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    Kinky Clothes
    Hungry Wolf
    [Hungry W]
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    InsexM - Hungry Wolf

    Clip Description

    Hungry wolf had been an insex member, and really wanted the insex experience. In fact, he wanted it enough to contact us to get it. He wanted to try it all and was really excited about all the tools... He looks great is a torso tie, ball gag and cbt2000. He is then straight razor shaved in the sink under cold water. And then returned to the sink for some electrical torment. An electrified butt plug is the second contact for a brass wand that is used everywhere. And his day with us ends with tough insex style choices, pull on the nose ring or pull on the balls. It is a classic dammed if you do dammed if you don't scenario.

    Clip Duration:      36 minutes
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    rm193.54 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    InsexM - Hungry Wolf

    InsexM - Hungry Wolf

    InsexM - Hungry Wolf

    InsexM - Hungry Wolf

    InsexM - Hungry Wolf

    InsexM - Hungry Wolf

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    Stone - Violet makes her insexm debut on stone. He's "over 30 with an 8 1/2" cock" and no "beating" experience, but "he used to be a dancer". He's a smart ass, a muscle boy, and totally in over his head. He starts by showing some of his moves, which aren't good enough to earn him a reprieve from the cattle prod. He demonstrates his willingness through some self bondage, and violet turns it into a metal hogtie. The smallest cuffs are used to bind his cock and attached to the clamps on his nipples. In the final set, some of the **** that has come out of his mouth is silenced and put to the test. Even to the end he continues to lie with his mouth, seems his little head is way more honest.

    Boy 99 Returns - Boy 99 returns... His muscle bound body is suspended while his cock is ********. Next, he is stretched out face down on the floor, with a noose around his neck and while he ******, his ass is beat. Strapped to a spreader bar, sir c uses her hands to  him. Like everyone else, he finds bare hands and finger nails torturous. His day ends with him on his knees strapped to a frame and bent backwards over it. From that position, he gets to demonstrate his considerable cock sucking skills.

    Randy - Randy, a 24 year old novice with a dick "as long as a cable remote", read our ad in the paper, and came in hoping to experience something he had never experienced before. The shoot starts out comfy before the addition of the neck rope, ball tie, tickling, and ring gag. His day becomes about difficult choices. With his muscles and great back arch he looks hot deciding between push ups or *******. Next he has to stretch or **** 25 pounds off his balls. And he tries to pull away from having his cock smacked, but it gets him hard. Then he gets tied ankles to wrists and while his testicles are being suctioned into another cock, he gets his first butt plug, and bare ass spanking.

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