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    Clip Description

    Explicit Sexual Content!

    A couple is really into role playing with pantyhose, and have been playing for a few years, but tonight will be special, they will both go further than ever, and cross many lines, ending in Coco dying with her favorite things, asphyxia, pantyhose, and orgasms.

    Tonight she is super horny and has a surprise for her lover. She has fashioned a suit that covers her entire body in sheer nude pantyhose. She puts it on and caresses herself, waiting till the end to put on the mask made of sheer nylon. She told him to just come in and surprise her with the chloroform, as soon as he is home from work. She goes to the bed, rubbing herself, caressing her tits, and pinching her nipples. She rubs on her clit through the pantyhose, working herself into a quiet frenzy. As she gets upright, stretching her torso, and moaning from the feeling, her lover approaches quietly behind. He takes a piece of nylon and coats it in chloroform. He silently makes it to her from behind and covers her nose and mouth with the chloroform hosiery. She fights hard, but he is very strong. She fights for a while, and he takes her down to the bed, letting her finally relax and pass out in his arms. He loves it when she is limp, so he takes his time feeling her up, sucking and biting her nipples, touching her all over. He moves her around the bed, rolling her over so he can see her sexy soles, clad in the nude hose. He squeezes her ass, and rubs her pussy through the hose. He is very horny, but knows she will wake up soon and want more, she will want to go deeper into her own lust for fetish. As she comes to, he is holding her, he asks her if she would like to be strangled this time, with the pantyhose laying on the floor. She says she will love it, but could he please give her her vibrator, so she can feel it inside her as he strangles her. He gets very excited from this and quickly gives re her favorite pink vibrating dildo. She turns it on, rubs it against her nipples, then lifts up the pantyhose, putting the vibrator into her tight pussy, making it go deeper and deeper into her pussy. She moans and groans as she plays with herself. She wriggles around and finally gets herself upright. He takes the nylon hose and wraps it around her neck and she starts to get into it, bucking her own hand against the vibrator, choking and climbing to orgasms pretty quickly. She gyrates and bucks as he takes her down to the bed again, so he can see the vibrator being held by her pantyhose, and watch her legs kick, toes curl and straighten. He Strangles her as she is being pleasured by the vibrator working its way in and out, and still buzzing. She starts to slow down and then passes out. He rolls her over and sees the vibrator buzzing in her pussy. He is really horny now and can't wait, so he removes the pantyose covering her face, and moves her to the edge of the bed so he can see her feet and pussy. He whips out his already hard cock and starts to stroke it as he sees his hot lover, passed out and being fucked by the vibrator. He smells the pantyhose from her head and sheaths his dick with it like a pantyhose condom. He jerks himself as he plays with her feet, then fucks her feet many different ways with his pantyhose clad cock. He fucks her feet until he cums inside the hose on his dick. He takes the nylon coated in his cum and stuffs it in Coco's mouth. He grabs a clear bag from the shelf and puts it over her head. He gets her into position, as the vibrator hums along, and she starts to come to, her body reacting from the lack of air and panic of asphyxia. She thrashes about and goes nuts, knowing he is not playing at this point. This is something new so she struggles and fights, still having orgasms from the vibrator, buzzing in her pussy. Here eyes are wide, and she sucks the plastic in to her mouth, as the cum soaked pantyhose goes deeper. She is fighting harder, so he decides to free up one hand, keeping her bagged tight, and using his other hand to work the vibrator in and out of her pussy, through her pantyhose. He is so in awe of how sexy she is, and how she can fight so long, dwindling down to nothing but a twitch, her sexy soles and toes spread as she goes limp, the suctioned bag giving way, and the pantyhose relax. She is dead, eyes wide through the clear plastic bag. He removes the bag and sees her sexy face again. minus her normal color. He Plays with her body for a moment, moving her to the spread eagle position, then giving her a kiss before he leaves to figure out what to do next. Role play got crazy and now he is coming down off of his high. He leaves her body on the bed. The sexy dead lover is panned and viewed to enjoy her lifeless stare, and mouth full of cum soaked pantyhose.

    Clip Duration:      32 minutes
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    mp4896.35 MB

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    STEALTH NINJA FETISH KILLER - From the author of: "UNDER PROTECTION-The Witness", "CHLORO STRANGLE BAG HOSE", and "MY AUTOEROTIC HANGING FETISH", this is the ultimate in pantyhose fetish deaths!

