finally full, as you pull away, a large glob of breast milk runs down her titty.

    Elise Releases Huge Enema In Panties And Clear Rubber Pants - Elise has been anxious to give herself an enema all day. With her chance in hand she fills the water bottle to full. She wants to see just how much she can take. Once she has the nozzle in her ass she lets the flow start. The bottle empties quickly and then serious cramps set in. She pauses for a minute waiting for them to subside. Once they do she continues filling her bum full. She gets almost four quarts in before she can’t take anymore. Standing up she is both horrified and compelled by how visually distended her entire abdomen has become. It is amazing how full and defined her belly is. She hurriedly puts on a pair of panties and then a pair of translucent rubber panties on top, ready for the fun to begin now. She bends over and starts releasing the whole thing into her rubber and cotton panties. In no time it is like she is wearing a fish tank. The liquid from her bum starts sloshing all around. Before she can even finish releasing it all fluid escapes the rubber panties and begins running down her leg. She knew this would make her horny so she was ready, having brought a hitachi in with her. As she reaches for it a wash of dirty water falls onto the floor. She hurriedly jumps into the bath tub, hitachi in hand. She turns it on and presses it hard against her clit, liquid vibrating all around her pelvis. In no time she pulls off a massive orgasm soaked in her mess.

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