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    Kinky Clothes
    Breathless Orgasm 2
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    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Breathless Orgasm 2

    Clip Description

    What a beautiful sight. Yvonne in a large latex balloon. The balloon is tightly sealed, she can not get out. Only a small hole in the balloon. Through this hole, the air is sucked slowly from the balloon. Yvonne loves the feeling when her body tightly encloses the latex. They can hardly breathe. Her pussy is very wet……

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
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    wmv111.38 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Breathless Orgasm 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Breathless Orgasm 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Breathless Orgasm 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Breathless Orgasm 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Breathless Orgasm 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Breathless Orgasm 2

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    Bagging Experiments - Kim is an great ********** slave. In this clip we have which plastic bag fits tried over her head better. Yvonne tries different bags. With the most beautiful bag she still torments kim a little.....

    The Latex Balloon Dream - Kim loves it if the pantyhose fit tight at her body. But she wants it still more narrowly. She has found a giant balloon on the internet. She first puts white pantyhose on. She then climbs completely into the balloon. Now should somebody help her this to draw latex to her body narrowly. But she is alone. She disappointed pulls out the balloon. Puts himself on the couch and falls ******. This then dreams her a man into black pantyhose this narrowly puts latex around her. She almost cannot breathe. But kim wants it still more narrowly. The man sucks the air from the balloon. And kim can breathe still less. But she wants it always more narrowly....

    Sex in Plastic Vacuum 2 - Yvonne must go back to her addiction. She loves to be vacuumed in plastic with no air . She plays with her dildo completely vacuumed in plastic. Michy is very horny at the sight. Then he takes the dildo and satisfies Yvonne. Then he wants sex in the vacuum bag with no air…..

    Sex In Vacuum Balloon - Yvonne loves *********** and vacuum. Therefore, her boyfriend bought her a giant balloon. The balloon is so large that yvonne and her friend can go together into the balloon. Then lets her friend suck the air out of the balloon. The balloon has no breathing hole. It is completely closed. The latex clings to the body. While yvonne sucks her boyfriend's cock. Nearly all the air is sucked out of the balloon. Both have very little air to breathe…..

    Breathless Orgasm - At the beginning of the clip is yvonne already wet between her legs. Because they know what's happening now. You get latex and plastic over the head until she can hardly breathe. Her moaning gets louder and louder. Until she gets multiple orgasms....

    Breathless Experiments - Plastic film, tights and two models. This is the right mix. Kim's body is covered with black tights. Yvonne is wearing brown tights. Then, the experiments begin with the plastic film. In the end, kim is also still tied up. She can not fight against the plastic film…

    Latex Vacuum - Kim wants to go into the balloon again. This wants you to feel latex on her pantyhose's skin. But in this clip the balloon is locked tightly. She does not have any chance to come out. And the air is vacuumed slowly from the balloon.....

    Latex Vacuum 2 - In this clip kim is in the balloon again. With and without bond. Yvonne slowly sucks the air from the balloon. Kim cannot escape. The latex encloses kim like a second skin. It gets narrower and narrower in the balloon....

    Into The Vacuum Balloon - A weather balloon is exactly the right to pack yvonne into a vacuum. The latex nestles himself to the body perfectly. Yvonne does not have any chance to come out. There is no air in the balloon....

    Sex In Plastic Vacuum - To be vacuum packed in plastic or latex has become yvonne's new passion. When she thinks about to be vacuumed and get no air, it gets wet in the crotch. At first yvonne is vacuumed without breathing hole. She gets a big orgasm quickly. Then she makes her boyfriend's penis very hard. And her boyfriend vacuumed it further. Then he goes into the plastic bag and both have sex in a vacuum. Both get hardly breathe and have great orgasms…

    Vacuum Breathless Play - Who does not dream? Tied up and completely helpless a woman to be extradited. Yvonne's friend sits on a chair and is completely vacuumed in a balloon. He can not free himself and breathe it has only a small tube in the mouth. He is yvonne delivered. She takes advantage of his helplessness and closes the breathing tube…..

    Encased Sex With Plastic  4 - Yvonne is completely encased in black pantyhose in the fourth part. Your arms are tied up on the back. Your friend torments her with plastic. He always more tightly pushes the plastic on her face.

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