A stealth Ninja assassin(Coco) has been contracted to kill several marks, she must kill them and humiliate them about their Pantyhose and Foot Fetish, after she does the killings she goes back to her hotel and relaxes in the cool, solitary environment so she can get cozy with the thoughts of her missions, and her closet obsession with pantyhose, and the smell, after they have been worn smelling of sweat, and death. As she starts to remove her Catsuit, she smells the "Goth Girl's" spider web black hose she removed after the kill, it is like real time as she sneaks up on the lovely Anyanca, who is on fetnoir and spreading all kinds of rumors about the Ninja's faction, so she must be silenced. The Ninja sneaks into her house and from her smart phone pretends she is a user on the forum, luring her to tell her the Ultimate Fantasy, which is to be murdered by strangle while she is masturbating with her favorite, sheer, "Spider Web" fashion pantyhose on. The Ninja sneaks up behind her while she is in full fling and wraps a white stocking around her neck and choking her out. The Goth Girl kicks and gags from the garotte, she fights and kicks but continues to rub herself, even reaching under her pantyhose and getting her fingers inside herself to get the maximum feeling. The Ninja shows no mercy and does her work, but the Goth Girl enjoys it, and dies at the same time. After a while she starts to dig at the stocking with her other hand, but still flicks her clit and rubs her pussy. Her legs spasm, toes spread and curl as she cums and dies. The Ninja goes to fondle and smell the goth girl, wanting to remove her spider web hose, but she hears a noise and quickly hides in a corner. In comes Willow, a lover of role play and Anyanca's bestie, who is not on the list to be assassinated, but becomes a victim of circumstance. The Ninja does not like to ever use the same method of kill in a row because it is bad luck, so she reaches into her catsuit and pulls out a clear bag, she slinks up behind Willow who is checking her dead friend out and starting to like it, when glurg, she is bagged and goes wild, flailing to the floor sucking the clear bag into her mouth.  She kicks in her fashion pantyhose, that show right through to her pink pussy and tight ass that bump up and down as she bucks her hips and kicks her feet. She curls her toes and kicks furiously. She is a fighter but the bag is too much for her. She tries to claw at the bag and breath but the Ninja is a bad ass killer and knows the ropes, well and the bags too! She fights hard, trying to get away, but the Ninja has her number, and makes work of her death. After the 2nd girl is dead, bagged, she removes the bag and her wide eyed death stare, and postmortem twitching send the Ninja into a frenzy, she plays with her dead body, rolling her over and over, playing with her legs and pussy, spreading her cheeks with the pantyhose on, before removing them for her souvenir of pleasure. She removes the ones on Anyanca too for her collection, and poses the bodies to look like it was a game that ended in death. She sneaks out the back stealthily, and heads to her hideout. She snaps out of her day dream for just a second, but them remembers her mark who was a BDSM Mistress named Caroline, who flew in specifically to show the Ninja, posing as a customer, how to be a good SUB and worship her feet. The BDSM Mistress, clad in a black, sheer, pantyhose bodysuit, with the crotch open, makes the Ninja take off her street clothes, all except for her fashion pantyhose, black Tiger striped, she humiliates her, making her bow down, get on the floor and worship her sweaty feet after making her take off the shoes she wore all day walking around. This is too much for the Ninja, who after a couple minutes decides she has had enough. When the Mistress asks her if she is already tired of submitting, the Ninja says, "well I'm not much into foot fetish, my interests are a bit higher up". The Mistress is confused but the Ninja quickly adds, "here I will show you", and punches her right in the cunt, hard, stunning her so she falls to her knees in pain. The Ninja is so fast she whips around, grabs the handcuffs which were going to be on her next, and hems up the BDSM Mistress. She grabs some tan pantyhose that were laying near the bed and wraps them around her neck, sticking her feet in the small of the Mistresses back and pulls hard, strangling her. The Mistress mutters a few words before the Ninja bears down, saying "this is not how it is supposed to work", referring to master and sub. The Ninja has her objective, which is to ultimately humiliate the Mistress, by strangling her with her own hosiery, and add her own stinky feet to the mix and rubbing them in her face while she strangles her to death. She changes it up a bit by getting her up on her feet so she can see herself dieing in the mirror, the look of confusion and horror play over the Mistresses face as she chokes to death from the tightly wound hose. She pulls the bitch back on to the bed and adds her feet again, using them to cover her nose, right before she dies she pisses herself right onto the white sheets of the bed, and as she dies the Ninja mocks her by saying, "wow you really have humiliated yourself, i won't tell anyone you peed yourself while you were dieing. She finishes her off, removing her feet so she can watch her face as she fades out. The Ninja is satisfied with her work, and goes to get things straightened up in the room, so it looks like she was killed by an amateur. When she comes back to the body, removes the cuffs and plays with her for a while, she tells her she was a crappy Mistress, and she did her job, she exits her day dream back to her hotel room, in the same building, taking off her catsuit and rubbing herself, using both hands she digs at her pussy with feverish haste, wanting to orgasm again and again, she wraps the goth girl's hosiery around her neck so she can smell it as she jerks off. She has no idea that a counter assassin, Agent Rex Hardcastle is hiding behind the curtain the whole time she is day dreaming about her missions. As she gets lost in her orgasms, Rex sneaks up on her and pulls the hosiery tight, she flails, fights, bucks and kicks her legs, bugging her eyes out choking to death, dieing at her own game, and still masturbating until it is too much and she wants to try and free herself. She pulls on the garotte but Rex is super strong and getting paid to knock her dead, she struggles and kicks, twitching, pointing, and spreading her toes clad in her favorite fashion pantyhose. The Assassin takes the ninja out. finishing her off while she jerks and twitches. She slowly fades as her tongue protrudes, and her eyes cross. She is finally dead. The Hitman Rex says as he leaves, "They just don't make Ninjas like they used to", and exits.... As she is panned and viewed, flashbacks from her freshly dead spirit, remember the views of her victims, dead and in their own elements.

This is a spectacular film with all kinds of fetish and good strangles, bagging, and tons of hosed foot views, postmortem twitching, and beautiful death stares. We see through the eyes of the assassin who gets hers in the end. All actors and crew made this a great thing. Enjoy! CB

Starring: Anyanca, Caroline Pierce, Coco, Willow Brook

    BAGGING ORSI - Gaby and Cintia drag Orsi into the living room  where they strip Orsi and then force her to sit on a chair. Gaby then takes a bag and puts it over Orsi her head while Cintia hold her down. Orsi fights for her life while the two bad bitches suffocate her.

Starring: Cintia, Gaby, Orsi

    Sadie Bagged - A movie where the beautiful lucie is bagging the lovely sadie, dressed in latex.

starring: sadie and lucie

    THE INTRUDERS GAMBIT - A young woman has no idea what today brings forth. She is taking a shower, enjoying herself as she lathers up her breasts, cleans her whole body in hopes that her man will come over later and give her what she needs, what she is missing. This poor beauty has no idea that at the same time she is taking a shower, a sociopath is breaking and entering her home, and setting up the rounds for his game. Even as she finishes washing her hair and stepping out of the tub, he is finishing securing his hanging rope, and putting on his mask to conceal his identity just in case something goes wrong, and not in his favor. As he heads up the stairs to wait, she is toweling off her perfect breasts and drying herself. As she wraps the towel around her sexy figure, she has no clue, he is outside the door waiting for her, with the whole game planned. As she steps out of the doorway he greets her with a punch to the gut, folding her over and dropping her with no breath, and only escaping air. In one swoop he removes a stocking from his pocket and swiftly wraps it around her neck and pulls her up to the sitting position, not giving in at all, just strangling her out. She kicks and flails as the towel comes off and she seems to start fighting hard. His relentlessness and vigor win the battle as she slowly passes out from lack of oxygen. He quickly goes to work using the stocking as a gag and letting her down to the floor in spread eagle so he can eat her pussy out while she is unconscious, getting himself hard as he licks away at her freshly showered snatch. After a minute of pussy licking and lapping, he whips out his hard cock and shoves it in her, pumping away and banging her hard missionary. She is passed out and oblivious, but she reacts a bit to the fucking as he pumps her, slamming her into the floor as he beats it up. As he feels himself starting to climax he pulls out and shimmy's up to her face and tits, squirting his hot load on her face and chest. After cumming all over her face and neck, he heads downstairs to get things secured for the next move in his game. Her body is ravaged but not yet broken, and it is viewed and panned to show her in her demise, well the first part at least. Fade in to the poor young victim hanging from the upstairs banister, on her tip toes trying not to drop any lower as she is already choking, trying to stand on the tips to get a tiny bit of air, just enough to keep her alive and trying to fight, especially since she is gagged still and her hands tied behind her back. She tries to look around to find him, but he is upstairs rifling through her stuff to make it seem like a burglary. When he comes down the stairs she panics and for good reason as he wastes no time taking out his cock and putting it in her ass as she hangs from the banister, choking and crying as he rams her virgin ass. He is forceful and brutally harsh as he pounds her ass from behind, not bothering to lube her up. He gets tired of that quickly, having to use too much energy to get to the height he needs to be successful. Instead he puts himself away and whips out the switchblade which he uses to cut the rope and she falls to the ground gasping and crying. As she gets louder he reminds her who is boss and what will happen if she doesn't cooperate. He pulls her up by the rope to a chair, which he ties her legs to the back of the chair so she has to sit forward and doesn't have control. He again whips out his already hard cock and grabs her head from behind, face fucking her hard as she gas and drools all over his hard cock. She is reluctantly sucking and not wanting this at all so he just forces her and goes harder fucking her face harder until he is about to climax. When he feels the tingle he pulls out, ordering her to stick her tongue out to receive the load. She is already gagging from the thought of the double dipping dirty cock in her mouth and now she has to take all of his cum in her mouth and tongue. He shoots his load, popping off on her tongue, as well as her chin, neck, and on her lap where the residual drips. As he finishes and puts his dick away, he leaves to the other room as she moans and wales, disgusted by the cum soaked face, hair, and chin. He quickly returns with his duct tape in hand. He looks over and sees a garbage can with a fresh, clear bag. He removes it throwing the trash on the floor and puts it over her head, cutting off all the air. He uses the duct tape to secure that she will get no air and starts to grope her tits and pussy as she struggles against her bonds, and trying to suck in air, but only sucks in the bag. She fights for a while as he watches her die. After he last twitch, and she goes still, he grabs his phone and takes some pics for his own personal collection. He gathers his backpack, leaving her face bagged, and the rope still around her neck as she is slumped sideways, dead, defiled, cumsoaked after being strangled out cold, raped repeatedly, hung, facefucked, and bagged to death. The whole thing, aside from the trash can providing a bag already in the house, was calculated from the beginning and is all the "Intruder's Gambit".

Starring: Genetica w/ Vlad

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**


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